• Discovery Project Releases: Egzod & Imagin8 “Focus” [Free Download]

    Discovery Project Releases: Egzod & Imagin8 “Focus” [Free Download]

    Discovery Project Releases is a regular series featuring exclusive music downloads from our Discovery Project alumni.

    Over the last year, Discovery Project Releases has provided an outlet for up-and-coming artists to flex their production skills and unleash their originality. Egzod and Imagin8—two producers fresh out of music school—indubitably tick both boxes with their offering, an untethered slice of world bass.

    Imagin8, née Joshua Jackson, hails from Boston and cut his teeth smashing out hip-hop beats. While in high school, he heard Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon” and was instantly hooked on dubstep, the doorway that opened his mind to an entirely new world of creative sound design and raw, bass-fueled energy.

    Egzod moved to the United States from Nice, France, two years ago to attend Full Sail University in Florida. At the time, he had already been producing under another alias, experimenting with a multitude of sounds from the dance music spectrum. From deep house to world music, his beautifully layered productions have allowed him to carve out a unique space within the scene.

    “Focus,” the harmonious melding of these two sonic masterminds, unfolds into a cinematic journey of densely stacked synths and trap-infused melodies. The sound design itself is something spectacular, accented by the haunting vocal that floats atop the anchoring breakdowns. All in all, the boys have put together a strong tune that finds a fine balance between the upfront and more emotive sides of bass.


    How did the two of you initially hook up and start writing music together?
    Carlos: Josh and I met two years ago, when I first moved to the US; we both studied audio engineering at Full Sail University. As soon as we started talking about music, I knew we were right on the same wavelength. I used to produce under another name, and the first track we made together at that time was a remix of “Slander” by Tomsize & Simeon. We knew that we would work on another track together, and I think “Focus” came at the right time.

    Future bass has recently been doing a great job of pushing EDM into new territory, both in terms of production value and fan hype. What attracted you to exploring this kind of music?
    Josh: I was a huge fan of Hudmo, and his future beats were life-changing to me. When I started to hear the crossover in EDM music, I knew future bass was the answer to bridging the gap, so to speak. I have never heard anything like it, and that is what made me want to explore it.

    Carlos: I started the Egzod project about one year ago now, and future bass, as we call it now, was the perfect style for it. Egzod stands for “departure” in French (phonetic form). I needed a sound that would perfectly represent my vision, which is capturing deep themes of world culture mixed with spirituality along the way. The possibilities are limitless with this style of music; this is why I love it so much. We are able to pick any sound from any genre of music and blend it together. Each track is a new journey, and I just want the listener to visualize a scene or a story as soon as it starts; this is why cinematic vibes are really helpful.

    Is there a spiritual aspect to your music?
    Josh: There is indeed. However, I don’t feel like it is on purpose. I really think it comes from what kind of people Carlos and I are. Luckily, our thought processes seem to be the same, and it’s the true harmony of our spirits that really pushes the music to another level.

    You both tend to leave it all on the table in terms of the emotional honesty living in your music. Is writing music sometimes an emotionally draining process?
    Josh: I don’t think it’s necessarily draining; I would say it is the opposite. Although it does depend on the track, when I’m writing in general, it is inspiring. Trying to cultivate a feeling into a sound is an unbelievably cool process. I have two projects: Imagin8 and Leo the Kind—each with different sounds, but the process is still the same.

    Carlos: As Josh said, it all depends on the track, but I think for Egzod, it is for most of the songs. This is why it is important to have a balanced life and go out of the studio sometimes.

    Have either of you considered transferring your skillset into other musical ventures, like scoring for film or TV?
    Josh: I would love to get into scoring. At the moment, I am making my way into the audio post-production world, as well as expanding into some sound designing for media.

    Carlos: Yes, we both want to get into scoring or in audio post, in general. Since we both studied audio engineering, we are not limited to just making music. I would love to hear our tracks on a commercial or a movie one day.

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