EDC features some of the world’s foremost DJs and producers on the scene today. Across eight stages over three days, this massive lineup will never fail to impress. The only question is: Who will you see next? Download the Set Times (PDF)




    Electric Daisy Carnival is built by and for the fans! Your creative participation is the key ingredient in making EDC an unforgettable experience. From costumes to body paint and everything in between, we can't wait to see what you're going to put together for this year's 2-day experience! The Insomniac family is a close community, and when you bring a smile, good vibes and you look out for each other, it makes each festival that much more amazing for us.


    We love for our fans to have a great time, and in doing so we encourage you to look out for yourself and for one another.

    To keep EDC Vegas a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our participants, you may be subject to search by law enforcement authorities looking for anyone in possession of alcohol, any barbiturates, dangerous drugs, or any other controlled substances as defined by the laws of the State of Nevada. If you are found to be in possession of any of these substances, you will be asked to leave immediately and may be subject to arrest or other actions by the law enforcement authorities.

    We all work hard to create the special environment at EDC, and the best way to continue enjoying it for years to come is to practice adult responsibility. Thank you for respecting the festival, for respecting each other, and for bringing your smiles and good vibes!

    Dance Green

    Start your EDC adventure before you even reach the Speedway! Help us keep Mother Nature green and clean by carpooling with a group of fellow revelers or taking one of the Insomniac shuttles. These options save space and time for all embarking on the EDC experience! Make your journey eco-friendly, affordable and fun from beginning to end.

    Through the Dance Green project, Insomniac is developing new ways to help green our events as well as provide you, the headliner, with tools to contribute to this important process. Stay tuned as we will continue to update on our progress and goals for EDC Las Vegas 2014!

    EDC Las Vegas 2014 Recycling Program: Help Us Dance Green!

    Be a part of the Dance Green Team! We will have recycling bins all over the place: at the entrance gates, by the water refill stations, and at the concession stands. Located next to the trash bins, our recycling bins will be marked with big recycling logos and ready for your cans, bottles and plastic cups. We will sort through every bag to collect and weigh as many recyclables as possible. Help us to recycle and make EDC Vegas 2014 the most sustainable ever!

    Insomniac Consciousness Group

    Insomniac Consciousness Group's primary goal is to provide a sober sanctuary for music fans who are straight edge, recovering or simply feeling overwhelmed. We establish a booth at each Insomniac festival so we are easily accessible to anyone in need.

    Consciousness Group is a group of passionate music lovers who choose to remain clean and sober at the festival. Consciousness Group isn’t affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or any other 12-Step programs. Consciousness Group makes no judgment on others’ decisions related to drugs and alcohol, neither condemning nor condoning their use. We’re simply liked-minded music fans who gather to offer support – and traction in what might otherwise be a slippery environment for sobriety.

    Consciousness Group holds meetings at the festival multiple times throughout each day.



    Art that lives, breathes, walks and dances—those are the more than 500 theatrical performers who make up the EDC family. Decked out in specially-crafted costumes, makeup and props, our performers push the boundaries of imagination while dangling from the sky, spinning on stage, or joining you for an impromptu dance party in the crowd.


    While we don't want to give away any surprises, EDC is filled with magic. Everything from venue changing decor including our Owl stage to major fireworks displays will be used to create your experience.


    EDC showcases some of the most innovative large-scale art being designed today. From giant misting daisies perched above the crowd to forests of light and sound, the entire venue is transformed by these unique areas built to feature theatrical performance, special effects, fire displays, water works, and illuminated art. We have some big surprises in store for EDC New York.


    What's a carnival without rides? EDC's landscape is an oversized adult playground dotted with all of your favorite full-sized carnival rides. Rides are free for everyone to enjoy.


    From the lounge-like Cooling Zones to the posh VIP decks, every corner of EDC is designed with unparalleled attention to detail. Floating chandeliers illuminate the plush VIP tables and state-of-the-art LED paneling, lasers and pyrotechnics bring each unique stage design to life. This year, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is going to be transformed in ways we've never imagined.


    Free Wifi

    Snapchat will provide everyone at EDC with free wifi access to Snapchat and the Insomniac app so you can continue to share unforgettable moments with friends while staying safe and informed. Download the apps today!