• Best of EDC Orlando 2015

    With reporting from John Ochoa and Rob Simas

    From coast to coast and across the globe, each edition of EDC is unique to its host city and country. This is especially true for EDC Orlando, where southern hospitality, happy faces, never-ending smiles, and lovingly kind Headliners added a taste of Floridian comfort and style to the EDC universe. The warm weather, the friendly fans, and the nonstop beats brought a special kind of magic to the Sunshine State this past weekend. Here are our favorite moments and memories from EDC Orlando 2015.

    Friendly Headliners and a Taste of Southern Hospitality

    While I was 2,509 miles away from Los Angeles, there was something about our Headliners down South that made me feel right at home. Through tons of smiling faces and endless hugs from first-time ravers, the soul of the South came alive with a zest for the rave life unique to the Sunshine State. Chalk it up to Southern hospitality. In the end, the tens of thousands of Headliners and random strangers from the weekend proved to be friends I’ve yet to meet. —John Ochoa


    The Grass Beneath Our Toes

    There’s something quite spectacular when your bare feet can feel the splendor of real grass. Even at a fully immersive, multisensory festival like EDC Orlando, the simplicity of grass and its natural beauty has the power to take me back to my childhood memories in the park. The fact that Tinker Field featured grass at every single stage is something I hope stood out to all Headliners. Next time you’re at a festival with grass, set your phalanges free. —John Ochoa


    Zipping Down the Zip Line

    Last year, we rode the zip line so many times we damn near threw up our funnel cake. But that didn’t stop us from returning. A zip line on its own is a fantastic idea. A zip line plus some house beats from Eats Everything, and now we’re talking genius status. Shout-out to the Headliners who waited in line for this once-in-a-rave-life experience. I don’t have to tell you it was worth the wait. —John Ochoa


    Catching Shade With Kidnap Kid

    The midday sun started to pick up right when Kidnap Kid’s set peaked. Maybe it was his hot beats coming from the neonGARDEN speakers, or maybe it was the unrelenting heat felt from two days of straight-up raving, but I had to take a breather. Luckily, I found a perfectly shaded chill zone in the outskirts of neonGARDEN. The top of the nearby swing ride provided a shade spot with a large enough circumference to cover me and my newfound rave fam. It was enough to keep me cool as Kidnap Kid powered through his best cuts like “Survive.” With sultry house tunes, sunshine and shade, it almost felt like summer all over again. —John Ochoa


    Giant Ball Pits, Life-Size Chess, and VIP Paella

    Headliners who opted for the VIP life were greeted with an array of sweet upgrades at kineticFIELD. For the inner-child in all of us, the giant ball pit provided a fun flashback to the days of birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s, with a life-size chess board for the raving Bobby Fischers and a huge Connect Four game for friendly competition nearby. On top of a complimentary cold-pressed juice station, the food at VIP was on point, including Asian fusion dishes and hot slices of pizza pie. My favorite: a nice plate of Spanish paella for those with an adventurous palate. Apologies for all the pepperonis I dropped in the ball pit and for leaving grease stains on the Connect Four chips. —John Ochoa


    Bass Lake

    Ok, that’s not its official name. But with the bass ringing from circuitGROUNDS across the way and the bass fish I presume are living underwater, Bass Lake is what I lovingly dubbed the gorgeous body of water smack in the middle of Tinker Field. At any given time, you could find Headliners surrounding all edges of Bass Lake, which quickly became one of the most popular spots for silly rave fam group photos and quaint selfies, especially nearing sundown. Nature at its best. —John Ochoa