• The Best of EDC Mexico 2016

    Photo Credit: Doug Van Sant

    With reporting from John Ochoa

    There’s always something special in the air at EDC Mexico. Whether it’s the aroma of the street food vendors filling our noses and bellies or the palpable energy of the local Mexican ravers or the number of Mexican flags floating across the crowds, EDC Mexico is a special type of celebration unique in every flavor imaginable.

    This year, the third annual EDC Mexico broke its largest attendance record to date with more than 125,000 Headliners celebrating across two days, solidifying the event as the biggest music festival in Mexico.

    And with that number of party people, it definitely felt like a celebration of peace, love, unity, and respect throughout the entire festival grounds. EDC Mexico 2016 featured five interactive, state-of-the-art stages, including the massive Crystal Village and the roving Boombox art car, specially made in Mexico City; roaming casts of costumed performers; six full-size carnival rides for thrill-seeking fans; and nightly fireworks shows to stimulate the senses. Still, above all else, the level of unmatched excitement shared among the local and international Headliners of EDC Mexico made this event truly special and memorable. It always does.

    From carnival rides to carne asada, these were our favorite moments from EDC Mexico 2016.


    Photo Credit: Doug Van Sant

    No matter how many raves we’ve attended in our lifetime, those first sounds signaling the start of any EDC celebration are always special. This year, local house duo Tom & Collins had that pleasure and privilege as they opened the Crystal Village on day one of EDC Mexico. It’s always a challenge serving as the first act on the EDC mainstage, as they’re in charge of kicking off the celebration and really setting the tone of the day’s festivities early on. As the twosome launched into smooth house beats atop the giant Crystal Village, one half of the duo proclaimed, “Ya salio el sol! (The sun is out!)”—as the bright sunrays began to break through what was supposed to be an otherwise cloudy day. It’s almost as if Tom & Collins themselves brought out the shining sun via ceremonial song and dance.


    Photo Credit: Adi Adinayev

    We met the Kandi Girls behind the scenes of the EDC Mexico 2016 trailer shoot. You could see this sextet of high-heeled models dressed as life-size candy treats across the many stages of EDC Mexico, dancing, prancing, laughing, and providing eye candy views for Headliners everywhere. Making the jump from the screen to IRL, these candy queens once again brought their collective positivity to the EDC universe. 

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    Photo Credit: Adi Adinayev

    Since its debut at EDC Las Vegas 2015, the beloved Crystal Village stage has become a fan favorite. Complete with cascading waterfalls, a fog-breathing dragon, a giant, neon-lit owl, and over 200 pounds of confetti raining down on attendees, the Crystal Village was a sight not to be missed. Witnessing its majestic presence is an escapade of its own. Add in a rotating roster of the world’s top DJs and producers, and you’ve got yourself a multisensory experience like no other. Making its inaugural appearance outside the US at this year’s EDC Mexico, the Crystal Village has also traveled to EDC Orlando, with upcoming stops at EDC New York in May and EDC UK in July. Like EDC itself, the Crystal Village has become an international marvel one must experience firsthand to understand.

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    Photo Credit: Jacob Lifschultz

    The impressive Dos Equis stage hosted two days of local Mexican artists and up-and-coming international artists. Bookended by two towering Xs with an elevated DJ booth situated high atop the middle of the structure—looking like some sort of intergalactic disco mission control—the Dos Equis stage spotlighted the current flavors of Mexican electronic music. Day one featured standout live sets from techno duo Seconds, Métrika, and Zombies in Miami, as well as techno badass and Vatos Locos leader Hector. Day two welcomed the party bass beats of Pistlro and Boombox Cartel and the multicultural, genre-crushing sounds of Toy Selectah and El Dusty. For anyone looking for a taste of Mexican electronic music, the Dos Equis stage served the perfect suds for your earbuds.

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    Photo Credit: Taylor Wallace

    Dreamstate and Basscon are two of Insomniac’s fastest-growing brands with the most die-hard fans, bringing euphoric trance melodies and the various shades of hard dance, respectively, to international fans. EDC Mexico welcomed curated stages from these powerhouse teams at the behemoth circuitGROUNDS each day, with Basscon obliterating audience ears with the way of hard dance Saturday and Dreamstate offering those unifying, feel-good vibes Sunday. While legends like Technoboy and DJ Isaac pummeled through a barrage of hardstyle kicks and drums day one, trance royalty and the genre’s leaders of the new class, including Ilan Bluestone and Will Atkinson, laid down buzzing sets day two. As each stage attracted impressive crowds across both days of EDC Mexico, it was easy to understand the global appeal of the respective genres. Regardless of cultural differences, hardstyle and trance are universal languages that know no borders.