• What We Learned From Our Favorite Bands at Life Is Beautiful 2015

    Jill & Julia

    Name: Jill & Julia
    Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
    Genre: Alternative/folk

    What’s your earliest memory of electronic music?
    Julia: This goes way back. I used to listen to From First to Last, and Sonny Moore [Skrillex] was in that band; I was a big fan. A few years later, I forgot about them, and Skrillex popped out of nowhere. He revolutionized electronic music. He started producing his own music, and I think he really tapped into a genre that was pretty much untouched at that point. He brought attention to it from the mainstream audiences.

    Who/what are some of the electronic artists or albums that speak to you?
    Julia: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites had to be the first album I heard from an electronic artist. That album really spoke to me and opened my eyes toward electronic music. I’ve always had friends that have enjoyed it and listened to it, and the community behind electronic music is so close-knit. Sometimes we do covers of Avicii. I think Avicii is the only electronic artist we can actually cover, just because of what we do and what our style is.

    Are there any artists in electronic music who have influenced your sound?
    Jill: The thing about our music is, we are not just under one genre. We are just pioneers of creating this new kind of sound that doesn’t fall under a category, necessarily.
    Julia: All of these different genres contribute to having your own sound. We were exposed to so much, and we grew up loving music; I think that comes across in our music.

    In addition to music, Life Is Beautiful is about food, learning and art. Is there a piece of art or a certain artist that speaks to you?
    Julia: We are a little biased because as musicians, we tend to lean more toward the music aspect of the festival. But the downtown community here really embraces all those things you mentioned; it’s all a part of the community, and it contributes in itself toward one central idea.

    Who on the Life Is Beautiful 2015 lineup is a big influence on your career?
    Jill: I love Imagine Dragons. I love what they say in their songs, and I think when I was younger, it meant something different to me. As I’ve matured, it’s grown to mean something even more.
    Julia: I grew up listening to the Killers a lot, so the fact that Brandon Flowers is here today and I get to see him play as a solo artist, I’m really excited about that.

    When you’re in the studio or writing music and you hit a creative block, what food is your go-to cure?
    Jill: I love broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Everyone gives me crap for it.
    Julia: Chicken wings and ranch.

    What lesson do you want people to learn from your music?
    Jill: Just be willing to be open, not seeing things as black and white. Just looking at us, we were pigeonholed in a way… We’re trying to get across that you’re so much more than how you look.
    Julia: I hope that when people see us and listen to our music, they connect with it on an emotional level, as well as a creative level, too, so they know where we’re coming from. That’s why we always wear black: because for us, it’s always been about the music. We don’t want people to be distracted by our outfits or our hair or makeup.

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