• Stuff the DJs Told Us

    We interviewed a lot of DJs and producers this year. Sometimes it took a dozen emails with a publicist to set it up; other times, we managed to catch the person off guard at a show and bombard them with questions. Some interviews happened in the artist’s trailer at a festival; many were by phone, Skype or email. And then there’s that one that occurred while suspended 20 feet off the ground, on a carnival ride at EDC.

    From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Michigan to Malta, we talked to superstars and underground artists alike about music, of course, and the culture of the scene, its history and where it’s going. They shared their thoughts on topics including fashion, ghosts, rainbows, nachos and magic, and we picked up some serious knowledge. 

    Here are the most insightful DJ quotes from our 2014 coverage.

    Dieselboy, on the art of real DJing: 

    “I didn’t spend all of these years trying to master a craft, only to just show up and play a preprogrammed set. I don’t get any personal satisfaction from that. If I were to show up with a perfectly, meticulously planned-out set… Sure, I could crush it, but how could I take pride in that? It wouldn’t be fulfilling. I get satisfaction when I show up with maybe the few first tracks planned and nothing else. I then just roll with it—see where the night goes.”

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    AK1200, on appealing to fans: 

    “Drum & bass people are the most loyal and critical. They keep me in check. I’ve been called more names that I can count, like I’m the ‘Neil Diamond of drum & bass.’ People who I fight everyday to represent will call me out in a second. I really wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

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    Afrojack, on deadmau5: 

    “We’ve had our differences, and [deadmau5] has not said nice things about me in the past, but he’s gigantic and a fucking great musician. I do feel like he is the Nine Inch Nails of the new generation.” 

    Loudpvck, on how to make it in the industry: 

    “There are a lot of ways to get to the top. The only way to not get there is to be a big asshole to everybody.”

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    Damian Lazarus, on aging: 

    “I think I’m a wise old wizard myself. I’ve probably been around for a few centuries. So many factors and so many things have happened in my life that have made me grow up a little earlier than most people, I think.” 

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    Bassnectar, on staying humble:

    “The more faceless that these DJs can be, the better—myself included—because we’re just playing music that we love. We may be innovating and doing it really well, and that’s great for what we do; but it’s so silly to me to have 30,000 people facing and worshipping this one dorky human who’s lucky enough to be playing music for everyone else.” 

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