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LIT killah

Genre: Rap/Hip-hop

Origin: Argentina

LIT killah is an Argentine rapper and freestyler from Buenos Aires with rising multi-platform success reached by his songs in the global charts, his video game LIT killah: The Game -with +4M downloads- and a prominent place as a streamer on Twitch.

He managed to position himself on different charts globally with hits like Bufón, Tan Bien and Flexin’, together with the producer Bizarrap, reaching PLATINUM certification in Argentina and GOLD in Mexico. With the release of their album MAWZ in 2021, LIT killah continued to consolidate their success: its 14 songs reached the Top 100 in Argentina and in the week of its release it became the 4th most listened album on Spotify in the world, surpassing 100M of plays between Spotify and YouTube in less than a month.


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