• Bonnie X Clyde Ride Out With <em>Wanted</em> EP for Insomniac Records

    Bonnie X Clyde Ride Out With Wanted EP for Insomniac Records

    In case you’re wondering what it’s like when an act is clean on the come-up, take a good, long look at Bonnie X Clyde. The Florida-born duo, now operating out of Los Angeles, are a classic case of how demand can expand exponentially with a little hard work and a ride-or-die companion by your side. Connected by a bond that’s thicker than blood, BXC have turned their insane chemistry into a project that has, quite frankly, taken the bass scene by surprise. With both minds constantly scheming in the studio and Bonnie putting her vocal prowess into play, the pair might as well be wearing targets on their chests.

    They’re riding out with their debut EP, aptly titled Wanted, which today lands on Insomniac Records. It’s a wild pursuit of enthralling songwriting and highly rewarding beats, demonstrating the full scope of their crossover game. Rather than try to dissect and overanalyze all five of the featured cuts ourselves, we thought it best to go straight to the source and get a play-by-play. Bonnie and Clyde personally run us through a breakdown of their purposeful process. 

    The Bonnie X Clyde Wanted EP available here.


    We wanted to write something that was fun, sexy, and made you want to get up and dance. We had a ton of fun playing with vocal chops, and it turned out to be a very fun-loving, upbeat track. The percussion and vocals really lead this one, and it almost brings you a tropical vibe.

    “In the City”

    We were living in Miami when we wrote this song. The feeling of driving down 95 south, passing the city of Miami, is something very special to us. This song was written about that powerful, motivating feeling—coming to a new place, taking advantage of all the opportunities available. This song is about owning it. 

    “Bass Jam”

    Many people don’t know, but we went to high school together. We share a lot of the same memories, and this song takes us back to the times when we would throw basement parties with our friends—the times in high school and even college, where we would stay up all night, not worrying about the future but living for the moment... We wanted it to have a nice guitar, and we used effects/sounds that would make you feel nostalgic and young. We hope this song makes you feel good.


    This song is purely based off the emotions of being totally hooked on someone or something. You just can’t get enough, and it takes over your thoughts. We wanted this song to be soft yet powerful. The vocals started off this track, and we loved how they came across very airy and breathy. The drops and percussion provide a nice contrast to the vocals. We really love how it came out to be very unique. This is the most hybrid track on the EP.

    “Out of My System”

    It’s about something eating you up inside, and you just can’t get rid of it—whether it’s the thought of something or even an actual drug or disease, the song is all about getting rid of something. We all have those feelings where you just can’t take it anymore; this song is based off of those emotions. We wanted this to be the hardest futuristic track on the EP—which is why after the first drop, we began building again into another drop, so it just keeps you going.

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