• EDC POV: New York 2016 From Every Angle

    This year’s EDC New York was a resounding success because of you, the Headliners. Topping our expectations tenfold with your creativity, your passion, and your love for all things music, the effort and vibe you put into making this event what it was left us feeling inspired. New York City, you brought the madness. From costumes that would make Ash Ketchum jealous, to amusement rides that got our heart pounding—here is the weekend as we saw it.

    Riding the Train From Grand Central Station

    Commuters were in for a treat over the weekend as our Headliners brought a bit of flavor to the 7 train. Like every New York City fairytale portrayed in the cinema, the journey started out in Grand Central Station, dropping revelers off in Queens at a literal wonderland.

    Exiting the Station

    As we exited the train on Saturday, it was impossible not to feel the vastness of the situation we were about to experience. In the shadow of Citi Field, we left Queens and were transported into a world not like our own. Gone were the worries of everyday life, and in their place was opportunity.

    Entering the Grounds

    Headliners lined up early to await the opening of the gates. This is our favorite time of day. The anticipation is mounting, and the mood is festive.

    Getting Our Face Painted

    “When in Rome, get your face painted” is how the saying goes, we think. Early on Saturday, we were inspired by this girl’s tiger-influenced face painting, and we would be blessed throughout the weekend with so many amazing artistic adventures. Multiple times, the Headliners were the canvas—which is how events should be in 2016.

    Drinking in a Winter Wonderland

    As the sun set on the festival, the Jägerhaus went off. Two stories of Headliners sipping on Jäger-infused cocktails while they rocked out to sounds from kineticFIELD was definitely the best way to usher in darkness. Not to mention, there was a rad slide that we may or may not have ridden 15 times over the weekend.

    Jumping in the Ball Pit

    Channeling our inner child, we just had to jump into the ball pit in the VIP area. It was, in fact, one of the first things we did on Saturday as we entered the festival. Truth! You are never too old to enjoy a good ball pit.

    From kineticFIELD

    The Crystal Village made its East Coast debut over the weekend, and boy it was a doozy. Our favorite Owl was on display here while Dada Life rocked the mainstage, handing out bananas like a camp counselor.

    At the AT&T Store

    Cellular service was at an all-time high over the weekend, and the totem game was on point, too. Here is our favorite AT&T employee upgrading our phone swag.

    Rocking the boomboxARTCAR

    New York City–based collective IRL Music hosted their first stage ever at this year’s EDC New York, and it was a resounding success. Here, we see Headliners throwing caution to the wind, ignoring the cold weather and rocking out like it’s hot out.

    With the Trance Fam at Dreamstate

    Cosmic Gate tore apart circuitGROUNDS as day one came to a close. Calling Dreamstate’s East Coast debut a success would be an understatement. Trance fans are the real deal. We will be upping our hula-hoop game for next year.

    Riding the Ferris Wheel

    The Ferris wheel has become a staple at all of our festivals. Here, we can see Michaela and Kara giving their feet a much-deserved break while they soak in the surroundings.

    Trading Kandi With Baddiewinkle

    Age is truly just a number at EDC. The Baddie herself gave us #lifegoals for our old age as she traded kandi with everyone who asked and encouraged people to #KeepItMoving with Smirnoff Ice Electric Flavors.

    Resting Our Dancing Feet

    In anticipation of day two, these Headliners rested their dancing feet before the gates opened. It was a veteran move that no doubt paid off later in the day.

    Being a Rock Star

    Bold Headliners lined up to ride the personification of themselves. From time to time, everyone needs to let their inner rock star out, and there is no better time than 100 feet up in the air on a carnival ride.

    Getting Tatted Up

    Lifestyle brand Secret brought what can be described only as liquid tattoos to the masses this year. Headliners lined up for tattoos that we can guarantee their parents will not hate, since they are removable. We tried our hands in it and can only say we wish we would have done this at 18 and foregone the regrettable anchor tattoo on our ankle.

    Upside Down

    Hold on one sec while we defy gravity in the circuitGROUNDS tent.

    Among the Lost & Found

    One is never lost at EDC, only ever found. These Headliners were making friends left and right as they invited literally everyone out there to dance with them. Inclusion is the future; exclusivity is the past.

    At the Unofficial Rotella Campaign Office

    We approve this message.

    Inside the Rave Colon

    Artist Michael Christian created their first large-scale art exhibit—dubbed the “Rave Colon”—for this year’s festival. One could literally climb though the abyss, like the child you know you still are. One of our performers took a break from generating smiles to have a go at the interactive exhibit.

    Inside the EDC Mascot Costume

    We lasted about 30 minutes in the EDC costume, bringing smiles to those entering the festival grounds. We have to give mad props to the mysterious person who donned this all weekend, as it redefined the word “claustrophobic.”

    Going Home

    All great things must come to an end; such is life. Citi Field, you repped hard. As we walked back to the train, we reveled in all the things that went on over the weekend—the sets, the art, the rides—it was a wild trip. Thanks to all who made it such a successful weekend!

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