• The Ragga Twins Look Back at Their Legendary Collabs

    From reggae to rave, jazz to dubstep, breaks, hardcore, jungle, drum & bass, house and everything in between, Flinty Badman and Deman Rockers, aka the Ragga Twins, have been the voice of choice to every genre and style worth raving to over the past 25 years.

    Tracing their roots way back to the early 1980s—when they would travel with the Unity Soundsystem crew and smash up the dances all across the country with their signature high-energy style on the mic—it wasn’t until they linked up with the seminal Shut up & Dance crew that they found their true calling. Quickly becoming the voice of the underground in what was then the breakbeat hardcore scene, rave anthems like “Spliffhead,” “Hooligan 69” and “Shine Eye,” and their debut album Reggae Owes Me Money, rocketed them to the top of the dance charts and made them a force to be reckoned with.

    Flash-forward to the present, and the Twins (actually brothers, but not real-life twins) have racked up over 1,000 releases, some of which will be explored on a forthcoming two-volume retrospective LP titled Who Inspired You? The massive album project will look back at 20+ releases the duo was featured on over a 15-year span on Passenger Records. Even with such a monumental undertaking that seeks to commemorate their contribution to one imprint, the impact of the duo—who have toasted over the likes of everyone from Kenny Ken and Aquasky to Skrillex and MUST DIE!—cannot be understated.

    With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, the dynamic duo offer us a glimpse into who they consider their favorite collaborators and studio inspirations over the course of their illustrious and legendary career thus far.

    Shut up & Dance

    “This is the crew responsible for bringing us over into hardcore/dance music. We learned a lot from them about recording, studio work, and just being artists that maintain a top level of work.”


    “We worked over a decade nonstop with these guys. The work they produced was awesome—everything from nu-skool breaks to drum & bass—and we always had great times in the studio.”


    “They took us to another level of being an artist, and it was a different experience when we worked with them. They taught us other ways of using our vocals to the best of our ability, and we’ve never been the same since.”

    Wrong Tom

    “We get in the studio with this guy, and the vibes is so high, we can bang out six to seven tracks in a session. Plus, he does ‘80s-style reggae, which we grew up on. Look out for the Wrong-Tom-meets-Ragga-Twins album coming soon.”


    “We’ve only been in the studio once to work with him, but the energy and vibes he had brought the maximum energy out of us. The passion he has for music is unreal! When we was in the booth, he was dancing around the studio; usually, the producer is over by the mixing desk.”

    Looking to the future…

    “These days, we are working predominantly with Dean Ogre and Runone, who own Fatback Records. We all together are a perfect match, so look out for the new album coming soon! In the meantime, check the bonus video featuring us on Realecta’s ‘Hot Like We.’”

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