EDC Mexico 2017

¡Hola, México! Electric Daisy Carnival returns south of the border to beautiful Ciudad de México February 25 & 26.

Passes go on sale September 30. See you Under the Electric Sky!


Adriana Lucia

DJ / Producer

Adriana Lucía es una artista regiomontana que actualmente reside en la Ciudad de México. Inicia su carrera en el 2010 y después de varios años trabajando como tornamesista en Monterrey, decidió ir mas allá y comenzar a componer sus propios tracks en los que utiliza también sus habilidades como vocalista.

Siendo DJ residente en “El Porfiriato” por más de dos años, utilizó cada oportunidad para pulir sus habilidades como productora de música electrónica. Con una inclinación por la música House, sus influencias van desde el Pop y R&B de los 90’s, hasta el Blues, Jazz y rock alternativo.

Adriana Lucía es también vocalista del proyecto de Pop llamado ALUX, en conjunto con el productor musical SLZR.  Cuenta con lanzamientos en labels como “Abstractive Music”, “No Definition”, “Piston Recordings”, “1101 Records” entre otros.

Alan Walker

DJ / Producer

Alan Walker has achieved remarkable success worldwide with his latest single ”Faded”. Precisely six months after its release Walker returns with the dance pop track “Sing Me To Sleep”. The title is sweet, but the theme is far from a lullaby. Iselin Solheim tells with her dramatic vocals the story about longing for a safe place in a world in constant movement. The video is shot in Hong Kong and takes you on a mission throughout the city.

“Wait a second, let me catch my breath.
Remind me how it feels to hear your voice.
Your lips are moving, I can’t hear a thing.
Living life as if we had a choice.”

”I´m so happy to finally release ”Sing Me To Sleep”. Melodies are more or less everything to me as a producer, and I´m very proud of what the team and I have put together in the studio. We have been working on this track for quite some time now, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the final result. I really hope my fans like this song as much as I do!” – Alan Walker

The 18-year old, Norwegian producer Alan Walker has emerged on the global music scene as one of the most successful artists of 2016. His record breaking single “Faded” was released on December 4th, 2015 and has today reached 3.8 million sold units worldwide and the music video has 310 million views on YouTube. It topped the singles chart in 10 countries across Europe and reached top 10 in UK, #2 in Australia and has recently entered Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It was #1 on the Global Shazam chart for 7 consecutive weeks and #1 on the European Radio chart for 6 consecutive weeks. Alan’s summer tour has already taken off, with multiple stops at major festivals throughout Europe.

Growing up in the digital era, Alan found an early interest in computers that later turned into a fascination for programming and graphic design. In 2012 he started making music on his laptop with the help and feedback from his online friends. His music gained great popularity among gamers who used Alan’s tracks in their own YouTube videos (UGC). The songs spread all over the world and later caught the attention of the record labels.


DJ / Producer

With over 3.5 million followers online, YouTube views in the millions, and fans including Sebastian Ingrosso, Calvin Harris, Pete Tong, Avicii and Swedish House Mafia, Grammy-nominated producer Alesso already has a huge following thanks to his hugely popular remixes and sold-out shows around the globe. His new single, “Tear the Roof Up,” and forthcoming debut album are set to be the tipping point that takes Alesso from dancefloor hero to household name. 

Beginning his career five years ago as a self-taught 18-year-old bedroom producer in Stockholm, Sweden, Alessandro Lindblad’s trajectory to the forefront of the global dancefloor is truly incredible. He began by tinkering with other people’s songs, creating his own edits, adding piano riffs and melody ideas, and uploading his versions to Beatport. Alesso’s efforts reached Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso, who swiftly took the teen under his wing, becoming his mentor, and signing him to his management and label. Alesso made an impressive entrance with the “Taking It Back” remix of Avicii’s “Alcoholic,” but it was his addition of a classic house drop to Nadia Ali’s “Pressure” that helped the single become one of the most-played dance tracks of 2011. Swiftly unleashing a barrage of brilliant remixes for Swedish House Mafia, Devolution and LFMAO, the then teenager was named EDM Artist to Watch by MTV. 

In 2012, he teamed up with Ingrosso and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder for “Calling (Lose My Mind),” which went to No.1 on the Billboard Dance chart and has since been streamed over 33.5m times on Spotify. That same year, he was invited to open for Madonna on her MDMA tour, before releasing a volley of commercially and critically celebrated remixes, including David Guetta’s “Titanium,” Keane’s “Silenced by the Night” and OneRepublic’s “If I Lose Myself.” Since then, he has played to sold-out crowds all over the world, landed a Las Vegas residency, and became a festival favourite at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra. During his first headline tour in 2013, he released “Under Control” with Calvin Harris and Theo Hurts, which topped the Hypemachine charts, was named Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune, and hit 1m YouTube views in just 24 hours. He rounded the year out by producing Example’s “Queen of Your Dreams” and, alongside Swedish House Mafia, “Numb” for R&B megastar Usher. At the end of 2013, Alesso received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Remix for “If I Lose Myself,” another Billboard Dance No.1 with over 40m streams on Spotify to date.

Over the course of the last five years, Alesso has amassed 2.5m Facebook Likes, 900k Twitter followers and 370k Instagram followers, while on YouTube he’s hit over 100m plays to date. 

Taught to play the piano as a young child, Alesso grew up on pop idols including Michael Jackson, before discovering hip-hop via Nelly, Pharrell and Timbaland. But it was hearing his first house track as a young teenager that really opened Alesso’s eyes to the possibilities and power of music. “We would go to underage parties when I was 13, 14 years old,” he remembers. “It was the cheesier end of dance music, but I immediately gained a new perspective of what music is. I had never felt that kind of feeling—I still get it today—that rush and excitement. I want to be alive, explore the world, show love and spread love. House music makes me feel like nothing is impossible. I can conquer the world.”

He quickly immersed himself in as much house as he could find; a friend made him a mix CD, and it was here that he discovered Daft Punk, Erick Morillo, Steve Angello, Daft Punk and Axwell. Throwing himself fully into making music at the age of 18, part of Alesso’s success is down to his diverse influences and huge appetite for life, which riddle his infectious creations with an energy that is palpable. Alesso’s debut album proves the Swede won’t be limited by genre or niche. There’s soul, melody and adventure in his compositions; there’s never merely one tempo or type of terrain. “Every song I make is house at its core, but because I’ve listened to so much hip-hop, I think you hear an element of ruggedness in my music. I like to mix it up a little bit—not keep the same beat all the time. I’m not in any way making hip-hop music, but I’m very influenced and interested in bringing different grooves into my songs.”

The recently-turned 23-year-old’s debut single with Def Jam US/Virgin EMI UK, “Tear the Roof Up,” is an unadulterated slice of sonic euphoria. Since creating the track in his hometown in Sweden earlier this year, “Tear the Roof Up” has proven itself to be an explosive opening to Alesso’s live set. Brilliantly building from a tautly wound intro of anarchic beats into an all-out four-to-the-floor rave smash, “Tear the Roof Up” is a joyous ode to living life to the fullest. “I wanted to make a massive song that would literally make people want to tear off the roof,” says Alesso. “I didn’t want to make just another ‘club song.’ I wanted to create a moment in time.” 

“Monstrous,” raved Zane Lowe, who premiered the single on his hugely influential BBC Radio 1 show. “I didn't make it to Coachella this year, but I was streaming it like so many millions of people from around the world… I clicked on Alesso's set, and he started his set with this song. It was the most ridiculous, most unifying response from about 20,000 people streaming out of this huge aircraft hangar whilst the sun was beaming down on his face, and I was like, ‘This is what songs like this are designed to do.’”

“Heroes” is similarly uplifting. Opening with a gliding guitar riff, the vocal takes the listener on a journey through tempo and over-arching nostalgia before ending up in a hands-in-the-air sonic soul searcher. “It’s about believing in yourself and going for your goals. The song gives me the feeling that something might be over, but it’s ok, we’re still here together after it. This might be the last time we’ll be in that moment, but we can create new ones afterwards.”

A man clearly in love with music and life, Alesso’s ethos is all about living in the moment. He’s an impassioned producer seeking out life’s highs while defying genre, expectation and convention.

“I don’t ever want to make just another club song,” Alesso insists. “‘Electronic music’ sometimes feels like it’s all about the money; I can say 100 percent that I didn’t start doing this to make money. The main reason why I make music is to bring a message; I want to uplift people though music, I want to inject emotion into dance music. I want people to scream, jump, feel happiness. Explosive happiness. The best thing about music is it has no rules; I love the idea of breaking the rules.”

Alex Midi

DJ / Producer

Desde los 14 años comenzó como DJ en la Ciudad de México. Casi de inmediato comenzó a producir música electrónica, siendo uno de los productores pioneros del género en latinoamérica y convirtiéndose en pieza fundamental en el desarrollo de la escena electrónica Mexicana.

Asistió por 4 años al New Music Seminar de Nueva York en donde recibió clínicas de producción diréctamente de los pioneros del House Music: Frankie Knuckles y David Morales.

En su carrera como productor, ha producido más de 100 temas para artistas top latinos y ha recibido más de 10 discos de oro y platino por su trabajo como productor musical y como integrante de las bandas Moenia, No Disco y Jotdog.

Como DJ, ha compartido escenario con los mejores DJ nacionales y ha sido opening act para Top DJs internacionales como Alesso, Groove Armada y Felix Jaehn.

Su track en solitario "Supongo" (ft. Nathalia Milán) fue ganador al premio "Mejor track dance nacional" en los DJ World Music Awards 2014.

En 2016, Alex Midi lanza oficialmente su proyecto en solitario enfocado a la escena House/EDM y firma contrato con el sello AFTERCLUV, la división dance de Universal Music.

El 1er sencillo “In The Air Tonight” (ft. Delacey) estuvo varias semanas en los primeros lugares de venta en iTunes US y Beatport. Hoy en día sigue en alta rotación en importantes cadenas de radio en varios países.

Su 2do sencillo "Magic" (ft. Elle Vee) se estrenó el pasado 13 de Septiembre y ya ha sido reconocido por varios blogs internacionales como EDM.com con notas como "El track "Magic" de Alex Midi es un fresco rescate del house music vocal clásico". Actualmente sonando fuerte en las cadenas ALFA 91.3 FM y BEAT 100.9 FM en la Ciudad de México.

Alex Midi se encuentra de gira como DJ. En este 2016 se ha presentado en ciudades como Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego (EU), Bogotá (Colómbia), San José (Costa Rica), Toronto (Canadá), además de la República Mexicana.

Actualmente también es host de ”Aftercluv Sessions” un programa de radio dedicado a la música electrónica con alto rating en la cadena ALFA 91.3 FM.

Ali Stone

DJ / Producer

Electronic music isn’t the realm of many women in Latin America. Colombian producer, DJ and composer Ali Stone is starting to make waves with her music, and she’s managed to craft interesting partnerships and works along the way, making movie soundtracks, remixes and songs for stores. Stone, a multi instrumentalist who speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, was also featured on the international campaign project “Empowering Women” in Mexico.

Alison Wonderland

DJ / Producer

2015 saw her US live show debut at Coachella, her debut album Run, debuting at #1 on the US Electronic Billboard charts, a US tour taking in stops in NYC, Miami and Chicago with EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, European tour and a HUGE sold out Australian Warehouse tour, 2016 is looking very bright for Alison Wonderland.

The way you hear her tell it, Alison Wonderland has wanted to name her first album Run since before she knew how to play an instrument. It’s something that she’s carried with her over a diverse career spanning multiple projects, all of which have crystallised in a record that’s a twisted looking glass into the soul of one of Australia’s most promising musician/producers.

Welcome to the contradictory world of Alison Wonderland; an Australian artist who has written an album during her time in Los Angeles, a public personality who privately obsesses over her music with near-­?maniacal intensity; an electronic producer who is equally proud of her pop songs and her festival bangers.

She’s a chemical performer who has played cello in orchestras, rocked the bass in indie bands and graced turntables in front of thousands. From Stereosonic to Splendour and Coachella, not to mention a killer ‘Diplo and Friends’ BBC radio mix and a national run of secret warehouse shows that sold out in hours, Alison Wonderland has probably racked up more air miles in the last 18 months than hours of sleep.

Thanks to the non-­?stop rotation of her breakout hit ‘I Want U’, which topped Hypemachine and its EP Calm Down, which garnered millions of plays on Soundcloud, Wonderland has become known not only as a crowd-­?pleaser, but also for her ability to craft great songs. ‘The way to be a good producer is about using your ears,’ says Wonderland. ‘If you just did what textbooks said, nothing new would ever happen.’

To help her develop this vision on her first feature-­?length, Wonderland worked with some great songwriters from both sides of the equator; Djemba Djemba, known for his work with Diplo’s MAD DECENT label and the cutting edge up and coming producers from around the world AWE, Lido, Ganz and Alexander Burnett.

Run is a record that feels like the ones Wonderland bought growing up. As a DJ, if you don’t have a direction to take an audience in, what’s the point of playing a set? I feel the same about an album, she says. With its definitive opener and closer, Run is defined by its shapeliness. “Order is so important”, says Wonderand. “Even live, it’s not always about being ‘bang bang bang’; you have to have lulls, you have to bring people up again, you have to take them to another place and do it tastefully.”

Running the gamut from electronica, future beats, trap, and dancehall to classical and pop music, Run, is a dance album with personality. Wonderland sings on almost every track, a decision she made while in Los Angeles, and also took lyrical control. “My lyrics and melodies come faster the more music I’ve written, and it’s easier to delve into my mind,” she says. “Especially these days, music that’s made from your soul is better than music that’s made from your brain.”

The record boasts a robust rolodex of guest collaborators, all of whom Wonderland describes as close family. “I’ve never dialled in someone. I only wanted to make this album with people I fucking love,” she said of Run, which features Norwegian wunderkind Lido, New York rapper Johnny Nelson, SAFIA’s Ben Woolner-­?KIrkham and even Flaming Lips impresario, Wayne Coyne. Wonderland’s approach to writing with others, like most of her life, is refreshingly unorthodox. “The first thing I say [when someone I’ve never met gets to the studio] is ‘Tell me what’s going on with your life. I want to hear the last thing that made you cry.’ And we sit for hours and talk to each other and then we get down to the music.”

Run is about striving for greatness, and never feeling like you’re quite there, which is sort of what Wonderland means she says it’s an album about her time in Los Angeles, and observations of people, love, anxiety and the industry. It’s the infectious groove of first single ‘U Don’t Know’, the crushing beats of ‘Ignore’ and the near-­?ecstatic release ‘Carry On’, the sound of the DJ who won’t leave the stage until the makeup is running down her face and she’s drenched in sweat. It’s the anthems-­?in-­?waiting, ‘Run’, ‘I Want U’ and ‘Games’, a pop number sneaking out of left field.

But what Run is really all about, what you can hear and feel when you play it, is Wonderland’s very real inability to sit still. ‘I always feel like I’m never satisfied,’ she says. ‘When I get to a certain place, I’m still not content. It’s really about pushing yourself.’

Alison Wonderland dives down all manner of audio rabbit holes with Run and emerges with something unique and personal. She drives everyone around her crazy. She drives herself crazy…But her debut album is out, she’s played Coachella had two ARIA nominations and here she is, still running.

The question is, can you keep up?


DJ / Producer

ANG, dúo mexicano hecho por Arturo Kahan y Gabriel Haber. Su pasión por los sonidos progresivos los han hecho convertirse en productores de música electrónica desde hace ya tres años.

Hoy su música es tocada y apoyada por DJs de talla internacional que los hacen sonar desde el escenario principal en festivales como Ultra Music Festival de Miami.


DJ / Producer

Atmozfears, also known as Tim van de Stadt, is a Dutch hardstyle artist pushing boundaries with his emotive and energetic sound. From what originally started as a trio in 2008, Atmozfears has grown to become a huge name in dance music with Tim at the helm sporting his innovative approach to music.

Support for Atmozfears has been flying in from all angles since Scantraxx signed the exciting hardstyle act back in 2012. The biggest names in the genre regularly play his tracks in their sets, including Headhunterz with his Hard With Style podcast. In the past 12 months Atmozfears has reached incredible performance milestones. Defqon.1 Festival, Intents Festival and Knock Out are just a few of the parties conquered so far, but who could forget the astounding appearances in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome and Heineken Music Hall.

Tim is known for spending almost every waking hour of his day in the studio or on stage. His level of dedication to music isn’t something you can learn or forget. It’s a true passion to spread enjoyment and a sense of togetherness. Atmozfears is ready for the future, and will continue working non-stop to take this scene to the next level!


DJ / Producer

Musico/DJ creador del "Andean Bass" precursor de la música electrónica en Chile.


DJ / Producer

What started as hobby 8 years ago has turned into a career that has taken me across the US and internationally.  Dance Music has become a real passion and one that I love sharing with everyone I meet.

Growing up on the East Coast I was heavily influenced by the hip hop artists that were emerging from New York, Atlanta, and Miami and was always drawn to the DJ of each group.  It wasn’t until years later that I realized that if I ever wanted to emulate by predecessors I needed to commit myself.  I purchased a small controller, downloaded a handful of songs to my iTunes and watched every YouTube video I could on how to DJ.  Not long after I attended a corporate party during the PGA Tour’s Phoenix Open.  I was asked to DJ the event…or maybe I offered to DJ, can’t quite remember, but I do remember blowing out both speakers, having the time of life, and getting everyone to dance…not necessarily in that order.  I was hooked and dedicated as much time as I could to learning every technique to play to a crowd.  I was left with 3 goals to accomplish.  Goal 1 – Get Paid.  Yes I love to DJ, but DJing and being paid for it is a major step in the game.  Goal 2 – Play a major club.  This one took a few years, but was given a shot to play at Honolulu’s hottest club at the time, Vice.  I had residencies at other “bars” but this was an EDM club and was well worth the wait.  Goal #3 – Play a Festival.  The final goal took a few more years but it came in 2014 when I was able to perform at EDC Las Vegas.

Since then, I have gone on to play other major festivals including EDC Orlando, Beyond Wonderland, and EDC Brazil.  Producing music has become the next frontier and I am currently breaking down that wall.  Stay tuned for new music and a passion for creating an environment where everyone has a good time.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and look forward to the next show!


DJ / Producer

London based, Mexican born Beto Cohen is Betoko, a producer who has quickly risen through the ranks since 2007. Having drummed in bands and played guitar as a teen, it was here that he discovered a passion for electronic music. Early releases from Betoko showed the man to have his own distinctive approach, joining the dots between tech, minimal and house music with great style. 

With an esteemed back catalogue, Betoko regularly picks up support from peers like Jaime Jones, Lee Foss, Seth Troxler, Sasha, Nick Warren, Steve Lawler, Sven Vath and Marco Carola. Whilst his tracks have also been licensed for use on TV shows like CSI, a number of advertising campaigns and Madonna’s Sticky N Sweet Tour. His natural progression and hunger for great new music means Betoko is now the head of his own two labels, Oko and Chilli Mint Music both of which release quality house and tech on vinyl/digital constantly charted by the top 100 DJs. Betoko's global hit "Raining Again" released on Diynamic Music has become a classic around the world and labeled the Track of the Summer in 2012, I has more than 12 Million Views on youtube and remained on the Beatport top 10 for many weeks. After Raining again came "U So Fine" released on Nurvous Records and quickly became a dancefloor hit entering the top 10 Beatport charts in 2013. In 2014 Betoko released his "Dance on my feet EP" on Suara that once again went to the top of the charts. Also in 2014 Betoko remixed the classic track from Leftfield "Song of Life" released on Nick Warren's Hope Recordingswhich became a future classic of the legendary track. Betoko has also seen more dancefloor and chart succees with tracks like "Little Miss Darkness", "Space Invader" and many more. In 2015 came the "Phobik" EP released on Einmusika Recordings which has been labeled as "The future of Techno".

Betoko's infectious sounds have been heard at Amnesia, Warung, Green Valley, Space, Fabric, Ushuaia, Kater Holzig, numerous Festivals and pretty much every top club in the world, and has played b2b sets with DJs like Sasha and Nick Warren.

Betoko is based at the world famous Red Bus Recording Studios in london where people like Imagination, Mungo Jerry, Spandau Ballet, Alison Moyet, Right said fred and many others have recorded in the past and recently, Sasha's Involv3r and where the late Robin Gibbs' unreleased tracks were mixed.

Billion Dollars

DJ / Producer

Sebastian Carrillo Macias, born originally in San Luis Potosí, Mexico but raised in the "bass capital" Monterrey, Mexico, is known better as Billion Dollars, the upcoming DJ/Producer and the former inventor of "Satan Bass", an amazing and creative blend of tropical-latino genres and the full speed and power of Electronic music.

Boombox Cartel

DJ / Producer

Residing in Los Angeles, Mexico-born artists Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina have built a name for themselves as a “must watch”, highly talented, up-and-coming duo. Having an incredibly diverse musical background, Boombox Cartel combines their love and knowledge of music with an innovative and unique sound.

Broz Rdz

DJ / Producer

Broz Rodriguez (Broz Rdz) is altogether a DJ, producer, remixer, and live entertainer. He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, better know as the Tequila City, so his roots are “fiesta.” Growing up with an immense passion for music and the loving support of his parents, he was able to explore his talent and start developing his DJ and production skills early in life.

Now, with many years of experience and a mastered craft, Broz Rdz embodies every element that a great party demands. He creates a unique and exciting atmosphere from behind the decks. When he performs, his energy and enthusiasm never stops, and neither does the dancefloor. His funky, progressive, and explosive DJ style moves crowds in cities all over the globe.

His original studio productions have received a ton of worldwide popularity and acclaim as well. His catchy rework of “Don’t Stop Believing ” hit #5 on the ARIA Club Charts in Australia, while his original track “Mike Tyson” was credited as having one of “Electro House’s Biggest Drops of 2013.” This song won him the title “Breakthrough Artist of 2013” in the DJ World Awards of Mexico, and other releases came out through the years, signed on labels such as Tiger Records, Bomb Squad, Safari Music and more! He got the award for “Best EDM DJ of 2014” in Mexico, and during this year, the single “Golden Eye ” was released, hitting #13 on the Electro House Beatport Chart. Broz Rdz is constantly touring, but he finds time to hit the studio to produce track after track of party-rocking EDM favorites.


DJ / Producer

Bufi is the solo project of Mateo Gonzalez Bufi, a producer hailing from Mexico, French descendant and born in the mid 80’s. Having surfed between many musical genres, his music is the result of a wide spectrum of influences, ranging from early chicago acid house or detroit techno, to scandinavian nu-disco, to 80’s post-punk/dark wave and 70’s krautrock. His music has been supported by nu-disco / techno personalities such as Munk, Moullinex, Justin Robertson, Alexander Robotnick, Emperor Machine, Aeroplane or Tensnake. He’s been released on Kitsuné, Record Makers, Discotexas, Electrique Music, La Belle and ISM, between many more.


DJ / Producer

Originario de Acapulco, Guerrero, Calixto es uno de los pocos jóvenes que ha logrado hacer que sus canciones estén de manera casi inmediata sonando en grandes festivales del mundo en manos de grandes productores.

Con el respaldo del productor estadounidense, Andres Fresko, y su camarada de Acapulco, Junkie Kid, han hecho un gran equipo para tronar el sonido del hard house a nivel mundial. Carnage ya lo ha apoyado desde el mainstage de EDC Las Vegas con la premiere de tracks.


DJ / Producer


Camels are highly social and roll deep in crews of 30 or more. They are peaceful creatures and only exhibit aggression when competing for female attention. They can run up to 40mph, they can swim, they can completely close their nostrils, they never forget where they came from...


We don’t know where CamelPhat hail from. We don’t know the first records they bought. We don’t know what they had for breakfast. We don’t know their names, their ages, their favourite colour or their shoe size. We don’t know if they can completely close their nostrils.

These are the facts we do know: They are a duo. They earned their stripes and studied dance music dynamics as resident DJs long before they produced. They rarely give interviews. They don’t leave the house without their trademark masks. They make authentic, timeless house music. They have enjoyed DJ support from their very first release in 2010 which has grown with every release. Adam Beyer, Adana Twins, Annie Mac, Carl Cox, Danny Howard, Eric Prydz, Erick Morrillo, Gorgon City, Groove Armada, Huxley, Mark Knight, MK, Pete Tong, Riva Starr, Sasha and Tiga are just some of the premiership tastemakers who have galvanised their sets with CamelPhat’s emotion-rich, sub-soaked, silky-synth sounds.

These sounds have been shipped across the board, from the most high profile electronic labels to the most respected underground imprints in operation, CamelPhat’s versatility and ageless sense of spacious house sonics sing to DJs across the great international house/tech landscape, causing the hype pot to bubble from day one.

Things got serious in 2014 when their tracks ‘The Act’ and ‘Paradigm’ both scorched number one in the Buzz Chart. In 2015 ‘Constellations’ hit the same spot. A track that went on to become a verified Ibiza anthem, ‘Constellations’ soundtracked every corner of the Isle from Salinas to Sankeys by way of the iconic Café Mambo. 2015 was also the year they made their international and festivals debuts and Pete Tong signed their year out declaring them as his breakthrough act of the year. Rolling into 2016 and Danny Howard declared ‘Trip’ as his ‘go-to record for this year’s summer festivals’ while Annie Mac premiered it as a special delivery, describing it as ‘huge’.

Backing up these premiership forecasts with everything they’ve done so far - and everything they’re about to do - CamelPhat have remixed the likes of MK, Foxes, Billon, Robosonic, Seinabo Sey, 4Tunne500, Illyus & Barrientos and many more. They’ve worked on labels such as Toolroom, Suara, Glasgow Underground, Great Stuff, Nervous and Jeudi and have some special surprise collaborations in store for 2016.

In 2015 CamelPhat performed across the UK, Europe, America and beyond while 2016 has already seen CamelPhat booked for Fabric, Ministry, Rainbow and Stealth for UK club shows while UK festival bookings include We Are FSTVL, Creamfields, SW4 and Groove. This summer CamelPhat play Amnesia and Pacha Ibiza and three North American tours are booked throughout the year, kicking off at the Miami Music Conference.

Proof that the music alone can still do the talking when it’s strong and striking enough and produced with the right amount of soul: These are the facts, the rest remains a mystery...


DJ / Producer

“Making music is about having an impact,” exclaims DJ Carnage.

It's easy to feel the impact on every track the Los Angeles-based artist produces or remixes. With a versatile mindset and deft approach, he siphons electro, hip-hop, pop, and trap into an intoxicating brew unlike anything out there. It’s dirty, defiant, and diverse.

Carnage embraced music at a very young age. Before moving to the suburbs of Maryland, he grew up in Nicaragua and Guatemala. It gave him an international consciousness and perspective at a young age that would pervade his art. In order to get through long car rides with his mom, he’d make mix CDs of everything from Kanye West to Michael Jackson, and they’d listen to them together. It was with mom’s encouragement that he began actually building his own tracks.

He recalls, “It's funny, because one day my mom was like, ‘Why don’t you make your own beats?’ I'd never thought of it before, so she bought me Fruity Loops. From there, I just got hooked.”

He carved out a sizable local following in Maryland, slinging independent mixtapes and solidifying an online presence. Niles from the Cataracs actually stumbled upon his MySpace page and immediately became a fan. Their correspondence turned into a creative partnership and led to Carnage’s signing with Indie Pop.

One of his first projects under that banner was a tripped-out and captivating remix of Yuna’s “Live Your Life.” Soon, Tiësto began spinning the cut on his popular Club Life podcast, while Paul Oakenfold inserted it into regular rotation on his radio show, Planet Perfecto. Carnage began turning heads. His “Festival Trap” remix of Hardwell’s “Spaceman” soon exceeded 100k plays on SoundCloud, and he teamed up with Theophilus London and A$AP Rocky for the 2012 single “Big Spender,” and he coproduced the Cataracs’ “All You,” featuring Waka Flocka Flame and Kaskade.

Everything simply laid the groundwork for the release of his proper debut, “Bang,” on Fool’s Gold. It’s an incendiary instrumental with a big hip-hop bounce and a dubstep drop at just the right moment. “It's really massive,” he enthuses. “It's a rap record with a huge drop. You never hear that kind of climax in hip-hop or trap records. It’s the perfect introduction to who I am, because it touches on so many genres.”

The single’s B-side is a grimy and guttural gem that sees him collaborate with 15-year-old Chicago underground rap sensation Katie Got Bandz. It’s bound to get the internet going crazy.

There’s nothing quite like seeing Carnage live, though. Every show explodes, based off his hyperkinetic energy and formidable presence. He’s rocked stages at Nocturnal Wonderland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella and more, as well as performing alongside Borgore, A-Trak, the Cataracs, and countless others.

“I'm a big black guy who loves to rage,” he chuckles. “I'm not what you expect. I feed off the crowd and go for it.”

That’s why Carnage’s impact will be felt for a long time to come.

Cesar Carrillo

DJ / Producer

Cesar Carrillo is one of the most esteemed DJs by the most prestigious clubs around Mexico. Known by his energy on stage and his wide and distinguished musical selection, he makes each and ever yone of his performances unforgettable and unique.

He has played in 25 different venues and clubs where he has conquered the audience by mixing House, Pop, Progressive, Rock, Oldies, Hip-Hop, Dance, Funk, Indie, Deep House and EDM, positioning him as one of Mexico’s top DJs.

He’s been playing for more than 8 years around Mexico, Miami, Cancun and other cities, ate their most known clubs and festivals: Walther, Dinsmoor, Gravity, Lukrezia, Palladium, Opium (Barcelona) y el reconocido festival Life In Colour Acapulco.

Cesar has shared stage with national and international DJs and bands such as: Steve Aoki, Roger Sanchez, Benjamin Bates, Pink Flamingos, and Molotov to mention some. 

The Chainsmokers

DJ / Producer

Wise beyond their years and aggressively handsome, these two overachievers are focused on success… Never before has the world seen two furry browed individuals such as these two (seriously they have really bushy eye brows)… As you might have imagined Alex and Drew did not meet on the set of their Vogue Cover shoot while surrounded by super models, but rather somewhere else. Apart from Social Darwinism, the thing that separates these two men from the rest is their unsettling and uncanny ability to discover and create trends. They find the parts of things that people actually give a shit about, whatever they may be, and focus on creating and improving those parts. With live sets and productions that their own mothers describe as, “sounds nice, but a little loud,” these two always put on a show that was not ever described as sexy and life-changing, but should be. Apart from their unique personalities and boyish good looks, they have many similarities. They each graduated from prestigious North-Eastern Universities, they like hot chicks in yoga pants, enjoy a good burger, and have been rejected from many of the venues they now play at.

The Chainsmokers have become the hottest young American EDM DJ duo. Their live shows are becoming the most sought after in EDM. Their wild antics, hilarious personalities, and addicting productions have fans interacting with them non stop and running to see them live every chance they get. Their signature sound has its foundations in Indie, Progressive and Pop Music. On the production front, their original tracks have all reached the Beatport top charts and their remixes always hit #1 on the HypeM charts. They've gotten immense support by friends such as Nicky Romero, Steve Aoki, Pete Tong, Afrojack, Tiesto, W&W, and more. Their first major release, #SELFIE, and it's official music video swept the world so look out for much more to come!


DJ / Producer

Chaser is a Canadian Mexican musician, music producer and DJ. He primarily produces in the Electro House genre, but has branched out drawing influences from Progressive House and Pop Music.

Chase Carrillo, better known as Chaser was Born in Toronto, Canada. He moved to Mexico at the age of six and grew up in Acapulco. His mother being from Toronto, Canada and his father from Acapulco, Mexico.

Being a musician at a young age by playing the drums as his primary weapon, Chase has been involved in all styles of music forming rock bands as a drummer and singing in different occasions. Starting out his production skills in the electronic world by producing Psy Trance, all that led him to where he is now with his project Chaser.

Being part of massive events such as: EDC Mexico, Empire Music Festival Guatemala, Life In Color Mexico, Ibiza Residence by EMPO and sharing the stages with artists such as: Zedd, Skrillex, Nicky Romero, Dirty South, Vicetone, GTA & Yellow Claw to mention a few. Chaser also has been assigned to be the main opening act for artists such as: Nervo, R3hab, Dvbbs to also mention a few.

Chaser has won several competitions such as: Discovery Project Mexico 2014 by Insomniac with his single “Top Of The World”, Best DJ EDM 2015 by the DJ World Awards, one of the 6 finalist at EDMBiz 2015 by Insomniac with his single “Stadium Love” where he got invited on stage to present his record in front of 6 of the best A&R’s in the electronic music scene today and recently receiving an award by the “Premios Internacionales Gaviota 2016” with a Gaviota, beyond others.

Getting music sign by labels around the globe in countries like Austria, Mexico, United States etc. Chaser is one to keep an eye on with his fantastic energy on stage and his power to inspire people to dance in the moment.



Home Town: I was born in Toronto, Canada. But have been in Acapulco, Mexico since I was six years old.

Currently Living: Mexico City, Mexico

Origin Of Name: My real name is Chase. Since I was little, my mom always called me Chaser, so I guess it all started from there.

Weapon of Choice: I love Cubase. I have used it for a long time and I totally recommend it. I don’t see myself using different music production software.

Source of Power: I really look up to producers. Of course I love EDM, but I also like pop music. I get inspired from the producers who work with Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake. Their names are Darkchild, Redone and Timbaland respectively.

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?

My advice is to never give up on what you want to achieve. Once I heard about the competition, I immediately stopped what I was doing to get my track ready. I focused 100 percent on making it the best I could. To me, it’s important to constantly learn new tricks and how to be innovative with my music. Even though there are always people that help and support me, I’m the one who has to get up everyday and work on my computer. I have to teach myself and believe in myself, and make all the hours I spend sitting in a chair worth it. Now that I have won the EDC Mexico competition, I know all the time spent was worth it.

Was there one particular moment in the recording or mixing process for your Discovery Project entry that made you feel like you were creating something pretty damn special? 

When I was recording the vocals, I imagined playing the track in front of a crowd. It made me say, “Wow, this is going to be good.”

Are there any dots to connect with where/how you grew up to your musical output?

When I was 13, I started to play drums. I played with a band all around town in bars, restaurants and events.

What do your parents think of what you are doing?

My parents support me 100 percent. They’re always asking me to show them my music and brag about me to our family and friends. They believe in me and want my dreams to come true.

What makes you shake your head in wonderment about being a DJ and producer?

Well, they are both totally different things. Being a producer is serious. When I’m making something in the studio, I get goose bumps because I imagine playing in front of a lot of people.

What’s the biggest misconception about being a DJ?

There’s not really much to say, except my hours of sleep are not always the same.

Tell me about your most memorable night out as an artist or as a fan.

I lived in London when I studied sound design. I was on the lineup for a couple of gigs and people liked my music.

Do you have any memorable moments from past EDCs or any other Insomniac party?

To be honest, EDC Mexico was my first Insomniac party.

How does what you do for a living affect you on a day-today basis?

Most of the time I’m in the studio working on music, so I stay home when my friends go out.

What is your ultimate career dream?

I want to win a Grammy (or to just be nominated).

Are you impulsive with your work or do you have a sketch in mind before you start?

I guess I’m half and half. I usually have an idea of how I’m going to start. When I get into it, stuff starts to change and I play it by ear.

How, if at all, does listening to music figure into your creative process?

Well, listening to music is a big inspiration. I love all types of music. I like pop music a lot. It really inspires me when the top producers in the world work with the top singers in the world. It really gets me motivated.

What’s the most important piece of gear in your studio and why?

I have a couple of important pieces of gear, but I guess it would be my Dynaudio Acoustic BM6A speakers. I think the sound is amazing. The job can still be done with regular speakers but it will require more work.

How important is it for you to experiment and take on the risk of failure?

Always take risks because you never know what can happen.

Do you have a list of people you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

I would like to collaborate with Redone, will.i.am, Zedd, David Guetta and Rihanna. They are a big inspiration for me. Their music is amazing and I imagine sitting with them must be so epic.

If we pressed Shuffle on your iPod while you went to the bathroom, what

would you be embarrassed to come back to us listening to?

Mercurio, a Mexican boy band from the ‘90s.

What sound or noise do you love?


What should everyone just shut the fuck up about?

Selfishness and envy.

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture?

Every time the bar is raised in terms of production level, I’m always excited to see what will come out next.

When you look at electronic music and the surrounding culture, what worries you about the future?

I really wish everybody could have a chance to show what he or she can do musically. Sometimes it’s hard to get your stuff out there and connect with people.

What are your weaknesses?

I’m too critical. Sometimes, I can sabotage myself while I’m producing.

Do you have a secret passion?

I love football (soccer). I play it at least three times per week.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?

It’s innovative. It’s something that lifts you off of your feet and makes you feel empowered.

Is success physical or internal?

It’s totally internal. It’s a dream I really want to achieve and I’m going to.

What do you remember about your first DJ gig?

It was a wonderful experience! The crowd loved my set and my music. However, a funny thing happened. The DJ who was going on after me disconnected something and accidentally turned off my equipment. Well, I hope it was just an accident.

What’s the hardest professional lesson you’ve learned thus far?

There’s no reason for jealousy and self-centered behaviors. We should help each other out to succeed together.

Have something you’d like to get off your chest that we did ask you about?

I really hope I can sit down with a top producer. I want to ask questions, attend a studio session and really learn. One day, I will be where I want to be…I’m not giving up.

Winning Track:



Winning Mix:


Discovery Project- EDC México 2014 by Chaser on Mixcloud


Cheat Codes

DJ / Producer

Chris Lorenzo

DJ / Producer

Producer, remixer, DJ and Rinse FM host, Birmingham UK’s Chris Lorenzo is widely acknowledged for pioneering his hometown’s emergent and increasingly popular Jackin’ house come Bassline hybrid sound, which he terms simply “House & Bass”.

Having built up specialist support with releases on a plethora of tastemaker labels, including Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird label and Shadow Child & Kry Wolf’s lauded Food Music label, Lorenzo has also been called upon to remix My Nu Leng for Black Butter and Disclosure for PMR.

News of the Birmingham wunderkind has spread far and wide and in recent weeks, Lorenzo has seen both Skrillex and Steve Aoki come knocking at his door. Last month, Skrillex turned up unannounced at Lorenzo’s recent gig at Sound in Hollywood and duly whisked him off to his studio downtown to collaborate. Shows in Europe with Skrillex have followed and now Steve Aoki has personally requested Lorenzo’s magic touch on his new release “Delirous” feat. Kid Ink.

Riding on the wave of his success, Lorenzo has now signed to Ultra Music and gets ready to release Signs, a collaboration with Hannah Wants that also features the vocal talents of Janai, whom many will know from her tracks with Dusky, Rack N Ruin and GotSome. With its beautiful melodies and a slightly deeper sound, Signs is the ultimate summer soundtrack and shows the duo still have so much more to show us. For the diehard fans however, Lorenzo has also produced a Roller mix of Signs, which incorporates the trademark elements of his distinctive, bassier sound.

Set to lead the House & Bass movement in the US, Signs is the perfect debut release for Chris Lorenzo on Ultra Music, as he gets ready to work with the biggest dance label in the world to open up even more ears to his pioneering sound.

Code Black

DJ / Producer

Code Black has played events such as Defqon.1, Qlimax, Mysteryland, Tomorrowland, HardBass and Decibel, being estimated as one of the greatest talents Hardstyle has to offer. Lately, tracks like 'Can't Hold Me Back' and 'Brighter Day' have confirmed the outstanding skills of Code Black as one of the top Hardstyle producers. His stage presence and fresh musical ideas are contributing to his status, being well respected among colleagues and supported by a fast growing worldwide fan base. 

Go where it's happening...Code Black (Corey Soljan) acknowledged that his future as a Hardstyle producer wouldn't be in his hometown Sydney, so he relocated to the forefront of Hardstyle, the Netherlands. Originally moving in the beginning of 2011 as the duo 'Bioweapon' and later forming his solo act 'Code Black' by the end of 2011. Within the first months of his career he already struck gold with a hit which would place his name directly in the spotlight. "Red Planet" burst his name on to the scene with huge impact; the melody could be heard by thousands singing along in perfect harmony, no matter where it was played...from the Gelredome for Qlimax and Hardbass with up to 30,000 people, to the clubs and biggest summer festivals throughout the year, the crowd showed the proof that this was a hit and they loved it!

Summer 2012 came with another big success for Code Black, yet another hit with his dance floor smasher 'Can't Hold Me Back'. The track gained massive support from so many of the top DJ's and producers and has been played numerous times at every festival throughout the summer. 'Can't Hold Me Back' was named at the end of the year by 'Headhunterz' as his favorite track of 2012 and will forever be a memory of the 'summer-anthem of 2012'.

'Brighter Day' is yet another masterpiece and is already a huge success of 2013, gaining massive support from his colleges and being picked up by day-time dutch radio station SLAM-FM for their TOP40 playlist, reaching a peak of number 8 in the TOP40 chart after 8 weeks! 

Code Black succeeds in combining epic melodies with raw edgy production and an overall awe-inspiring atmosphere to his tracks. It's the result of his talent and perseverance to be unique with his music, as well as a sensitive understanding on how to perform in a live environment and balance his sets that get’s the crowds moving. Be prepared for another big year from Code Black!

Coming Soon!!!

DJ / Producer

Dui Biton and Irad Brant from Israel are collectively known as Coming Soon!!! In the last 4 years they have been relentlessly pushing the progressive Psy-Trance sound, which has resulted in seminal releases on leading underground labels such as Spin Twist and Iboga. Their forward thinking futuristic music has also seen them remix some of the scene’s most respected artists such as Neelix, Captain Hook and Freedom Fighters.

Coming Soon have continued their march on Trance with landmark productions on Armin Van Buuren’s Who is afraid of 138 label, (Innocence Lost & Keeping the Faith), and collaborations with Trance giant Bryan Kearney (Activate & Anti Social-Media) which has ensured that Coming Soon have firmly established themselves as front-runners of the new wave of Progressive Psy-Trance. Watch out for their new highly anticipated artist album, ’The Album’ on Spin Twist from 28th January, 2016 and releases on their brand new record label New Kicks On The Block.


DJ / Producer

From a young age, Coone has been mesmerized by music in all its different shapes and forms.

The creation of his successful label Dirty Workz was a huge step in this young man's carreer, allowing him to take his music beyond even his own expectations and also giving new talents within the Hard Dance scene a respectable platform to launch new and exciting sounds into the scene.

By the age of 24, Coone was able to lay down an almost impossible feat; completely selling out one of Belgium's largest venues with over 10.000 Hard Dance fans for an exclusive event - Coone & the Gang. The event has certainly become one of Coone's most memorable moments, a clear pillar in his life which marked the beginning of big things to come and completely opened the Hard Dance scene in Belgium, boosted by national tv and media coverage.

As collaborations with some of Hardstyle's biggest names rolled in, Coone was able to impress the world with his unique sound within Hardstyle, imprinting a distinct signature sound into his productions. His experience has lead him towards a new "Challenge"; to create an album in 30 days including collaborations with some of the Hard Dance scene's superstars. The album was met with great support in the scene, catapulting Coone to new heights.

Coone's success within Europe has opened up many doors for him as his eyes are fixed on the horizon, towards the international Hardstyle scene in countries such as Australia and the United States.

Without a doubt, Coone lives and breathes Hardstyle. His passion shared by thousands of like-minded souls all over the world, each speaking a universal language. Music. A binding force uniting us all.

Cut Snake

DJ / Producer

Zero f*cks given – some would argue that’s the mantra when it comes to the Cut Snake way of life. “It’s about enjoying the moment and having a great time,” Paul “Fish” Fisher explains of his group with Leigh “Sedz” Sedley. However, it’s worth noting that there are, in fact, a few fucks the guys do give when it comes to their music. Which they have no problem showing.In the studio, Sedz and Fish channel their unabashed, fuck-all attitudes into tracks like their sultry debut single “Face Down”, and the lush vocal cut “Echo”. The guys coin an atmospheric and deep-leaning sound that’s suited to no one particular environment. As Fish tells it, “you should be able to enjoy it everywhere.” Mates since childhood, Cut Snake grew up on the Gold Coast of Australia; surfing professionally and competing against each other from the time they were 12. In this time, they developed the hilarious banter and incredible dynamic that is still prevalent in interviews and on stage. The guys got into dance music while they were touring the world for surf contests and quickly grew passionate about the underground scenes from each country they visited. With plenty of time waiting for waves, they fine-tuned their production skills from beachfront bungalows, giving their music a fresh feel and their live show a vibe like no other. Outside of their wildly successful surf careers, Sedz channeled his passion and focus for the sport into his music production, and for that he’s known as the “mad scientist” of the duo. Fish is known for his web series, Followthefish.tv. His wild personality and contagious laugh have made him one of the biggest personalities in the surfing industry to date. Now that Cut Snake has relocated stateside and inked a deal with Three Six Zero / Warner Bros. Records, the guys flout the seriousness of the scene in every way possible. Their crazy video antics have amassed a cult following in their home country of Australia and given the guys an edge on US turf. The edge, of course, is in teaching their American audience how to take a break from their day jobs and have a fucking beer...or seven.

Damian Uzabiaga

DJ / Producer

Damian is one of the new faces in this generation of Mexican house music. With a big music catalog under his belly. that includes tracks on labels like Get Physical Music, Digital Delight, Electronique Uk, Akbal Music. He now lives in Playa del Carmen Mexico, where he takes advantage of the great electronic music scene being a resident at one of Mexico's most acclaimed clubs "La Santanera" and the BPM festival.

Damian has played in different countries like Spain, Germany, England, Canada, and he is a regular guest at some of Mexico's most important clubs. Like Rioma, Am, Bar Americas and Canibal Royal just to mention a few.

His music is supported and played by many important names in the industry like DJ T, Alexis Raphael, Max Chappman, Miguel Puente, Sergio Santos, and Wildkats.

Danny Howard

DJ / Producer

Over the last few years Danny Howard has ascended up the ranks to become one of the UK’s most prominent dance music advocates. As well as a constant flow of gigs around the globe, the Blackpool-born selector pulls in 1.8million listeners every weekend with his ‘Dance Anthems’ show on Radio 1, together with a weekly appearance on America’s SiriusXM and his own Nothing Else Matters online mix show. A DJ, producer, label owner and renowned tastemaker, Danny stands in a class of his own and represents the very best that the UK has to offer.

After winning Radio 1’s talent search in 2011, Danny swiftly assembled a multi-faceted empire, which revolves around his resolute passion for house music.

On Radio 1, the world’s largest broadcaster, Danny demonstrates his ability to curate playlists that merge everything from accessible grooves to the more ‘underground’ sounds. Playing an afternoon slot on national radio can be a difficult balancing act, but Danny’s skill for crafting a cohesive, authentic selection on a weekly basis has won him a legion of fans. Danny utilises his position to support UK acts, while introducing fresh new music from all over the world to his huge listening audience. A youth spent listening to Pete Tong’s legendary Radio 1 show (which Danny has covered for Pete several times) is one of the catalysts behind his astounding success.

On the road as a touring DJ, Danny has clocked up a succession of career-defining gigs, including appearances at Global Gathering, Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound, Creamfields and tours in America taking on clubs like Pacha NYC, Marquee in Las Vegas and Spinnin’ and Perfecto parties in Miami. Not to mention a weekly residency at Pacha in Ibiza and regular spots on the line-ups of Amnesia, Privilege and Sankeys. Danny prides himself on putting together high-energy sets that keep the dance floor pumped full of energy, often bopping away behind the decks himself as he revels in the atmosphere just as much as those who are dancing in front of him.

In the studio that energy is translated into the music he makes, which is just as scintillating as his DJ performances. Signed to global powerhouse Spinnin’ Records, Danny has produced a slew of tracks that have all flown up the Beatport charts and been supported by some of the dance music world’s most influential figures. With over 20 releases under his belt so far, Danny continues to spend as much time in the studio as he can, building an increasingly impressive catalogue of dance-floor fire!

The numbers speak for themselves; 45,000 Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide albums sold, an iTunes #1 with his BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems Compilation, of which 75,000 units were sold worldwide and a #1 iTunes Podcast. Such monumental figures place Danny alongside his Radio 1 colleagues Pete Tong and Annie Mac as one of the scene’s most respected tastemakers.

And it doesn’t end there, Danny has masterminded the conception of his own outlet, Nothing Else Matters, to further bolster his staunch support for UK music. Partnered with RCA Music, the label’s first release came via hot new British act 99 Souls, whose rework of RnB classic ‘The Girl Is Mine’ broke into the UK Top 10. Nothing Else Matters also takes the form of a club night, with showcases taking place across Britain shining the spotlight on acts like Disciples, Tough Love and Eli & Fur before they broke through.

With a mind-boggling list of achievements already in the bag, you could forgive Danny Howard for resting on his laurels. On the contrary, he is working harder than ever to share his love of house music to an ever-growing audience. Fuelled by an unerring passion for the music combined with a grafter’s mentality, Danny has his sights set firmly on the future and there’s no doubt that the next few years will see his empire become even bigger and more influential… 


DJ / Producer

Darksiderz descend upon us from the far reaches of the unknown. He brings a powerful sound of exclusive hard beats that will control both your mind and your body once you step onto the dancefloor. He is a powerhouse behind the decks and in the studio with influences ranging from hard dance to industrial to death metal. He has combined different sounds to spawn a new hard EDM concept and the world will soon know the power of the darkside.

Delta Heavy

DJ / Producer

Delta Heavy are the most exciting duo to hit dancefloors since Chase & Status and Nero, although if anything, their music is even harder and heavier, darker and more multi-textured. Having conquered the clubs, however, their newer tracks are becoming more song-oriented, pointing toward a debut album that will surely be hailed as one of the year’s best, designed to satisfy bass-heads and traditional music-heads alike.

Simon James and Ben Hall met at Nottingham University in 2003. They zeroed in on the city’s drum & bass scene, spearheaded by nights such as Detonate and clubs such as Stealth.

Si was the musical one with the background playing instruments, while Ben was the one with a penchant for sound engineering and a background as a DJ. It proved the perfect combination. After graduating, they wound their way back to London, where they both acquired computer software. “And,” recalls Si, “because both of us had the same interests in music, we thought we’d align our knowledge.”

After several years of hard graft, their debut release appeared on Viper’s acclaimed Acts of Mad Men compilation in June 2009. They had a cut on the Harry Brown soundtrack, followed by the anthemic “Abort” in June 2010, which received widespread recognition from the underground, as well as support from the mainstream. They signed to drum & bass mogul Andy C’s Ram, label home of Chase & Status and Sub Focus, establishing themselves as credible newcomers with “Space Time”/”Take the Stairs.” The former was nominated as Best Track at the 2010 Drum&BassArena Awards while earning Si and Ben nominations for Best Producer and Best Newcomer DJ.

They remixed Example, Avicii, Chase & Status ft. Tinie Tempah, Rita Ora and Nero, making Delta Heavy ones to seriously watch. Their next release, “Overkill”/”Hold Me,” confirmed their reputation as bass innovators, mixing extreme electronic noise with low-end frequencies, while acknowledging the need for a commercial imperative. The video to “Hold Me” received over a million views in a little over a week and daytime radio plays from Sara Cox, as well as specialist spins from Skream & Benga, Mistajam & Kissy Sell Out.

They spent the rest of 2011 DJing around the world, from Australia to USA and Canada, and releasing a splendid EP’s worth of music in 2012’s Down the Rabbit Hole.

They have released almost two dozen tracks since their inception, but Delta Heavy don’t consider that particularly prolific.

“We’ve gone for quality over quantity,” says Si, citing as an example the year’s gap between the release of their “Empire” single and 2014’s brutally energizing Apollo EP.

Of the many Delta Heavy releases, he nominates “Space Time” as a highlight, as well as “Hold Me,” “Get By” and “Empire.” He also rates highly their remix of Nero’s “Must Be the Feeling,” which has had nearly 7 million views on YouTube, and over 100,000 downloads on SoundCloud. “It was so different to anything we’ve done, and it really struck a chord with people, especially in America,” remarks Si of the Nero refit.

Si reveals how Delta Heavy’s tracks begin as simulations of “grand soundscapes with an epic movie vibe,” their song intros “based on theatrical trailers for films.” The tune to “End of Days,” for example, came from the score to Planet of the Apes. “There’s a visual side to our sounds,” he adds. “We imagine what it would be like to provide music for that kind of context, so that we—and other people—can get it, by visualising it as opposed to it just being for the dancefloor. That gives it an added meaning, an extra something that separates it from the rest.”

He agrees that Delta Heavy are inspired by sci-fi for their song concepts and sonics.

“Our early stuff, like “Abort” and “Space Time,” was very much space-themed, about intergalactic travel and all the different aspects of space in that,” he says. “And then more recently with Apollo, that has continued.”

Delta Heavy’s music lends itself to all manner of intriguing visualizations. “End of Days” has been used on computer game Gran Turismo, and their videos—notably, the stop-motion and cartoon animation ones for “Get By” and “Hold Me”—have helped cement their appeal (the former was even nominated in the Best Budget Dance Video category of the Video Music Awards).

“That video [for “Get By”] seemed to go viral and had a million hits in two days,” marvels Ben. “That seemed to open us up to a wider audience.”

Ben—who has been DJing since he was 14, when he would pore over his decks in his Eton tails—agrees with Si about Delta Heavy’s music being appropriate for high-impact visualization.

“I always describe our stuff as melodramatic,” he says. “People respond to the grand, epic intros, and then when the track drops it has a lot more impact. What effect does it have? The crowd goes wild.”

Delta Heavy—influenced as much by UK drum & bass as the recent explosion of dance music in the US—have truly international appeal. In fact, they recently submitted a track for inclusion on a Rihanna album and have already played to 20,000-capacity crowds in the States. But Si and Ben’s dream is for Delta Heavy to eventually make the transition from purveyors of club bangers to architects of a more song-based sonic assault.

“That’s the dream for everyone, selling out the 02,” decides Ben. “We feel like we’ve taken the dancefloor tracks to the limit. The next step is to craft tunes that are more song-based.

Delta Heavy—their name taken from a 2001 tour by progressive house duo Sasha & Digweed—are taking what Si correctly describes as “forward-thinking, impact-based electronic music with a twist” to the next level.

We’ve definitely been known as one of the heavier hitters of the game,” admits Si. “Now we’re going to expand on what we do. Our debut album will hopefully make that happen.”

Paul Lester
May 2014


DJ / Producer

DJ Gooz

DJ / Producer

Hace poco más de 18 años que Gustavo Chávez, o Guztavo a.k.a. Dj Gooz, se inicio en el mundo de las tornamesas. De esos,15 años han transcurrido también en los estudios, como productor alcanzando el merecido reconocimiento de que su nombre, se encuentre en innumerables compilaciones nacionales e internacionales.En este tiempo, su talento lo llevó a ser dj residente de varios clubs que han marcado un hito dentro la historia de la música electrónica mexicana. Sitios como el legendario Medusas, La boom, Mx centro y más han sido testigos de su pericia a la hora de mezclar.

En 1998, en su búsqueda por destacar y continuar su crecimiento profesional, abandona México, para vivir por 3 años en Chicago, cuna de la evolución del Techno y el House, tal y como los conocemos hoy en dia. Lugar dónde obtuvo residencia en los clubes Galaxy y Voo-Doo, club. Fue ahí, dónde compartió escenario con djs como Mixin’ Marc y Alex Peace.La llegada del nuevo milenio, hace que Guztavo A.k.a Dj Gooz, regrese a México, para integrarse al “Colectivo Aztlan”. Y más tarde, junto con otro productor crear el proyecto “G&J Project”, alianza, que lo condujo a producir temas para sellos nacionales, incluyendo Dj World 2002 y 2003 y EuroLatino.

Como remixer, ha podido colaborar con artistas de la talla de Paulina Rubio, Enrique Iglesias, Face 2 Face y Willy Sanjuán. Obteniendo con ello el reconocimiento y publicación en varios sellos internacionales. En 2001, se integra al sello Mexicano +Mas Label, participando en la promoción y producción de acoplados internacionales como Ministry of Sound Latinoamérica, Subliminal México, entre otros. En 2003, se incorpora a las filas del tour Ministry of Sound -Nescafé, que lo lleva a tocar por diversas ciudades de la república mexicana.

Compartir escenarios y tornamesas, con algunos de los mejores djs del mundo como,Avicii, David Guetta, BT, The Crystal Method, Robbie Rivera, Steve Aoki, Paul Van Dyk, Don diablo,axwell, Who da Funk, Antoine Clamaran , Deep Dish, Armin van Buuren,blasterjaxx, dvbbs,Peter Bayiley, Oscar G, Wally Lopez, Saeed Younan, Markus Schulz, Mauro Picotto, B-jay y Miguel Alanis, forjaron su propuesta Progressive House, como uno de los mejores a nivel nacional en su género.

2003, resulta ser un año crucial para este dj y productor mexicano. Pues en en este entonces cuando se integra al primer concepto integral de música electrónica en México: +Mas Nescafé. La oportunidad de explorar, el cómo integrar su talento como dj en la producción del programa de televisión, radio también en Internet, ha hecho de su sonido en vivo alcanzar un nuevo nivel, logrando cada vez más, una mayor conexión entre el público y su música. Además, es también desde ese entonces, que se integra al tour oficial de este concepto que lo ha llevado a lo largo y ancho de la república mexicana.

En 2005 es nominado por el público como mejor Dj De tribal house, y considerado también uno de los mejores djs de México por la Mexican Dj List. Strong key y Get into the trip, son temas de su creación que están sonando ya en todo el país en radio y TV. Además por tercera ocasión incluye un tema en el disco conmemorativo de expodjsworld 2005 esta vez su remix a willy Sanjuán –push my bass.

Desde 2006, ha mezclado la sesión house & progressive de The Annual Compilation de +Mas Label, que cada año documenta lo más destacado de la música electrónica en nuestro país y el mundo. Elektrik House uno de sus más recientes temas fue seleccionado para tema oficilal de los premios AMIPCI 2010 y para esta nueva década prepara temas y colaboraciones con algunos iconos nacionales e internacionales del house,

En los últimos 3 años dj gooz ha sido dj titular del exitoso tour nacional conocido como ibiza Residence llegando a casi 50 ciudades con éxito rotundo, terminando este tour en la famosa e icónica isla blanca “Ibiza” siendo el 2011 el año en el que se convierte en uno de los primeros mexicanos en tocar en el mejor club del mundo Amnesia Ibiza, y de ahí comienza su internacionalizacion, llevando su musica a paises como Nicaragua, Guatemala y Honduras.

Ahora mismo, es el responsable del área de producción de +Mas Label, editor y media manager de EMPO, Electronic Meeting Point y colaborador constante de la edición mexicana de la Dj Mag, revista que año con año selecciona a través de su votación internacional al mejor del mundo. Y el 2011, representa un año de transición para este dj a través de sus proyectos personales como Weekend Sessions, podcast en el que nos muestra una variada selección de tracks que incendian los dancefloors, en los que se presenta. La sinergia de todos estos años de experiencia frente al público a través de diversos medios, colocan a este dj, como uno de los mejores de nuestro país, que de la mano de +Mas Label, EMPO, y +Mas Nescafé se presenta constantemente al lado de figuras internacionales en todos los puntos de la república mexicana.

El 2012 inicia el año mezclando el disco the annual compilation 2012 disco que esta en el primer lugar de descargas en itunes y en los primeros lugares a nivel nacional, ha logrado ser el unico dj mexicano que ha abierto las 2 primeras visitas de David guetta y Avicii en Mexico, y su internacionalizacion llega con sus presentaciones en Centroamerica, estados unidos y Europa.Para el Cierre del 2012 llevo sus beats hasta ibiza nuevamente, Belgica,Amsterdam, Nicaragua, Honduras, y gran parte del Territorio Mexicano, Remixeo a Soundwave con el tema Electronic Meeting point y puso su podcast en los primeros lugares de Itunes, ademas de mezclar el disco Ibiza Underground del sello Toolroom.

Este 2013 realizó Gira internacional aunado al lanzamiento del disco The annual compilation 2013 y un par de Remixes de la mano de grandes productores nacionales, sin descuidar su show de radio ahora llamado BIG ROOM RADIO, el cual se transmite en 6 distintos estados del pais y se retransmite online y a traves de la radio en Nicaragua y Guatemala.El 2014 fue un gran año para Guztavo A.k.a. dj gooz, logrando presentarse en la primera ediciondel Festival EDC en la ciudad de Mexico, además viajó alrededor del mundo como productor y dj oficial de Electronic Meeting point a Festivales como UMF en Miami, EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland en Bélgica,Tomorrowworld en Atlanta, ADE en Amsterdam e invitado especial en los DJ MAG AWARDS 2012,2013 y 2014. Logrando en el 2014 ser parte de la primera edicion del electric daisy carnival en la ciudad de México.

Este 2015 celebra 12 años a cargo del primer concepto electronico en Mexico y Latinoamerica, siendo productor general de los programas de television, +Mas Nescafé, EMPO TV, All Access By EMPO y TOP CHART TV, todo esto de la mano de su carrera como dj que lo ha llevado a conocer y compartir escenario con los djs top del planeta.

El 2016 consolidó a Guztavo Mx en distintos festivales como Electric Planet,Colours Fest, Wonderwall Festival, ademas de lanzó remixes oficiales para la vocalista JES y remixes para Don Diablo y EDX, aunado a varios temas para el sello mas label/contacto. Un dj vigente en el gusto del público que cerró el año con mas de 65 presentaciones por toda la república Mexicana confirmándolo como una figura de la escena electrónica Nacional. 

"Es un Gran Satisfacción darnos cuenta de lo que hasta ahora hemos logrado, pero todo esto apenas es el comienzo....Guztavo Mx.!!"

DJ Raff

DJ / Producer

Hailing from the far reaches of South America, Chile's DJ Raff has come a long way since his early excursions in Hip Hop and B-boy culture. During the 90's both music and culture were in a bad state due to the political transition, but thanks to his passion and visionary attitude, Raff was able to look forward and find his own direction. At home he experimented with a double tape deck and an old turntable, making loops and beats from artists such as NWA, Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. After years of meeting and working with likeminded youngsters from around Santiago, DJ Raff helped to sow the seeds of what is now considered one of the biggest and most important Hip Hop scenes of Latin America. For over 12 years he has been at the forefront of a new generation of artists who have introduced new styles and forms of music into the Latin market. Raff's vast experience and upfront production skills have made him one of the most sought after producers in Chile, where he has made beats for many different artists and released his own solo material. It's no surprise that DJ Raff's reputation has crossed frontiers and spread across to the rest of the continent and Europe. His blend of creative sampling, phat beats, keyboard arrangements and scratching have already earned him a place amongst Latin America's most highly regarded and groundbreaking DJs and music producers.

Doctor P

DJ / Producer

Any true fan of electronic music should instantly recognize Doctor P as one of the original godfathers of modern bass-driven music. A true music lover at heart, Doctor P, aka Shaun Brockhurst, has had an intense love of music since he was just a teenager jamming with his friends on drums and guitar.

Doctor P is what you might label as a triple threat since his talent can be found in the roles he effortlessly balances as a musician, producer, and DJ. He also founded Circus Records with long time friend Flux Pavilion.

Shaun began to professionally create tracks in 2007, predominantly Drum and Bass but always experimented across all styles. He had some early releases signed up but things didn¹t get serious until he formed Slum Dogz with DJ Swan E.

Immersed in experimenting with new sounds Shaun fell for the then emerging sub-genre of more energetic bass-driven dubstep, with tracks like Rusko's ‘Cockney Thug’. He was inspired to try his hand at making a few dubstep tunes in the same vein, and created the joyous and body-popping ‘Gargoyle’, shortly followed by the blindsiding ‘Badman Sound’ (Dub Police) which were quickly picked up by Rusko and other DJs. To reflect his new sound, Shaun became Doctor P.

When he posted his new track ‘Sweet Shop’ on his MySpace to test for interest, little was Doctor P to know that this was to change the course of bass music history and inspire a whole new generation of electronic fans. ‘Sweet Shop’ quickly became a staple part of just about every DJ's set, from Junglist to house selector, it became an anthem for every floor. The track was one of the first releases on Circus and helped make it one of the forging labels of modern Bass.

Since that first release, Doctor P has continued to grow with releases including ‘Superbad’ with label protégé Flux Pavilion, ‘Music is Dead’ with Dillion Francis, 2013 smash ‘The Pit’ with Adam F featuring hip hop royalty Method Man. Collaborating with P Money and having remixed for Plan B, Example, Datsik, Dan le Sac vs Scrubius Pip and Blame amongst others.

Shaun continues to develop Circus Records and his own career in a recorded and live sense having played globally recognized stages at Ultra Music Week, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrow World, Pukkelpop, the main dance stage at Daur Festival plus MysteryLand and legendary Global Dance Fest at Red Rocks in Colorado.

Don Diablo

DJ / Producer

Dutch DJ / producer Don Diablo was born and raised in Holland and is currently working on rapidly expanding his discography in between his global touring schedule. After scoring multiple number one hits on Beatport he became the #3 selling artist of the year in 2015 and also managed to rack up over a hundred million views on Youtube in the same year. In the meanwhile the Dutchman also became an in demand remixer, adding names like Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Rudimental, Birdy and many others to his portfolio.

In his Amsterdam based studio he has collaborated and produced with artists like Kelis, Alex Clare, Example, Diplo and Tiësto to name a few. In 2015 he also launched his "HEXAGON" record label, the first release held the no. 1 position on Beatport for almost two weeks and the label was awarded "best new label of the year". An obvious dream start for a label with a great future ahead. Warner Brothers also asked Don to create the worldwide theme song for the highly anticipated “Batman Arkham Origins” game. The track and the accompanying video became an instant viral hit racking up millions of Youtube plays and global hype.

Don's firm radio support in tastemaker countries like the U.K. and the U.S.A. introduced the Dutchman to a wider audience this year. His own HEXAGON radio show is currently aired in over 35 countries and holds a solid top 10 position in the iTunes podcast section every week, thus reaching millions of people across the planet.

In October 2015, during the annual DJMag Top100 awards, Don was awarded with the "highest climber of the year" prize, moving 52 places up the list from 82 to 30.His packed travel schedule headlining nearly every major club and festival around the world are also evident proof of his ever growing worldwide fan base. Don's many other passion projects like directing music videos, working on movie soundtracks and setting up his own fashion brand make it even more clear that it is safe to assume you can expect to hear a lot more from the ambitious Dutchman in the years to come. 

Eddie Bitar

DJ / Producer

In little over a year, Eddie Bitar has established himself in amongst the ranks of the world's most respected DJs. Born in Canada but with Lebanese roots, Eddie's sound of futuristic cutting edge trance, that seamlessly blends the best elements from tech and psy, has seen him receive huge support from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Simon Patterson, John O'Callaghan, Aly & Fila and many more...

With releases on the world’s coolest labels such as Armada, Vandit and Perfecto Fluoro, it's no wonder Eddie is being highlighted as one of the most exciting names in the genre today.

Eddie's first breakthrough came in January 2011 when he received his first major signing on Armada with his single “Drift” (a collaboration with Anjunabeats artist Genix). A chunky progressive base line and mysterious layered atmospherics this was the production that set the scene for what was to become the trademark Bitar sound.

As the hype built it was Paul Van Dyk that came forward first to sign Eddie to his Vandit label. His opening two track EP for the legendary German trance imprint included the hard hitting club rippers “Beirut” and “Red Room”.

An ode to the city he grew up in, “Beirut” perfectly translates the constant energy flow of Lebanon's vibrant capital that often played host to 10,000 capacity trance events. The EP featured a remix coming from another icon from the scene Giuseppe Ottaviani and it drew wide support from Paul Oakenfold, Alex M.O.R.P.H, John Askew, Sean Tyas and John O'Callaghan.

Soon Eddie’s services as a remixer were widely sought after – first remixing Paul Van Dyk’s single with Arty called the “The Ocean” which Armin van Buuren heavily supported – describing it as the record that “put Paul van Dyk back where he belongs”. Since then he has remixed for Bryan Kearney, Indecent Noise, SHato and Paul Rockseek and many more. As a DJ Eddie’s live performances reflect the music he makes in the studio. Energetic, crisp, powerful, hard hitting and melodic. First starting out DJing in Lebanon in 2008 he soon earned himself a residency at Chocolate Club in 2010 where he played along side the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Jennifer Rene, Betsie Larkin, Marco V, Jerome Isma-ae, Greg Downey, Daniel Wanrooy, Max Graham, Mark Sherry, Genix, Marten De Jong, Fred Baker and Greg Nash. But as his profile and reputation, as a world-class producer, grew - so did the demand for him to tour.

Temporarily relocating to the UK in order to meet demand for European gig opportunities Eddie quickly found himself playing for many of the regions hottest trance nights including The Gallery at Ministry of Sound and Passion. Around this time he also began his monthly “Verdict” radio show on iconic electronic radio station - AH.FM. From there Eddie’s DJ gigs have sprawled across the globe taking him to the hottest dance floors in Ibiza, Argentina, England, Amsterdam, Australia, Indonesia, Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Canada and of course back home in Lebanon.

TrancePodium’s top 200 DJ pole of 2013 ranked Eddie # 84. In 2014 he rose to # 62. 2015 looks set to see him climb even further.

Eddie’s new productions, remixes and collaborations are now firmly established fixtures on the likes of Armada, Vandit, Mental Asylum and Perfecto Fluoro. He is currently working on new singles for all of these labels – including two hot collaborations with Paul van Dyk for Vandit. But now his love of psychedelic has also drawn interest from some of the hottest psy labels from Israel and Germany – with killer collabs currently being forged with Astrix, Coming Soon & more.

Eddie also welcomes in the new year (2015) by being signed up to the Stadium Artist roster for management (home to Paul Oakenfold, Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, John Askew and Blazer) and with that announces his exciting new brand – Dinamode.

Dinamode will encompass all things Eddie Bitar. Futuristic, high-octane music, live shows, radio transmissions and cool merch lines for the masses of Bitar fans out there who are keen to unite behind a name that John Askew described as “the most exciting new name to come out of the tech psy scene in the last two years”.

El Dusty

DJ / Producer

EL DUSTY is the latest project from Corpus Christi based producer, Dusty Oliveira. Operating behind the mixer and console, Dusty is considered by some to be the inventor of Cumbia Electronica, as he was feeding cumbia into his sound processor and synthesizer before the turn of the millennium. What Lee Scratch Perry is to Reggae, Dus is to cumbia: the Father of Dub. Composer, arranger and ringmaster, Oliveira reinterprets the principals of the Jamaican sound systems of the 1970s, mashes the grimey, electro bass sounds, and always brings together, in his live performances, a panoply of MC's, Singers, as well as musicians and other dj's. 

El Freaky Colectivo

DJ / Producer

Erick Rincon

DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

Fausto Bahia

DJ / Producer

Tomas Davo aka Fausto Bahia es originario de puerto escondido, oaxaca co-fundador de NAAFI junto con Mexican Jihad, lleva mas de 6 años a cargo del label. Ha tocado en Chile, Nueva York, Los Angeles, Londres, Berlin, Barcelona entre otras ciudad importantes con la propuesta de la electronica experimental con raices latinoamericanas que NAAFI representa.

Freyre Crisanto

DJ / Producer

Originario de la Ciudad de M éxico, Su trayectoria empez ó en el año del 2001 la cual fue influenciado por artistas como Daft Punk, Fat Boy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy…

Ah recorrido parte de la republica mexicana present ándose en los mejores festivales de México y en los mejores clubs del país..



Dueño de el sello Ding Dong Mx.. el cuál ah creado fiestas con artistas de la talla de MARCEL DETTMAN, LEN FAKI, CARLO L ÍO, PAUL RITCH, POPOF, SEBASTIÁN LEGER, AMBIVALENT y cada a ño festejan una fiesta llamada DAY OFF!!

Y ah Compartido escenario con: Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Dubfire, Nic Fanciulli, Umek, Paco Osuna, Marcel Detmann, Len Faki, Nicole Moudaber, Popof, Miss Kit tin, Hot Since 82, Green V elvet, Paul Ritch, Joseph Capriati..


DJ / Producer

Steve Blakley, aka Fury, has been a DJ and promoter in the electronic music scene for close to two decades. As a pro snowboarder in the early 1990's, Blakley was able to put his earnings to use as a rave promoter in Denver. Never one to be just a spectator, he bought his own set of turntables and submerged himself in the hardcore techno sound. As the genre evolved, it transformed into jungle and Blakley became known as Denver's, "King of Jungle."

As Fury, Blakley kept a rigorous travel itinerary, rinsing out high profile venues from coast to coast. Despite this packed schedule, Blakley continued to expand the Denver's growing dance music community from the event production side. The hugely successful Rewind and Reload event series pulled in thousands of Drum & Bass enthusiasts from all over the world, and the weekly series Breakdown Thursdays became one of the longest running electronic music nights in the nation.

Today regular Reload events continue to elevate Denver's bass music scene, and Blakley produces a new weekly at Rolling Stone's #1 club in the US- Beta Nightclub, entitled Bassic Fridays. In addition Fury has become a regular at many of the nation's biggest festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Paradiso, Global Dance Festival and Nocturnal Wonderland. As an Insomniac & Bassrush resident, you are sure to see him soon at an upcoming show. 

Blakley is president and founder of internationally acclaimed The Firm Graphics, which he built built from the ground up to become one of the most influential design companies in EDM; catering to high profile clients such as Insomniac (EDC, Beyond Wonderland), V2 Presents, USC Events, Madison House Presents and Beta Nightclub. If you've seen a promotion for any large scale festival-style electronic music event in the past 10 years, it's a safe bet that Steve has had a hand in its design. 

Throughout his career Steve Blakely has worn many hats, but underlying it all is a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, a strong work ethic and a love for Drum & Bass.


DJ / Producer

Philadelphia-based G-Buck definitely bucks the artificial boundaries imposed by genre. His skills as a producer and DJ/turntablist give him a flexibility with his art-form that makes him a complete package for top-tier success. G-Buck has tracks on OWSLA, Mad Decent/Jeffrees, Main Course, DimMak, Circus Records With support by the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, Flux Pavilion, Bro Safari, A-Trak, DJ Snake, UZ, Munchi, & TJR - G-Buck has merely been testing the waters with his variety of stellar productions.


DJ / Producer

Sin temor a crear cosas que aún existen, sus sesiones musicales son su propia terapia emocional. Músico desde sus primeros años de vida, siempre ha estado rodeado por una combinación de artistas eclécticos e influencias funk, sintonizadores pop y ritmos hip hop, lo que le terminó proporcionando un amplio espectro de gustos musicales que se combinan en el set final que presenta a la audiencia. Es ahı́ donde escoge y mezcla todo esto en pequeñas piezas musicales que se convierten en esa terapia que menciona. Exquisito trabajo de sintetizadores, drops electrizantes y, de vez en cuando, traviesas melodı́as de voces; todo esto encima de una pronunciada linea de ritmos extravagantes.

Como bajista, productor, DJ y estrella del Internet, Geru ha encontrado varias formas de expresar su creatividad, no solo la musical sino cinestésica, por ejemplo, escribiendo en su cuenta de Twitter o creando contenido para YouTube.

Ghetto Kids

DJ / Producer

- 2 Dj´s y 1 Baterista - Mezclando sonidos del barrio y del mundo.


DJ / Producer

DJ/Producer / Releases on Revealed Recordings

Supported by: Hardwell, Dannic, Blasterjaxx, KSHMR, Tiesto and many more....

Guy Gerber

DJ / Producer

Guy Gerber has always favored the road less traveled. The Israeli DJ thrives on confounding expectations. What other underground DJ could collaborate with one of hip-hops biggest moguls, Puff Daddy, or start a left-field night at one of Ibiza’s most commercial clubs, Pacha? What other producer blends the worlds of melancholy and euphoria so effortlessly, or turns in a breakup album as an official mix for a revered club brand? It’s these kind of contradictions that define Gerber’s compelling duality.

Before he was fiddling with drum machines and synths, Gerber was all about groups like Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. These influences still echo clearly in his music today, whether it be his hypnotizing live performances or contemplative, moody productions. Over the course of four albums, Gerber has shown himself to be a singular artist. In 2007, he brought his debut album Late Bloomers to Sven Vath’s Cocoon, following that with 2009’s My Invisible Romance. In 2012 and 2013, he usurped the concept of a mix CD, delivering a Fabric album made up of 100% original new productions; then on Who’s Stalking Who creating an LP more akin to an extended composition than anything else.

As a performer, Guy Gerber is consistently rated one of the best touring acts in dance music, earning a top 10 live performer nod three years in a row for Resident Advisor. When DJing he’s known for extended sets, epitomized by a 12-hour performance at Burning Man in 2014. Gerber’s sets are never forgettable, and he has an unerring ability to disrupt expectations, whether it be confounding Ibiza VIPs with his 2013 Wisdom of the Glove residency at Pacha --which even caught the New York Times’ attention -- or 12 months later going in a totally new direction with his clandestine free Ibiza beach party, Rumors. Even at more traditional club residencies like those he holds at Marquee, Sound, and Story, Gerber acts as the subversion, transforming the normative experience into something alive with mysticism and mystique.

On the label front, Gerber has helped curate and A&R some of underground music’s most intriguing talents. His label Supplement Facts hosted everyone from Chaim, to dOP, Guti and Kate Simko. In typical Gerber fashion, just as it was reaching its apex he put it on hold to launch a new imprint Rumors, a befitting title for the mischievously minded Gerber. The new project is off to a promising start, serving as home to Guy’s colossal collaboration with Dixon, “No Distance,” as well as his crossover album with Puff Daddy, 11:11, which proved one of 2014’s most startling and impressive LPs. As with Supplement Facts, Rumors reiterates Gerber’s attention to the visual aesthetic. Both labels have seen him collaborating with artists all over the globe.

What’s next for Guy Gerber? Like any good rumor, it’s sure to have tongues wagging.

Happy Colors

DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

Music maturity came swiftly for the now seasoned-veteran Robbert van de Corput, better known as Hardwell. At the age of 25, the young Dutch titan capped off a 10 year journey when he was crowned World’s #1 DJ in the 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll cementing his position as the electronic scenes newest superstar DJ and becoming the youngest ever winner of the coveted Top 100 DJs award. In 2014 the Dutch megastar did it again - being crowned World’s #1 DJ in the 2014 edition of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Poll for a second consecutive year. Despite relinquishing his crown in 2015, though still taking the highly respectable second-place spot, it’s clear that Hardwell has already created a legacy that would put most of his counterparts to shame. This award-winning DJ, producer, musician, label owner and lover of all things music has not only helped shape the current state of EDM, but has left an everlasting imprint on it.


DJ / Producer

Born and raised in Mexico, Hector’s life was consumed by music coming not only from his mother country, but from overseas, too. The lure of the beat drew him to seek new pastures in London, where a job at the iconic Phonica record shop was to prove a pivotal moment in his career. It was here that Hector met Anja Schneider and Loco Dice, both of whom would later give him jobs on their esteemed imprints, Mobilee and Desolat, respectively.

Being at the centre of the action is a trait that has helped Hector become one of the most respected names in the underground house and techno scene. He’s the man with every key player on speed dial, but he uses these hard-won connections with ease, and it’s this relaxed manner that has won him friends and supporters worldwide. 

In 2015, Hector has flipped the script to help others by pulling together some of the most talented and underrated producers and DJs and forming the Vatos Locos crew—“the crazy ones”—who came of age at BPM Festival in Mexico by throwing one of the maddest shows at this mega event. It’s a family affair, but with no egos and a democratic approach to rocking the spot. If you make the grade in the studio and on the decks, then you’re as respected as the rest of the crew, regardless of who you are.

Hector continues to produce for a range of imprints, collaborating with both well-known artists and newcomers rather than starting his own label. His thirst for playing the biggest clubs and festivals around the world is unrelenting, as is proven by his latest residency at Marco Carola’s Music On at Amnesia, Ibiza. In addition, he performs at festivals like Time Warp, DEMF, Kazantip, Awakenings, BPM, Hideout and Sunwaves, alongside club sets for Tokyo’s Womb, Space Miami, Fabric London and New York’s Output.

A name that gets the nod from all corners of the underground, Hector is full of surprises, whether it be when rocking the terrace at Amnesia or creating hypnotic grooves in the studio. And with his Vatos Locos crew itching to step it up, you can rest assured that his calm exterior belies some game-changing next moves…


DJ / Producer

Originario de Chile Cristo Gavras es parte de la comunidad NAAFI. Su musica ha destruido la muralla global del bass con el estruendo de una confeccion de ritmos infecciosa y extraña, asi como de generos urbanos que crean un espelndor y danza en la pista de baile. Sea hip hop fracturado o house de ultima generacion, imaabs garantiza una intensidad mas alla de la furia.

Jamie Jones

DJ / Producer

Widely regarded as the leader of the new sound of house, Jamie Jones is renowned for his pioneering music; his cross-genre band, Hot Natured; his groundbreaking label, Hot Creations; and his world-renowned event series, Paradise. In less than a decade, he has catapulted himself to stardom by shattering genres and breaking out of the confines of minimal techno.

Jamie’s revolutionary sound is an instrumental part of his success, being both artistically innovative and yet easily accessible. He and his label, Hot Creations, have been credited with creating an iconic sound that has paved the way for a warmer, more melodic, deeper side of techno to emerge. 2011 was the year that Jamie and Hot Creations took over. Continuing to power out hits, they released Hot Natured’s “Forward Motion,” featuring vocalist Ali Love. But it was Jamie’s remix of Azari & III’s “Hungry for the Power” that was the quintessential song of the year, heard everywhere in Ibiza and beyond.

In 2012, Jamie and Lee Foss evolved their project Hot Natured into a full band, adding Ali Love and Luca C as members. Taking elements of the grooves Jamie has long championed and forging them with song-based vocals and smooth synth melodies into a live act, Jamie looked to challenge conventions with this new direction. The first Hot Natured single, “Benediction,” reached the top 40 in the UK in 2013, and the debut album, Different Sides of the Sun, continues to sell strongly six months after its release. In 2014, Hot Natured is viewed as one of the most in-demand electronic live acts globally.

Jamie’s constant touring schedule takes in every major city and festival around the world, including such spectacles as Glastonbury, Timewarp and Burning Man, as well as highly esteemed clubs like Warung, Fabric and Womb. His weekly Ibiza party, Paradise, has completed two huge seasons at DC-10 and goes into its third year as the fastest-growing night on the island. This success has meant that Paradise has been offered stages at some of the world’s biggest electronic music festivals, such as Tomorrowland, Global Gathering, Kazantip and BPM, and the brand will continue to grow worldwide through 2014.

In early 2012, Jamie was voted the number-one DJ in the world by Resident Advisor. He continues to be seen as a leader in his field and an innovator who will dictate the direction of a booming industry.

Jason Bentley

DJ / Producer

Reflecting on a life in music, Jason Bentley is still listening carefully, with a youthful anticipation of that next brilliant sound.

"I have always been fascinated by the power of music, from translating the most intimate moment to commanding the masses, it's a profound connection between us all. It's with respect for that connection that I approach my work every day."

For Bentley, that work includes serving as Music Director of KCRW and host of their signature program Morning Becomes Eclectic, as well as a distinguished career as a music supervisor for film and advertising, and a busy DJ schedule from festivals to bohemian loft parties. He's a tireless champion of new music and culture with an influence close to home and around the globe.

"I think being passionate about music and culture is fundamentally what enables me to be successful. I'm driven to share that excitement, whether it's DJ'ing at an art exhibit, working on a film project, or broadcasting from the radio station every day. It gives me a real sense of purpose."

That purpose has taken shape growing up at KCRW, beginning as a phone volunteer the summer after high school, scoring a nighttime air shift in 1992 with Metropolis running for 16 years, and ultimately being promoted to music director of the station.

Jason is no stranger to the business side of music, having worked in A&R at Maverick and Island Records, music supervising the Matrix trilogy, TRON Legacy with Daft Punk, and consulting for advertising, video games and live events.

"As a natural extension of DJ'ing, music supervision allows me to apply my ideas to different formats. The reward is in seeing things develop and flourish in the mainstream."

Bentley's DJ itinerary is as busy as ever, with recent sets at Coachella, SXSW, the Dorothy Chandler, as well as underground dance clubs and industry events. In 2013, he'll also be playing at the Lightning in a Bottle festival, the Squamish Valley Festival, and closing for Mumford & Sons in San Bernardino.

"I like to stay in touch with the artistry of live DJ'ing along with everything else. It's such a creative wellspring for me."

While acting as the music director of the station where he'ds grown up – literally and figuratively – is a challenging task, Bentley is devoted to leading KCRW's team of talented DJ's into a new era.

Jay Silva

DJ / Producer

Jay Silva, Joven de 21 años de edad originario de la ciudad de Chihuahua, Chihuahua México. Jay Silva a su corta carrera se ah convertido en una de las promesas mas grandes de México al tener un estilo único y versátil al momento de producir el genero Electrónico. Actualmente pertenece a uno de los labels mas importantes de la escena que es "Panda Funk Records" label que pertenece al gran Deorro.

Jessica Audiffred

DJ / Producer

Jessica Audiffred is a breakthrough talent who's sound has long outgrown Mexico City, the tropical metropolis of her upbringing and rise to prominence. Establishing her own niche style within the Bass and Trap genre's not only as a legitimate, sought after music producer representing brands such as Pioneer, Beats Audio, Samsung and Monster Products but also as a captivating live performer, moving festival crowds at EDC (Mexico) and LIC (Mexico) - alongside relevant acts such as Nervo, Steve Aoki, Mak J, Don Diablo and many others. Frequently traveling to the States to entertain the crowds at Fashion Week for Revlon, Salvatore Ferragamo and Chloe or as a top choice act for major brands such as HP, Crown Capital and others. With a heavy arsenal of singles lined up for steady release in 2016 on her own, "A Records" imprint all eyes are on Jessica, anticipating her inevitable success in the North American, Australian and European markets. Not just another basic Electronic act, Jessica Audiffred is notable 'threat' on every level.

John Digweed

DJ / Producer

If you’re not an avid follower of dance music but are tuned into popular culture at all you’ve likely experienced music touched by the hands of John Digweed. Originally hailing from England John has long since cemented his name in the pages of dance music history. His list of achievements is groundbreaking to say the least. Highlights of which would be the first proper dj mix compilation (“The Mix Collection”, done with Sasha), being the first British dj to hold a residency at what was then the world’s most well known club in NYC Twilo as well as having remixed music by Underworld, Quincy Jones, William Orbit and New Order.

John Digweed is a DJ’s DJ. The beauty of what he does lies in just how different he really is from his contemporaries. From his early beginnings in the blossoming scene of acid house to the apex of the international dj’ing world he has created and maintained a level of integrity that is the benchmark for both dj’s and producers globally. In fact, he has reached the very top of his profession, being voted #1 in a voter’s poll by DJ magazine in 2001. John Digweed has become the people’s choice while maintaining his longstanding presence in underground dance culture. His popularity as both a dj and a person seems to have no limits, but his efforts transcend dj’ing alone, he is as much a producer and promoter.

His management and creative direction for the Bedrock record label has helped launch the careers of many DJ’s To have a record released on Bedrock serves as the global stamp of production quality, ingenuity and integrity for underground producers worldwide. In fact, the name John Digweed is synonymous with those very qualities. From the nights he has either created or been a part of. To 30 of his world renowned mix cd’s ( Transitions, “Live In”, Northern Exposure, The Mix Collection) he has consistently produced characteristic products that stay in demand, himself included.

As one half of Bedrock the production duo he has produced and remixed over ? tracks. Two tracks made it into the top 40 (“Heaven Scent” and “For What You Dream Of”) the latter of which featured in the movie “Trainspotting”. He has even tried a bit of acting himself (“Groove”). He and Nick Muir as Bedrock the production team also scored a Hollywood film (“Stark Raving Mad”) as well as the animated series of “Spider-Man” for MTV.

John can also be found playing at the worlds biggest festivals ( EDC, Tomorrowland, Timewarp, Ultra, Coachella ) alongside some of the worlds Coolist clubs ( Output, Fabric) He was one on the first DJ’s to tour the States extensively (Delta Heavy and Area 2 (with David Bowie and Moby) and played alongside Fatboyslim at the massive one-off event ‘The Big Beach Boutique’ in Brighton to over 250,000 fans. His Transistions radio show is broadcast in over 60 countries worldwide to over 14 million people a week. It has achieved a near cult status with listeners trading cd’s and mp3’s of the various broadcasts across the internet. John shares his platform weekly by bringing in a variety of worldwide guest dj’s.

As a person John’s lack of pretense is complimented by imagination and invention. Good reason for John being one of the most respected, analyzed and imitated dj’s in the world. His dj sets are both solid and durable with unyielding precision. His dj’ing and production sound has practically become its own genre. He generates an aura of self-explanatory excitement and enthusiasm. His sets are often filled with moodiness and musical mystery but held down with a punchy distinctiveness and earthly rhythm. Always emanating a sense of boundlessness he overlaps dream events that spill into reality with an enormous certainty.

Jonas Blue

DJ / Producer

Born and raised in London, multi-instrumentalist Jonas Blue has so far taken the music industry by storm. A true dance vibe but with pop sensibilities, its clear to see that he has cleverly crafted a sound which fills the void that so many are craving for.

His debut release ‘Fast Car’ features the incredible young vocal talent, Dakota. The record itself is already a certified global smash. The track is also the number one best selling single of the year from a UK artist so far. It has also received multi-platinum status across the world, having sold 3 million records, with over 350 million streams across all platforms, and the official video rapidly closing in on 100million YouTube streams. 

The success continues across the iTunes Charts in 53 countries, including #1’s in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. As well as reaching the #1 spot on the US viral chart on Spotify, ‘Fast Car’ was officially certified platinum in the UK and spent 10 consecutive weeks in the Top 10 Chart. The record also gained 4-times platinum status in Sweden, 3-times platinum status in Australia, Gold in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Poland and South Africa. His follow up single, ‘Perfect Strangers’ featuring the sublime vocals of JP Cooper, has now been released globally and is set to follow suit. 

As well as working on his own music, Jonas has remixed tracks for the likes of Birdy and Coldplay. On the road, his touring schedule has taken flight in a big way with Jonas already playing to huge crowds, from 100,000 people at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City to taking the main stage at the legendary Webster Hall in New York City. 

With that said and done, 2016 will continue to thrive for the London based producer who has already proven his worth in such a short period of time and across such a global scale. With a Summer Schedule that will see him play 8 shows at the renowned Ushuaia Club in Ibiza, to playing peak sets at some of Europe’s most illustrious festivals such as Tomorrowland and Lollapalooza, Jonas Blue is fully equipped and ready to launch himself into a lifelong career in music.

Jorge Nava

DJ / Producer

Jorge Nava DJ y Productor firmado desde los 18 años por una de las disqueras electrónicas más importantes a nivel mundial “Armada Music” perteneciente al Holandés Armin Van Buuren. En el año 2013 ganó el premio al "Mejor Productor Mexicano con Proyección Internacional” en los DJ World Music Awards y en el 2014 los EMPO Awards lo nominaron como Mejor DJ Latinoamericano junto a Deorro y otros más.

Su Música a lo largo de los años ha demostrado sólidamente su talento, alternando constantemente entre géneros y evolucionando constantemente su sonido, lo que lo ha llevado a inclusive crear soundtracks para series de TV (Dos Lunas, Fox). En el ámbito electrónico ha firmado con disqueras internacionales de renombre como Armada, Blackhole Recordings, S107, Pilot6, Smü(th) Music, Magic Island Recordings, Sunset to Sunrise, Massive Drive y Jumpers Recordings figurando en los charts de Beatport, iTunes, Trackitdown y Junodownload.

Jorge Nava ha sido parte de algunos de los mejores eventos de música electrónica a nivel mundial como Armada Nights (Con Andy Moor, Aly & Fila, Dash Berlin y otros), Electric Daisy Carnival México: En 2014 actuando en el Mayan Warrior Art Cart Stage y en el 2015 en el International Stage Circuit Grounds, WiSH Outdoor 2015 (Cerrando el festival Back to Back con Don Diablo, Firebeatz, Sander Van Doorn y Borgeous), Corona Sunsets Tour 2015 (con R3HAB), EMPO Nights, el primer Live Stream de Beatport desde la Ciudad de México y UNITE: The Mirror to Tomorrowland by SFX Entertainment en el Palacio de los Deportes.

Ha formado parte del Tour del DJ Internacional y Productor Dash Berlín en México en sus cuatro visitas consecutivas 2011, 2012, 2013 y 2014 incluyendo dos “In Concert” con Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli, Jonathan Mendelsohn y Chris Madin como invitado especial desde la Arena Cd. de México y Six Flags respectivamente. A lo largo de su carrera ha tenido el placer de compartir escenario con otros Top en la música electrónica como Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Steve Angello, Don Diablo, Firebeatz, Dash Berlin, W&W, Sander Van Doorn, EDX, Deadmau5, Deorro, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, NERVO, Kaskade, R3HAB, Chromeo y Steve Aoki.

Al inicio de 2016 fue parte de los Headliners del DJ Fest en Mamita’s Beach Club junto con Nicky Romero, Hardwell y Danny Avila. Ademas de haberse presentado en el Festival Mayan Madness con los DJs numero uno a nivel Internacional Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, W&W y Sander Van Doorn. Adicionalmente se presentó con David Guetta y junto a Lemarroy en los EMPO Awards 2016 en la Arena Cd. de México.

“Spectra” su nuevo sencillo en conjunto con Lemarroy, fue lanzado con Magic Island/Blackhole Recordings, disqueras propiedad de Roger Shah, Tiësto y Arny Bink.

Su segundo sencillo como Nava & Lemarroy “Echoes” fué utilizado como “Anthem” del Festival Corona Elements el cual contó con la presentación de Kaskade, Borgore y Chromeo y será lanzado a través de Jumpers Recordings.

Josefono L Telefono

DJ / Producer

Josefono L Telefono is a musician, producer and Mexican DJ.

His passion for mixing, began during his career in Recording Arts at Full Sail University located in Orlando, Florida, where the many DJs he befriended inspired him to buy a mixer and a pair of CDJs to start mixing. 

His experience and knowledge of various genres can be perceived in his fresh mixes, groovy mashups and live productions inspired by the music from the 60's to current music trends.

To introduce a new concept, spread and live the good music is what Josefono L Telefono looks for since he brought this project to life.


DJ / Producer

Hayden Capuozzo was born in Houston Texas, but called many cities his home. At the age of 24, Kayzo had his start in 2012 in a pretty unreal way. He was selected as the winner of Insomniac’s ‘Discovery Project’ Challenge with a mix that was absolute insanity in the best form. Winning this gave him a chance to play ‘Escape from Wonderland’ that year and making his performance one not to forget, that also happened to be his first gig ever.

Since his debut, Kayzo hasn't let up experimenting with creating music in genres like happy hardcore, hardstyle, electro, dubstep and even a bit of psy­trance. He has recently created milestone collaborations on remixes with happy hardcore rising star Gammer on their Propaganda remix by DJ Snake and Carnage with their “Never Forget You” remix.

Kayzo released his EP “Welcome To The Doghouse” in Spring '16 through his own label ‘Doghouse Recordings’. The EP was comprised of an eclectic couple of songs to sink you teeth into. KAYZO most recently released his newest collobroaration with Barong Family artist, Cesqeaux, titled “Home.”

There is surely no slowing the Doghouse and Hayden.


Well my relationship with music started at an early age, just like every other producer in the game. I played hockey at a really high level up until the age of 19. I lived in all areas of the States, as well as Canada. Music was my outlet when bad games happened, and also my drive when working for what at that time was my goal, to be a professional hockey player. Electronic music was always in my ears. From the locker room, plane rides, bus rides, you name it. I always had headphones on. Now being a creator of what was once my biggest outlet. It's sort of like, "Okay it's my time to tell stories, and create that energy that once fuelled me as an athlete." I hope there are some hockey players blasting my music in their headphones pre game right now. That would be pretty cool. Honestly man, what else is there to say about music? It literally is my life. I wake up, get on my computer, check music blogs. I get on Twitter, and check what's going on in my favorite artists' life. I get in my car, and yea music is on. So besides the obvious of me sitting down in the studio behind my DAW making it, music is one of the biggest constants in my life, and that's pretty rad.



Home Town: Houston, TX
Currently Living: Los Angeles, CA
Origin Of Name: To be honest nothing to crazy, decided to take letters from my first and last name and scramble them together, minus the “K” of course.
Weapon of Choice: Production wise, definitely would have to be Massive, it’s my go to synth for all the weird stuff you hear in my music. Other than that my keen eye for a good animal photo to post on my Instagram.
Source of Power: My influences definitely come from different areas of my life. My family though has been the greatest influence when it boils down to having the drive to work for what you want. They have taught me that if you want something, you go and get it, you don’t wait for things to come to you.

Was there one particular moment in the recording or mixing process for your Discovery Project entry that made you feel like you were creating something pretty damn special?
To be honest, my entry was not intended for the Discovery Project. I was just trying to make something fun and different. I had never worked in a BPM lower than 128 at that point in time, so I thought “okay lets try 100 BPM, because that’s really slow and slow is cool.”

Are there any dots to connect with where/how you grew up to your musical output?
I don’t have the musical backing most artists’ posses. I didn’t grow up playing any instruments, besides playing the trumpet in the middle school band (oh yeah I did that). I would say one of the biggest factors to my musical “upbringing” if you will was attending a school for music production called Icon Collective less than a year and a half ago. Yea, honestly not sure I have enough time to go on about Icon, and how it has shaped my life as an artist and more importantly a person. But for anyone trying to find a group of passionate like-minded individuals, Icon is the spot man. I owe almost everything I have at this point to that place.

What do your parents think of what you are doing?
Well at first I think they were a little skeptical with my decision to drop out of college and attend production school, what parent wouldn’t be? They have always supported my dreams 100%, though, and they know when I’m committed to something, I devote every waking minute to it. I think over time as they heard more and more music coming from me they began to open up to the idea of it more and more.

What’s the strangest part of your job?
I tend to wonder how I can wake up every morning and make music, and then go play it for a large group of crazy people who love it just as much as I do. I then go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. Not many people can say that.

What’s the biggest misconception about being a DJ?
I’ll just jump on the bandwagon with this one. Most people nowadays think all DJs hit play. Man it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve been out to plenty of shows, and have seen enough sets to know that most of the game today is DJing live. I don’t care how it’s done, USB controller, whatever. If you’re up there giving people a “live” show, I respect it. I think most people would be surprised with the amount of preparation that goes into a live set.

Tell me about your most memorable night out.
As an artist, it’s a toss up between playing Escape From Wonderland, and playing Control Friday’s at Avalon in Hollywood. Playing a festival like Insomniac’s is a type of experience that really can’t be put into words. It’s every artist’s dream to step on a stage of that magnitude. As for Avalon, anyone that knows the scene in LA/Hollywood knows that Avalon is infamous for having some of the biggest and best talent in the game come showcase there skills on Friday, so being on a poster with names like Cazzette, Project 46, and James Egbert was pretty incredible to say the least.

Do you have any memorable moments from past EDC's or any other Insomniac party?
EDC 2013 in Vegas! Yes, it was my very first EDC experience, and it was honestly one the best times of my life. I have never felt so close and connected to the scene than being there. Everyone was there having the time of their life. I met some pretty awesome people there, who were all just in the same place for the love of music, and that to me is a pretty good reason to continue to make music.

How does what you do for a living affect you on a day-to-day basis?
I’ve learned to live on a lot less, to say the least. I think I’m going through that starving artist phase right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have learned so much about myself since starting this journey. My family and friends has also been nothing but supportive of my career path. Having them in my corner makes things a lot better.

What is your ultimate career dream?
Owning a house full of cats and sloths and having a lifetime supply of Papa Johns pizza. No seriously that would be dope. But yeah, besides that, just to be happy every day making the music I love. I don’t measure my happiness by the amount of money I make or stages I play.

Are you impulsive with your work or do you have a sketch in mind before you start?
I’m definitely more on the impulsive side. Or maybe a better word would be go with the flow. When I’m in the studio I’ll basically have an idea of temp and “genre” if you will. Other than that it’s like throwing a dart blindfolded. I have no idea where the song will go. 99% percent of the time it ends up changing genre and tempo. I usually end up fusing genres together and making some really weird sounds that somehow work.

How, if at all, does listening to music figure into your creative process?
100% factors in to my creativity. I try to find new music every day. I am always looking to see where artist are heading stylistically. I love to see artists I look up to pushing the envelope. Ever since hearing the Dog Blood remix of “Wild For The Night,” I have been dying to make weird 808 acid like synths.

What’s the most important piece of gear in your studio and why?
My MacBook! Everything I make is “inside the box.” Without my MacBook there would be no Kayzo.

How important is it for you to experiment and take on the risk of failure?
With the industry being more saturated than ever, I would say if you aren’t experimental, you probably will not last too long. There are solid new producers popping up everyday, so staying ahead of the curve is key in my opinion.

Do you have a list of people you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
My god yes. I won’t go on too long of a rant, but I’ll give you my top three. Tyler the Creator, Gesaffelstein and Skrillex. Tyler is about the craziest artist I have ever listened to lyrically, so having that level of weird on a track would be amazing. Gesaffelstein is like the king of dark techno in my opinion, and I have been really inspired by that style lately. Skrillex is Skrillex, I don’ think I need to make a case for him!

If we pressed Shuffle on your iPod while you went to the bathroom, what would you be embarrassed to come back to us listening to?
Jesus, I have taken stuff off of it since middle school, so you would probably find some really awesome 50 Cent or T-Pain hits accompanied by some really great boy band rock.

What sound or noise do you love?
I love the sound of coffee being made.

What should everyone just shut the fuck up about?
Big room house. Dude, it’s fun to listen to and fun to make sometimes. I’m tired of people complaining about making it. If you could do it the way some guys do it, you would in a heartbeat. Quit complaining, it’s all music, and all fun.

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture?
How free and open it is. There really is no stopping it in my opinion. With the growth of technology, it is only making music and production more accessible to anyone. I’m pretty stoked to see where the next generation takes music, and definitely the art of live performance.

When you look at electronic music and the surrounding culture, what worries you about the future?
I know I just ranted and defended big room house and how everyone is making it, but at the same time, I think artists are becoming too complacent in the studio. Make big room, make a lot of big room but take some risks with it man. The problem is not the style, it’s the fact that everyone wants to sound like the last guy who made the hit.

What are your weaknesses?
I need to relax more. I’m a workaholic with production. I need to just get out more and enjoy life.

Do you have a secret passion?
Well I played hockey for like sixteen years, so I would say it still holds a place in my heart.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
I would take them to a Papa Johns, and let them order what ever they want. It’s that good.

Is success physical or internal?
Success to me is internal. Success is being happy. If I can wake up everyday and love what I do then, yeah, I’m pretty successful.

What do you remember about your first DJ gig?
Okay, so Escape From Wonderland was my first gig ever, and yeah I experienced one of my worst nightmares. The guy before me was just wrapping up his set, so I decided to start setting up, and was trying to find a power strip to plug in my controller. The power strip was in a cabinet right under the decks, so I had to maneuver below the guy to plug in my stuff. Right as I was going to plug in to the outlet my hand hit the on/off switch to the power strip, which apparently powered the whole entire stage. So yea, I basically ended the guys set ten minutes early. Watch out guys, if I’m playing after you, your last ten minutes of music is never safe. Big fail, but a lot of fun to say the least.

What’s the hardest professional lesson you’ve learned thus far?
This industry takes time. Nothing happens over night. At first you are going to suck, and going to suck a lot. The hardest part if battling through making bad music. I remember when I first started producing there were times when I was like “what are you doing here?” If you can get through the learning phase, and really do love making music then accepting that you will suck at the beginning isn’t really that bad.

Do you have a favorite all-time mixed CD or series?
I really enjoy any type of mix Zeds Dead puts out. Always so different and full of amazing tunes.

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
Do it. Honestly, my girlfriend had told me about the Discovery Project before I even found out about it. I think it was a day or two before the due date for Escape From Wonderland, and I had just finished up “Precession” (the song I entered), when she was like “dude you need to enter ‘Precession,’ it would be perfect for what they want.” I had no idea about the contest until that and thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. I look back on that being one of the most important turning points in my musical career. It was the start of a real career in this industry in my opinion.

Last words?
Favorite pizza is all types of pizza. And can we all just stop “turning up?”

Winning Track:



Winning Mix:




DJ / Producer

Dj/Productor nacido en la Ciudad de México. Kepler a la temprana edad de 13 años comenzó su carrera musical como productor de música electrónica y Dj. Después de un largo tiempo buscando su propio sonido descubrió los géneros “Jungle Terror” y “Hard House” tomando lo mejor de ambos y creando su propio estilo que el mismo llamó “Dark Jungle”.

Ahora a sus 19 años, este joven productor promete ser un icono de la escena electrónica, ya que a su corta edad ya tiene varios temas firmados en distintos labels como “Durp Supera Recs”, “Emulsify”, “Guerilla Crew”, "AOMP Records", “Brooklyn Fire” y la mas importante hasta el momento “Panda Funk” donde sacó su track colaboración con ZooFunktion llamado “FIRE”.

Poco a poco Kepler se ha ido abriendo camino gracias al apoyo de varios Dj’s internacionales como: David Guetta, Deorro, Wiwek, Dj Chuckie, Jack Novak, Tommie Sunshine, ZooFunktion, Goshfather&Jinco, Dirty Audio, Dj Bl3nd y muchos más.

Otros géneros: Trap, Dubstep, Global Bass, Moombahton y Hardstyle


DJ / Producer

Involucrado en la musica electronica desde 2011, como productor y dj autodidacta desde 2001, su trabajo no solo es importante en terminos de propuesta y experimentacion, su labor va mas por abrir espacio contruir comunidad y paoyar talento. Desde mediados de los 2000’s su trabajo se ha enfocado en la produccion baile alternativa. En 2010 funda 401.Mx el primer sitio mexicano especializado en impulsar y promover musica electronica latinoamericana de manera formal y constante, con el objetivo de posicionar la esneca latina a una escala global. En su produccion lao trabaja con sonidos clasicos recontextualizados que se entretejen con sonidos locales para crear piezas bailables de vanguardia, que replantean su identidad. Es miembro del sello/colectivo naafi, y cabeza del sello extasis records. Formo parte de la generacion 2014 de red bull music academy, con sede en japon. En 2015 lao hizo su primer gira europea con 11 fechas en 6 paises, que culmino con su presentacion en el festival sonar 2015 en barcelona.

Lechuga Zafiro

DJ / Producer

Pablo De Vargas aka Lechuga Zafiro originario de Uruguay, en su mas reciente EP “Aequs Nyama” comparte un sonido de comparsas de candombe, sonido que se puede remontar del año 1750 el cual es catalogado como un ritmo afro uruguayo el cual era una forma de comunicación entre africanos traidos como esclavos en esa epoca.

Sus produciones y remixes no lejos de la descripcion proporcionada por uno de sus temas,, “tambores ymutantes”- industria y percusion, conun suelo duerte en sonidos de amercia latina. No es de sorprender, entonces, que es un afiliado de naafi, con las pistas en compilados como “pirata”.

Su mixpak fm muesta el alcance de su influencia, desde temas instrumentales afrobeats a demos de los productores de londres, baile funk a kuduro.


DJ / Producer

Lemarroy is a Mexican artist and producer, who’s become the "Revelation Artist of the electronic scene in Mexico" - Festify

He was nominated by the DJ World Music Conference 2015 & 2016 as best DJ & producer. (Won the 2016 Award for Best DJ). Nominated by Nightlife Mexico Awards 2016 for Best Mexican DJ.

Won the chance to represent Mexico in the Las Vegas, Nevada Miller Soundclash competition.

He has played in venues and festivals such as EDC Mexico 2015, Unite To Tomorrowland ( SFX Entertainment ), EMPO Awards 2016, Lavo NightClub (Las Vegas ) , Zaza ( Panama City ) , The Wall ( Miami ) , Parliament ( Chicago ) Corona Sunsets, Mayan Madness 2016, DJ Music Fest, NYC Tour 2016: Jolie, Hudson Terrace, Monarch, The Downstairs Club (Florence), Mayhem Party 2016 ( ADE ).

Lemarroy has shared the stage with Autoerotique, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Alesso, Roger Sanchez, Nicky Romero, Danny Avila, Hardwell, Sander Van Doorn, W&W, Don Diablo and Robby Rivera.

In 2015 he released his first EP “A Night in Mexico Deep” in Istanbul Records and his original remixes (the latest ones being “Hey” by Afrojack and “Cold Water” by Major Lazer) have come to have more 100,000 plays on Sound-cloud.

Together with Jorge Nava, released in 2016 "Echoes" and "Spectra" in the international labels Jumpers Recordings and Magic Island Records / Blackhole Recordings. Their latest track together, “Let’s Live” will soon be released along with a music video


DJ / Producer

Eder Lujan nacido el 3 de marzo de 1994 en la Ciudad de México, mejor conocido en el medio de la música electrónica y Hip-Hop como LOOJAN, es un DJ/Productor que se distingue por tener una variada gama de géneros en sus sets y en sus producciones.

A la edad de 17 años se adentró en la música electrónica bajo su proyecto Eder Lujan el cual comenzó a abrirle puertas, creando tracks como Rock The Party sellado bajo la disquera EMPO, fue ganador de remix contest para sellos como Suite Music de Ricardo Reyna y Strawberry Made Recordings, su mejor etapa como productor y DJ se dio cuando decidió darle un giro a su carrera cambiando su nombre, creando un logo debido a su gran influencia que tenia ya sobre los sonidos de Hip Hop y la música Latina.

LOOJAN apareció en el medio pisando fuerte, teniendo apoyo de dj internacionales como Junkie Kid, Noizekid, Jay Silva, Broz Rodriguez, Starx, Mastiksoul, Marco Farouk, Balck Sheep entre otros, LOOJAN es la cabeza de track como Los Latinos, Alegria, Tell Dem, Demasiado Pesado entre otros, próximamente LOOJAN se encuentra trabajando en su EP sin titulo aun contando con colaboraciones con Jay Silva, Noizekid, Marco Farouk, C-Kan, Max Gallo y artistas por confirmar.


DJ / Producer

Luis Javier aka LUJAVO es un Dj / productor / compositor de 18 años nacido y criado en Monterrey, México. Su primera experiencia con la música electrónica ocurrió en el 2009 y fue solo cuestión de tiempo para que convirtiera su pasión en ideas y esas ideas en su propia música. A travez de los años LUJAVO ha experimentado distintos géneros y propuestas, es un productor dinámico que hoy en día ha encontrado su sonido y estilo. A su corto tiempo de carrera, ha logrado grandes movimientos en la industria de la música electrónica como el haber tenido 2 de sus mayores producciones; Valiente y Hurricane, en el top 50 & 20 de "Lo Más Viral de México" en Spotify arriba de grandes nombres a nivel mundial.

Cuenta con apoyo de grandes talentos como Hardwell, Dannic, Tommy Trash, Tommie Sunshine, Deorro, Vinai, Junkie Kid, D.O.D, Zoofunktion, LNY TNZ, entre muchos otros medianos y chicos que valoran y respetan su trabajo musical.

LUJAVO tiene grandes temas firmados en sellos como Panda Funk Records / Interscope Records (sello de Deorro), Harsh Records (sello de Junkie Kid), Brooklyn Fire (sello de Tommie Sunshine) y cuenta con premieres en el programa de Nik Cooper via Youtube.

Sus shows están llenos de energía y dinamismo y aseguramos que será una pieza clave en la escena de la música electrónica mundial.


DJ / Producer

Ramón Daniels is part of a new wave of electronic music producers of the northwestern area of México, specifically from Tijuana where he is better known as Machino, he's been involved in music for over 10 years, he started out in a post-hardcore band later moving on to electronic based music.

His tracks have been released by Desert Hearts, Chapter 24, Highgrade Records, AMAM, Static Discos and Underyourskin Records, his style shifts back and forth between a very potent techno and a heavy ambient influence, but inevitably revealing an obscure side in his composition.

His live set is a style hybrid of obscure and melodic house and techno.

Major Lazer

DJ / Producer

The year is 2069. After years of travel across the galaxy Major Lazer has returned to Earth from his triumphant interstellar campaign against his mentor-turned-arch-nemesis General Rubbish. The victory rings hollow, though–there is something he left out among the stars that he can never replace. 

The world he’s come back to is missing something too: unity. In his absence Earth has been transformed into a worldwide maelstrom of conflicting armies, gangs, cults, and crews. The Fearless Hyenas, the Deathless Lovers, the Pitch Black Knights of the Inner Wild–a multitude of factions, each of them sworn enemies of every other. 

Having proven himself adept at the art of war, Major Lazer has dedicated himself now to becoming a champion of peace. With help from a squad of anarcho-pacifist hackers, he’s taken control of a top secret network of military satellites and repurposed it into a global sound system to broadcast a righteous dub designed to unite the tribes of Earth and overthrow those who have thrown them into disarray for their own personal gain. Peace is the mission, and the fate of the world depends on its success. 

The two time Grammy award winning DJ and producer Diplo (aka Wesley Pentz) has had an unprecedented career that’s taken him from the outer fringes of club culture to the top of pop’s A-list. He first drew the attention of forward-looking listeners in the mid-aughts through zeitgeist-smashing DJ sets that defied the borders of geography and genre, as well as the Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1 mixtape he created with M.I.A. His commercial breakthrough came with her 2007 hit “Paper Planes,” which reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for a Grammy for Record of the Year. Since then he’s split his time between working with pop stars (Beyonce, Usher, Snoop Dogg, No Doubt, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, and Madonna among them) and carving out a niche as one of the leading figures inEDM culture, in the process racking up over 13 million track sales (and 12 million Spotify streams a month) as both a producer and an artist. One of the world’s most sought-after DJs, he’s also a world-class tastemaker who’s appeared on the covers of Fast Company and Billboard and lent his creative talents to brands like Alexander Wang and Blackberry. His label Mad Decent has spawned a roster of cutting-edge dance music acts, as well as a 22-city annual touring festival, its own themed cruise, & new to 2017; a beach party that will be held over 4 days in Mexico. 

Currently made up of Diplo and fellow DJ/producers Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, Major Lazer’s latest album, Peace is the Mission, was released in June 2015 to widespread critical acclaim. Lead single “Lean On,” featuring DJ Snake and Mø, took the world by storm, becoming the most successful independently released song of all time after peaking at #1 on the Top 40 chart, becoming the most streamed song on Spotify of all time with more than 673 million streams to date, is currently the #1 most played track on Soundcloud, and became one of only a handful of videos to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. “Lean On” is certified ten times platinum in the Netherlads, eight times Platinum in Sweden, five times Platinum in Norway, four times Platinum in Australia and New Zealand, three times Platinum in Italy and Spain, two times Platinum in the U.S., Switzerland & U.K., Belgium, Finland, and Brazil, and Platinum in Germany. Major Lazer was the most-Shazamed artist of 2015 and is the third most-streamed artist on Soundcloud of all time. Peace is the Mission debuted at #1 on he Billboard Dance/Electronic albums chart and has spawned further hits including “Light It Up” featuring Nyla and Fuse ODG and “Powerful” with Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Reilly. 

Launched in 2008 alongside his fellow “Paper Planes” producer Switch, Major Lazer is Diplo’s outlet for his lifelong love of Jamaican dancehall music. Their wildly popular 2009 single “Pon de Floor” is an EDM touchstone that singlehandedly reshaped the sound of contemporary dance music, and provided the foundation for Beyonce’s chart-topping single “Run the World.” Over the course of two albums and three EPs they’ve not only collaborated with the likes of Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, but have earned the respect of venerated Jamaican dancehall artists like Busy Signal, Vybz Kartel, and Elephant Man, all of whom have graced their tracks. They’ve also become fixtures on the festival circuit, headlining Coachella, Glastonbury, Ultra Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and the Reading and Leeds Festivals. The group’s cartoon series based on the character Major Lazer debuted last year on Fox and Diplo’s BBC Radio show “Diplo and Friends” continues to enjoy success.

Marco Almanza

DJ / Producer

Marco is a Mexican DJ and House Music Producer. With more than 10 years involved in the Mexican electronic music scene, he has been invited to play in the best clubs of Mexico.

He’s already shared stage with several of the most talented international DJs, such as, Metrika, M.A.N.D.Y, DJ T, Ray Okpara, Anthony Pappa, King Unique, Kate Simko, Scarlett Etienne, Sean Miller, Camea, Jerome Isma-ae, Henry Saiz and Marc Marzenit, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce, Louie Fresco, Nina Kraviz, Mathias Kaden, Claude VonStroke, Lutzenkirchen, Sander Van Doorn, Guy Gerber, Tiefschwarz, Dash Berlin, Luca Bacchetti, Sian, Phil Kieran, Blond:ish, Ambivalent, Chaim, Kiki, Subb-An, Balcazar & Sordo, Laura Jones, Frivolous, Satoshie Tommie, DJ Antoine, Tim Green, Tim Xavier, Konrad Black, Martin Solveig, Sultan and Ned Shepard, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Avicii, The Martinez Brothers, Martin Buttrich, Thomas Schumacher, Gabriel & Dresden, along with many other members of the elite clubbing scene.

He now continues his career as DJ booking manager and Resident DJ in clubs like Gravity Club, Apotheke, Walther Mexico, all hotspots of the trendy Mexican nightlife. He's been signed by labels such as Playperview Records Artists& Dance Till Death Records and has been invited to work with Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound.

Invited to the 2012 Time and Space Festival, 2013 BPM Festival and shined as one of the greatest Mexican talents during his performance at Holifest Mexico 2013. 

Always looking for the perfect beat, would be the perfect sentence to describe his work.

Mariana Bo

DJ / Producer

Mariana BO, considered the only djane, Musician and Producer in Mexico, implements a project that combines electronic music and violin, using the instrument in their live performances.

Finishing her career as violinist engages in a project of electronic music, a genre that captured her interest instantly.According to an interview with THUMP and Excelsior Tv BO

All began one afternoon in her room making electronic mixes with classical variations, finding times and tones that eventually, over time, formed her musical concept that gave her the artistic personality, and endowed her with a sharp aesthetic sound sense.

Nowadays Mariana Bo ranks the number 23 in the top 100 Djanemag taking her in the eyes of all, she has positioned itself in the most demanding public of national and international electronic scenes, with her music, performance and energy that characterizes her to dance to the public.

Mariana has been in important festivals like a (EDC México 2015 - 2016, Daydream Festival in Belgium, Airbeat One Festival in Germany B2B with KSHMR, Parooka Ville in Germany B2B with KSHMR, Holi Festival México, Mayan Madness in Mexico, DJ Fest in Mexico, Electric Planet in Mexico)

BO experiments with different genres as EDM, Electro House, Big Room, Minimal, Future House, Tech House, Progressive, Deep House and her new launch has been a success occupying a very important place in the list on iTunes and beat.

She have Support from:
- Armin Van Buuren
- Morgan Page
- Danny Avila
- Paul Oakenfold


Mariana BO is a promise for the global electronic music.


DJ / Producer

Martin Solveig

DJ / Producer

Martin Solveig continues to reinvent himself. Be it through his new music, on point fashion and inventive styling he creates for himself, the world of Solveig is an ever-changing environment that is instilled with fun and vitality.

Always ahead of the curve he is currently steering a new wave of mainstream electronic music – namely the future house sound and his latest endeavour - a product of a decades long career for the producer, DJ, filmmaker and creative Frenchman, which has spanned over four studio albums.

The latter; Smash was released in 2011 and launched the Parisian into superstardom. With lead single Hello, featuring Dragonette selling over 5 million copies, the Queen of Pop herself - Madonna, asked Martin to co-produce six tracks for her album MDNA and accompany her on a blockbusting worldwide tour in 2012.

While releasing summer anthems Hey Now with the Cataracs and Blow with Laidback Luke in 2013, the Frenchman also maintained a residency at the legendary Pacha in Ibiza, whilst touring the world’s grandest festivals.

January 2015 saw the next step in the French maestro’s trailblazing career – showcasing his pioneering future house sound with Intoxicated, a collaboration with Miami duo GTA. The foot stomping anthem hit both the Hype Machine and Beatport #1 within days of release and went on to be one of the most talked about tracks of the summer as it took position on BBC Radio 1’s A-List Playlist in August.

Solveig then proved his ever-infallible ability to remain perfectly in tune with public demand, releasing +1 in June, a funked up future house classic with vocals from Sam White. With the latter already gaining incredible global support and an exclusive 19-date residency at Pacha underway with his new project ‘My House,’ Martin continues to build on his already stellar reputation as a truly multi-faceted artist.

Max Neyra

DJ / Producer

Mexican Jihad

DJ / Producer

Alberto Bustamante es Mexican Jihad, originario de Oaxaca, Oaxca. Es arquitecto y desde el angulo –el del espacio y las situaciones – ejerce su funcion como director creativo de n.A.A.Fi. Alberto hace investigacion social, de consumoy mucha musica del futuro lennado asi el proyecto de #mexicanjihad de connotaciones politicas y culturales. Los sets de Mexican Jihad son conocidos por poner a bailar a todos los presentes con fricciones de genero y baile facil y reconocible. Es perreo, club Mexicano y pop imaginario.


DJ / Producer

Born over Mexican territories in the early 90s, serving as the techmex mascarade of Alec Sander, also known for his work as La Royale & Yesco.


DJ / Producer

MK is responsible for creating some of the defining sounds and biggest tracks of early house. He has worked with the biggest international artists from Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z to Rihanna and Beyonce, but has also retained near unprecedented levels of credibility within the underground dance music scene, with records such as ‘Burning’, ‘4 You’ or ‘Push The Feeling On’ remaining staples in the wallets and boxes of house DJs the world over. Through his timeless productions, MK has influenced a new generation of producer, with the result that his sound is more relevant today than it ever has been.

Revered producer, remixer and DJ, MK’s storied background is one of long-term creative development. His roots are pure Detroit, but his early cues come from electronic leaning UK bands like Depeche Mode, New Order and The Cure. If you dig a little deeper, you will find that MK’s own musical path is a series seamless transitions from house to techno and hip-hop to R&B, with a complete turnaround back to house in the last six years. Currently, MK is finalizing his long awaited artist album. The project includes collaborations with vocalists Becky Hill, Milly Pye, Anabel Englund, and a host of other friends and collaborators yet to be revealed.

With his sights set on the imminent album release, MK recently re-launched his iconic label and event brand Area10. He is currently on tour this summer with his Area10 Warm Up Sessions, including live stages at Creamfields, We Are FSTVL, dates at Together at Amnesia, V Festivals, Parklife as well as an Area10 takeover at Pacha Ibiza this summer.

Mock The Zuma

DJ / Producer

Mock The Zuma es una figura principal de la escena electronica subterranea, joven creador de extraños y cautivadores himnos futursitas donde ritmos y texturas nesperadas se entrelazan en un caos organizado impresionante y emocional.

En las producciones de moc the zuma podemos encontrar desde el grime, bass, dubstep, UK garage. Es el contexto en el que se concibe que da a esta musica poderosa singularidad. Nacidoy criado en el norte de mexico, ciudad desgastada por dos decadas de enfretamientos entre la policia y los carteles, Mock The Zuma esta en el centro de esta nueva musica.

Moose & Bear

DJ / Producer

Moose & Bear is a duo formed by Marlee Seidman (Detroit) and Edward Lugo (Mexico) that has been gaining exposure in the electronic music scene both in Mexico and abroad.

Their live show is a unique experience that incorporates live instruments and sounds.

Moose & Bear has shared the stage with Gorgon City, The Martinez Brothers, John Digweed, Mark Knight, Mystery Skulls and Plastic Plates to name a few.

They have played at the most prestigious music festivals and nightclubs including: EDC Mexico, Vaiven Festival, Spring Euphoria, Dinsmoor, Mono, The Pink Elephant & Babel NYC, The Grasshopper Underground (Detroit), Born To Be Wine, Beatport Mx, Malvido Fest, AftrcluvDanceLav Party @ ADE

Moose & Bear’s latest single “Closer” reflects their dynamic style, forming a powerful combination with the vocals of soul singer Jesuton. The result is simply magical; a fresh and unique sound.

Their original remixes “Gorillaz by Clint Eastwood” “Would you go”, Lose Yourself by Eminem and “Dope Show” by Marilyn Manson have more than 87,000 plays on Soundcloud.

They will soon have a release with Aftercluv FT Tom&Collins and an official remix ft. Gymon released by Artist Intelligence.

Nathan Barato

DJ / Producer

With his roots in the Toronto after-hours circuit and a profile that has since seen him smash premiere international platforms across the globe, Nathan Barato’s carved out a reputation as not only one of the most playable producers in dance music, but amongst its most prolific DJs as well. 

In other words, Nathan Barato isn’t just the guy being invited to play all the big parties, he’s the guy everyone else on the bill is spinning too. Whether it was Marco Carola first rinsing Nathan’s 2012 hit “Hard Werq” to worldwide audiences just months before asking him to join the Music On roster, or Jamie Jones deeming Nathan a new star at the Hot Creations camp while making this year’s ‘Wobble Talk’ EP a mainstay in his superstar sets… the T.O. native has skyrocketed to international prominence as a well-respected and sought after name. 

Many credit Nathan’s success to his genre diversity. His eclectic sound infuses many styles and has been recognized as one where the likes of 90's garage get sampled against the backdrop of funky techno. As a result, Nathan’s music is being released on some of the most prestigious imprints in the industry, including the aforementioned Hot Creations and spinoff Hottrax, as well as Rekids, Cajual, Saved Records, MOOD, and of course, his very own Roots And Wings label. 

As Nathan Barato keeps on turning industry eyes and ears in his direction, he continues to get booked at some of the most vaunted events and clubs around the world, from festivals like BPM (Playa Del Carmen, Mexico), Ultra (Miami, USA), and We Are (London, UK), to venues that include Womb (Tokyo, Japan), Fabric (London, UK), WHP (Manchester, UK), Stereo (Montreal, Canada), Coda (Toronto, Canada), Output (New York, USA), Sound (Los Angeles, USA), Club Space (Miami, USA), Barn (Modena, Italy), DC10 (Ibiza, Spain), Amnesia (Ibiza, Spain), and more.

This upcoming summer plans to be another busy one for the in-demand selector, especially in Ibiza, where Nathan’s time on the island will be highlighted by a much anticipated residency at Jamie Jones’ powerhouse Paradise jam at DC10, 3 gigs at Space's Do Not Sleep gathering, his return to Marco Carola’s Music On at Amnesia, and that's just the beginning. You don’t want to miss it!


DJ / Producer

NGHTMRE’s (aka Tyler Marenyi) rise to the top has been a dream to say the least. Some would say he arrived the day Skrillex made his ID the only unknown record in his 2015 Ultra set, a record that would go on to be arguably the biggest Trap song that summer. After playing his first headline gigs the week after, Tyler went on to hit almost every major festival in North America, including Lollapalooza, EDC Las Vegas, TomorrowWorld, Snow Globe, Freak Night, OMFG NYE, Moonrise, Contact Music Festival, and LifeInColor Festival. Only three months in as a touring DJ, he headlined six cities throughout Australia at legendary clubs such as Chinese Laundry and Ambar. After Australia, he went on to headline almost every major market in North America, hitting marquee venues such as Webster Hall, Avalon, The Mid, Beta, and Elektricity. He's known for his various Mad Decent smashes, including the trap song of the summer “Street” and his collaboration with Flosstradamus entitled “Lighters Up.” His Nuclear Bonds EP with long time friends, Slander, was one of the premiere EP releases from Diplo’s imprint.

From the writers online to the industry's top producers, it's ubiquitous: NGHTMRE is dance music’s next multi-genre prodigy. His tracks have charted #1 on Hype Machine multiple times and he was dubbed “Skrillex 2.0” by EarMilk.com. At the same time, he's gained support from the top dogs such as Skrillex, Diplo, Bassnectar, Flux Pavilion, Porter Robinson, RL Grime, Yellow Claw, Bro Safari, and Snails. In fact, the list of people he has been tapped to do official remixes for reads like a massive hipster festival: The Prodigy, Theophilus London, Keys N Krates, Flux Pavilion, The Griswalds, and Elliphant. If you want to hear something you’ve never heard before, make sure you always listen to Tyler’s most recent track, whatever it may be.

Niño Árbol

DJ / Producer

Kevin Mártinez A.K.A Niño Árbol, es un joven productor de 21 años de edad nacido en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco. Kevin, es DJ residente del legendario Bar Americas , miembro de Born In México, el net-label NWLA y Cobra Voyage así como tambíen es fundador del ssensorial crew (productora y promotora de música electrónica en Guadalajara). Niño Árbol a participado en diversos eventos, clubes, festivales en México y el mundo como en: Boiler Room Guadalajara, Stackenshneider en San Peterbursgo Rusia, Festival Circle of Light en Moscú, Sisyphos en Berlín, diversas fiestas underground en Francia, Festival MUTEK(MX), Festival Ceremonia (MX), Festival Marvin (MX), entre muchos más.. Niño Árbol es reconocido por su música ecléctica y arriesgada, sin perder el beat dance que nos mete en un trance a lo largo del día o la noche. Es un productor de distintos generos que va desde IDM/Ambient hasta Techno o Acid. Kevin es aclamado por sus actos en vivo por su ejecución y progresión. Aparte de ser productor de música electrónica es Baterista. Cuenta con mas de 60 tracks lanzados de manera independiente desde hace 5 años a la actualidad. Ha sido mencionado y reseñado por diversos medios como THUMP y Noisey de VICE, mencionado como mejor proyecto nuevo en el 2015 Revista Marvin, entre muchos más.. Recientemente Niño Árbol fue ganador del premio mejor DJ de Techno en México (2016). Niño Árbol le gusta apostar por una mejor experiencia teniendo shows audiovisuales junto con su hermano Mitchell.


DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

No somos machos pero somos muchos (NSMPSM) está compuesto por Pato (Patricio Watson) y Kay (Karim González).

Nace a partir del concepto PSM (play some music o pone su música), que es algo parecido al movimiento que se conoce en Europa como Selecta, y que hace hincapié mucho más en una buena selección musical, que en un diyei set como tal. Sin embargo, los NSM son diyeis con una larga carrera en el medio y, lo más importante, con un amplio conocimiento musical, por lo que el proyecto no es mas que una fusión muy interesante de estos dos movimientos (diyeis VS selectas).


DJ / Producer

NTCRCKRS Es una dupla de Dj’s y productores de música electrónica enfocados especialmente en el bass music.

En su trayectoria el proyecto se ha presentado en distintos lugares de la república mexicana. En diversos festivales y han compartido escenario con artistas de talla internacional del género como: Antiserum, ETC. ETC., Happy Colors, G Tronic, Ookay, entre otros.

Actualmente son Co-Host de un programa de radio dedicado al Bass Music en la estación de radio dedicado al Bass Music en la estación de FM Beat 100.9 junto a Jessica Audiffred.


DJ / Producer

One of the early proponents of the now-popular genre of Dubstep in India, NUCLEYA has built on that start to emerge as one of the most exciting, experimental and engaging producers in the Indian scene in the past five years. He has made his mark as an Indian dance music producer, focussing on sounds and textures that are Indian in nature but international in appeal. His new album "BASS Rani" explores regional sounds and cements NUCLEYA's position as the Indian leader in the "global bass" movement, as he continues to look to the future for new sounds. He has performed at numerous music festivals around the world including Glastonbury (UK), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK), Lille 3000 (France) and the Electron Festival (Switzerland). He has been the preferred opening act for many international artists touring India including Major Lazer, Skrillex, Diplo, Benga and Flux Pavilion.


DJ / Producer

DJ y productora del Estado de Mexico ha participado en los sellos como futureable, piraton records y recientemente lanzo un mitapex con el colectivo NAAFI en su programa cdmxtapes transmitido en nts radio. Sus ultimas presentaciones fueron en friendstival, el octavo aniversario de vice, naafi ball preshispanic realnes, boiler room gdl, entre otros show.

Su musica se encuentra entre la experimentacion minimalista y el uso de percusione, suele frecer sonidos organicos y a la ves pesados, en su dj set juega con diversos generos como tropical, dembow, jersey, trap, grime y bass.


DJ / Producer

Omar Suarez, mejor conocido en el circuito underground electronico del valle de Mexico como Omaar, es un productor y DJ originario de Coacalco, Estado de Mexico. Suarez empezo su educacion de musica electronica desde muy chido en casa, gracias a que sus hermanos mayores ya estaban inmersos en ella a traves del techno, el progressive house y el trance: sin embargo el llevo sus enseñanzas un paso mas lejos, adentrandose en gustos y generos que estan influneciados a la camada de artistas electronicos underground de la actualidad. El 2014 ha desmotrado ser un año de grandes avances para el joven productor mexiquense, formando alianzas con el frecuetemente mencionado colectivo NAAFI.

Paul Woolford

DJ / Producer

With forthcoming music being released on Carl Craig's Planet E, Scuba's Hotflush Recordings, London's Phonica label, Paul Woolford keeps reinventing himself and pushing the boundaries, maintaining a hectic global tour schedule playing key clubs globally such as Panorama Bar, Fabric, Warung and D Edge in Brazil, and for the 6th year, the renewal of his key We Love.. Space on Sundays residency in Ibiza.

Initially inspired by the constant throb of the radio throughout his childhood, the seeds of Paul Woolford's future direction were sewn by the time a record-collecting addiction kicked in properly during his teenage years. This insatiable appetite for musical stimulation has driven him to explore far beyond the cutting-edge house and techno that is his stock-in-trade, and led him down more experimental paths, embracing aspects of improvised jazz through his collaborative work with Paul Hession, and taking huge inspiration from the modern composition of Steve Reich. All this is distilled within the house and techno dynamic that Woolford has made second-nature and you can clearly see these influences emerging across various productions. 

Many know Paul Woolford's name through the 2005/6 slow-burning hit "Erotic Discourse", released on 2020 Vision, the Leeds label with which he made his name initially. The success of this proved he has the ability to create a genre-defining sound and led to sales of over 15,000, capturing the imagination of DJs across the board from Ivan Smagghe to Ricardo Villalobos, The Chemical Brothers, Richie Hawtin and DJ Hell to Francois Kevorkian, Laurent Garnier, Trevor Jackson to Erol Alkan. Indeed Erol Alkan described the track as "a modern day psyche record" and the track became a stone-cold classic.

He has since appeared across international media including the cover of DJ Mag and IDJ including a photo shoot from Tate Modern's Doris Salcedo installation "Shibboleth" (after a personal email from Woolford, Salcedo gave her express permission). With each release Woolford is showing a level of artistry that is clearly on an ascending plane, and shows every sign of flourishing beyond.


DJ / Producer

Formed during 2002 by three musicians from Western Australia with similar visions and musical backgrounds, Pendulum’s mission has always been to pull together their production resources, ideas and influences from various styles of music, to create a new sound that they felt was missing from dance music. The individual members behind Pendulum had been active in Perth’s live music scene for several years: producer / vocalist / keyboardist Rob Swire and producer / bassist Gareth McGrillen played together in the acclaimed Perth band Xygen, while Paul ‘El Hornet’ Harding was a veteran of the Perth DJ scene.

The initial result of the collaboration between the three was the seminal ‘Vault’, released on the highly respected 31 Records. ‘Vault’ went on to become one of the biggest anthems of 2003. This was confirmed when the track received the much sought after Knowledge Magazine award for ‘Best Single of 2003’. ‘Vault’ was followed by a series of brilliant tracks including ‘Trail of Sevens’, ‘Spiral’ and ‘Ulterior Motive’, ‘Back to You’ and ‘Still Grey’ and a remix of ‘Tonite’ by Concord Dawn. Two heavyweight DJs that have supported the Pendulum sound ever since its creation were the legendary Adam F and the renowned DJ Fresh who asked Pendulum to join their recently formed Breakbeat Kaos label in order to form a tight crew of like minded musicians. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity; as a result towards the end of 2003 the trio relocated to the UK and have been touring the world extensively ever since in an attempt to generate further awareness around their unique sound. Pendulum’s debut single for Breakbeat Kaos, the epic ‘Another Planet’ backed with ‘Voyager’ exceeded any prior expectations. The single made its debut at #1 in the UK’s National Dance Chart and even went Top 40 in the mainstream chart.

2005 saw Pendulum release their debut artist album on Breakbeat Kaos, the highly acclaimed ‘Hold Your Colour’ that has gone on to sell in excess of 300,000 copies and spawned their first Top 30 hit in the shape of the single ‘Slam / Out Here’. The band’s full live experience (which adds guitarist Peredur ap Gwynedd, drummer Kodish and MC Verse to the core trio) also became an exciting prospect with a defining headline performance at Glastonbury’s Dance Stage being a particular highlight. By now the biggest artist on the underground, Pendulum aimed to continue their rise by signing a new deal with Warner Bros. Records / Ear Storm.

Re-emerging with the fan favourite single ‘Granite’, it was the Radio 1 A-listed follow-up ‘Propane Nightmares’ that enabled Pendulum to leap into the mainstream. The band then followed a defining performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend by seeing their second album ‘In Silico’ debut at #2 in the UK album charts. The album was certified Gold within a month of release and its success continued unabated over the summer months with a diverse array of festival appearances including Linkin Park and Jay-Z’s Projekt Revolution, Download, Creamfields, Reading / Leeds and T in the Park. Following a succession of sold-out London shows and a memorable performance on Later with Jools Holland, Pendulum’s momentum continued with their biggest UK headlining tour to date before an audience in excess of 50,000 people. Radio 1’s continuing support also included a special documentary on the band that aired over the Christmas period, while ‘In Silico’ approaches 300,000 sales in the UK alone.

Pendulum have also been making huge strides towards breaking through in America having earned praise from the likes of Billboard (who described the band as a “breakneck brand of aural dynamite”) and the LA Times (“The electro-rock band evokes the Prodigy’s sense of screaming, face-crushing bombast with savvy beats straight off the contemporary low-end-heavy zeitgeist”). Their debut US live tour featured thirteen sold-out shows from coast to coast, including a date at Los Angeles’ 1300 capacity Mayan Theater. Their tour also trekked into Brazil and Mexico. Their North American progress forged ahead with frenetic television appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and Carson Daly. Meanwhile, their continuing live popularity also received a succession of boosts with killer sets at Coachella and SXSW and their first ever headline appearance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.

One of the most visceral and exhilarating live experiences around (“One of the most enthusiastic reactions afforded a main stage act in Big Day Out history,” observed Kerrang! “Phenomenal doesn’t even come close”), Pendulum’s highly acclaimed live performance has been captured in their ‘Live At Brixton’ CD / DVD set. Grammy nominated director Paul Caslin has created an awe-inspiring visual celebration of the band’s live experience that captures the fiery intensity of the audience’s impassioned reaction with a dazzling visual artistry never before seen in a live document. Early 2010 saw a change to the LIVE Pendulum set up with the addition of Seattle born drummer KJ Sawka.

After some time spent writing their third studio album, Pendulum returned with ‘Immersion’ released in May 2010, which shot straight to No.1 in the UK Album Charts. The band followed this success with 2 Sold Out UK Tours, 2 huge shows at London’s Wembley Arena, tours in Europe and Australia and a massive summer spent smashing the international festival circuit. At the beginning of 2011 the band headed to North America where they played as special guests on Linkin Park’s ‘A Thousand Suns US Arena Tour’ followed by a run of their own headline tour dates across North America. They then returned home to Australia to headline the Future Music Festival, before heading into another summer of headline slots at festivals all over the UK and Europe, including the penultimate slot on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival, and headlining slots at Download Festival, T In The Park, V Festival and Bestival.

Perfect Stranger

DJ / Producer

Perfect Stranger is a stage name for Israeli based electronic musician Yuli Fershtat. Perfect Stranger was created around February 2005, and within 2 calendar years became critically acclaimed all over the globe, always showcasing the next step with his multi genre psychedelic dance music, and ultimately culminated being a genre of it’s own, presenting a totally distinctive sound, characterized by groovy playful beats and patiently built compositions. His music often defies genres bridging between progressive trance and techno with a presence of tribal and psychedelic elements. Perfect Stranger is successfully performing over and over at the most desirable festivals on the planet such as Boom ( Portugal 2008, 2012, 2014 ), Rainbow Serpent ( Australia 2009, 2011, 2015 ), Eclipse Festival ( Australia 2012 ), Symbiosis Gathering ( USA 2009, 2012, 2013 ), Universo Paralello ( Brazil 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 ), Glade Festival ( UK 2008, 2009 ), Antaris Festival ( Germany 2010, 2012 ), Ozora Festival ( Hungary 2012 ), Strawberry Fields Festival ( Australia 2011, 2012 ), S.U.N Festival ( Hungary 2013, 2014 ), Shambhala Festival ( Canada 2013 ), Subsonic Music Festival ( Australia 2011, 2013 ), Motion Notion Festival ( Canada 2012 ), Harvest Festival ( Canada 2011 ), Sunburn Festival ( India 2011 ), Eclipse Festival ( Canada 2010 ) and the list goes on and on.

Perfect Stranger released 3 full artist albums, 2 remixes albums, compiled 2 compilations and appears on well over a hundred other releases ( compilations, EP’s, albums etc ). He also owns the “Digital Structures” label, where he publishes more Tech orientated sounds.

After his epic “Free Cloud” album released on Iboga Records 2008 one of the critics wrote:

”A generic label would not do justice to the depth of Perfect Stranger's heartfelt music, which transposes feelings from across the wide range of human emotions. In his creation, you’ll find tracks inspired by the bliss of sunbeams, by an ironic but yet candid take on the simple pleasures of life, or by the darker side of the self.

His demanding standards regarding what our man qualifies as the “art” of sound, have led him to appropriate today’s trend, undoubtedly Techno, which he also DJ’s with a rare understanding and acute intelligence. His “new hybrid sound”, that incorporates Progressive Trance embedded in the dirty Techno-ish grooves and breakdowns, actually enables to maintain that old school spirit that is missed so much nowadays, but in a totally new and exciting presentation and composition. That is why it's the ultimate brain candy out there at the moment.”


DJ / Producer

Pinto es uno de los artistas mas excitantes de explorar dentro de la escena mexicana.

Es fundador de “Nëim Records” y actual miembro del equipo de Hector en “Vatos Locos”.

Su estilo musical se distingue por una suave composición de percusiones House y Tech House.

Es famoso por su programación impecable y energía inagotable tras los platos. Cada noche expone historias reales a través de la música que programa, con un estilo que maneja variantes que van desde el House y el Techno y  siempre da lugar a una melodía clásica en sus sets.

Rell The Soundbender

DJ / Producer

Rell The Soundbender has a passion for infusing different sounds into his music. The producer started his career securing placements for notable Hip-Hop talent including Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones, and Flo-Rida. With a passion for blending the unexpected, Rell’s radical production process soon led him to aligning genres that typically remain separate. His Panamanian background led him to embrace Moombahton, which resulted in his track with David Heartbreak “Killa” being placed on the Moombahton Forever compilation on T&A Records. This compilation featured work from Munchi, GTA, Dillon Francis, Craze, Nick Thayer and more. 

He has also produced bonafide Trap hits in “Grimey Thirsty” & "Angels X Demons" which have made many appearances on Diplo's BBC Radio 1Xtra mixes. His official remixes, meanwhile, have included Bro Safari’s “Scumbag” and Snoop Lion’s “Lighters Up.” The latter was the official remix of the first single from the musical icon’s Reincarnated album. Rell also released his first EP “Gambozoo” on Skrillex’s imprint NEST in 2014.

Rell has taken to describing his sound as a battle “where lasers and drums fight to the death,” and has also become notorious to trap aficionados through live appearances at events such as Miami’s Winter Music Conference; and for sharing stages with the likes of DJ Craze, DJ Sliink, gLAdiator and more. With his profile rapidly rising, Rell will continue to push sonic boundaries by “Soundbending” Hip-Hop, Trap, Moombahton, House and wherever else the music takes him.

Rickber Serrano

DJ / Producer

Nació en la ciudad de Toluca, Estado de México, con más de 10 años de experiencia profesional en el medio de la música electrónica.

Desde su incursión en la música mantiene un sonido fresco, poderoso y lleno de energía, con influencias de artistas como Fedde Le Grand, Thomas Gold, Axwell, Blasterjaxx, etc.

Desde hace ocho años su principal herramienta de trabajo es la plataforma “Ableton Live”, y a lo largo de estos años exploro géneros como el House, el Progressive House y actualmente el Electro House y Big Room (EDM). 

Su creatividad y calidad musical lo han llevado a trabajar con diversos labels como BeatBox Records (México), Rock Da House (México), Move It Records (España), +Mas Label (Electronic Meeting Point, México) y Bonerizing Records (Suecia).


DJ / Producer

At his young age, Mexican DJ and producer, originally from Toluca has a consolidated career, being one of the prodigies of the national electronic music industry.

He has hosted gigs in the most important night clubs in Mexico City, such as Dinsmoor, Ink Studio, Janis, Walther, TerrazaRoma, Balmori, Toco Madera, Olive Santa Fé, W Hotel, Jardines de México and many more.

Among others, he has shared stage with Tom&Collins, Jorge Nava, Lemarroy, Mau Moctezuma and Enjambre.

At the moment, he is working in new original productions with outstanding Mexican producers.


DJ / Producer

Rossell’s DJ and Live Act appearances are in more demand than ever! To date, his unique sound has been exported to Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Bucharest, Geneva, Manchester, Ibiza, Barcelona, Costa Rica New York and Miami to name a few. All of the above not only as a main act but also sharing the stage with names such as: David Guetta, Groove Armada, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, James Zabiela, Mylo, Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, to name a few.. Production wise, Rossell could be named one Mexico’s most active producers today. His tracks and remixes have international DJ and radio support. His original productions have been used as openers in two Essential Mixes for Radio One.

Royal Highness

DJ / Producer

The key to success for Texas based FutureBorderTrap duo Royal Highness is that King Louie and Principe Cu’s productions showcase the best of classic and modern generations of Latin musical genres in one hybrid postmodern groove.

King Louie’s best known in underground dance circles as a member of the Austin, Texas based and globally renowned Peligrosa, dj and party promoters crew, while Principe Cu, a member of the Trippy Cholo and Bombón collectives, plus eldest son of A.B. Quintanilla and nephew of iconic slain Tejano vocalist Selena.

For the past half decade, the two producers/djs have achieved success independently. However when they combine as Royal Highness, the tandem’s shared interest in everything from trap, electro and techno to house or cumbia, reggaeton and most importantly Houston Rap familiar “chopped and screwed” music are equally explored.

Royal Highness’ sound has been cosigned by a wide list of forward thinking music influencers like Mad Decent, Dim Mak and the underground beloved Healthgoth movement. Their style is one that encompasses everything from Louie’s birthplace of Madrid, via Torreón and Juárez/El Paso to Principe Cu’s family’s global renown and blends in the accordion laden dance rythms around bordertown BeachSide parties to which their current home areas like Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas are familiar.

On debut La Clinica Records album L o Ke Tu Quiera, these elements are combined with the skills of well established collaborators, like Beatmaster mexican legend Producer Toy Selectah, reggaeton innovator DJ Blass, prolific songwriter and urban artist Maxx Gallo and and others.

What emerges and excels here, is a tropical funk sound that’s diverse and entirely appealing to young Latino audiences worldwide. “Damelo” is the lead single, featuring mexican roots reggae emcee Jah Fabio and the aforementioned DJ Blass, as Remezcla.com praised the track is a “supersized record” with “classic flair.” Thumping basslines, strong trap drums, pitchshifted and razorsharp synthdriven grooves and deep low end vibrations are all explored.

King Louie notes that this album is meant to “keep professional party goers moving all night and into the morning hours.” As well, he also states that his years of playing “a lot of the best known and well attended hipster, electro and reggaeton parties and festivals around the world” have inspired him, and that he expects a “high energy frenzy” from playing the album in his sets. Principe Cu remarks, “[my] family’s background has allowed [me] to take a liking to all music,” and that Lo Ke Tu Quiera represents “classic Latin sounds being transformed into a very uplifted and cinematic today’s futuristic transcultural reality!”


DJ / Producer

Ruthless started spinning records in 1995, and shortly after, he was already making mixtapes for local radio stations like Radio Balans and Stadsradio Rotterdam. He started as a hardcore dj and became a resident dj at Kozmoz (BE) and Maddox (NL).

Since 2002 Ruthless is playing all over the world. You can find him in the biggest clubs and of course the big events like Qlimax, Defqon 1, Decibel,Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Reverze and many more! His favourite styles are Hardstyle, Jump/Tek, Oldschool and early Hardcore! When Ruthless is behind the decks, you can expect fast mixing, exclusive tracks and different harder styles in one dj set.

As you know, Ruthless is also a producer. After the release of ‘I Feel Like Dancin’ and ‘Whores In Da House’ his career really lifts off! He has mixed many compilations and  made many remixes for artists like Benny Benassi, Pulsedriver, Greg C, Technoboy, Coone, Pavo & Zany, Mark With A K, and many more!

He founded the legendary jumpstyle label Square Beats in 2004, moved to Scantraxx in 2009, and nowadays Ruthless is an official member of the Dirty Workz crew.

Together with Paul Elstak, mental Theo and Darkraver, Ruthless is also one of the 4 residents of the Pussy Lounge .

Keep an eye on his schedule and his upcoming releases!

Sak Noel

DJ / Producer

1983 – Sak Noel is born in La Cellera de Ter (Girona), Catalonia. During his early ages, he develops a huge interest for artistic creation. After playing with different disciplines, such as writing, painting or filmmaking, he ends up choosing music as the main interest.

2003 – Sak Noel quits college to start an entertainment company called “Moguda” (“Movement”). In this company, Sak Noel explores all his interests working as music producer, journalist, video director and TV presenter, among others.

2010 – After working several years on “Moguda” project, Sak Noel produces his first big hit “Loca People”. He closes “Moguda” and creates his own company “Noel Music”.

2011 – “Loca People” becomes an international sensation being number 1 in more than 15 countries around the globe. Sak Noel is the 1st Catalan artist to be number 1 on the BBC Official Singles Chart in UK. The song gets over 300 million views on Youtube and is licensed by labels like Ultra Records, Spinnin’ Records or Sony Music. It also achieves Golden Disc in Germany, Holland, Italy and Denmark. Later that year, Sak releases the “Loca People” follow up: “Paso”.

2012 – Sak Noel is nominated for “Best Urban Song” at the Latin Grammys for Pitbull’s remix of “Loca People”. He also wins in the “Best Latin Dance Track” category at the International Dance Music Awards during the Miami Winter Conference. Later that year, Sak Noel releases the 3rd single, “Where”, finishing his 1st EP called “Crazy Society Triolgy” which includes “Loca People”, “Paso” and “Where”.

2013 – Sak Noel releases “Party On My Level” with Miami singer Sito Rocks and “I Am The Law”.

2014 – Sak Noel releases “Young & Reckless” featuring Grammy winners Da Beat Freakz. He is the 1st Catalan Dj ever to perform at the Official Latin Grammys After Party at Hakkasan, in Las Vegas.

2015 – Sak Noel releases “No Boyfriend” featuring Mayra Veronica. Song debuts as number 40 on the US Dance Billboard Chart and peaks 32 as the most played song on US Radio. “No Boyfriend” gets over 20 million views on Youtube and is released by Ultra Records. Later that year, he releases “Pinga” which gets nominated as “Best Latin Dance Track” at International Dance Music Awards during the Miami Winter Conference. By the end of the year, Sak Noel releases his 1st album: “Born To Party”. His Youtube channel breaks the 100k subscribers barrier and receives the Official Youtube certification.

2016 – Sak Noel releases “Trumpets” featuring international star Sean Paul on his own label Barnaton. “Trumpets” is also released by Diplo’s label “Mad Decent” in US & Canada and by Island Records in UK & Ireland.


DJ / Producer

Sakro is a young DJ and producer who represents the new wave mexican house, his home country. He draws from his house influences, jazz, soul and hip-hop through the currents of the cities of Detroit and Chicago. His productions have been honored as much in digital as on vinyl, on labels such as Karlovak, La Vie En Rose, Housewax, Fathers and Sons Productions, Amam, Lake Placid, Houseworx, Street Knowledge, soon Raum…Musik and now Bon Vivant, his own imprint with his pal the parisian talent Andrade. 

He has seen his compositions be played by big names, from Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Dorian Paic, Thomas Melchior, Richie Hawtin, Hold Youth, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Dyed Soundorom, Dewalta, Ray Okpara to ZIP – co-founder of Perlon Recordings label – who included his production ‘Jazz in the Forest’ in his latest FABRIC 67 compilation. His talent led him to perform at a Boiler Room in Mexico City in 2014, and talent, well Sakro has a lot more where that came from.


DJ / Producer

If there are boundaries yet to be broken, then you can bet that Sasha has got them in the crosshairs. He's been battering them down since Shelley's, The Hacienda, Renaissance and Twilo; from Airdrawndagger to Involv3r. Since 2011, he's carved a new way with his increasingly pivotal Last Night On Earth imprint, the label that has introduced into its family fiercely forward-thinking producers like My Favourite Robot's James Teej, Simon Baker, ThermalBear, Ejeca, Ghosting Season, Max Cooper and Knox.

Then there was the arrival of the long-awaited third album in his 'Involver' series in 2013, the intricate and challenging 'Involv3r'. It combined on one disc Sasha's peerless command of dance floor sensibilities and on the other his skilful exploration of beatless soundscapes, featuring his exclusive interpretations of tracks from The xx, Blondes, Little Dragon, Benjamin Damage, Foals and ThermalBear. It also featured 'Shoot You Down', his own spine-chilling anthem with vocals from the beguiling Swedish chanteuse Kicki Halmos.

Boundaries out of the studio have been equally unsafe. Taking over with his Last Night on Earth parties around the globe, Sasha has brought nothing but the finest line-ups to clubbers around the world. Last summer he hit the world-renowned Space Ibiza with a monthly LNOE residency, which showcased the likes of Scuba, Catz & Dogz, Heidi, Magda and of course Sasha himself. He also hosted his first festival arena with Last Night on Earth at SW4 in the capital earlier this year.

It doesn’t stop here though. 2015 will see Sasha taking things to another level on and off the dance floor. Expect big things from his parties around the world, which he is running alongside his imprint label Last Night on Earth. In his own words, Sasha says, “We have some really exciting things planned for 2015, some great releases and I will be collaborating with some of the very talented artists we have championed"

Seven Lions

DJ / Producer

Producer Seven Lions has never had a problem breaking rules and transcending musical boundaries to satisfy his creative vision. Catching his break after winning a Beatport remix contest in 2012 with his dubstep focused version ofAbove & Beyond's 'You Got to Go', Seven Lions, born Jeff Montalvo, garnered early support from the likes of Skrillex and his OWSLA label. 2013 tour dates with Porter Robinson and Krewella pushed Montalvo and his genre-bending production style to the forefront of the modern electronic music scene.

Putting sheer technical production prowess to work in soulful, deep, hybridized creations all distinctly his own, the multi-talented musician is single-handedly changing the sonic landscape for future generations to come by bridging the gap between the soaring, ethereal vibe of trance and intensely adrenalizing bass music. His productions have seen stages at world-renowned festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (New York and Las Vegas), Electric Forest, Electric Zoo, South by Southwest, and HARD.

After several successful releases under the OWSLA label (his debut EP, 'Days to Come', reached #2 on the iTunes Dance charts), Montalvo released his highly anticipated 2014 follow-up EP, 'Worlds Apart', on Republic Records' dance imprintCasablanca. Containing several notable features which include Ellie Goulding and Tove Lo, Worlds Apart debuted at #1 on the iTunes Dance Charts, and the title track was also featured in Billboard's 'Top 10 Electronic / Dance Songs of 2014' list. Even with the release of his fan-controversial single, 'Lucy', Seven Lions continues to receive high praise from notable EDM publications glorifying his itch to avoid creative stagnation. According to Billboard, Montalvo"continues to champion [dubstep's] melodic potential" andDancing Astronaut, while acknowledging that 'Lucy' was a significant departure from his previous sound, praised the track as "a potent crossover track that is destined to go over well in trance and big room sets alike".

Seemingly not content to simply alter the soundscapes that people will associate with EDM, Seven Lions has also begun to rearrange the way tracks are released and grouped, forgoing the typical "track by track" scheme for a more thematic EP format. 2015's 'The Throes of Winter' hints at a larger seasonal theme, to be continued through to his future releases. When asked about the spark for this vision, he explains, "Since artists aren't releasing proper albums anymore, it makes sense to create something that's digitally artistic with real cohesion as opposed to tossing out singles and just haphazardly seeing what sticks... I wanted to start making the music more thematic, interesting, and part of something larger."


DJ / Producer

Ollie 'Skream' Jones is on a major roll. The 24 year old Croydon DJ, producer and original dubstepper had the festival anthem of last year with his Let's Get Ravey remix of La Roux's 'In For The Kill'; he's just been featured on the cover of NME with his Magnetic Man co-stars Benga and Artwork; and as we speak, he is all over Radio 1 with the first single from his second solo album, Outside The Box. The tune in question, 'Listenin To The Records On My Wall', is the perfect introduction to why Skream's current level of success is just the beginning. It's a joyful, ragingly energetic celebration of the last quarter decade of British street music, inspired by the hardcore and jungle records used by his older brother Hijak who was part of Grooverider's Internatty Crew. It's also a brilliant pop record that makes perfect sense to everyone who grew up surrounded by the breaks and beats of the 1990s – and to those who didn't.

This, however, is not a revival record. A natural born modernist, Skream has selected 14 tracks that cover hip hop ('8-Bit Baby', with LA rapper Murs from Living Legends), bass-wobbling dubstep (the self-explanatory 'Wibbler'), dreamy electronica ('Perferated'), a dark and tribal track with La Roux, and a strong dose of euphoric jungle on 'The Epic Last Tune'; a track that is inadvisable to listen to whilst driving – unless you want another six points on your licence.

A lot has happened since the 16 year old Skream left school with no GCSEs and a top-flight training in white labels and nightclubs. "I hated school and school hated me. I was rarely there and rarely wanted to be there. When I first saw music being made on a PlayStation, that was it. There was never going to be anything else. I know people who got 5 A-Cs but now they look like they're dying of boredom." He started working at Big Apple Records in Croydon, a place that holds the same place in street-up dance music as Rough Trade does in punk. Arthur 'Artwork' Smith and Danny Harrison, 2-Step remixers du jour circa 1998, had a studio upstairs and when Skream and Benga weren't downstairs in the shop, they were watching and learning from their local masters at work. "The shop helped me grow up to be not a dickhead in terms of talking to people I didn't know. You'd get builders coming in buying garage records and you'd have top distributors. I met so many different people from different places."

In the early days of dubstep he and his Big Apple posse made music for themselves and a select band of listeners. There might have been 20 people at FWD>>, the night where resident DJ Hatcha first played Skream's records, and where he first DJed, but it didn't matter. Gradually, more people got involved, drawn in by the raw power of the music and well-documented tipping points like Mary Anne Hobb's Radio 1 show and an influential online forum. And if they heard anyone, they heard Skream, who became an enthusiastic regular on the international dubstep circuit and made an early anthem in 'Midnight Request Line'. "That tune was when people from the mainstream started looking into the underground. They weren't embracing it, they were like 'wow there's this movement'… and they moved on." Then, in 2006, he got the parts to Hot Chip's 'No Fit State' and began playing it out. The following year he contacted The Klaxon's record label for the parts to 'Not Over Yet', stripped it down, added synthetic rushes and major bass power, and made it his own. Then came La Roux. Skream's now infamous remix of "In For The Kill" that got leaked, downloaded thousands of times, and then before long Annie Mac was championing it, urging listeners to get the mix to Number One.

He has always made tunes at an incredible rate: he has two albums (Skream! in 2006 and Outside The Box), two compilations and 81 tunes released since 2003 and many hundreds more he's played during DJ sets. There are 872 finished songs on the hard drive he's been using since 2007 (and about the same on the hard drive he used between 2001 and 2007) and at least 20,000 song files in his current studio which is still in his old bedroom at his parents house, which is useful for both continuity and tea and toast on tap. "I work at a fast rate. If I'm not into an idea after 25 minutes I start something else."

Outside The Box is the sound of an artist who is ready to take his considerable talents to a wider audience without compromising any of the raw, hedonistic, emotional, loose-yourself madness that has made him literally legendary to the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Take 'Where You Should Be' a song which could have been made by Mike Skinner had he spent his whole life inside nightclubs, and features singer and songwriter Sam Frank. "I don't think I'll ever be sick of that track. I've easily listened to it 500 times. It's not fundamentally for the dancefloor." There's the 8-bit computer game inspiration of 'CPU'; the Daft Punk styled vocals of 'How Real' feat Freckles; the tuff but soothing heart-beat of 'Fields Of Emotion' and the Jocelyn Brown-sampling 'I Love The Way', which sees the first lady of disco pitched right down ('she sounds well mannish") and which you might have heard at Skream's massive festival sets at Pukkelpop, Glastonbury or Roskilde, where he and Benga began their crowd-surfing habit.

Towards the end of the album, there are moments that point in a whole new direction, like 'Reflections', a tune written with talented drum 'n' bassheads dBridge and Instra:mental. "It's opened my eyes to a whole new way of working. I was playing the bass, and they were programming drums and playing the pads and strings. I was used to sitting in front of a screen." And then there's 'Song For Lenny', a sad and very personal musical dedication to a lost friend.

Album aside, life's busy for Oliver Jones. He's back DJing after taking some time out at the start of the year, switching up his DJ sets to include 4/4, techno, garage and grime – in fact there's a brilliant track with Newham Generals 'I Can't Wait' that missed the album tracklist by a whisker – and, most weeks, hosting his Rinse FM show–now alongside Benga–where listeners get to hear new tunes and Skream and Benga's inimitable banter. There will be a bonus edition of the album with another four or five tracks on it, and another Skreamizm EP later in the year, as well as the Magnetic Man live shows and album. It's going to a big summer, inside and outside the box.


DJ / Producer

Little is known about Miami-based SLUGGERS but in almost no time they have landed support from industry top dogs Skrillex, Boys Noize, A-trak & Diplo. This has lead to SLUGGERS appearances at some of the worlds top festival stages including TomorrowWorld, Ultra Music Festival & EDC Las Vegas. After landing a track in Skrillex’s BBC 1 Essential Mix the Slugs were tapped for an EP on OWSLA’s Nest to close out 2013. 2014 brought SLUGGERS an official remix of Diplo’s single, ‘Revolution’ on Mad Decent, their HYPR/COURTESY EP released on Fool's Gold Clubhouse, and Voyager EP on Main Course Records.

Space Cat

DJ / Producer

SPACE CAT is Avi Algranati from Israel. Born and raised in a musical family, Avi was showing great passion for music from a very young age. In 1988, Algranati won first place at his first national DJ contest. Shortly after, at the age of 21, Algranati discovered the electronic music scene and in 1993 he build his first recording studio. He begins to channel all his energies and sources by creating Psytrance music or as we knew it then Acid music. In a short period of time he conquers the globe with his unique sounds & melodies. 

In 1994, Algranati released music under the name Indoor at NMC records.

In 1996, he released his 2nd Phonokol album under the name DNA Productions, Phreaky, Tripsters(With Dino Psaras) and many more. 

Throughout the years Algranati released four Space Cat albums. The 1st album "Beam Me Up" came out on BNE Records in 1997. 

In 1999 he released his 2nd Space Cat album "Shapes Of Sound", The 3rd album "Power Up" came out in 2002, and 4th album "Mechanical Dream" was released in 2004 on Vision Quest Japan. 

In addition, Algranati had also released numerous tracks on various compilations as well as on the PlayStation 2 game "Gran Turismo 4". In 2005, Algranati won first place as best DJ and top place as best live act at the Israeli dj magazine competition along with big names such as Infected Mushroom and Skazi. This lead him to become even more recognised & adored by the fans and public. 

On 2006 Together with Ari Linker a.k.a Alien Project And Ido a.k.a Quadra, he created the famous label H2O Records, Always in motion, Algranati moved on to collaborate with Alien Project in his recent project Alien vs The Cat. and releases 3 more killer dance-floor albums under The Names "Space Jam", "Hear the noise","Alien Vs The Cat Remixes". 

These albums were played globally and remained well known within the trance industry. 

Space Cat new album The Remixes was released in September 2010 which was packed with melodic full-on bombs. 

These days Avi is back in full gear working on a few different projects which will be released soon... expect something highly worthwhile.

Talla 2XLC

DJ / Producer

Living in Frankfurt, and championing the sound of euphoric and progressive trance across the globe, Talla 2XLC has become known for peaktime beats, and his vast list of productions speak for itself. You’ll instantly recognize a Talla 2XLC tune when you hear one. Keeping his trademark sound alive and kicking, he kicks in with powerful releases. 

With releases on Armada, Perfecto, Euphonic records, and Tetsuo music, it’s evident that Talla´s "Addicted to trance radioshow on afterhours.fm and podomatic is one of the most listened trance shows online. 

It’s no wonder he is continually booked to play at the biggest trance events like, Ultra Miami, Trancefusion, Mayday, Nature One, Quest 4 Trance, Luminosity and Gatecrasher to name but a few. 

Further afield, Talla has graced the crowds of Australia, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Poland, the Czech. Republic, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Mexico and Argentina… the legacy of a great talent. 

With a World tour announced for 2013/14, an best of album just finished and plenty new singles and collabs, Talla 2XLC will continue to be hot property for the future. 


DJ / Producer

Tayhana (Patagonia/Argentina) DJ, productora y co-creadora de Heidrah Club de Baile, colectivo artistico que manifiesta su accion politica mediante el baile y la defensa de los cuerpos. Nacida en un barrio bajo del sur de Argentina, donde la musica ghetto era cosa de todos los dias, comenzo su busqueda de tirmos provenientes de otras periferias del mundo, para poder comprenderlo. Mediante sus mixtapes y performance en vivo, intente llevar a la pista de baile su carga emocional. Politica y sexual, sin hacer oidos sordos a las realidades que se viven en el dia. Actualmente, se incorporo a naadi clud de baile para formar parte de su propuesta musical.


DJ / Producer

David Teruel emerge de una nueva generación de músicos entusiastas de Ciudad Juárez. Influenciado desde temprana edad por la cultura Hip-Hop, adoptó esto como una parte importante de su estilo de vida y desarrolló una gran habilidad para expresiones artísticas que definirían el camino de su carrera.

Hace 10 años David se inició como DJ y en este relativamente corto lapso de tiempo, ha desarrollado una rica mezcla de estilos entre Minimal techno y Tech-house combinando todo tipo de música a lo largo de su camino.

Hoy en día David se ha enfocado en su faceta de productor teniendo éxito en disqueras como “Ascencion Records” con base en Nueva York y últimamente con la renombrada “Crosstown Rebels” de Londres y “Proton Limited” de Dallas.

Su constante búsqueda por las nuevas tendencias, basto gusto musical y afinada técnica a la hora de pinchar, dan prueba de que es el DJ más dinámico en Ciudad Juárez, una de las ciudades claves de México con mayor crecimiento en música electrónica.

Tini Tun

DJ / Producer

Tini Tun was born and raised in Mexico City, in 1990, along with his brother DJ Quecho, he formed one of the most important electronic bands in Mexico called Conditus. They composed several tracks like “Move Your Hands in the Air” and “Neptuno” which were released on several major dance compilations in his country.

A year later at the age of 15, Tini Tun began his DJ career playing at the first rave parties in Mexico City, with excellent response from the audience. He became one of the pioneers of progressive music in the Mexico electronic scene. From then on, he has played around the country in all major cities like Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Puebla, Cuernavaca, Morelia, Chihuahua, Culiacan, Merida, Cancun, Acapulco, Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen, among others. Every year he is invited to play at the legendary BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen.

Today, Tini Tun is asked to play around the world for his rapid career record and impressive impact on the international audience. He has played in several countries like Costa Rica (Contacto Parties), Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, the UK, Switzerland, Prague, Russia, Canada, Puerto Rico, the USA and South Korea.

After becoming a member of the prestigious Balance Record Pool back in 1997, he performed in several festivals and clubs across the US at The Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans, San Francisco (1015), New York (Twilo), Chicago (Crobar), Los Angeles (Giant), Colorado, Virginia, Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis and Las Vegas.

He has appeared at the Ministry of Sound Sessions for the UK Radio broadcasted on several radio stations in North America. In the year 2000 Tini Tun played in front of 15,000 people at the ACA World Fest in Acapulco with an excellent performance. In 2002, John Digweed shows Tini Tun as the first Mexican DJ, to be on his radio show Kiss FM in London, having a great response from the radio listeners. In 2013, John Digweed invited him again for his radio show called Transitions.

Tini Tun has shared stage with prestigious Dj like Sasha, John Digweed, Guy Gerber, Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Buttrich, Heidi, Nick Warren, Lee Burridge, Bill Patrick, Blue Amazon, Paul Van Dyk, Chris Fortier, Jimmy Van M, John Creamer, Mobius Strum, Audiofly, Sean Cusick, Dave Seaman, Paul Oakenfold, Butch, Sandra Collins, Taylor, Anthony Pappa, Luke Fair, Pole Folder, Randall Jones, Quecho, Light, Vazik, Balcazar & Sordo, The Midnight Perverts, Richie Hawtin and Sven Vath, to name a few.


DJ / Producer

Antonio Donà a.k.a. Tuneboy was born in Bologna, Italy.

At the beginning of the Nineties, Antonio bought some equipment, a couple of records and started practising. His natural talent emerged quickly: in 1995 he produced his debut single titled ‘Integrated’ under the alias Wide World. Just one year later, Antonio gave his first live performance at the legendary Cocoricò club in Riccione, Italy. 

In 2000, Antonio joined the Alternative Sound Planet production team where he met Cristiano Giusberti a.k.a. Technoboy. Together they became the pioneers of a new energetic sound today known as Hardstyle. 

Antonio has produced under countless aliases such as HARDSTYLE MASTERZ, TECHNOBOY, K-TRAXX, TUNEBOY, TNT, THE KGB’S, 2 BEST ENEMIES, DARK OSCILLATORS and BUILDER. His tracks are released on Hardstyle's top international record labels: TITANIC RECORDS, BLQ RECORDS and DANCE POLLUTION. 

Antonio became the man behind one of the most successful projects Hardstyle has ever known: Tuneboy. This project has always been a special one: he put his heart, soul and passion into Tuneboy. The hit track 'Housensation' was the first of a string of successes. Dancefloor fillers like 'Demolition', 'Sexbusters', and ‘I Will Growl' followed and turned on hardstyle lovers all over the world.

In 2008, Antonio decided to drop out of the studio more often and tune in to where all the magic happens: the dancefloor. In 2008 he brought a CD map filled with his biggest productions to Holland and stepped into the DJ booth at Q-BASE. As Tuneboy he played a memorable set that made thousands of hands reach for the sky and for more of his music. Parties like Qlimax, Defqon, X-Qlusive, In Qontrol, Decibel, HardBass, Tomorrowland, Dance Valley, Black, Q-Base followed.

As well as performing worldwide, Antonio is still producing high quality hardstyle tracks. To date, he has produced over 500 tracks supported by the biggest international names on the scene. Tuneboy is also 50% of TNT a.k.a. Technoboy 'N' Tuneboy.

Past, present and future, Tuneboy is pure Italian Hardstyle.

Two Wayz

DJ / Producer

Sam Koen and Hot Tuneik, Mexican DJs and producers, combine their great talent to create Two Wayz.

Their remixes are recognised by their unique style which includes Future and House Sounds.

Two Wayz is currently working on their first EP which will include vocals from international singers, while they light up the night at Mexico's best clubs.


DJ / Producer

The Jersey Club movement is being hailed by music authorities such as FADER and VICE, being the next big wave in dance music. Thankfully, this movement has found it's first lady to pave the way it into the future. UNIIQU3, born Cherise Gary began her music career as a sought-after vocalist in the club scene, and has recently solidified herself as one of the most electrifying producers in the game. From throwing some of Jersey’s hottest DIY events, like her signature event #135theParty, to now spreading the genre across the globe from Australia to South America leaving her impact wherever she goes.

Within the past year, she’s worked with Givenchy, Red Bull Sound Select, H&M, MTV, Boiler Room and more, to provide a unique experience to a variety of diverse audiences worldwide. Her records have been obliterating festival and club sound systems through the hands of some of the most influential people in dance music such as Skrillex, A-Trak, Diplo, Anna Lunoe, Nina Las Vegas, Sinjin Hawke. She’s also shared the stage with notable artists and DJ's such as Rae Sremmurd, Kehlani, Skepta, Cashmere Cat and Hudson Mohawk to name a few. As a performer, UNIIQU3 is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser who moves effortlessly from hard-hitting bass music to hip-hop, R&B along with her own live cuts. She also had the opportunity to perform at Coachella and continues to hit festivals stages all around the world.

UNIIQU3 is the future of dance music, who continues to raise the bar by pushing the genre forward. She is on a mission to inspire others by proving to the world that you can do whatever you want as long as you work hard and stay true to yourself. Be on the lookout for her debut EP on NLV Records early 2017.

Valentino Khan

DJ / Producer

Valentino Khan makes everything. From hip hop club anthems to dance music hits, Valentino’s production knows no bounds. He has produced hip hop for multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning artists and continues to create his own sound in the electronic music world as an artist.

Valentino Khan has gained the support of artists like Diplo, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, and many more noteworthy musicians. In 2015, he produced his original song “Deep Down Low” which recently was named as “Most played track by DJ’s in 2015” by 1001 Tracklists and Sirius XM Radio’s Number 1 Song of 2015 on Atomic Area. Khan’s 2015 was a big year, performing at Ultra Music Festival, Hard Summer & Hard Day of the Dead and releasing collaborations with Flosstradamus, GTA, remixes for Dillon Francis, Axwell & Ingrosso and Zeds Dead.

He currently has a great deal of new singles lined up for release on OWSLA. So far in 2016 you can find him on tour direct supporting Carnage and Jauz with several big festival announcements coming soon! This year brings about a slew of new shows, music, and collaborations that make 2016 Valentino’s biggest year yet.

Vertical Mode

DJ / Producer

Vertical Mode is the new collaboration force of 2 generations. On one side you have the veteran and much respected Moshe Keinan, better known as Xerox and on the other side the young and explosive Hanan Gorenshtien, aka Volcano. Together they form the ultimate alliance of the old school psychedelic experience blended perfectly with the new blood of progressive trance power. Each of their tracks possess a solid base of deep vibrations and ultra sonic laser shots, bringing forth a fresh start to a new way of psychedelic story telling. Vertical news include upcoming remixes by Astrix and Zentura , Vertical remixes for Sub6's Goa anthem 'D.T.N.F' and for Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics mega hit 'Mind=God' and also amazing collaborations with the upcoming stars Symbolic and Darma.


DJ / Producer

After meeting up back in 2007 Willem van Hanegem & Ward van der Harst came together to form W&W and they haven’t looked back since. The past years this Dutch production and DJ duo have transcend the boundaries of genre and traverse the globe with their music and performances.

Fusing styles and mixing influences, W&W combine the uplifting and melodic elements of trance with the raw intensity of electro and progressiveness of house to create a sound that is uniquely their own. Infectious, rebellious and highly energetic, their list of productions is championed by the likes of Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta and more for its breadth, diversity and massive appeal to multiple audiences.

From their earlier works like the synth-driven ‘Moscow’ and floor pounding ‘Shotgun’, to later projects like ‘Invasion’, ‘Lift Off’, the embodiment of their multidimensional sound, ‘D# Fat’ with Armin van Buuren, the massive ‘Jumper’ with Hardwell, Beatport #1 smash ‘The Code’ with Ummet Ozcan (which became the most played track of Miami Music Week 2013), their chart topping remix of Armin van Buuren’s ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ and the official Amsterdam Music Festival anthem ‘Thunder’, these tracks have more than 10 million plays on Spotify; it’s clear each of the tunes leaving the W&W studio is a sure-shot of dance floor thrill.

But the biggest track of W&W so far was yet to come. The massive hit ‘Bigfoot’ came out in February 2014, became #1 at Beatport, generated many plays at international radio stations and festivals all over the world. And that was only the start of 2014; after ‘Bigfoot’ W&W continued to release hit after hit after hit. In 2015 they continued their success by releasing major tracks like ‘Rave After Rave’ and ‘The One’, a tribute to Whitney Houston, which uses the vocal samples from Whitney’s major hit ‘How Will I Know’.

As DJs, currently #14 in the DJ Mag Top 100, they are also dominating dance floors and festivals around the world. 2015 featured a hugely successful Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference/Ultra weekend with the performance at the main stage at Ultra Miami as a highlight, Ultra worldwide, Tomorrowland, EDC and their ‘Rave After Rave’ summer tour. Their headlining status at the world’s most leading festival and clubs is about to get even bigger.

W&W were the first ever dance music act to perform at a Major League Baseball stadium when they took over Philadelphia Phillies Citizen’s Bank Ball Park for a two-hour set. If that wasn’t enough, W&W continues to prove their status as innovators and tastemakers in the scene by also curating music for their Mainstage Music label, which released tracks from Armin van Buuren, Headhunterz, Dash Berlin, 3LAU, Andrew Rayel, Tritonal, Sick Individuals and many more!

Since October 2014, W&W have their own radio show on SLAM!. Every Friday night, from 23:00 until 00:00, Willem and Ward will rock Dutch airwaves with their show ‘Mainstage’. In this program, the two demonstrate their versatility and play only the best new music. The show has more than 300.000 listeners per week and gets uploaded to Soundcloud plus is available as a Podcast. North American fans can enjoy the show at the biggest radio station in the USA: SiriusXM.

They started 2016 with ‘Arcade’ a new collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and a vocal solo single ‘How Many’. Next to those their special ‘Festival Mixes’ of Justin Bieber’s Sorry and Adele’s ‘Hello’ have also been doing major damage recently, with the former proving one of the highlights of their killer Ultra Music Festival set in Miami. With over 2.000.000 plays on YouTube, their set has become one of the Top 5 most watched of the entire event.


DJ / Producer

Yousef is a complete force within electronic music, and has come to represent the ethos of the modern DJ. Absorbing a litany of roles, a seasoned authentic peerless dj, a label owner, a producer and remixer, an event organiser, a mentor, and a seemingly relentless flow of creativity.

His efforts are thoughtful and considered and all approached with meaning – Yousef is there to educate as well as entertain. There are few who balance musical maturity with such a creative edge, the experience informed from his illustrious past combining a forward thinking surge to the future. Ensuring a philosophy that will never lose its allure.

Yousef bring’s together the seductive groove and swing of archetypal house readily with the energy of techno. Whether going straight for the jugular or being more deft and subtle, Yousef remains technically and musically peerless, one of the globe’s finest masters of a four-four beat.

An endless global touring schedule, showing the world his authentic and live 3-deck Djing dexterity, a man at ease in front on 10000 people, as he is 100. Ibiza to Indonesia, Argentina to America, South Africa to South Korea, few corners have been untouched.

Yousef is a producer in demand from the world’s supreme labels. Following on from recent offerings on Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Defected, Cecile, Cocoon, new music has just been released on Loco Dice’s impressive Desolat imprint, and forthcoming on Dennis Ferrer’s renowned Objektivity Records,. Remixing Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Jamiroquai, Moby, Blakkat, producing music for this years FIFA World Cup album, and gravitating his own Circus Recordings to a entirely new level and releasing last summer’s leading underground cut, Green Velvets “Bigger Than Prince”, which resurfaces with a new Yousef remix in June.

Yousef’s record label  “Circus Recordings” continues to spread its all-encompassing memorandum of the finest in underground house and techno. Signing heroes like Reboot, Carl Cox, Green Velvet, releasing music from Sven Vath, Four Tet, Nick Curly and Guti, and re surfacing the super talented Harry Romero, as well as developing fresh names like Acid Mondays, David Glass, Kydus & Ki Creighton, and building a strong platform for Yousef’s own music, with his recent release “Believe in Love” featuring the vocals of the legendary Roy Davis Jr and new release “By The Way You Dance out soon.

2012 saw a second Yousef artist album. ‘A Product of Your Environment’ received incredible reviews, including Ibiza Voice’s album of the year and Mixmag the “all genre” top 20 albums of the year. The organic development of the music was enough for Defected Records to invest in taking 3 singles from the album to release to a wider audience. Three Yousef singles for Defected appeared in the last year, “Think Twice”, “I See” (ADE week Buzz Chart #1) and of course “Beg” which sat at the top of the Beatport charts for 10 weeks.

Yousef’s collaboration with The Angel, the anthemic “Float Away” released on FFRR/Warners/Big Beat Records, was last summers Ibiza hidden treasure, and is still simmering with a new set of remixes coming soon.

You can’t discuss Yousef and not mention Circus, his world-renowned club events. Now proudly in its 12th year of activity in its home city of Liverpool, and now befittingly, one of the most important soirees of its kind, anywhere…

Patenting a formula that combines the established alongside the future stars of the underground, residing alongside the control of Yousef in residency. Inviting every icon of the industry worth seeing. Think – Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Sasha, Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Laurent Garnier… Circus has been instrumental in the early and developing careers of Jamie Jones, Eats Everything, Loco Dice, Maya Jane Coles, Seth Troxler and Davide Squillace and endless more when they were unknown many years ago.

Circus has enhanced Liverpool’s reputation as an epicentre for electronic music culture. Its revered status is augmented by the quality of its bookings and the loyalty of its crowd. It’s a club whose founding ethos remains the same to this day: ‘serious music and fun times’ / “entertainment & enlightenment”.

The recognition of the efforts of Circus came quick and fast, winning UK Club Of The Year from the BBC. The dance music press continues to universally respect and admire the club’s achievements, praising each new chapter. When BBC Radio 1 wanted to celebrate their epochal 500th Essential Mix DJ, Circus was their only choice to host the historical occasion. The event saw Ritchie Hawtin pitted side by side with Sasha, with Pete Tong holding court as Aeroplane made history, with Yousef of course taking centre stage.

Whilst Circus’ home is resolutely Liverpool, the event took up residency in the nations capital at EggLondon. With fairly modest start, fast-forward 18 months to witness a development into an unprecedented and literal ‘road block’ events, and a weekend two night ‘club take over’, in March 2014. With Circus events in Barcelona, Serbia, New York all confirmed for 2014 a travelling Circus has been formed, which is testament to years of hard work and dedication from Yousef and the small but impressive Circus team.

This impact as a gateway for high-grade dancefloor driven electronica translates to his weekly radio show 21st Century House Music, currently syndicated to 20 different nations with more territories signing up weekly. The mantra is simple, supporting new, fresh good quality house, techno and electronica, across the full spectrum of the genres every week. It already boasting a legion of listeners, essential listening for any fan of modern electronic music.

A 21st century artist in scope, sound and stance, his lust for electronic music as a DJ, producer, record label owner, promoter and music enthusiast is stronger than ever. The man remains an unstoppable juggernaut of electronic music. and a huge contribution to the global electronic music scene.


DJ / Producer

Zomboy came crashing head first into 2016 with the game changing single ‘Like A B*tch'. Taken from his hotly anticipated Neon Grave EP, the track became the go-to set opener for the likes of Skrillex, DJ Snake and almost every bass DJ at Ultra 2016.

While the EP Crushed the charts, the 'Neon Grave' tour saw Zomboy sell out venues all over North America and has set the tone for an incredible 2016 for the producer.

Never one for slowing down, he's since remixed the Chainsmokers' huge crossover hit ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, and has embarked on his annual festival run, destroying crowds one by one with his inimitable energy and stage presence.


DJ / Producer

DJ, productor, pintor e ilustrador, Alejandro Nuñez Ferrara aka Zutzut, nacido en Monterrey, Mexico ha estado involucrado en la escena electronica Mexicana desde 2006, cuando empezo a pinchar. En 2010 empezo a producir, lo cual llamo la atencion del colectivo NAAFI, donde actualmente forma parte.

Con su propuesta musical, Zutzut electronica experimental tomando sonidos de los paises de america latina.