• 9 Headliners Rep Their Hometowns at EDC Las Vegas 2017

    Headliners come in all shapes and sizes, but they also come from all over the world. From California to Australia, EDC Las Vegas is a gathering place for all dance music lovers looking to share the happy vibes.

    There’s also no better place to rep your hometown. We caught up with a few Headliners doing just that.

    Name: Gabriel and Ernesto
    Flag: Texas and the United States Pride
    Why did you bring the flag today?
    Gabriel: We’re boyfriends, and this is our first massive together. We also have a group called EDC Gays. Every year for EDC, we do what’s called Pink Saturday, so we have a meetup and we take one huge picture together.
    Where are the most fun places to go in Texas?
    Gabriel: If they want to hit up the gay clubs in Austin, 4th Street is the place to be.
    Ernesto: Just like Vegas, San Antonio has its own Strip. There are some great gay clubs there, too!


    Name: Maria and Martin
    Flag: Chicago
    Have you made any friends because of your flag?
    Maria: I’ve met so many people from Chicago that are here!
    What’s the thing about Chicago you’ll defend the most?
    Maria: I just got in an argument with a guy who said New York pizza was better than Chicago pizza. I was like, “Yeah, right.”

    Name: Alvin, Roxette, and the Palowers
    Flag: Philippines
    Have you made any friends because of your flag?
    Roxette: We brought the flag to Nocturnal, and a bunch of Filipinos came up to us and asked questions and talked with us. Today, we’re all here together.
    What does “the Palowers” mean?
    Alvin: Palowers means “hitters” in Tagalog. That’s what we call our rave family, because we go hard.


    Name: Anthony
    Flag: Brazil
    Why did you bring this flag? I brought it because of my dad. My dad’s Brazilian, and I’m missing Father’s Day to be here, so I figured I’d take this to be with him.
    What would your dad think of EDC? It’d be too much partying for him. Too much rave booty.


    Name: Joe, Eric and Kevin
    Flag: Perth and Sydney, Australia
    What’s the best part of the weekend for you?
    Joe: I recently moved to Chicago, and these guys are my best mates, so it’s good seeing them after 1.5 years.
    Eric: We missed this motherfucker!
    Where should we visit in Perth and Sydney?
    Eric: You don’t want to go to either. You want to go to Melbourne, and you want to do everything there. And then you want to go up to Brisbane, and you want to get a holiday house and enjoy all the beaches we’ve got.


    Name: Edwin, Eddie, Mari and Sherry
    Flag: California Pride
    What does pride mean to you?
    Edwin: Right now, with everything going on, the most we can do is just show support for everyone and for ourselves.
    Have you made friends because of your flag?
    Edwin: People have come up to us, hugged us, and thanked us, so it’s been pretty incredible.


    Name: Chris, Christian and Bailey
    Flag: Oregon
    What do you love about Oregon?
    Bailey: The water and the trees, everything that’s green and beautiful, and especially the local community.
    Most exemplary moment of the EDC community so far?
    Christian: Someone gave me his coconut to drink, and I just met him tonight.


    Name: Jeff and Bachar
    Flag: Marine Corps and PALS
    Where are you from?
    Jeff: I’m originally from Haiti, but I live in Orlando now.
    Bachar: I was born and raised in Lebanon.
    Tell us about your flags.
    Jeff: I joined the Marine Corps with my best friend, Billy, and about a month after we got out of it, he passed away. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The last time I spoke with him, we were in different cities, but we were both drinking. I wished I could still buy him a drink. And from that, the idea for my app, PALS, came about. It stands for People Appreciate Less Stress. We partner with different bars and allow you to buy a drink for your friend anywhere in the world, even if you’re not in the same place.


    Name: Melissa
    Flag: Mexico
    How many festivals has this flag been to? My friend takes it to every rave she goes to. It’s been to Middlelands and Sun City recently, and she gets it signed by all her favorite artists when she can.
    What do you do to celebrate Mexico at home? I’m Honduran, but my husband is Mexican; I cook a lot of Mexican food at home. My favorite meal is tinga, which is shredded chicken cooked with tomato sauce with chipotle and onions; [you] put it on a tostada with refried beans and lettuce, cheese, etc.

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