• Heatbeat Burns Up the Dancefloor With This Exclusive EDC Orlando 2016 Mix

    Amid a growing trance scene in their native Argentina, Heatbeat, producers Matias Faint and Agustin Servente, have released over 150 records in the last 10 years via a simple yet incredibly effective studio space, proving that less is more and that talent and hard work are what make artists great. They signed to Armin van Buuren’s Armada imprint early on, solidifying their place within the international trance empire. They have since continued to etch their love for all styles of club music on every release, making for a sound that’s unique, edgy and constantly evolving, matching the energy of the ever-changing face of dance music. Releasing a few tunes on a major imprint is a massive achievement, but it’s their mutable style that has continued to impress even the most fickle of trance-heads.

    Ahead of their set on the Dreamstate stage at this year’s EDC Orlando, Heatbeat deliver a colossal mix sure to heat up the dancefloor.

    We caught up with Heatbeat to discuss their long-lasting creative relationship, the dedication of their native Argentina, and their former ranking on the DJ Mag Top 100 poll.

    You guys have been working together for 10 years. What are your individual roles in the studio? Is it a shared experience?
    Agustin and Matias: The good thing about being together is that we can always do anything. Agustin always says that Matias is a little Mozart. At the same time, Matias thinks that without Austin, we can’t finish one single. The good thing is that we have a great chemistry, and we know each other so much that it’s natural to sit down in the studio and start doing a track or a remix. When there is no inspiration, we just turn on the PlayStation 4 and play some Mortal Kombat.

    How has Argentinian music found its way into your style? 
    Agustin: Tango is a really Argentinean thing, but apart from that, we [don’t take] too much influence. The Argentinean ethnic style is really different from dance music. [Where] I think we get influenced is from the crowd. Here, people want to party and dance the whole night. The crowd is really energetic, so our tracks are the same.

    Did you have access to a lot of traditional music growing up?
    Matias: My dad is a big tango performer. I remember when we did “#BOOM,” it was trance with a tango melody. It was great to be inspired by our city, Buenos Aires. It’s like giving a tribute to where we belong, and people really love the idea, so we can’t be happier about the experience.

    Trance music has changed a lot since you began producing. How do you keep up with the movement of the genre year after year?
    Agustin: We do what we like and what feels fun. For us, it’s boring to do the same style for 10 years. Our sound has an evolution and changes directions over the years. In the last three years, we decided to go back to our roots a little bit: the typical minor, dark melodies with chunky and aggressive basslines.

    Do you feel the need to follow the trends? Or do you see yourselves as tastemakers?
    Matias: We did an album two years ago with 12 different tracks, from dubstep to trance and some electro and techno basslines. Heatbeat is all about combining genres with trance music. Right now, tracks [with high BPMs] are trendy, and we think it’s awesome; in the past, we had a lot of that stuff. Since it’s fun and we enjoy that sound a lot, we are doing a little bit of it, too. But the main task is to do something original—always.

    The video for “Imperio” is pretty dark. How did you come up with the concept for it?
    Agustin: We joined Framko Paez, a big media producer from Argentina who’s well-known in the Argentine dance scene. Together, we came up with this great idea of the wolves and the girl. He is so talented, and it was easy to work with him. The final result is great, and it’s exactly what we wanted for “Imperio.”

    You have spent some time on the DJ Mag Top 100. Any thoughts on the overall idea of holding a poll like that in the first place? Do you think it has any real impact on the world of dance music?
    Matias and Agustin: We are not the kind of artists who love DJ Mag when we are included and then speak bad things [about it] when we are not. I think DJ Mag helps you as an artist in some continents, and it’s a good thing to be there, since people vote for you. I think the DJ Mag thing is great, as long as there is no cheating, and as long as people understand that it is a “popularity ranking,” [since people are voting for their] favorite artists.

    Heatbeat EDC Orlando 2016 Mix Track List:

    Heatbeat - ID
    Heatbeat “Imperio"
    2 Many DJs - Heatbeat Megamashup
    Kyau & Albert “Orange Bill” (Heatbeat Mix)
    Chris Schweizer “Sub Zero”
    Heatbeat “Test Your Might”
    Alex Morph & Song and the Moon “Don’t Talk Away the Magic” (Heatbeat mix)
    Joint Operations Center “Goodnight Irene” (Shugz Mix)
    Ralphie B “Massive” (Daniel Skyver Remix)
    Reflekt “Need to Feel Loved 2016” (Sunset Remix)
    ID - ID (Heatbeat and Tomas Heredia Mix)

    Catch Heatbeat at EDC Orlando 2016 Friday, November 4, at Tinker Field in Orlando, FL. Tickets are available now. For more information, visit the official website.

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