• Tommy Trash Goes High Energy on This Exclusive EDC India 2016 Mix

    Fan-favorite DJ and producer Tommy Trash is easily one of the most fun acts on any festival stage. Full of snappy beats and entertaining vocals, his mixes rip through a whirlwind trove of progressive house bangers. As the owner of one of the most infectious personalities in dance music today, Tommy Trash makes it impossible to be in a bad mood when he’s around, especially if you’re a dancing member of his audience.

    The Australian-born, Los Angeles–based, longhaired producer is keeping busy on the music front via official remix work for Empire of the Sun and his remix EP with A-Trak for their collab “Lose My Mind,” featuring reworks from Mija, D.O.D, and a few other hot acts. Tommy Trash also just released the new music video for “IOUE“—a collaboration with Taisun—which makes a social critique on the cell phone-dependent habits of modern culture.

    With the first-ever EDC India just weeks away, Tommy Trash dropped a high-energy exclusive mix to give international Headliners a taste of his trashy sound.

    Have you played in India before?
    Yes, twice. They’re crazy fans, and they love to dance—really fun. I’ve never played in Goa, though, so I’m excited to go there and see what it’s about.

    On your mix for EDC India 2016, did you have any notion of how you want to perform so the types of fans over there could relate?
    I think with this mix, I just wanted to make it super fun. With any of my mixes, I like them to have an arc where you can find varying levels of intensity. Also with DJ mixes, I like to put in things I normally wouldn’t play when I’m [performing] live. People can listen to it with more thought, since it might be kids at school or on a bus or something, and you can pay more attention to the details. So for this mix, I started off chill and fun, and then it gets much more intense toward the end, with a lot of proggy stuff in the middle.

    I noticed the first song is a fun beat, but with some very heavy American rap on it, as well on the vocals. I wonder if fans in India know that kind of stuff.
    [Laughs] Well, maybe their parents don’t know about it, but I think the fans will. They may just have to hide it from their parents.

    Speaking of progressive house, you’ve been working with that genre for a while, and it’s definitely changed a lot. Since you’re on the forefront of working with progressive house, how have you seen it change, and where do you see it going?
    I think for a while, like the last few years, big-room progressive has started to sound a bit [the same]; everyone knew what to expect, and that’s just not my thing. In 2017, it seems like it’s going back to being really melodic and interesting. I’ve avoided prog house for the last few years, but I’m excited to be finding some stuff where I’m like, “Yeah, I think that’s really interesting. I want to play this!”

    You’ve worked with a lot of different artists on collabs and remixes. Rather than talking about whom you like working with the most, can you tell us what kind of producer or what kind of musical thinker makes for the most fun collaborator?
    I’m a bit of a control freak [laughs]. I like to sit in front of the screen and run the programs on my own, like, “Don’t touch my screen!” But it actually works out, because many of the people I’ve worked with are happy to give control over and just think about the concept. I really like working with an artist who has a really clear vision. I don’t care what someone’s skills are on Ableton or something, but a good vision and good feedback make it really fun and easy, and then they can just let me sit at the screen and tweak it till we get something everyone’s happy with.

    You’ve had a really diverse group of people you’ve worked with, especially on remixes for Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party and Sub Focus. How do you like working with different genres?
    For me, it’s not really about genre. I won’t remix a song unless it has a good hook, especially if it’s a vocal hook. For the Swedish House Mafia one, it was just a solid hook, and I think it was good because it introduced me to a whole new crowd of people who wouldn’t have known me otherwise. Sub Focus is just an amazing artist, so I was happy to remix him.

    How does remixing differ from making original songs?
    With remixes, it’s nice because it’s easier; an artist already gave me a fully complete track to work with. But the creative freedom with original tracks is just nice and open, and when I’m working with other artists, it’s just so freeform. I’m working on a new EP now for Fool’s Gold called Group Chat, and all the artists on there were really fun to work with. I’ve got A-Trak, Kittens, Gladiator, Nick Catchdubs and Madeaux.

    Wow, that’s a really diverse crowd! Will the EP be out before EDC India?
    It’ll be coming out in mid-November, right after the event, I think. Right after the election [laughs and groans].

    Speaking of new stuff you’re working on, you just released a track. Tell us a little about that.
    The new track is called “IOUE.” It was supposed to be a play on vowels. It’s also on Fool’s Gold. It’s just a real fun, snappy trance banger. I had a lot of fun making it!

    Anything else you want to say about playing at EDC India?
    I’m really excited to be doing an EDC outside of the US. The only other one was EDC Mexico, so I’m just really excited for the crazy crowd vibe. Get ready, India!

    Tommy Trash EDC India 2016 Mix Track List:
    Gerry Gonza “Bad Bitches”
    Ookay “Thief” (Tommy Trash Remix)
    Skrillex & Diplo ft. Kai “Mind” (Malaa Remix) vs. Disclosure ft. Lorde “Magnets” (A-Trak Remix)
    Empire of the Sun “Hi and Low” (Tommy Trash Remix)
    Slaptop “Potatoes”
    Tommy Trash & TAISUN “IOUE”
    Bellecour “Fonky Beat”
    Chuckie “Party Starter”
    Dave Winnel “Mosquito”
    Bob Sinclar “Someone Who Needs Me” (Kryder Remix) vs. A. Alvarez ft. Lord Gough “Dollars & Gold” (Chocolate Puma Remix)
    A-Trak & Tommy Trash “Lose My Mind” (Meaux Green & Sam F Remix)
    Tommy Trash “Bird Alert”
    Gemellini “ISLA”
    Chocolate Puma & Tommie Sunshine “Take the Ride”
    John Dahlbäck “Bapalapa”
    Tujamo “Boom”
    Matt Nash “Know My Love” (Instrumental Mix)

    Catch Tommy Trash at EDC India 2016 Saturday, November 12, at Buddh International Circuit in Delhi NCR. Tickets are available now. For more information, visit the official website.

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