• The ABCs of EDC

    The ABCs of EDC

    Welcome to the ABCs of EDC. With so much to see and do at EDC Vegas this year, we thought we’d impart a little wit, wisdom and clarity upon you to help you make the most of the three-day weekend.

    A is for Audiovisual

    There’s a very high chance you’ve never seen a star being born in the sky. That’s OK—just take a look up at any of the stages at EDC this year, and it’ll feel like the cosmos is right at earshot. That’s why all the magic and wonder of EDC happens Under the Electric Sky. Get it? With literally thousands of LED panels, lasers, lights, and massive speaker systems combined across all eight newly designed stages at the festival, the audiovisual setup at EDC is truly out of this world. Keep a special eye out for the breathtaking designs over at kineticFIELD and circuitGROUNDS. You won’t wanna miss out.


    B is for bassPOD

    James Taylor might as well be playing on this stage, because you’re gonna see fire and you’re gonna see rain all weekend long. You’ll probably see Armanni Reign too, but that’s a different kinda rain. Seriously, though, we’ve got new production elements going on here that will blow your mind.


    C is for Carnival Square

    Free high-speed wi-fi. We’ll say it again—free high-speed wi-fi. This is the ONLY place you’ll be able to enjoy that festival perk, along with plush seating and a killer view of the entire EDC Las Vegas livestream. If you vape, drop into Vape Village and check out the flavors and wares at Electric Sky Co.


    D is for Dusk Till Dawn


    You’ve been planning, prepping, packing and preparing for EDC weekend for as long as you can remember. We’re days out, and your bags are already sitting by the door. You and your crew have been talking about nothing but how you’re going to go hard from dusk till dawn all three nights in the desert. We get it; we’ll be right there with you. But are you really prepared for the marathon weekend in the 100+ degree temps that lie ahead? Drink lots of water, eat plenty of food, stay healthy, and you’ll be happy you did while doing your thing from dusk till dawn.


    E is for Editorial Team

    That’s us! We’ll be out there sticking microphones in your face and looking for amazing Headliner stories to tell for Insomniac.com. If we approach you, don’t be alarmed. We’re actually kinda shy, but we’re really excited to talk to you!


    F is for Festival Guide

    This is your buddy that you can keep in your back pocket all weekend. More than a useful “tips and tricks” tool or a pamphlet to find out where the rides, art (hint: look for the Fishbug installation) and performers (like the Flower Brigade, Furbies and Futurama Mamas) are located, or what time specific things will be popping off (don’t forget to look up at the fireworks), this year’s festival guide for EDC’s 20-year anniversary provides insider stories about what it’s like to put together, and work at, the biggest music and arts festival in the US. There are also fun art pieces, amazing photos, and profiles on you, our Headliners. We even put together a rave time capsule celebrating the past few decades of dance music. It’s like a magazine, festival guide, and special keepsake all in one. Look for them being handed out as you enter the Speedway, and enjoy!


    G is for Grandstand

    Ah, the Speedway grandstands—who could ever forget them? To this day, we look at them from afar and have to pinch ourselves because no, those millions of multicolored dots in the daylight aren’t people; they’re still just seats. Give it a few hours, though, and those seats will be filled up with Headliners gawking at cosmicMEADOW, watching the fireworks show, surveying the sunrise, or merely taking a well-deserved break from everything going on in the Speedway below. Oh, and coming down the stairs of the grandstands for the first time and seeing what lies ahead. Magical.


    H is for Health & Safety

    The whole point of a party is to let loose and maybe get into a teensy, tiny bit of trouble. We understand. But that doesn’t mean all common sense should go out the window. Be smart and responsible about the way you handle yours. Listen to your body, be mindful of your surroundings, and don’t stretch yourself out too thin. If you’re feeling out of it, don’t be afraid to pay a visit to our kick-ass onsite medical team. They’re there for a reason. And no, this isn’t a lecture; we just really care about your welfare, fam. PS: It’s free.


    I is for Imagination

    This is your most powerful and valuable weapon all weekend. Unleash it, set it free, let it take you to every corner of EDC. It’s how you to turn your thoughts into things. Imagination makes everything magical.


    J is for Jejunum

    The jejunum is the second part of the small intestine in humans and most higher vertebrates, including mammals, reptiles and birds. It’s also an art installation that you’ll be able to interact with. We’re just gonna let you figure out the rest.


    K is for Kindness

    Have fun, rage your face off, dance all night, but always—always—be kind to one another. We’re all in this together, and sooner or later, over 72 hours of partying, someone is going to need your help. Maybe they lost their crew or their glasses or their wallet, or they just had a fight with their girlfriend and are majorly stressing out. Take some time, show some love, and pay it forward. Trust us, it’ll come back to you.


    L is for Livestream

    Anyone sitting at home during EDC is probably kicking themselves for not buying tickets before they sold out. That FOMO feeling will hit tenfold when EDC LIVE, the official EDC Las Vegas 2016 livestream, hits screens around the world. We’ll be streaming over 140 incredible artist sets all weekend long, as well as behind-the-scenes moments such as artist interviews, games in Carnival Square, a historical journey down Memory Lane, and ceremonies at our two beautiful wedding chapels. This year, the festival is teaming with Facebook for EDC LIVE, making EDC the first major music festival streamed on Facebook’s Live API, which will allow users to share the real-time video with their Facebook friends on their timeline feed and personal profile pages. You can also catch EDC LIVE via YouTube, Twitch.TV, Insomniac.com and LNTV.com. Headliners attending the festival can experience EDC LIVE as it streams on giant video screens over at Carnival Square.

    EDC LIVE runs each day of the festival—Friday, June 17, through Sunday, June 19— from 8:30 pm to 5:30 am PT.


    M is for Meet & Greets

    Those wacky and wild weirdos roaming around EDC are more than just clowns and fairies dressed in fluorescent garb. The traveling performers help spread them feel-good vibes and the message of PLUR across EDC via their sporadic dance parties, intricate costumes and playful spirits. This year, you’ll get the chance to meet the EDC performers firsthand! The various performer troupes will be squading up all weekend long at Carnival Square, where you can shake their tentacles/hands in person and nab an epic selfie with your whole rave fam. Keep checking the EDC Las Vegas socials for updates on the performer meet & greet schedules.


    N is for Night Owl Radio

    Don’t be alarmed if the Night Owl Radio team pops up from out of nowhere and sticks a mic in your face. They mean you no harm, we promise. It’s just their way of showing you they care—by pinning down Headliners for shout-outs to use for the show. Find them and use the opportunity to speak your mind. And maybe, just maybe, your voice will be heard all across the rave radio waves when it airs on SiriusXM. Add that to your list of #FestivalGoals.


    O is for Old School

    Yes, this year’s lineup features some of the biggest talent in dance music today, but there are also some very special guests Pasquale championed back in the day, when EDC first became a reality. These are DJs you might not be too up on, but definitely would be if our el jefe had his way: L.A. greats like Doc Martin, Steve Loria, DJ Trance, Ron D Core, Nightstalker, Jason Bentley, Fester, Thee-O, DJ Dan, John Kelley, Brad, and Brian; NYC legends like Frankie Bones, Rob Gee, and Lenny Dee; Chicago’s Mark Farina and Bad Boy Bill; even Detroit legend Juan Atkins. Celebrate the old school this year as we celebrate 20 years of EDC.


    P is for Post Office

    Yes, there’s a working post office at EDC. No, this isn’t the time or place to send out your wedding invitations. But on the real, swing into EDC Town to check it out for yourself between sets or while you wander aimlessly around the fest. Send a postcard to friends or family who had to sit out this year’s Carnival. They’ll love you for it (who would turn down a thoughtful piece of correspondence?). No friends, or friends of friends, come to mind? No biggie—try penning your thoughts and shipping it out to yourself as a nifty little keepsake. Boom.


    Q is for Quest

    Like a journey into the new rave frontier, EDC Las Vegas is a quest for your mind, body, soul, heart and dancing feet. After three days of nonstop music and memories, you’ll be physically exhausted, mentally drained, and emotionally triggered like never before. You’ve waited a long time and traveled a far distance for this exact moment. Make the most out of this personal quest, and dig deep into your innermost child and set your imagination free. You’ll leave EDC a new person because of it.


    R is for Rave Inside a Rave

    We’ve got a super secret party happening inside the Speedway for our VIP ticket holders. It’s hidden inside a warehouse, and to get inside, you’ll need to find the flyer, figure out the clues, get the password (hint: the password changes each day), and follow the map point. It’ll be dark, it’ll be sweaty, and vinyl will be played. Think of this as your very own rave inside a rave.


    S is for Sunrise

    You can’t have “Dusk till dawn” without the dawn. There are a few thoughts that run through everyone’s heads when the first rays of daylight break through the darkness: “Oh god, it's about to get really fucking hot,” followed by, “Wait, I probably look terrible right now,” and finally, “But Dash Berlin is playing, so screw it.” Sunrises are part of the experience just as much as nightfall is, and if you’ve ever experienced a closing EDC set, you’ll know just how special it is watching the land become awash in the orange glow of the sun.


    T is for Twenty Years

    Where in the world does the time go? Don’t look at us; we’re the ones asking the question. It’s a trip to think EDC is turning 20 this year (that means it has seen more things than some of the Headliners who are barely old enough to walk right through the front gate). Since Insomniac is in the business of throwing parties for a living, the massive milestone shindig is going to be one that heads will talk about for years to come. We’ve got some special surprises hiding behind door number one, but obviously you won’t be getting a peep out of us before it all goes down. Sorry, not sorry.


    U is for upside-downHOUSE

    Our room got too small, so we decided to upgrade to a whole damn house. Expect new sounds from the Insomniac Records crew on Friday and Saturday, followed by a barrage of old-school L.A. underground icons on Sunday. Come and knock on our door; we’ve been waiting for you.


    V is for Vibes

    People tend to keep party poopers at arm’s length, so don’t be that guy or girl. Make sure to check the bad vibrations at the door. Nobody has time for negative nonsense, especially with the grip of fun-loving festivities lurking around every corner of EDC. Always be the bigger person, and don’t let insignificant misfortunes ruin your entire weekend. Having an upbeat attitude is key, and you’d be surprised how many fellow Headliners want to hang when they see a serious smile on your face.


    W is for Weddings

    For most, EDC Las Vegas means dancing Under the Electric Sky with thousands of fellow Headliners. For some, it's even more: It’s where couples can join hands in marriage and spend one of the most important and memorable nights of their lives with their loved one. In total, 162 couples will be joining us in Las Vegas for their special day, and we couldn’t be more honored and excited to provide the wedding experience for so many amazing Headliners. And with two brand-new chapels in the works, we’re prepared to go all out for our fans to offer a unique ceremony only found at EDC. Part of us wishes the total were 143, though… get it?


    X is for X Marks the Spot

    Ugh, we know. Designating a meet-up spot comes across like something your parents would tell your 11-year-old self just before they let you run solo inside Disneyland for the first time. Here’s a fun fact, though: Maximum capacity inside Disneyland (including all staff) is about 100,000, which seems pretty light compared to the 145,000 of you that’ll be on the speedway each night—not including staff. So yeah, you and your friends should pick a spot to regroup at agreed times and/or when it’s time to leave in the morning. Art cars and art installations don’t make good spots, as they move around. Lost & Found seems appropriate.


    Y is for You

    YOU. Yes, YOU! You are the final piece of this bright and beautiful puzzle. You Headliners are the reason this whole magical world exists. You bring the smiles. You spread the love. You create the forever-lasting memories. This EDC is all about you and your fellow Headliners as we celebrate 20 years Under the Electric Sky together. We do this all for you, and we’ll keep doing it for another 20 years to come.


    Z is for Zzzzz

    Sleep—it’s what you need after going hard from dusk till dawn. It’s what you need to continue doing so for three consecutive days. Don’t forget to make time for some much-needed zzzzzs every night so you can keep partying all weekend long. And when the festival is over, make sure you get enough sleep to let your body and brain recover before heading back into reality. We want to see you again next year, smiling and dancing as always.

    EDC Las Vegas 2016 takes place June 17–19 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A limited number of VIP tickets and shuttle passes are available now. For more information, visit the official website.

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