• On the Road to EDC Orlando

    One of the best things about traveling to a music festival is taking a big road trip with your friends. You’ve got your playlists set, your snacks packed, and your driving schedules mapped out—but what about places to check out along the way?

    Florida is a long state. It’s going to feel like forever just getting to the halfway point. Why not spice it up with some cool attractions? Sure, it’ll slow you down, but you’ll leave with way more memories and have a lot more fun.

    Check out “EDSee Orlando” for things to do before and after the show.


    Depending on how north or west you’re coming from, there’s a whole host of places to stop and check out; but if you’re coming from outside the state of Florida, chances are your path runs through Atlanta. If you’re making a road trip of it and want to see some cool stuff on the way, definitely stop in this mecca of music and culture. It’s the home of the Georgia Aquariumseriously one of the best in the world—plus beautiful botanical gardens, historical sites, museums and all the nightlife and trap music your body can handle. Just don’t overdo it before the big party gets started.


    Last Resort Bar

    Have you seen that movie Monster, starring Charlize Theron as murderous serial killer Aileen Wuornos? Turns out Florida has been home to the scariest and weirdest of crime scenes for decades, and this silver-screen psycho found her victims in the Last Resort Bar in Port Orange, Florida. It’s a real dive bar with a crazy antique garden and more bric-a-brac than a TGI Fridays waiter’s suspenders. Don’t sweat the scary; everyone around here is really nice these days, and they won’t let any bogeywomen get you.


    Daytona Beach

    Quite near the Last Resort Bar is the only beach we know of that lets you drive right up to the surf. Daytona Beach is a classic spring break destination, and it’s also the home of an insanely wild Bike Week. Even in November, Daytona Beach is sure to be full of crazy partiers looking to forget who they are. Drive on by, and work on that tan one more time before you hit the EDC green; but please, don’t day drink and drive.


    NASA Space Center

    Um, hello! Houston isn’t the only town in this country with a space station. The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral is where most NASA launches take off. Get an up-close look at the technology astronauts use, or try your hand at astronaut training simulations. They won’t push you as hard as the real space cowboys, but it’s still enough to make a wimp lose his lunch.


    Salvador Dalì Museum

    We’re going to go out on a limb here and say most ravers are fans of Salvador Dalì. He’s the father of surrealism, and honestly, if you dig what EDC is all about, you’ve got to give it up to Dalì. It just so happens that St. Petersburg is home to the Salvador Dalì Museum, displaying the largest collection of the pioneering artist’s works outside of Europe. Some of these mind-bending pieces are an insane two stories tall, and some of them are so small you could hold them in your hand. You’ve never seen art like this, and it’s so much cooler in person than it is in pictures. It’s also a great place to pick up souvenirs, because art you can hang is pretty much the best.