• Work & Playlist—EDC Orlando 2016 Edition: Rabbit in the Moon, Nicole Moudaber, NGHTMRE and More

    We can always tell a festival is coming up soon, because Insomniac HQ starts blasting tunes we’re looking forward to hearing when we’re there. EDC Orlando is only a month away, which is why we’re cycling through the artists’ discogs and making a wish list out of the tracks that will hopefully get some play when the Carnival rolls up to Tinker Field. Some of them even made it into this special edition of Work & Playlist, so you can hit play and pretend we’re vibing to them at the same time.

    12th Planet x Oolacile ft. Jumanji “Creepers”

    As we close in on celebrating the 10th anniversary of the SMOG Records imprint, the crew has been pulling out all the stops. This latest monster EP from new-school face Oolacile has been getting mad love, and this tune in particular from the big boss himself—John Dada, aka 12th Planet—has us chomping at the bit in anticipation of the unholy illness he’s about to unload on the EDC Orlando massive. With Jumanji’s ruff and rugged grime-tinged lyricism holding it down on top, it’s the freak-nasty, synapse-frying groove underneath it all that’s sure to have the heads railing it out proper. Hit this if you want to feel the full power of the darkside dubstep crew, and don’t say we didn’t warn you: Bring a neck brace when 12th Planet steps on deck! —Chris Muniz

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    Rabbit in the Moon “OBE”

    Rabbit in the Moon’s live show is an experience like nothing you’ve ever seen. David Christophere’s psychedelic beats are accented by the insane antics of Bunny. If you’ve seen them live, you know there is a level of energy and performance art that is unmatched. And if you haven’t seen them live, you should know they are both a quintessential piece of dance music history and a group whose music and performance were so forward-thinking in the early- to mid-’90s that they have crossed over into the category of timeless. “OBE” came out 23 years ago, yet it still conjures up an intense emotional response every time I hear it. As I sit here writing this, I’ve listened to it no fewer than four times, and the hairs on my arms have been sticking straight up the entire time. At least I didn’t (admit to) cry(ing) this time around. —Alexander Dias

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    Ramiro Lopez & Coyu “That’s Not Happening” (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

    Nicole Moudaber is always putting me in the MOOD… In this day and age, it seems that most producers are writing shorter and shorter tracks. Most of Nicole’s tracks top out over eight minutes, letting you really feel the different elements and progression in the track. In this remix of Ramiro Lopez & Coyu’s 2014 anthem “That’s Not Happening,” Nicole definitely provided the driving warehouse vibe you’ve come to expect from her. Don’t miss her at EDC Orlando; I know I won’t. —Shmitty

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    Nero “The Thrill” (Porter Robinson Remix)

    You know what’s great about this? Not only is Porter playing a DJ set at EDC Orlando, but legendary UK trio Nero will be making an appearance as well. Last April, these two high-profile acts came together to create a spinoff of Nero’s track “The Thrill,” a rendition that almost feels like a new Porter track entirely. The internet seems to be at odds about which version is better, but in the end it really comes down to which artist’s distinctive production style you dig more—whether it be the uplifting, Worlds-esque sound or the bassy, vocal-infused magic that threw Nero into the spotlight post–Welcome Reality. —David Matthews

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    God Within “Raincry” (Rabbit in the Moon's Ascension Mix)

    I’m sitting here at my desk at work listening to this Rabbit in the Moon remix of “Raincry” as Goosebumps run up and down my arms—“the feels,” like a great tune is supposed to induce. It’s been a few years since I heard this one, and if I’m being totally honest, it’s got me feeling a bit blue inside. It’s a reminder that on March 25, 2013, the dance music world lost one of the greats, Scott Hardkiss. Also known as God Within, Scott was a decisive figure (along with Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss) in the development of the West Coast sound, which made his untimely loss reverberate that much louder as news spread across dancefloors from coast to coast. In honor of Hardkiss' much-deserved legacy, Floridian David Christophere (of Rabbit in the Moon fame) put this Ascension remix together as a tribute and a means of support. Never released via a label, this unofficial remix was offered up to fans for free. Christophere urges downloaders to make a donation, 100 percent of which he will give to help Scott’s wife and daughter through their tragic loss. Sonically spiritual from start to finish, Rabbit in the Moon’s tribute here is a euphoric and uplifting nod to an all-time classic. Click play now if you haven’t heard this one. And don’t forget to check out Rabbit in the Moon performing live at EDC Orlando on Saturday, November 5. —Boojie Baker

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    LOUDPVCK & NGHTMRE “Click Clack”

    NGHTMRE is one of those dudes who appeared out of thin air, and yet you somehow get the feeling he’s been hanging around the block since forever ago. I guess that’s the illusion artists can create when they infiltrate the inner circle of all the heavies and lock down collabs like it’s nothing. He’s already linked up with a grip of top-tier dudes, and his next co-pro arrives alongside trap mavs LOUDPVCK on “Click Clack.” The devastating bass creation has been used as ammunition in each of their sets through festy season, and it’s finally finding a home on Skrill’s trusty OWSLA imprint. It’s one of the nastiest bits currently making the rounds right now, and it’s going to pop all the way off when NGHTMRE unloads it onto circuitGROUNDS next month. Get ready to stick those trap arms to the sky when dem laser synths shoot through the sound system. —Sam Yu

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