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Staten Island–born, New Jersey–raised DJ 4B has had quite a career—considering he is just 22 years old. The Jersey club sensation, whose music has been released on the likes of Mad Decent and Dim Mak, caught the eye of Diplo back in 2011, and since then it has been nothing but up.

After moving from Staten Island to Jersey, 4B’s mother told him he needed to get a job; obviously, DJing was the move to make. Aside from it being a choice probably not recommended by most financial advisors, we are thankful for his rash, youthful decision because he is releasing some of the most forward-thinking bass-infused Jersey club music out there.

From Sweet 16s to the largest Stage 7 crowd EDC Las Vegas has ever seen, this Jersey boy knows how to make the kids get rowdy. His current remix of DJ Snake’s “Middle” (featuring Bipolar Sunshine) is killing it on the charts, and rightfully so. The track has that summer vibe that makes it ever so apropos for the coming months of BBQs and trips to the beach. Check out his hangouts below, and make sure not to miss his set on Saturday, May 14, at kineticFIELD.

Victory Bagel Time

I live about 35 seconds from Victory Bagel Time. It’s more of a corner store than a bagel place, but it’s my go-to mid-studio-session at my house at 3am to get a toasted egg bagel and maybe an orange Gatorade, topped off with some Cool Ranch Doritos. It’s in the same plaza as a strip club, so it’s kind of sketchy, but to me, it gives it some character.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Whether I’m in Jersey or Staten Island, Dunkin’ is a must every day. I never start a studio session without a large iced mocha coffee. Call me basic or whatever you want; I don’t care. Starbucks is too fancy. I just want a large coffee with some ice and maybe some chocolate. Plus, after like 4am, they usually give me free donuts or Munchkins, and who doesn’t love some free Munchkins.

Fusion D’Lite

I’m trying to stay healthy, so when I’m not stuffing my face with my mom’s Spanish rice or my dad’s pasta every Sunday, I try and keep it healthy and hit Fusion D’Lite for some sushi. It’s a small spot in Garwood, New Jersey, which most of you probably have never heard of, since Garwood is like the size of a parking lot. Anyway, this place is amazing. I get a ton of sushi, and they have some bomb tea.

White Diamond

If somehow it is one of those nights where a bottle of Hennessy ends up in my hands and I am in Jersey at the end of the night, I end up at White Diamond. This place has the best drunk cheeseburgers in the world. You feel like death the next day and you smell like you were bathing in a tub of grease, but somehow it’s still worth it to put onion rings on a double bacon cheeseburger and chug a Brisk tea.

Wo Hop

Once again, if it happens to be one of those nights where somehow a bottle of Hennessy magically appears in my hands and I am in the city, this is where I end up. House special fried rice, sesame chicken & broccoli, salt & pepper squid, boneless spare ribs—I can go on and on; it is amazing. Usually you see someone get into a fight or get kicked out. I also usually chug a beer at 5am there that I regret immediately after. You sometimes see Master Splinter and some of his friends crawling around outside, but that doesn’t bother me because it’s the best Chinese food in the world. And the best part about Wo Hop is waking up the next day and heating up the leftovers. [Editor’s note: This place is the bomb. Seriously, do not miss this place.]


If you’re from New York and you have never been to Roll-N-Roaster, then you’re not really from New York. I’m not even sure where you’re from. Everyone knows your goal is to get your bill to $35 to get that free pizza, even though it’s not an amazing pizza; it’s just principle. Roast beef sandwiches, onion rings, corn fritters. If I feel like being fat, I’m taking a short trip over the bridge and turning up.

Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern or Brother’s Pizzeria

Whether it’s Denino’s or Brother’s Pizzeria, both of which are in Staten Island, pizza is my passion. Whenever I am on tour, the promoters usually ask what I want for dinner; my answer is usually whatever local spot they recommend. Whenever they say pizza, I just look at them like, “Come on. I’m from New York. Your pizza is going to taste like Domino’s to me.” There is nothing like New York pizza; we all know the runoff water from Gowanus gives it that extra kick.

Disclosure: None of these places paid me to say any of this… although I will accept gift cards and coupons if this article happens to fall into their hands.

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