• 5 G-House Artists You Need to Know

    5 G-House Artists You Need to Know

    Most deep house creators are in love with love, delivering broken-hearted tracks that can quickly drag a DJ set into full-on breakup territory. Thank the thug gods that G-house has pulled up on 24-inch rims to remind us that “deep” and “fun” aren’t mutually exclusive. Trading heartache for rowdy lyrics and giant basslines, G-house producers are performing a shotgun marriage between house and gangsta rap and turning a genre you thought you knew into something more likely to break your jaw than kiss you on the forehead. It’s an irreverent and aggressive new beast—decidedly set apart from the jazz-flecked hip-house from decades ago. Here are five notable artists that are proving that it really ain’t nothin’ but a G thang.

    Amine Edge & DANCE

    Finally, a French duo that cares less about shiny helmets and more about demolishing dancefloors. Amine Edge & DANCE have become synonymous with G-house by releasing a near-constant stream of new material while also running CUFF Records, one of the genre’s foremost labels. With a full album on the way, get ready for even more material as attention-grabbing as “Halfway Crooks.”


    Daniel Fernandes

    Daniel hails from the mean streets of Portugal, but based on his music, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Vila Real for East L.A. Fernandes has set himself apart from the pack by refusing to rely on classic gangsta jams, snatching brilliant samples from some of the rising names in rap. His YG-sampling “To the Hood” bundles all the hallmarks of G-house into one infectious, bouncy tune.


    Thee Cool Cats

    It’s hard to pin Thee Cool Cats down musically; they can hand over sinuous, synth-heavy deep house cuts (see their first EP for Nurvous Records), but then turn around and make something as furious as this year’s “Vacate,” which might be the only house track ever to mention dumping bodies. Their stylistic complexity hints at the future of G-house, and their songs can slip seamlessly into a broad range of DJ sets.


    Rob Made

    This club-crushing London DJ and producer runs the Sleazy Deep imprint, as well as its state penitentiary-bound little brother, Sleazy G. Rob’s style borrows heavily from R&B and leisurely poolside grooves, but with Sleazy G, he’s positioned himself as one of the foremost purveyors of the G-house sound. Fingers crossed that he makes his way across the pond as soon as possible to deliver his brand of slinky filth to American clubbers.


    Shiba San

    The fact that there’s been very little press about Shiba adds to his mystique, but after “Okay” was backed by Dirtybird chief Claude VonStroke, new fans are rabid for more output from the French producer with the Japanese name. The recent All About Booty EP didn’t hit quite as hard as the cascading bass and dopey vocal hook of his breakthrough single, but there’s more than enough G-house flavor there to tide everyone over until the next chart smash.