• Live the HARDTRAP Life With This Exclusive Nocturnal Wonderland 2016 Mix From SAYMYNAME

    SAYMYNAME—real name Dayvid Sherman—grew up surrounded by DJ culture. His father, a hip-hop DJ, passed on his Technics 1200s to Dayvid while he was still in elementary school. When he discovered electronic music, SAYMYNAME gave his heart to hardstyle, and it was then that he began to ponder what could lie at the intersection of the two genres. Combining the intense energy of hardstyle and the hip-hop sensibilities of trap has pushed him into the playlists of countless DJs, including GTA, Slander and DJ Snake, the latter having pegged the young artist to do an official remix for “Propaganda.” SAYMYNAME’s tunes have become so prolific across both bass music and hard dance that at EDC Las Vegas 2016, you likely heard one of his tunes no matter where you were.

    A Discovery Project alumnus—he won the EDC Las Vegas 2013 competition—SAYMYNAME has gone on to become a crowd favorite at Insomniac shows. Ahead of his performance at Nocturnal Wonderland 2016, the HARDTRAP pioneer has dropped an exclusive mix that takes listeners into the heavy worlds of trap, hardstyle, bass music and beyond.

    We chatted with SAYMYNAME about his initial rise on the heels of a string of TV theme song remixes and his upcoming collab with internet rap sensation Kevin Flum.

    Not many artists can say they created their own subgenre. How do you see your sound differing from what was being presented as trap back in 2013, when you first broke out?
    I believe my HARDTRAP is pretty aggressive, and it extends from the 2013 influence of festival trap. I was able to differentiate myself by blending hardstyle sounds with trap, which became HARDTRAP. I have been able to blend the sound with other genres where it shows in my collabs with Mercer and Protohype, who’s a dubstep king, as well as my remixes for acts such as the Chainsmokers, Borgeous and DJ Snake.

    You were passed down a set of Technics 1200s from your father in the 5th grade. Did learning on turntables give you an advantage when making the jump to digital? Does it really matter how people learn to DJ?
    No, I think they are both different arts you need to master. Coming from the turntable background, I still have a transition period where it took some getting used to. I don’t think it really matters, although coming from turntables, it does teach you the basic fundamentals of DJing. It is important you get comfortable and skilled with whatever gear you use.

    You are a member of the Discovery Project family. How has that experience shaped you as an artist?
    Yes, it was an honor to win that year. I do believe it helped give me a platform to push HARDTRAP into the scene. Insomniac helped me grow as they had me [perform] at Basscon events, and I was able to play wasteLAND at EDC Las Vegas 2014. I was able to develop my hardstyle sound and the love for it. Coming from a hip-hop background and my liking of trap, it just became natural. I guess you can say Insomniac is a big reason why HARDTRAP exists.

    You participated in a BuzzFeed video where you taught someone how to DJ in a week. Do you feel like the reality of being a professional DJ is properly represented?
    Yes, I feel like that to an extent. There obviously is a lot of more work behind the scenes that fans and people [don’t] see. The BuzzFeed video did show that it does take practice to be a good DJ—even more practice to become a touring DJ. It’s like anything else in life: The harder you work, the better you become.

    You broke out with remixes of popular ‘90s TV shows. What was the inspiration behind posting those remixes?
    I once asked for remix suggestions on my Facebook page, and someone requested Rugrats<. I laughed at first and then ended up giving it away as a free download. My fans loved it!

    I love to interact with my fans. Bringing back classics like those I have done in the past have been successful because it helps the fan connect to some memories from growing up as a kid. I’ve remixed [the theme songs for] Barney and Power Rangers, [as well as] “Barbie Girl,” and those have oddly ended up being my most popular tracks on SoundCloud. For the record, I have considered making a Pokémon-themed HARDTRAP remix, thanks to Pokémon GO recently.

    You have an upcoming collab with Kevin Flum. How did you two hook up?
    We have always been fans of each other. Kevin and I contacted each other via SoundCloud in 2015. The kid has million and millions of YouTube plays, and then one day we decided [to do it] and named it “Get on My Level.”

    It’s been hugely supported; the Chainsmokers, Snails, Protohype, and 12th Planet have played [the track] at almost every major festival this summer! The fans have been asking and begging for the track, so we are going to give it out as a free download during the week of Nocturnal, so stay tuned! It’s going to be a big HARDTRAP anthem! Get on my level!

    SAYMYNAME Nocturnal Wonderland 2016 Mix Track List

    Slander “Dead” (SAYMYNAME REMIX)
    Barely Alive “Poison Dart” (BUSTED by HeRobust)
    Henry Fong & Milo & Otis ft. Doctor “Bring the Riot”
    Future “Trap Ni**as” (Zvnex Flip)
    Skrillex & Rick Ross “Purple Lamborghini”
    SAYMYNAME ft. Kevin Flum “Get on My Level”
    Brennan Heart & the Prophet “Wake Up”
    Marshmello “Home” (SAYMYNAME Remix)
    Zatox “Brutal” (SAYMYNAME Remix)
    Travis Scott “Antidote” (SAYMYNAME Remix)
    Skrillex “All Is Fair in Love and Brostep”
    Sak Noel & Headhunterz “Loca People & Make It Loud” (DJ Chopin Mashup)
    Steve Aoki “Pursuit of Happiness” (Ruthless & LNY TNZ Remix)
    Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Ummet Ozcan “The Hum” (Andres Fresko x Skellism Remix)
    Stereotuners “Darkness Falls”
    Sub Sonik “Look at Me Now”
    Outbreak “#BASSFACE”
    Flosstradamus & GTA & Lil Jon “Prison Riot”
    Milo & Otis “Trap Arms” (SAYMYNAME Remix)
    Mercer “Encore” (SAYMYNAME Remix)
    EPTIC “The End” (Breaux VIP)
    Junkie Kid “Drakula”
    DVBBS & Mike Hawkins “Telephone” (SAYMYNAME Remix)

    Catch SAYMYNAME at Nocturnal Wonderland 2016 Sunday, September 4. Tickets are available now. For more information, visit the official website.

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