• What Would Your Superpower Be, and Why?

    From Batman to the Flash to a few Wonder Women and many Supermen, we noticed a lot of superheroes in the crowd at EDC Orlando this past weekend. We wondered what each of these people would pick as their superpower, if they could choose one. Here’s what they said.

    Name: Chris | Age: 21 | From: West Palm, FL

    “The ability to fly, because it’s like unlimited freedom. You can get wherever you need to be.”


    Name: Carter | Age: 25 | From: Longview, TX

    “Super speed. You could be anywhere at any time, and it would be awesome because you could go wherever you want to.”

    Name: Paul | Age: 22 | From: Longview, TX

    “I’d control fire and create fire. I could burn people and cook all of my food without needing an oven. It seems convenient.”


    Name: Marcos | Age: 21 | From: Puerto Rico


    “Flying, because I would like to travel the world.”


    Name: Saxon | Age: 21 | From: Australia

    “This has often been a heated debate between me and my friends. We’ve tossed out that invulnerability would be handy, but I feel as though every good dream I’ve ever had has somehow involved me flying. So I think if I could fly, I’d be a happy camper. Imagine taking a girl on a first date when you can fly.”


    Name: Mike | Age: 26 | From: Miami, FL

    “I would like to morph into different people—anybody I want. Shapeshifting. I could be whoever I want, and be sneaky. Very sneaky.”