• The Nicest Thing a Stranger Ever Did for Me at a Rave Was…

    Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the people in our lives; but what about those who have touched us for only a fleeting moment or two? While these people remain nameless, they have not been forgotten. Here, Headliners share with us the nicest thing a stranger has done for them at a rave. Whether you’ve been that person lending a helping hand or benefitted from these anonymous angels, we can all agree these random acts of kindness help strengthen our community.

    Jessamyn Pentecost
    Audio on the Bay 2014

    I met this couple at Audio on the Bay, and we ended up meeting at EDC Las Vegas. When discussing future events we could meet up at again, they asked about Beyond Wonderland Bay Area, and I told them I was recently laid off and couldn't afford the trip up from San Diego and the ticket. They said if I bought my ticket they'd pay for my flight up and could stay with them. I was floored by their generosity and ended up taking them up on that offer. They are now my Bay Area rave family.

    Amy Shieh
    Pop the Dream 2014

    My best friend and I got to the venue 40 minutes after our group of friends. The line to get onto the main floor was about a two-hour wait. We found our group of friends at the front of the line, but there was no way we could join them because there was a metal fence separating the people in line, and security guards were strolling alongside it. Just as we were giving up and saying goodbye to our friends and preparing ourselves to never see them again for the rest of the night, a random guy lifted me up while checking over his shoulders to make sure security wasn’t looking, put me over the fence, and placed me in line with my friends; he also did the same for my other friend as well. Because of him, I got to experience Pop the Dream with my friends, and I can easily say it's my favorite rave experience so far.

    Angelo Manolakis
    Beyond Wonderland 2013

    I dropped my phone heading to the bathroom. Dude pushed through the crowd and got elbowed in the face just to give me my cell phone back. That’s PLUR.