• ASDEK Crashes the System With Ominous House Bit “Signal Loss” for IN / ROTATION [Free Download]

    Even though the fate of SoundCloud seems to be caught up in a Category 5 shitstorm, there’s no denying how much the ubiquitous streaming platform has already done to even out the odds for artists with little to no traditional industry backing. ASDEK is one of many who’ve taken full advantage of SC’s content-hungry community. After racking up a mountain of plays online, the French duo is now building off of that momentum with career-boosting releases on labels like Confession, Pinnacle Collective, and Kitsune. They’re ready to capitalize even further on the hype as they lock in their debut on IN / ROTATION.

    “Signal Loss” is the name of their new single, and it feels more like a glitch in the system—meaning there’s nothing normal about this bass-configured bit, which shows the house music hackers rigging the network to crash from so much freshness. The entire mood is a dark and ominous one, riding on the back of a gang of ominous components that include horror-flick scream samples, baleful key phrases, intense strings, and a digitized riff to boot. It’s a nail-biter and then some.

    We dropped a line to ASDEK to have them touch on this fatty house track, as well as to get some background info on what they’re all about.

    Let’s kick things off with a little backstory on how you two originally crossed paths. What sparked the project itself?
    We started ASDEK at the beginning of SoundCloud. We were a small community of French producers, and I think the strength has really come from all the people involved in the small French house scene. It was a new world to us, as we came from hard rock and hip-hop, but we quickly fell into it, deeper than we expected.

    The French electronic scene is amazing, and we will always be grateful to the legends that gave French artists strong credibility on the international scene. Our predecessors gave us a way to make our music heard, but we personally think that we found more energy in all the talented French producers you’ve probably never heard of.

    It’s no secret that France has a deep-rooted history in dance music. What can you tell us about your first discoveries of your local scene and how some of your predecessors informed your music path?
    We all know each other, more or less. We share everything and support everyone in those private threads that were created to make everything simple. We can’t say that we made our way by ourselves, because we’re always connected. French people always say what they think, so we’re lucky to have evolved in truth, haha.

    To talk about music, we can’t deny that house coming out of here has a different feel. There’s no secret: Come to Paris, live those cold and rainy days, and you’ll be able to feel what makes French house.

    There is a new wave of Parisian producers coming into their own right now. What excites you about the current music in your hometown
    ASDEK has given us the opportunity to make our deepest feelings heard. We’ve gone through so many things while we working on this project... It’s all about love. From the City of Love, we are both romantic dudes at heart. We learned that the easiest way to feel better is to translate all the hard feels into music. Even if we built our image on those dark feels, there’s always love there. ASDEK is a short way to say as de cœur, which means “ace of hearts.”

    “Love” and “bass” are the two descriptors you used on Facebook to describe ASDEK. Why do you think both of these words do a great job at summing up what you stand for as artists?
    We work hard to create music that we feel will have an impact on people. It took years to really find our sound. We moved to Paris, and that wasn’t easy at all, either. We went through some rough times, but that is what really influenced our music. We were enjoying the sunset of the south and met the Parisian rain, so...

    “Signal Loss” is your debut single on IN / ROTATION. What went into the making of this track, and how does the studio session compare to your previous work?
    We were in the studio trying to make bangers, but nothing materialized. We decided to take a break and starting playing a horror movie. Ten minutes after, there was a stressful sound in the O.S.T. that immediately gave us inspiration. We worked a lot on the intro, and we wanted to make a clean drop first. It changed when we added that screaming girl vocal—so, we started thinking dirty and nasty. With that, “Signal Loss” was born.

    What are the biggest goals you’re putting in front of yourselves in the near future?
    We would love to come to America so we can create more believers in our vision, allowing people who listen to our music to understand our message. We hope to start touring and meet everyone who’s supporting us soon enough!

    “On aimerait pouvoir commencer à rencontrer tout ceux qui nous soutiennent et rencontrer notre public Américain.”

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