General Admission

A General Admission ticket grants you entry into the event, where you're free to explore multiple stages of music, a bevy of carnival rides, the vendor village, and an array of other attractions—with thousands of your closest festival friends!







3-Day Regular Admission (SOLD OUT)
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VIP Packages

EDC offers a heightened experience with a variety of VIP packages, including café meals or seated dinners on the kineticFIELD Dining Deck, cabana table service, VIP access wristbands, and special parking.




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Locker Rentals

Three-day lockers are available with unlimited in-and-out access throughout the day. And each locker contains a universal phone charger! One phone can charge at a time per locker. Reserve your locker now!







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Ticket Questions

Are tickets sold out?

Yes, all ticket types have sold out for EDC Las Vegas 2014.

Will tickets be sold at the event?

No, all ticket types have sold out for EDC Las Vegas 2014. Do not buy tickets from scalpers, as the validity of the tickets cannot be guaranteed. Beware of frauds.

Can I upgrade my GA tickets to VIP?

Not at this time. VIP Tickets are sold out for EDC Las Vegas 2014.

3-Day GA & VIP passes: wristband, lanyard or tickets?

Three-Day GA passes are scanned onto a ticket card, which you'll need to bring each day to get in. Three-day VIP passes will be loaded onto an RFID wristband; please come to the festival wearing your wristband.

What is a ticket card (mag card)?

This card is your ticket! It is a plastic card with a magnetic strip, and it is loaded with your tickets. Just go straight to the event entrance, where your card will be scanned. If you purchased a 3-Day GA pass, you will need to present it at the entrance each day to get in. To check the tickets on your card, visit and enter your ticket card number.

What if I accidentally bought VIP tickets and I'm under 21?

The VIP ticket is still valid, but if you are not 21 years old, you will not receive a VIP wristband to enter VIP areas.

I want to buy a VIP package, but some of the people in my group are under 21. What should we do?

Sorry, all members in your group must be at least 21 years old to enter the VIP areas.

I ordered my tickets to be shipped to me, and it's the week of the event! Where are they?!

If you have not received your tickets by 6/16/14, please contact or call 1.855.2.FLAVOR

Why can't I have tickets shipped to an address other than my billing address?

To help prevent fraud, tickets are shipped only to the billing address.

I purchased a 3-day pass but can't make it one of the days -- can I let a friend use it?

Yes, the Ticket Card is transferable. Keep in mind that a 3-Day pass is one Ticket Card that will have all three tickets loaded onto it.

Can I use my 3-day pass to get three people in on one day instead of just using it once each day?

No. A 3-Day pass is good for only one scan per day of EDC.

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