The Paradox

Excision brings The Paradox to San Francisco at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Friday, March 31, 2017.

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DJ / Producer

Excision. The name itself presents a terrifying image- a mangled, forced extraction, quite literally “removal by cutting”. It should come as no surprise that the sounds behind this name are just as filthy, brutal, and unforgiving as the namesake suggests.

Excision shows are like no other- a virtual apocalypse of twisting and morphing sounds turn massive crowds into a frenzy, as virtual walls of bass are relentlessly impaled time and time again upon their fragile bodies and ears. Your ears will ring and your eyes will roll into the back of your head as you are suspended in what can only be called a true sensory overload. Bass will rain down from above for hours as Excision’s skills as a DJ and producer shine like an unholy light from the underworld. 

The true champion of bass music, Excision hails from Kelowna, British Columbia. The founder of the Rottun label, a bass music conglomerate that has shaped the sound of modern Bass music, Excision has created a vast roster of allies that has only bolstered his spot as a warrior of bass music. Armed with a library of destruction and filth, Excision has time and time again tested the limits of electronic music with vastly different sets that encompass a full range of genres. The things you see and hear during the precious time you are engaged by Excision’s sounds will eclipse your mind for a lifetime, as you are constantly enlightened by the true fervor and energy that only an Excision set can provide.

12th Planet

DJ / Producer

12th Planet is the electronic music pioneer whose off-axis beats and subsonic frequencies orbit on the forefront of global bass culture. Recently named “Los Angeles dubstep god” by Rolling Stone, 12th Planet AKA John Dadzie and his influential label SMOG Records are widely credited for bringing the British movement stateside, and continue to be a crucial force in the evolution of electronic music. 12th Planet's DJ sets now include a myriad of styles that reflect the current, diverse landscape of EDM music and continue to display his role as an essential tastemaker in the dance music world.

12th Planet burst onto the scene in 2006, releasing tracks that helped ignite the North American EDM explosion and collaborating with the likes of Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Datsik and Plastician. In 2012, 12th Planet’s seminal track “Reasons” (Doctor P Remix) was named by SPIN Magazine as one of the ‘30 Greatest Dubstep Songs of All Time’ -- after all, “nothing set the tone for domestic bass culture quite like this Planet's orbit,” said SPIN. 12th Planet has gone on to be recognized as “King of Dubstep” by SPIN and “US dubstep godfather” by UK’s dance music bible Mixmag after headlining tours across the globe and performing at major festivals including Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival and more.

Since 2006, 12th Planet has also led what’s become one of the most thriving underground movements in electronic music, with MTV calling the crew a “pioneering incubator of bass music in America." The SMOG crew, with 12th Planet at the helm, continues to produce top quality events in Los Angeles and beyond, always pushing forward as an internationally recognized leader in U.S. bass music. However, John Dadzie's role has extended beyond just bass music to encompass the whole of EDM, including what he recently described to OC Weekly as "transition music," -- a sound that incorporates diverse styles and BPMs. His DJ set is no longer classifiable by genre but best dubbed "a trip to the 12th Planet and back."


DJ / Producer

Anytime he hits the stage, Crizzly has no choice but to go hard. Channeling hyperactive energy and uncontainable swagger, the San Antonio DJ and producer ignites crowds with an intoxicating, infectious, and inimitable blend of dubstep and hip-hop, which he affectionately terms, “Crunkstep”. However, there’s a lot more to the 21-year-old artist.

Music became a part of Chris Lee “Crizzly” Marshall’s life at a very young age. As he recalls, he discovered it as a child-insisting on making his kindergarten class listen to the Space Jam soundtrack during naptime-but he didn’t formally embrace it until high school. Picking up a set of turntables, he scored his first gigs at birthday parties. At 19-years-old, production began to inspire him, and he started remixing rap songs from YouTube with a distinctive flare. He released his own takes on Waka Flocka Flame’s “Hard in Da Paint” and “Snap Back Swag” from AJ Hernz, and suddenly he set the blogosphere ablaze. Numerous web sites began reposting these cuts, and Crizzly developed a fervent following.

However, some guerilla tactics helped garner even more high profile attention for the fledgling DJ. After playing 2011′s Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, he took 20 USB drives with his music and distributed them to some of the festivals top names. “I made it a mission to pass them out to my favorite producers,” he remembers with a smile. “I was nervous, but I gave it to Diplo. He listened, and now he plays ‘Hard in Da Paint’ in his set.

Meanwhile, he slipped “Snap Back Swag” into a playlist on Skrillex’s tour bus, catching the megastar’s ear in the process. As a result, Skrillex added the remix into his set as well. Soon after, even more support came in addition to Skrillex and Diplo with Excision, Datsik, and many others introducing his remixes into their shows.

He describes his sound and style best though. “It’s definitely a mixture of two different worlds, dance music and hip-hop,” he goes on. “People can connect because there’s a lot going on, and there’s more than one dimension. The audience responds immediately too. Since there’s a half- time feel, the blend just makes sense. It feels right to me.”

Most importantly, it feels right to audiences. In February 2012, he embarked on a highly successful tour with 12th Planet and Flinch, and he followed that up with shows alongside Zed’s Dead. In the midst, he was featured in the July 2012 issue of Spin. Currently, he’s confirmed on the bill for the 2012 installments of Nocturnal [California and Texas], Electric Daisy Carnival [Las Vegas, New York, Puerto Rico, Orlando, and Colorado], Atlantic Impulse, Electric Forrest, White Wonderland, Escape From Wonderland Lights All Night in Dallas, Global Dance in Kansas City and Denver, and more. Plus, he’ll embark on his first headline tour of college markets in Fall 2012.

In fact the best way to experience Crizzly is to actually be in the audience. “I play a lot of hard stuff,” he concludes. “I expend a ton of energy. I want the fans to get buck wild, crazy, and crunk. I want them to make some bad decisions and have fun.” One thing’s for sure: there ain’t no party like a Crizzly party.


DJ / Producer

Max Hype is Protohype. Originating in the hip hop world, 23 year old Protohype's fusion with bass music has created a new genre, Dub Hop. Combining the gritty low end of dubstep with trunk rattling hip hop drums, a sound is born like nothing else. His progressive sound has lead him to new heights in both the bass music community and the hip hop world. His massive collection of free music floating through the interweb has gained him respect not only from other DJ's, but from fans across the country. Be on the lookout for Protohype, coming to crush a city near you.

Cookie Monsta

DJ / Producer

Cookie Monsta aka Tony Cook is a producer and DJ from Nottingham, UK who represents the loud and grimy side of dubstep. “If you crave the downright nasty dubstep then Cookie Monsta’s your guy. Packing a recipe of face-slapping snares, ground shaking bass and eye gougingly dirty synths … his sound resembles that of a demonic bass-saw that easily lacerates the ear drums of all it encounters. www.headzwillrollnyc.com

As a child Tony spent hours on his brother’s Playstation creating sounds on Music 2000, this inspired him to study music technology for real at college. Always attracted to the dirtier sides of music, whatever the genre, he was caught off guard by Rusko’s upbeat style on hearing ‘FabricLive 37’ and became instantly hooked. He began to make dubstep-style tunes, random beats with a grime sound.

After rocking the place out with his first ever performance at a college end of year gig, the buzz he got was so amazing that he began to concentrate seriously on his music – and Cookie Monsta was born. His barbaric basslines and grimy style quickly started to generate interest, and soon he had hooked up with Flux Pavilion. Intrigued by Tony’s ability to create unique and mystifying noises, Flux invited him to join Circus Records, and Cookie Monsta officially entered the world of dubstep with his first release, ‘Ginger Pubes / Blurgh!’.

Since then Cookie has gone from strength to strength, pushed the boundaries of Dubstep and moved on into many other tempos of EDM. He has toured all over the world and is constantly in demand, his DJing is energetic and his tunes are all bangers.

All Cookie Monsta wants is to have a good time and he wants you to enjoy yourself too, so with world domination on his to-do list, watch for a visit to a town near you soon, join in, have a laugh and brock out.


DJ / Producer

FuntCase aka James Hazell is a producer and DJ from Bournemouth, UK. He is known for his raw and dirty sound, forging the way with his controversial ‘filthy’ style. “FuntCase produces sensory overload bass music that wobbles, womps and machine guns through your body, making you dance whether you want to or not.” www.brightonsource.co.uk

James first expressed his love of music through jamming with his schoolmates, taking his energetic and aggressive drumming style from death metal as well as being heavily influenced by happy hardcore and jungle, growing up to a background of Helter Skelter and Dreamscape mixtapes.

After hearing ‘Bandwagon Blues’ by Twisted Individual, James fell in love with the drum and bass sound and began to focus his talents on producing. Sharing his tracks with D&B radio stations led to the first recognition of his foot-thumping talents, under the alias DJ Dose he released for the first time in 2007.

In 2009 James began to dabble with producing dubstep, giving his tunes a big energy by incorporating the drum and bass layering technique into his dubstep sound. His first track ‘Make Our Day’ was quickly signed to 4:20 Records. And so began the raw sound that is FuntCase.

It wasn't long before FuntCase began trading tracks with Doctor P, and an offer soon followed to bring James into the Circus Records camp with the release of his famed track ‘So Vexed', with ‘Mattress Punch' on the flip, in 2010.

Since then the phenomenon has grown, FuntCase has become a legend of the DJ world. With an incredibly loyal fan base Funty is known world wide for working hard, playing hard, travelling hard - and DJing hard. Claw 4 Life yo.

Party Thieves

DJ / Producer

Hometown: Monroe, NY
Currently living: New York, NY

Origin of name:
I really wanted the name Grandtheft Party, because I was always a huge fan of the GTA video game series, but saw Grandtheft was already taken. Skipped to Theft Party and eventually Party Thieves; it just felt right, and I kept it plural because I wanted the name to be about more than myself but incorporate my fans (Theft Army) and my team.

Weapon of choice:
Rocket launcher

Source of power:
A$AP Rocky, RL Grime, Flosstradamus, GTA, Dunkin Donuts Iced French Coffee with cream, two sugar, two Splenda

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
Don't enter the competition with any doubt in your mind. With anything you do, do it with confidence or don't do it at all.

Blurb yourself:
My name is Jared McFarlin, for everyone that feels inclined to add me on Facebook. My life in general is a series of regrets turned into something beautiful, and I have no one to thank besides my parents and God. I attended the United States Military Academy and didn’t even know what EDM was until 2011, after my college roommate showed me Mt Eden’s “Sierra Leone.” Toward the end of my college years at USMA, I hit a streak of depression and anxiety that really affected my life and those around me; however, the passion I found in music really kept my spirit intact and gave me a feeling of hope. The journey of my life since I started producing in late 2013 has not been a smooth road by any means, but looking back, I don't think I would have had it any other way—well, almost.

What do your parents think of what you are doing?
Sometimes I think they want to believe I’m studying for law school or applying to Harvard, since both my brother and sister went there. Ultimately they are supportive of my actions, and I am truly blessed to have them in my life. Hopefully next year, if I get to play EDC Vegas again, I will bring one of them along.

What’s the biggest misconception about being a DJ? Or, what would people be surprised to find out about the profession?
I think the misconception is that we are all trying to be true DJs. DJing has basically become an integrated part of being a producer, so for myself, I am not a DJ. I am a musician or producer that also plays live shows. DJing is such a broad term, that I feel it doesn't do justice to the work guys like A-Trak or Craze put down during their performances.

Tell me about your most memorable night out as an artist or as a fan.
Seeing RL Grime live for the first time ever—late 2014, during his VOID Tour—motivated me so hard for my 2015 streak. I think it has shown, too, that I take inspiration from his work, as well as some others. His show in Boston was actually the best set I have ever seen, hands-down. This was also before his album dropped, so hearing the music he curated for the show was memorable.

Do you have any memorable moments from past EDCs or any other Insomniac party?
I’ve actually only been to one EDC—New York 2012—which was the first festival I ever attended, and the first time I had ever heard bass music as well. I distinctly remember listening to 12th Planet and trying to understand what was happening to my body. From that day forward, I’ve been hooked to bass music.

Are you impulsive with your work (in the studio and/or DJing), or do you have a sketch in mind before you start?
Haha, if you ask any of my friends to describe me in one word, usually the first words that come out are “impulsive” and “spontaneous.” The one thing I love about music and producing is that you can do whatever you want with it—literally. I made a track called “Chief” with my good buddies ATLiens, and in one of the drops I used dog-barking samples. Things like that aren't planned but just are a part of the workflow.

What’s the most important piece of gear in your studio?
My headphones: V Moda Crossfade LP. I produce heavily through them and make all my 808s with them.

What should everyone just shut up about?
I always see a lot of posts about genres and hating whatever genre, blah blah blah. I think genres are actually very important, because it helps me describe and classify what music I enjoy listening to; but I try not to put down any genre that I don’t necessarily enjoy. Instead, I think it is important to try focusing on artists that you like or songs that you enjoy listening to, instead of focusing on what genre of sound they are classified under. For example, I’m not too fond of progressive house, but I love “Runaway” by Galantis (who doesn’t). I also hate hearing crap about big room, yet any DV/LM stage will be packed, and any and every Firebeatz stage will be packed. A lot of “internet” talk doesn’t translate to people’s actions. I enjoy good music; that’s that.

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture?
What is not to get excited about! Every year, it seems the EDM industry is breaking charts and posting huge festival and/or club numbers. So many on-point festivals and tours are popping up everywhere, and I think it is awesome! The more, the merrier.

When you look at electronic music and the surrounding culture, what worries you about the future? What do you wish would change or that you could change?
I wish I could change how fans look at artists. I think because we live in the internet age, there is a huge wall that separates fans/listeners and artists.

What are your weaknesses?
Musically: I definitely could be more “technically sound.” From a listener's standpoint, I have been able to produce some quality tunes, and to the untrained ear it sounds probably fine. I’m still such a rookie and have so much to learn about sound production and mixdown/mastering techniques.
Non-musically: I tend to micromanage a lot. I always like to have a hand in every process and don’t like to rely too much on other people. I think this stems from the idea in my head that if my music career were to fail, I could only point at myself for not working hard enough. I have a great management team in Golden Ratio that also manages names like Paper Diamond, JackLDN, Vaski, and a few others.

Do you have a secret passion?
I absolutely love golf and hockey. I have played about every sport growing up and played two Division I sports (football, track & field) in college, but golf and hockey remain my passion.

Do you have something you’d like to get off your chest that we didn’t ask you about?
Do what you love; as simple as that sounds, it is true. I think my generation is afraid to be independent since we are so dependent—especially when it comes to social media. Don't be afraid to fail; and if you do, embrace it, because it's going to happen a lot more. Once you understand that success isn’t equal to a dollar sign but a smile on your face, you will find yourself working harder than ever.


Party Thieves (EDC Discovery Set) by Jared Mcfarlin on Mixcloud


Ricky Remedy

DJ / Producer

Known for his masterful precision of 808s, Ricky ‘Remedy’ Duran was brought up on the sounds & varied cultural styles of his Cuban heritage and a range of musical genres. His undeniable gift of music has led him down a career of accomplishments that includes international headline touring, a Latin Grammy nomination and even a song with the great Olympian Usain Bolt. Remedy is releasing his second EP with Mad Decent that features collaborations with Diplo, Lil-Jon and more. Throughout his twisted musical journey, Ricky has also collaborated with heavyweights such as Travis Scott, Diddy, French Montana, T.I., Rick Ross and Tory Lanez, just to name a few. With a diverse set of creativeness including photography, cinematography, and graphic design, Remedy has pushed himself down the path of greatness with so much more to come.

Ricky has had a passion for creating music since the young age of 16, and has never looked back. The passion and creative outlets are what got him through hard times, like being diagnosed with a heart condition as a child and limited his activities outside. Early he began working with local artists as he sharpened his production skills and developed a deeper understanding of the art of music.  From hip-hop to dubstep to future house, Remedy has mastered crossbreeding multiple styles and genres to create a unique sound that today defines him as a whole.

Quickly rising to the light on the scene, Remedy has performed at premium electronic events including Life In Color, Mad Decent Block & Boat Parties, and TomorrowWorld. After setting the tone for Trap sets in his backyard of South Florida and nationwide touring, he has delivered the Remedy name and sound to a rapid growing fan base. With 12+ label releases in 2015 - he also released his 1st EP, “Control”, through Diplo’s very own Mad Decent Records. In combination with Ricky’s career breakthrough, his music has been placed in a handful of movies, commercials, and video games such as Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” commercial, 22 Jump Street, Need for Speed, UFC, and more.

Remedy’s wave of growing momentum has helped to carve a place for his sonically crisp sound. With plenty of heat on upcoming releases and a global tour, the future is looking bright for Remedy and fans alike. 

Barely Alive

DJ / Producer

With 5 consecutive Beatport number 1s, over six million streams in the last 12 months off the back of their lively social media interaction, and collaborations and remixes for Zomboy, Datsik, SKisM, Excision, Destroid, Astronaut, Getter and more under their belt, few can deny that Barely Alive are one of the most exciting and fastest growing bass music acts to emerge over the last year.

The duo originating from Massachusetts, USA initially made a name for themselves when they released their debut EP through Disciple Recordings in early 2014 to global acclaim, hitting the number one spot across 4 different genre charts on Beatport in just 24 hours. This made Barely Alive an over night success, and to this date they have been labelled just under Skrillex as the second hottest dubstep artists of 2014 on Beatport.

International touring soon followed across the United States, Europe and the rest of the world, with Barely Alive making up one of the core artists of the Disciple Alliance tours, the Datsik Ninja Nation tour along side Trolley Snatcha and Kennedy Jones, and multiple headline tours in Australia, New Zealand, France and more. They have received regular DJ support from acts such as Skrillex, Datsik, Excision, Far Too Loud and Zomboy, as well as making regular appearances on huge online music platforms such as UKF, EDM.com, NEST HQ, This Song Is Sick, and a guest mix for the renowned BBC Radio 1.

This is just the start for Barely Alive, who within their first year at Disciple found themselves well on their way to becoming a future headline act.


DJ / Producer

Dubloadz aka Dave Nardolilli is a producer who's quickly proven himself a force to be reckoned with, shattering the idea of subgenres and turning the dubstep world upside down over the course of only a year. His sharp and hard hitting "Savage Wonk" style boasts some serious musicianship, and quickly grabbed the attention of a lot of the power players in the electronic music world. Determined to make his mark in the scene quickly, he showed the world how much can be accomplished in a short ammount of time. 2014 proved to be a successful first year with releases on SMOG, Rottun and Never Say Die as well as bookings across the globe. His high energy sets show his attention to detail and cover a spectrum influenced by everything from hip hop and funk to hardcore and metal. With support from 12th Planet, Datsik, Excision, Figure, Eptic, and many more, there's no disputing that Dubloadz got that meat game on lock. "I can only hope to inspire people. I love what I do and I want people to realize they can make their dreams happen as well."

Dion Timmer

DJ / Producer

Dion Timmer is an extravagant electronic artist from the Netherlands who is constantly breaking the barriers.

This young producer isn't tied to genres but he finds himself favouring most areas of bass music.

Dion is prepared to fight for the spotlight and has the professional sounds to prove he's the real deal.