• 11 Ways to Woo Your Sweetheart at EDC Las Vegas

    There’s no one you’d rather spend EDC Las Vegas with than your boo. Whether you’re here with your partner in life or your partner in crime, you can make their EDC ultra memorable with a few touching gestures. From iconic photo ops to only-at-EDC moments, here are 11 ways to woo your sweetheart at EDC Las Vegas.

    Win them a prize at Carnival Square

    Both your bae and random strangers will be impressed by your skills at carnival games, and there are few gifts beyond the classic giant stuffed bear. Plus, it’s free to play, so there’s no reason not to try your luck.

    Ride the Ferris wheel together

    It’s hands-down the most romantic carnival ride here, and that view from up top can’t be beat. Wait till after the sun sets, and if you’re an overachiever, time your trip to the top to coincide with one of the daily fireworks displays.

    Gaze at the sky of fireworks together

    Speaking of fireworks: Wherever you are when they happen, take a minute to look up. Trust us, it’s better than every Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve display you’ve seen combined. And yes, it’ll inspire some feels. If you’re thinking of popping the question at EDC, this is the time.

    Snap a pic in front of the Empire of Love

    The Empire of Love is basically a giant, multi-structure-long wind chime in the shape of the most beautiful, sparkling mini-chapel you’ve ever seen, which makes it perfect for a special photo with your loved one. Go during the daytime hours, when the glistening sun is in full effect.

    Commemorate your love on the chalk wall

    Between cosmicMEADOW and upside-downHOUSE and underneath a giant gecko, you’ll find this ideal place for a your-initials-hearts-their-initials doodle. Your names on a supersized chalkboard in the midst of EDC’s lasers will recall the purity of grade school crushes all grown up.

    Take a stroll down Memory Lane

    If this is your first-ever EDC, Memory Lane—an awesome video wall showing footage from previous EDCs—will give you a throwback vision of what EDC looked like in the past. And if you’re an EDC veteran, especially if you’re veterans together, it’ll remind you of a warm and fuzzy history Under the Electric Sky.

    Get up front for their favorite artists

    If you’re going to push your way to the front of the stage, do it with the promise that once you get there, you’ll see your best friend’s face split into a smile of pure joy.

    Chill out at the Mnemosyne Temple

    These sprawled-out, teepee-like structures make for the perfect chill zone when you need a break from the bright lights. Plus, you can still see cosmicMEADOW and upside-downHOUSE from your grassy perch, and you and bae can write love notes on the bamboo sticks provided at the centerpiece of the installation.

    Buy them a hand-dipped ice cream

    There are plenty of delicious things to eat at EDC, but you really can’t go wrong with a hand-dipped ice cream cone. C’mon, it’s a classic for a reason.

    Watch the sunrise at kineticFIELD

    The sun rising behind kineticFIELD is a sight to behold, for sure, and it’s even better with your número uno by your side.

    Get married (or rave married) at the wedding chapels

    There are two wedding chapels in EDC Town: the Chapel of Technology, where you can “marry” your festie bestie via kandi trade, or the Chapel of Nature, where you can make an official lifelong commitment with your sweetie. Your honeymoon? EDC day two and three.

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