• A Mexican’s Guide to Making Your Own Festival Totem

    As rave culture gains steam in Mexico, we offer some pro tips for the country’s flourishing scene and the rookie ravers. From Insomniac’s resident Mexican raver, here is a guide to making your own festival totem.

    Make It Colorful and Bright

    Traditional Mexican décor makes heavy use of bold patterns and bright colors. From interior design and folkloric attire to Mexican muralism and modern art, the country’s color palette reflects its vibrant people. Take full advantage of the everyday rainbow displays throughout Mexico City, and adapt the hues to your own totems.



    The piñata is the centerpiece to every Mexican kid’s birthday party. It has a storied history in the country and is one of the many customs still practiced today throughout Mexico, while also expanding into the US and Latin America. For your totem, try using an actual piñata stuffed with kandi (the rave kind) mixed with candy (the sweet kind). At the end of the night, have one lucky Headliner smash the piñata into hundreds of pieces, and spread the kandi/candy among your fellow ravers.


    Represent Your Culture and Country

    Mexicans are a proud bunch, and rightfully so. The country boasts a rich culture that’s recognized and celebrated throughout the world. Need proof? Step into any major metropolitan city and ask for a Mexican restaurant. You’ll soon be flooded with an endless array of options.

    Represent Mexico proudly and loudly. Make a Mexican flag totem bearing its beautiful colors and regal eagle. Make a totem in the shape of a calavera, the decorative skulls used in the country’s Day of the Dead holiday, to celebrate and remember the lives of your lost loved ones. Toss a vivid Mexican wrestling mask atop your totem. Whatever you choose, make it Mexican and make it your own.


    It’s Lit

    Literally, light up your totem by adding LED lights all around it. Feel free to use the colors of the Mexican flag. Trust us: The electrified deep greens, crisp whites, and striking reds will make any totem flash brighter than the rest. 


    Mexican Memes

    Regardless of language, ethnicity, or geographic location, memes are the universal tongue. A good meme transcends all cultural barriers to deliver a punch line heard around the world. Poke fun of yourself in a goodhearted manner with a good ol’ meme. My favorite: the Happy Mexican meme. There’s no way you can look at that image without cracking a fat smile. Make your own Happy Mexican meme here.

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