• My Favorite Nocturnal Wonderland Memory

    From 1995 ‘til now, Headliners have made countless memories dancing in the dark. Read six of them here. 

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    It was the end of the first night of Nocturnal Wonderland 2014. On my way to the taxi line, I saw a beautiful woman out of the corner of my eye, walking the same way. We started making small talk about our experience that night. By the time it was my turn for a taxi, we exchanged numbers and planned to meet the next day before the rave. Since then, we have been together every single day, and are now looking forward to our wedding next year. Emily and I firmly believe that the couple that raves together stays together; just look at us!


    One of my favorite memories from Nocturnal Wonderland was when my husband and I split up to find our friends. Despite the lack of cell phone service, we found everyone as planned, and when we came together it was pure joy! We were so worried we weren’t going to be able to rage together to Bingo Players’ set, but luckily we found each other in the nick of time! This was the first Nocturnal Wonderland at the San Manuel Amphitheater, and we fell in love with the event! Nocturnal is our escape and the one place we can be who we want to be without being judged, and we cannot wait for this years’ show.


    In 2004, I attended my second Nocturnal Wonderland. I was 16 years old, at the front of the stage watching Donald Glaude play his set, thinking, “This guy knows how to get into it!” Needless to say, I was pumped! 

    Separating the crowd from the stage were some barricades. At the end of his set, I slipped behind the barricade, hoping to shake Donald’s hand. He didn’t see me. I was totally bummed out, walking back to the crowd with my head down. It was then that I heard someone behind me scream, “Hey! Hey!” I turned around, and there was Donald freaking Glaude, kneeling down on the stage with his arms wide open. I ran back to him and got the biggest hug! I was crying tears of joy as I ran back to my friends and still get goosebumps to this day when I think of that moment.

    Nocturnal Wonderland has changed my life, and the positive people I have met there have shown me what rave culture is all about. I am a better, kinder and more loving person because of raving and because of Nocturnal. I have only missed one Nocturnal Wonderland since my first in 2003, and I will never miss it again.