Beyond Wonderland

Southern California 2017: The Endless Sea


A New Chapter begins, as we set sail upon The Endless Sea! #BeyondSoCal returns to the NOS Center for a transformative underwater adventure - Friday, March 24 & Saturday, March 25!

Tickets on sale now!


12th Planet

DJ / Producer

12th Planet is the electronic music pioneer whose off-axis beats and subsonic frequencies orbit on the forefront of global bass culture. Recently named “Los Angeles dubstep god” by Rolling Stone, 12th Planet AKA John Dadzie and his influential label SMOG Records are widely credited for bringing the British movement stateside, and continue to be a crucial force in the evolution of electronic music. 12th Planet's DJ sets now include a myriad of styles that reflect the current, diverse landscape of EDM music and continue to display his role as an essential tastemaker in the dance music world.

12th Planet burst onto the scene in 2006, releasing tracks that helped ignite the North American EDM explosion and collaborating with the likes of Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Datsik and Plastician. In 2012, 12th Planet’s seminal track “Reasons” (Doctor P Remix) was named by SPIN Magazine as one of the ‘30 Greatest Dubstep Songs of All Time’ -- after all, “nothing set the tone for domestic bass culture quite like this Planet's orbit,” said SPIN. 12th Planet has gone on to be recognized as “King of Dubstep” by SPIN and “US dubstep godfather” by UK’s dance music bible Mixmag after headlining tours across the globe and performing at major festivals including Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival and more.

Since 2006, 12th Planet has also led what’s become one of the most thriving underground movements in electronic music, with MTV calling the crew a “pioneering incubator of bass music in America." The SMOG crew, with 12th Planet at the helm, continues to produce top quality events in Los Angeles and beyond, always pushing forward as an internationally recognized leader in U.S. bass music. However, John Dadzie's role has extended beyond just bass music to encompass the whole of EDM, including what he recently described to OC Weekly as "transition music," -- a sound that incorporates diverse styles and BPMs. His DJ set is no longer classifiable by genre but best dubbed "a trip to the 12th Planet and back."


DJ / Producer

Born and raised in Paris, Aazar holds a major part in Point Point’s team. Since his first track “Shake” (in collaboration with UZ), he keeps confirming all expectations put on him. This first success was followed by a collaboration with DJ Snake for a remix of Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe”, an official remix of “Get Low” and some tracks out on the Mad Decent Label. Supported by some of today’s biggest acts, Aazar won’t stop to impress.

AC Slater

DJ / Producer

AC Slater has begun a lengthy career for himself by fusing elements of house music with the dirty basslines of UK garage and sprinkles of old-school rave synths and breaks.

AC Slater's career kicked off with a bang in 2008, with his seminal remix of "Turn the Music Up" on Trouble & Bass becoming an instant anthem. Moby listed it as one of the best 10 tracks of the decade, declaring it a "perfect song." AC has collaborated with influential underground artists such as Nina Sky all the way to chart toppers like Far East Movement, and has done official remixes for the likes of Big Sean, Moby, Robin S. and many more. A quick look at Slater's Beatport page reveals well over 100 tracks and remixes over the last five years, including his best-selling Jack Got Jacked EP, a blatant declaration of the invasion of house music by all things bass (and the start of a lengthy friendship with Jack Beats).

Fast forward to the present, AC has toured the globe several times and his tunes have been played at every major festival and club in the world by DJs including Skrillex, Diplo, 12th Planet, Jack Beats, and so many more. Slater's tunes and guest mixes can regularly be heard on major radio stations across the world, including the UK's BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM and Australia's Triple J. His crew Trouble & Bass and his own record label Party Like Us continue to release some of the most groundbreaking and forward-thinking bass-heavy dance music in the underground.

Alison Wonderland

DJ / Producer

2015 saw her US live show debut at Coachella, her debut album Run, debuting at #1 on the US Electronic Billboard charts, a US tour taking in stops in NYC, Miami and Chicago with EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, European tour and a HUGE sold out Australian Warehouse tour, 2016 is looking very bright for Alison Wonderland.

The way you hear her tell it, Alison Wonderland has wanted to name her first album Run since before she knew how to play an instrument. It’s something that she’s carried with her over a diverse career spanning multiple projects, all of which have crystallised in a record that’s a twisted looking glass into the soul of one of Australia’s most promising musician/producers.

Welcome to the contradictory world of Alison Wonderland; an Australian artist who has written an album during her time in Los Angeles, a public personality who privately obsesses over her music with near-­?maniacal intensity; an electronic producer who is equally proud of her pop songs and her festival bangers.

She’s a chemical performer who has played cello in orchestras, rocked the bass in indie bands and graced turntables in front of thousands. From Stereosonic to Splendour and Coachella, not to mention a killer ‘Diplo and Friends’ BBC radio mix and a national run of secret warehouse shows that sold out in hours, Alison Wonderland has probably racked up more air miles in the last 18 months than hours of sleep.

Thanks to the non-­?stop rotation of her breakout hit ‘I Want U’, which topped Hypemachine and its EP Calm Down, which garnered millions of plays on Soundcloud, Wonderland has become known not only as a crowd-­?pleaser, but also for her ability to craft great songs. ‘The way to be a good producer is about using your ears,’ says Wonderland. ‘If you just did what textbooks said, nothing new would ever happen.’

To help her develop this vision on her first feature-­?length, Wonderland worked with some great songwriters from both sides of the equator; Djemba Djemba, known for his work with Diplo’s MAD DECENT label and the cutting edge up and coming producers from around the world AWE, Lido, Ganz and Alexander Burnett.

Run is a record that feels like the ones Wonderland bought growing up. As a DJ, if you don’t have a direction to take an audience in, what’s the point of playing a set? I feel the same about an album, she says. With its definitive opener and closer, Run is defined by its shapeliness. “Order is so important”, says Wonderand. “Even live, it’s not always about being ‘bang bang bang’; you have to have lulls, you have to bring people up again, you have to take them to another place and do it tastefully.”

Running the gamut from electronica, future beats, trap, and dancehall to classical and pop music, Run, is a dance album with personality. Wonderland sings on almost every track, a decision she made while in Los Angeles, and also took lyrical control. “My lyrics and melodies come faster the more music I’ve written, and it’s easier to delve into my mind,” she says. “Especially these days, music that’s made from your soul is better than music that’s made from your brain.”

The record boasts a robust rolodex of guest collaborators, all of whom Wonderland describes as close family. “I’ve never dialled in someone. I only wanted to make this album with people I fucking love,” she said of Run, which features Norwegian wunderkind Lido, New York rapper Johnny Nelson, SAFIA’s Ben Woolner-­?KIrkham and even Flaming Lips impresario, Wayne Coyne. Wonderland’s approach to writing with others, like most of her life, is refreshingly unorthodox. “The first thing I say [when someone I’ve never met gets to the studio] is ‘Tell me what’s going on with your life. I want to hear the last thing that made you cry.’ And we sit for hours and talk to each other and then we get down to the music.”

Run is about striving for greatness, and never feeling like you’re quite there, which is sort of what Wonderland means she says it’s an album about her time in Los Angeles, and observations of people, love, anxiety and the industry. It’s the infectious groove of first single ‘U Don’t Know’, the crushing beats of ‘Ignore’ and the near-­?ecstatic release ‘Carry On’, the sound of the DJ who won’t leave the stage until the makeup is running down her face and she’s drenched in sweat. It’s the anthems-­?in-­?waiting, ‘Run’, ‘I Want U’ and ‘Games’, a pop number sneaking out of left field.

But what Run is really all about, what you can hear and feel when you play it, is Wonderland’s very real inability to sit still. ‘I always feel like I’m never satisfied,’ she says. ‘When I get to a certain place, I’m still not content. It’s really about pushing yourself.’

Alison Wonderland dives down all manner of audio rabbit holes with Run and emerges with something unique and personal. She drives everyone around her crazy. She drives herself crazy…But her debut album is out, she’s played Coachella had two ARIA nominations and here she is, still running.

The question is, can you keep up?

Aly & Fila

DJ / Producer

Aly & Fila are now amongst a select elite, legends in music who alongside Sting, Kylie Minogue to name but a few to have performed at one of the Great Wonders of the World – The Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. This was undoubtedly their biggest show in their career and they made history by becoming one of the only electronic acts to host their own show their and to perform there.

As hot as the Sahara and standing every bit as tall as pyramids, they͛re the single most successful group to have emerged from the spiritual lands of Egypt. From the Med to the Red and from up high in Cairo, to down deep in the Sinai, they͛ve built an immense, ultra-loyal in-country following, From that foothold turntable Shamans, Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib went global. For close to a decade their spirited take on the trance sound has captured the hearts, minds and imaginations of planet trance. With their whip-smart productions and sandstorm sonics, their performances have raised the bar at some of the world͛s most recognized clubs. Comparably they͛ve also ruled at EDM͛s biggest festivals – EDC - Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Global Gathering, Dance Valley, Stereosonic, WMC. Continuing in a long tradition of playing the world͛s most established and respected stages Spreading the A&F message around the globe is their Future Sound of Egypt radio show. Beaming to countless thousands of desktops every week, August 2013 saw its 300th episode hit airwaves. This was marked by the FSOE 350 Worldwide Tour over 5 Cities, which drew fans from all four corners to these events. 2014 saw Aly & Fila reach 350 Episodes of the Radio show and once again marked this celebration by hosting a worldwide FSOE 350 Tour with so far Sharm El Sheikh, New York City, El Salvador, Medellin and Lubiaz in Poland announced with more to be announced. The Future Sound of Egypt marque is further amplified by Aly & Fila͛s widely respected imprint of the same name. 

2013 saw the duo release the follow up to their Rising Sun Album by releasing their second artist album ͚ Quiet Storm͛ with monster hits including ͚Mysteries Unfold͛ and ͚Running Out of Time͛ . 2014 was a very successful year for Aly & Fila. That summer saw the release of their Third Artist Album titled ͚ The Other Shore͛ with three singles off the album being released in 2014 including ͚For All Time feat Jaren͛ , Eye 2 Eye with Roger Shah and Sylvia Tosun and ͚Running with Sky Patrol and Sue McLaren͛. Also released in Early 2014 was the the Remix Album of their artist album Quiet Storm. This Year also saw Aly & Fila Mixing the legendary Trance Nation Compilation released by Ministry of Sound. With several Dj Poll Results in 2014 which saw Aly & Fila Voted No.28 in The DJ Mag Top 100, Voted No.1 in the Trance Podium Top 100 DJ Poll, Voted No.1 DJ in the Middle Eastern Music Awards, Nominated in the Best Trance DJ Category in the Ibiza DJ Awards, Voted No.5 in the Magnetic Magazine Top 100 DJ Poll. 2014 also saw the milestone of Aly & Fila reaching 350 Episodes of their weekly radio show ͚ Future Sound of Egypt. This milestone saw Aly & Fila celebrate by hosting seven Events broadcasted Live from Egypt, El Salvador , Colombia, USA, Poland, Argentina and England, with over Forty Two Thousand Clubbers attending the events and more listening online and various radio stations worldwide Also end of 2014 saw the release of Aly & Fila ͚ollab with Paul Van Dyk feat Sue McLaren – Guardian. 

2015 was a busy year with two Albums . Aly & Fila – The Chill Out Album and the second released in summer of 2015 was Future Sound of Egypt Volume 3 Compilation. They also released their the single ͚Shine͛ with Roxanne Emery , The Other Shore with Aruna and the FSOE 400 Anthem with Omar Sherif and Jonathan Carvajal . With 10 FSOE 400 Celebrations announced all over the world that year there was exciting times ahead for Aly & Fila and their fans worldwide. The pinncacle of the shows was Aly & Fila proudly hosted FSOE 400 Celebration at the Great Pyramids in Giza , Egypt. Which took place in September 2015. The FSOE 400 Tour also conincided in a FSOE 400 Compilation being released Also announced in July 2015 is that Aly & Fila for the 2nd Year in a Row have been Voted No.1 Trance DJ in the World in the Trance Podium Top 100 DJ Poll of 2015 , Aly & Fila were also Voted Number 2 in the 'Best Trance DJ'Category in the DJ Awards in Ibiza . Also in September 2015 Aly & Fila released the highly anticipated second collaboration with Ferry Tayle, this time titled ' Napoleon' . Aly & Fila were Voted Number 1 Trance DJ in the 'Trance Podium Top 100 DJ Awards' for the 2nd year in a row. As we headed into 2016 as the dust settled on the epic FSOE 400 Event Aly & Fila hosted at the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt they announced that they would host The 'Essential Mix' on BBC Radio 1 in February of that year 2016 has seen Aly & Fila continue their dominance as the biggest trance brands in the world. Aly & Fila were nominated for 2 IDMA Awards in Miami Winter Music Conference. Also early 2016 saw Aly & Fila Voted No.1 Trance DJ & No.1 Producer at the Trance Podium Awards Aly & Fila has also been Nominated for the 'Best Trance DJ Category' at the 2016 DJ Awards – Ibiza. Aly & Fila hosted x 34 FSOE 450 Celebration shows , July 3rd with Insomniac and Dreamstate @ The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles and also October 1st@ Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, UK and also October 7th at the Ancient Temple of Karnak in Luxor , Egypt and finishing off in Taiwan on October 29thEarlier that year saw Aly & Fila remix the classic track by Ferry Corsten - Beautiful

June 2016 saw the first single of the year with the smash hit 'Million Voices' with Luke Bond featuring Audrey Gallagher. Several other singles have been released in 2016 including Aly & Fila with Ahmed Romel – Kingdoms (FSOE 450 Anthem) and also Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah with Susana – Unbreakable . All Singles in 2016 have reached #1 on Beatport Trance ChartAly & Fila were Voted # 1 Trance DJ in the 2016 Trance Podium Top 100 DJ Poll for 3rd Year in a Row and were also Voted #41 in DJ Mag Top 100 Poll 2016 (3rd Highest Trance DJ in the Poll behind Armin Van Buuren and Dash Berlin)The end of 2016 saw Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah & Susana – Unbreakable Voted the Number 1 track of 2016 on Armin Van Buuren's ASOT Radio Show.

The start of 2017 saw Aly & Fila Voted #1 DJ & #1 Producer on the 2016 Trance Podium Awards with FSOE 500 to come in 2017 and new artist album, the future looks bright.


DJ / Producer

The tail end of 2015 finds ANGELZ on an exciting tip: tearing up his blueprint and digging into his experimental core. Known for pushing boom bap edits onto discerning dance floors and up the charts, the G-House pioneer is irrepressibly drawn to this creative axis as a prodigy and as a rebel.

ANGELZ synthesized his experience as a producer and his passion as a music lover. “I’ve always liked the rawness of hip-hop mixed with the repetition of house beats. In my live sets, I’ll take some obscure techno tracks and make edits, maybe add acappellas over it, and make them into new tracks. It helps people digest complex genres when you have something familiar.”The former Def Jam signee, who ghost-produced chart topping beats between homework assignments as a 15-year-old, says “Everyone, the labels, were coming at me, asking me to replicate a track I’d made for someone else. So I started sending them random stuff. I had started listening to Detroit techno and Chicago house, and they were like ‘No one can rap on these beats!’ So they stopped calling.” The demand for conformity reminded him of the time his piano teacher chided him for deviating from the assignment and creating a song instead of studying one.

Testing limits comes easy to ANGELZ, who as a teen was addicted to P2P networks like The Neptunes IRC, “It was super illegal, I didn’t know that Diplo was also on that channel and so was Tyler the Creator. I became a huge hip-hop head in love with Timbaland and the Neptunes. I learned how to sample by listening to Alchemist. I was the biggest pirate,” says the man who adopted the DJ alias Smasha at age 8 to label the Big beat-laden mix tapes he had started making.

Reinvigorated by a reclusive 2011 in Australia with a “crummy laptop”, ANGELZ prepared for his turn in the spotlight as Skrillex was blowing up. “I was really into Justice, Boys Noize, Crookers, Para One,” he says. “I realized then that there’s a market to be your own man.” It was a game changer for ANGELZ, who at 20 already had 8 years of producing rap to his credit but no idea how to DJ or do the “house thing”.

Embracing house wholeheartedly, ANGELZ has gone back to one of his enduring strengths: sampling. The proof is undeniable on his new single “Hey Girl”. To be released by French house-master Tchami, its slow, B-boy hard house groove captures ANGELZ’s new sound. “It’s 100% about the vibe.”

However divergent ANGELZ’s direction may seem, his sonic compass is clearly on point. Though still in his early 20s, ANGELZ’s baroque beats fuse hip-hop’s raw energy and house’s hypnotic rhythms with a psychic’s ear and a veteran’s finesse. Beats that once left executives scratching their heads soon had fans moving their bodies and superstar peers praising him in their sets. The world may not think it’s ready for ANGELZ; fortunately ANGELZ knows better.


DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

Astrix has been one of the leading trance producers and DJs in the world for more than a decade, carrying his musical message of psychedelic emotional uplifting trance to every corner of the world, to the biggest urban clubs and far away beaches, huge festivals and underground events. Devoted to his art and a true perfectionist, Astrix is known for his massive hypnotic explosive sets on the dancefloor and for his precise detailed production in the studio. Both always laced with tons of feel and musicality. His music has been topping the charts and his albums are considered milestones. Astrix fourth studio album, “” will be released early in 2016.


DJ / Producer

In the middle of a global explosion of Electronic Dance Music, a genre that thrives in the most exclusive nightclubs of the world’s cosmopolitan cities, a prodigious producer has emerged from the unlikeliest of places. The small seaport town of Mystic, Connecticut, has been the home of Audien (AKA Nate Rathbun) for his entire life, and it’s in a small apartment in Mystic where Audien began creating music in 2008. Using a very basic set up, and a secret cocktail of plug-ins, Audien worked diligently to hone his craft. By age 17, while his friends were either preparing college applications or teeing up jobs, Audien began to test the waters by sending his unsolicited music out to producers, labels & bloggers. Though confident in his sound, Audien carefully managed his expectations, suspecting it was unlikely that he’d hear back from a random demo submission. An enthusiastic response came, however, from Flashover Recordings, the trance label owned by beloved Dutch Producer/DJ Ferry Corsten. Audien’s single “Rise & Shine” was released, and soon thereafter he was off to the races.

Over the next two years a slew of renowned labels came calling, gravitating to Audien’s stunning melodies & innovative sonic landscapes. Audien worked meticulously, but prolifically, churning out anthems & remixes for labels including Armada, Spinnin, and Anjunabeats, with tracks routinely charting on Beatport. Audien’s tracks also began to appear on compilations assembled by some of the genre’s giants, including Tiesto’s Club Life, Above & Beyond’s Trance Around The World, and Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance. A particularly exciting opportunity presented itself in May of 2011, when Audien had the opportunity to open for Van Buuren at New York’s Roseland. In just 3 years, Audien had gone from idolizing Van Buuren to sharing a stage with him.

As Audien has continued to release tracks into 2012, his music has evolved to include elements of Progressive House. The monster 2012 release These Are The Days was lauded by influential blog Dancing Astronaut as a “catchy summer anthem,” while The Top Sound noted “the combination of flawless evolution, beautiful piano chords, & trance-y plucks makes this an absolutely brilliant track.” Never straying far from his roots, Audien released his highly acclaimed song Eventide on Anjunabeats in August of 2012. Audien’s relationship with Above & Beyond continued to blossom through the fall; in November, A&B premiered Audien’s track Wayfarer as the first ever song played on their new radio show, Above & Beyond Group Therapy.

Elsewhere in November 2012, Audien released the incendiary progressive house track SUP, via Trice Recordings. SUP was featured by Dutch icon Hardwell on episode 87 of Hardwell On Air. Commenting on the track, Elektro magazine declared, “… this production takes its listeners on a roller coaster ride of uplifting synth progressions, chaotic builds, and hard, bouncing drops that holds the ability to move crowds wherever this banger is played.” Shortly after the track’s release, Audien joined Hardwell on tour for dates in New York & Boston.

With his ability to create fresh tracks in auto-pilot, Audien has turned his attention to performing live, a craft he takes just as seriously as his production. Audien recently performed at some of the hottest clubs in the US including L.A.’s Exchange & Lure, San Francisco’s Ruby Skye & Harlot, New York’s Pacha, XS in Las Vegas, and Miami’s LIV. With more big shows forthcoming, Audien is ready to continue his rapid rise out of Mystic, and around the world.


DJ / Producer

Born in Las Vegas and currently residing in Southern California, Aweminus (pronounced ominous) has manifested into one of bass music’s most promising emerging artists. Since late 2012, his unique take on dubstep and drum and bass has garnered the support of artists like Excision, 12th Planet, Funtcase, Getter, Trollphace, jPhelpz, Bukez Finezt, Protohype and more.

Aweminus first became known within the dubstep community after promotional clips of songs like “Viper” and “The Beast” began circulating on Youtube in early 2012. As a 16 year old, he was named a winner of Getter’s Fallout Remix Competition and went on to win a spot on the Remix EP which was released on Firepower Records. Aweminus went on to release three EP’s before the end of 2014; the “Shift” EP with Subject 31 through Prime Audio, the “Hard Ticket” EP on Abducted Records, and “Chuckie” on Bass Face Audio.

2014 brought about the release of his hit “GBUS” EP on The Dub Rebellion’s label Octane Audio. Excision’s Shambhala 2014 Mix Compilation (Rottun) was released on the very same day and featured the VIP of Aweminus’s classic “IJDGAF”, which Excision had been rinsing throughout his tour and festival sets. Aweminus had two tracks “Syrup” and his remix of “Nah Nah” by Bommer and Crowell featured in Duploc’s compilation “Recommend Volume #4” that was released on Bassclash Records in December 2014. 2014 also saw the release of Bommer and Aweminus’s collaboration “Squirm” through Prime Audio on Bommer’s “Curses” EP.

2015 has been a very solid year so far for Aweminus. Within the first three weeks of January, two new collaborations and a remix had been released on beatport; “Cold Blooded” with Definitive (Prime Audio), “Four Horsemen” with Phiso, Acting Damage, and Ripple (Firepower Records), and Aweminus’s remix of “Wolf Dance” by Acting Damage (Prime Audio). In the Spring, Aweminus was named an official member of the Savage Society Records crew and a resident DJ at Escence Audio. Aweminus will be performing in Paris in April as support for Excision’s France Tour and has his sights set on a tour later this year.


DJ / Producer

BENTZ first hit the the electronic music scene in 2012. Since then he has provided a steady stream of diverse music touching on genres including Trap, House, and even his own brand of Future Bass that incorporates complex music theory with ethereal and relaxing beats. Ben Crossgrove, also known as BENTZ is an accomplished Jazz bassist that brings his own flair of musicianship into all of his works. BENTZ resides in Upstate New York and continues to make his name known in all areas of electronic music. He boasts an impressive track record of support including the likes of UZ, DJ Craze, Party Favor, Ookay, and many more. 2015 proved BENTZ could not be stopped when he released his debut Future House track with Swagglerock, “Close”, that was acclaimed by many blogs. His track “1Day” boasts his love of complexity in music which caught the attention of the wildly popular collective, Daruma. BENTZ also showcases his diverse skill and creative sound design in his track with Vocalist, Eli Flynn titled “Save Me” which was quickly picked up by Dope Mag. His track “Powdr” released in November 2015 features his “off the grid” programming and was hailed as “a Carmack-inspired, percussion driven record.” by Nest HQ. BENTZ is holding nothing back in the upcoming year with more big releases and genre bending tunes, showing that BENTZ is a diverse producer and jack of all trades in the electronic music industry.


Hometown: Owego, NY
Currently living: Owego, NY
Origin of name: I ran out of ideas, so a friend of mine actually suggested it to me. I wish it had more meaning, but I guess my creativity is limited to music itself.
Weapon of choice: If we’re talking actual weapons, my 12-gauge has my heart. If we’re talking instruments, my MTD Kingston KZ6 bass is my baby.
Source of power: Carmack, of course.

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
If at first you don’t succeed, try again! I entered three times myself. Just keep making music and being unique; that’s the only way to stand out nowadays. So much has already been done musically, so push those boundaries and you will be successful.

Blurb Yourself:
Music is the one thing I can always count on. Anytime I’m down, the easiest thing to do is grab my bass or sit down at a piano. I believe instruments are the easiest way of expressing and releasing emotion—and many times, the more emotions I’m experiencing, the more interesting the ideas I can create. Music is kind of like that best friend you can always talk to—it’s not going anywhere and you can get a lot back from it in response.

Was there one particular moment in the recording or mixing process for your Discovery Project entry that made you feel like you were creating something pretty damn special?
After my first full listen of the mix, I knew it was one of my best. It kinda gave me the impression that if I were ever going to win this, this would be the entry that did it.

Are there any dots to connect where/how you grew up to your musical output?
Music was really just a choice I made on my own. I don’t come from a family of musicians, so my high school band director certainly played the biggest role in keeping this passion going for me. I owe him a lot.

Tell us about your most memorable night out as an artist or as a fan.
My first show was Tiësto and Porter Robinson, back when he was in his electro phase. I was 16, so my dad had to go with me. We both awkwardly stood there among a slew of drunk college kids, but I’ll never forget how mesmerized I was by the performances. That pretty much started it all for me.

How, if at all, does listening to music figure into your creative process? What’s the last song you heard that made you drop what you were doing and go into the studio?
After seeing Mr. Carmack a few weeks ago, I had so many ideas. My biggest inspiration always seems to come from attending shows.

If we pressed shuffle on your iPod while you went to the bathroom, what would you be embarrassed to come back to us listening to?
You’d probably come across some jazz, but no way I’d be embarrassed.

What sound or noise do you love?
Instruments that are actually tuned properly.

What should everyone just shut the fuck up about?

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture?
While a lot of people hate this, I love that it’s become accessible for more and more people. I think everyone should get a shot at creating the ideas in their head. To me, that’s exciting, because everyone has the opportunity to bring something different to the table.

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
No two songs I make feel related to me. Sometimes, I almost feel like I don’t have a definitive “BENTZ sound” to describe. Idk, somebody else could probably point it out. If so, please enlighten me as well.

What do you remember about your first DJ gig?
My first show as BENTZ was at a bar, which rarely ever hosts EDM of any kind. All my best friends came out, and they were pretty much the entire crowd. Aside from that, some older guy harassed me the entire night and even wrote me a note telling me how terrible I was. So yeah, it was a successful first show.

What’s the hardest professional lesson you’ve learned thus far? How did it make your life easier—or more difficult?
Some things are better left unsaid. As artists, we always have a lot to say when it comes to defending our work against criticism. The easiest thing you can do is just ignore it, as hard as it is. Giving in to the critics and haters will only bring the worst out in you, and it wastes mental energy that could have been spent on many more productive things. It’s hard at first, but eventually you won’t even think twice about it.

Bleep Bloop

DJ / Producer

Bleep Bloop’s musical world is one of stripped back, bass-heavy beats paired with stark, surreal soundscapes. Aggressive and off the wall sounds weave in and out of heavy drums as he blends genres into a low frequency style that works as well at a festival as it does in your headphones.

Bleep Bloop has earned the support of distinguished artists such as DJ Shadow, 12th Planet, DJ Craze, ƱZ, Kode9, Boyz Noize, Minnesota, Herobust, and G Jones, to name just a few. He has performed at sold out shows in flagship venues across the country alongside DJ Shadow, Cashmere Cat as well as Low End Theory (LA). His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio1, Diplo and Friends, Rinse FM, and on every continent except for Antarctica (maybe).

“Angular, brutal and barbed with a bass tongue that tickles with both a west coast and UK twang, it’s the sound Bleep Bloop has been cooking since he was first baptized by bass” -Dave Jenkins, UKF

Bass dipped in liquid question marks and rolled in lazers.


DJ / Producer

For the last two years, BORGEOUS has had an astronomical rise to fame. The LA-based Platinum recording artist and DJ/producer is quickly making waves in the scene and has already accomplished three Billboard Dance Radio Top 10’s, three Beatport #1’s and a #1 on the iTunes Dancechart in 15 different countries. His keen ear and innate talent to produce a provocative, textured sound have made people take notice.

His biggest hit to-date “Tsunami” is exactly as its title suggests as the hit single wrecked bars, clubs, festival stages and radio stations around the world, gaining BORGEOUS international acclaim. It reached #1 on iTunes in 15 different countries, #1 on Beatport, received an EMPO Award for ‘Track of the Year’ and was nominated for the Juno Award ‘Best Dance Recording of the Year’. In 2014, he reached the top 10 on Billboard’s Dance Radio chart not just once, but twice with “Invincible” and “Wildfire”. “Invincible” also became the #2 Song of 2014 on SiriusXM’s BPM Radio and Wildfire was #14. BORGEOUS' remix work is no less impressive. He was recruited to remake Afrojack's lead single featuring Wrabel, "Ten Feet Tall" for Universal Music as well as Ariana Grande's "One Last Time". It was in this year that SiriusXM gave him a residency and picked up his extremely successful weekly podcast “House of Borgeous”. He was also ranked in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs at #87. His production prowess combined with a wicked DJ aptitude makes for an unparalleled performance.

BORGEOUS has already exceeded expectations for 2015 with the release of: “This Could be Love”, “They Don’t Know Us”, “Big Bang” The Life in Color’s 2015 Anthem, his ever-so-beautiful original “Zero Gravity” featuring electro pop sensation LIGHTS that went #5 on iTunes Dance Charts in Canada, his collab with Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka & DJ Whoo Kid "Toast" and many more. In the midst of a jam-packed release schedule, he is also touring the globe with shows all over the world. Be sure to catch him on the road.


DJ / Producer

Bot is of the future. Half man, half-machine; fully Italian. Exiled in West London, locked in the studio since departing legendary duo Crookers, Bot (his creators named him Andrea Fratangelo) has disassembled any expectations and rebuilt his sound for 2018. 

Since forging his new solo path, Bot has prepared half a dozen releases to deliver throughout 2013. The first, "Vamos / Go Down" EP was hastily snatched by Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label and released in March. His 2nd release, 'Indastria 2028' followed in May on his own label Main Course (with partners Astronomar & Neoteric). Next up are 2 smashers for Blood Music (Trails/One Hour) which will see the light in July and have since debuted in Fake Blood's Fabric Live 69 compilation. To round out the year, Bot joins the crew at Southern Fried once again, to drop the "Friday Pulse" EP and remixes, featuring the legendary Robert Owens. On top of that, more music from Bot and friends is being prepared for Main Course, and he's stayed busy remixing the likes of Diplo & Wiley. One thing is for certain; there are no plans to slow down!

Futuristic techno and unorthodox club rhythms are welded with hip hop influences, and a nod to the sounds and sprit of classic house. What we have here folks, is the new tomorrow.

Brandon Elliot

DJ / Producer

His mother a witch and his father a dragon 
About this one simple fact he could be bragging 
But no
He's worked long and hard to bring all the bootys to the yard 
He'll tickle that shard that is your soul
You thought he was just tryna make you dance, when all along that was his goal
From the soles of yo feet to the crown of your head
It's like he's the minister and these beats I thee wed 
What are his influences I've heard it said 
Well let's take a peek at what's inside his head
Zion I and Jazzy Jeff, for the heart of hip hop beats in his chest
High Contrast and Andy C, his next evolutionary step, drum and bass came easy
Mark Farina and Claude Von Stroke, house music and the vibes it invokes 
From 2011 -2014
He graced the stages of burningman and EDC
In 2014 he played Nocturnal Wonderland and LIB
Then in 2014 as if this were all just a dream
He with two friends became a founding member of the Cats and Boots records team
14 years he's been learning the game, he's been earning the name
Brainchild ya heard, Brandon elliot, they are one and the same

Playing along side Doorly, Jamie Jones, Flinch, 12th planet and Zion I
But this is not what makes him fly
He doesn't do it for the fame
He does it for the love, and the positively funk fresh, dirty soul shivering vibes he can bring
Ewww ewwww child 
Let him tickle yo brain

Bro Safari

DJ / Producer

Contrary to popular belief, dance music isn’t new to America. One would only have to look at the career of Bro Safari to know that the American dance music scene has been thriving for years, making waves from the States to across the globe. Bro Safari’s productions have excited crowds and been critically acclaimed by the best in the business, and there’s nowhere to go but up for this talented producer.

In fact, if 2012 was the year that Bro Safari’s name grew, then 2013 is when the rocket blasted off. After his success releasing singles “Scumbag” and “The Drop,” Bro Safari partnered with his longtime collaborator UFO! for the highly anticipated album Animal; all were free giveaways via his SoundCloud. The Animal project highlights how these two drum & bass producers took a genres-be-damned approach, creating music that they felt. The album is a cohesive masterpiece, received great accolades and pushes from a number of well-respected outlets. In a fitting cycle, they even included some raucous drum & bass tracks on the project, never forgetting where they came from.

No one can predict the future, but with the trajectory that Bro Safari is on right now, he is on track to continue to excite audiences, challenge norms, and represent quality within the dance music scene for years to come.

Camo & Krooked

DJ / Producer

WHAT IS IT about your favourite records that makes you love them?

WHY DO certain combinations of sounds surcharge your soul with emotion?

HOW CAN a chord progression invoke an elevation to an untouchable location?

The answers to these questions are the Holy Grail for all musicians. Understanding and unravelling the complex and subjective human relationship with tones, textures and triads is a constant quest for musical clarity. For the most passionate artists, this quest will take a lifetime…

Passionate artists like Camo (Reini) and Krooked (Markus): Two young Austrians who met on the skateboard but made a lifelong pact in the studio almost 10 years ago. Quickly identifying a shared vision and thirst for sonic communication, the pair have been asking themselves the questions above (and many more) since their earliest releases in the late 2000s.

At first they found answers within the high energy, chaotic parameters of drum & bass. But, as they’ve persisted on their quest, found more answers and asked more questions, they’re now exploring a much wider world of musical possibilities.

For artists so young, they’ve already achieved a huge deal: Few electronic acts are staring down the barrel of their fourth album at this stage of their career. Even fewer artists have created a made-to-measure live experience with as much attention to detail as their Zeitgeist show.

But everything you know about Camo & Krooked so far barely scratches the surface compared to their next ambitious project. Here’s what they’re up to… And how they got there.

“It’s about exceeding what you’ve done before. The next step has to be better. If we made the same thing over and over it would be painful. It’s not creative. We love the idea of not knowing what may happen. Fuck the safe path – we want to explore new paths. Some people might not like it. But that’s the risk we enjoy taking… And we’re not going to know if it has paid off until people receive it.” – Reini

These paths have been teased throughout their career – particularly with the brushed metal electro sheen of 2011’s ‘Make The Call’ and 2010’s paranoid minimal tech alias Chrome – but were properly swathed down in September 2013 with the release of their third album ‘Zeitgeist’.

After two successful thoroughbred drum & bass albums – ‘Above & Beyond’ (Mainframe, 2010) and ‘Cross The Line’ (Hospital, 2011) – ‘Zeitgeist’ was a game-changing document that showed Reini and Markus’s true passions, musical scope and future vision.

Embracing drum & bass’s famously high production standards while breaking down its infamously conservative formulas and tempo restrictions, ‘Zeitgeist’ compounded a stronger signature than they’d displayed previously…

Disco, techno, soul and funk were brazenly smelted down as the young duo carved delicate synthetic textures with soft plucks, spacious minimalist design and detailed arrangements. Abandoning scene expectation and fears of technical limitation, ‘Zeitgeist’ was a calling card for a genre-free future where artists transcend boundaries created by the fans, the labels and, ultimately, themselves.

“We want to create a sound that no one else has done before. Not just technically, but in terms of arrangement. The goal? For people know the Camo & Krooked sound at any tempo. There’s a safe way to play it when you’re establishing yourself and that’s how we did it on the first two albums… To a certain degree. But with ‘Zeitgeist’ we just did our own thing. Since then that way of thinking has grown so much it’s an intrinsic part of our musical journey.” – Markus

Joining them on this journey is essential. Many producers already have; the electric emotion and cosmic textures of ‘Zeitgeist’ are already being referenced, deftly nodded to and blatantly copied across drum & bass.
The referees have become the reference: Now, in the true spirit of exceeding past accomplishments, they’re about to take this sound, spirit and creative ideology to a new level.

In the aftermath of ‘Zeitgeist’ and its ambitious bespoke hi-tech live show, Markus and Reini have continued to study and analyse musical dynamics; how sounds ignite emotions and feelings from deep within, how space and silence are just as important as the musical elements. Above all: how music tells its own unique story.

“We listen to everything we love and constantly dissect the chord progressions and arrangements. That’s how we’ve learnt. We’ve made the connections between D&B and soul and funk. A lot of our development comes from listening and understanding.” – Reini

Studying the new masters from Jon Hopkins to Tame Impala to David August, Markus and Reini have toiled hard to understand their shared vision of their musicality and, most importantly, how they want to translate it to us.

Rather than use the same old in-the-box language, they’ve amassed a collection of analogue hardware to help them chisel and hone these messages furthermore: A Moog Sub37, Prophet8, Roland Chorus Echo, JoMoX MBaseII, Studer 961 mixing desk, mics to record their own percussion and drum libraries… The list is building, slowly but surely. Each machine helping them articulate their unique sound and define their own creative boundaries.

“Limiting your sound and understanding your machines and their capabilities is essential. Having that abundance of creative opportunities is dangerous; endlessly flicking through folders and VSTs means you never actually make anything .You never find your own sound. So we’ve thought about everything that pleases us and intrigues us so we can establish and really define our own sound. Besides…
Hardware just sounds better!” – Markus

The first taste of these analogue experiments since ‘Zeitgeist’ emerged in June 2015 with ‘Gravitas’. A dreamy, arpeggiated composition, it was the bespoke result of a creative partnership with Red Bull’s skydiving team, created to soundtrack one of the most beautiful aerial stunts the team have ever displayed. Sitting at a pensive 115BPM, ‘Gravitas’ instantly smacked of Camo & Krooked’s sound while rolling at a tempo they’d never explored before. Another example of Markus and Reini’s musicianship, it acts as the quintessential tease for their highly anticipated fourth album.

Camo & Krooked’s new album is their most ambitious project to date. Joining Markus, Reini and their stash of outboard kit are a score of local upcoming vocalists (because they love working with new artist and supporting Austrian talent), wild-skill session musicians (because they know their own technical limitations and when to call in a pro to replicate their own strums and sketches) and industry professionals such as award-winning pop architect Simon Britton whose discography is peppered with legends from Kool & The Gang to Eminem, Usher to Jimmy Cliff.
Even by the duo’s widescreen standards, it’s a brave new musical world. Building new sonic skylines on the impressive structures of their past, tracks such as the sun-freckled reflectivity of ‘Like I Do’, the delicate keys of ‘Black & White’, the slo-mo techno drones and dark bass tones of ‘If Else’ galvanise Markus and Reini’s capabilities well into the future in a way that’s not been done by their peers before. Many hugely respected artists who first came to fame in drum & bass have gone on to succeed on bigger stages… But not in the way Camo & Krooked intend to do it.

“We put so much effort and blood, sweat and tears into writing something that’s unique and fresh and not already done,” states Markus. “We don’t want to be the next big radio act”

“I wonder how long it will take till the bubble bursts? When radio moves on, everyone moves on… We want to make a deeper connection. We want people who stay with us and join the journey and not people who just respond to the hype and move-on as quickly after. But we can only do this if we are true to ourselves.”

With honesty and clarity as strong as their sonic signatures and musical passions, this is the sound of two men on a lifelong quest to understand and unravel the complex and subjective human relationship with music.

This is the sound of two men at a newfound creative peak.

This is next level Camo & Krooked.

Do you have any questions?

Cheat Codes

DJ / Producer

Chris Jay

DJ / Producer

Chris Lake

DJ / Producer

Chris Lake taps into a singular spirit evocative of dance music’s golden age by infusing funked-out grooves and natural instrumentation into decidedly modern house. It’s a sonic aesthetic that instantly incites movement and has established him as a trailblazer in the electronic dance music world. That perspective also set the stage for his forthcoming full-length debut available on Ultra Music in 2014.

At 14 years old, the multi-instrumentalist discovered progressive house music, and his life completely changed with the purchase of a synthesizer. His hobby became a profession shortly thereafter. Lake soon went from releasing much talked-about remixes to dropping dancefloor bangers. “Changes” broke the Top 10 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart in 2006, while “Carry Me Away” (featuring Emma Hewitt) dominated the same chart a year later. He followed those two early successes with the Top 10 singles “Only One” and “If You Knew,” effectively breaking into the North American market. 

Performing for packed audiences across the globe, Lake was signed by Ultra Music in 2012, and he went on to collaborate with the likes of Lazy Rich on “Stand Alone” featuring Jareth and Steve Aoki and Tujamo on the 2013 hit “Boneless.” Meanwhile, “Helium,” another collaboration with Jareth and wife Gita Lake, effortlessly transcended aural boundaries with its ethereal electronic hum, guitar twang, and unshakable refrain. After three years, he perfected the track.

Then, there’s the single “Squeak,” which encapsulates his enigmatic style and embraces that classic spirit tighter. It fuses funk, electro, melodies and breakdowns into a “groovy” hybrid evocative of Lake’s singular sound.

As a result, the best way to meet Lake is to fall into his body of work. Like all timeless music, it’s meant to be an escape, transcending eras, scenes and ages.

Chris Schweizer

DJ / Producer

Still at the young age of 24 years old Argentinian Chris Schweizer has the world at his feet with his trademark big bassline sound fusing the boundaries between the big room sounds and trance. Signed to the mighty Armada Music label in Holland his releases are getting support from the biggest headliners across the globe including Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten & Gareth Emery.

His latest productions have been getting regular airplays on the worlds biggest trance radio show ‘A State Of Trance’ as well as entering the beatport trance top 5 chart!

With many more slamming productions forthcoming this year as well as major worldwide tours planned 2016 is going to be the year of Chris Schweizer!

Craig Williams

DJ / Producer

With limitless energy, his trademark mane of long hair, and a passion for all things underground, Craig Williams has quickly built himself reputation as a musical tour de force both behind the decks and in the studio.

Hailing originally from Australia, Craig grew up playing bass and began DJing and producing 11 years ago. Taking a wild detour from music, Craig spent several years working as a Black Hawk helicopter crewman in the Australian Army, which saw him deployed to Pakistan and East Timor. After his Army tenure came to a close, Craig held a residency at the popular Full Moon events in Queensland. With the desire to continue honing his music craft strong, he moved to Los Angeles, where he enrolled in the SAE Institute and earned a degree in audio engineering.

In recent years Craig has continued to shift the gaze of the industry in his direction. His deft ability to produce both gritty banging electro and underground techno has opened many doors for him, with releases and remixes for notable labels such as Dim Mak, Motorik, Relief, Perfect Driver, and many more. 2013 saw Craig release an EP with Bromance starlet Louisahhh!!!, as well as "Paradise," a Beatport-charting collaboration with Chicago luminary Green Velvet which appeared on the legend's recent full length album Unshakeable. Craig has also made an immediate impact with his skilled DJ sets, delivering memorable performances at Chicago’s legendary Lollapalooza, EDC in Las Vegas, and main stage slots at renowned club nights such Control Fridays at Avalon in Hollywood and Porn & Chicken at Evil Olive in Chicago. With forthcoming releases lined up on Sweat It Out and Discobelle, as well as collaborations in the pipeline with Gunrose, Sharooz, and Jencen Interceptor, 2016 is quickly shaping up to be a breakout year for Craig Williams.


Hometown: Melbourne/Sydney, Australia
Currently living: Los Angeles, CA

Origin of name:
It’s my real name.

Weapon of choice:
Outboard synths and drums machines.

Source of power:
The people I surround myself with.

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
Just throw your hat into the ring; you never know what could happen.

Do you have any memorable moments from past EDCs or any other Insomniac party?
At EDC [Las Vegas] 2013, I ran into Green Velvet after he played, and I asked him how I could release some material on Relief Records. We exchanged details, and two months later he called me at 6am, asking to do a collaboration for his LP. You never know what could happen and who you can run into at the festival.

Are you impulsive with your work (in the studio and/or DJing), or do you have a sketch in mind before you start?
Most of the time, I’ll have a rough idea and elements in my head for the style of track I want to make. Apart from that, I’ll just go in on a track and jam away. I work mostly with hardware, so I just look at the drum machine and synths as different colors of sound that I’m trying to paint a picture with.

How important is it for you to experiment and take on the risk of failure?
Very. If you sit in your comfort zone your whole life, you aren’t going to grow as a person. Later on, you will find that you’re full of regret for not trying something new.

What’s the most important piece of gear in your studio?
I think this changes on the regular. My go-to synth would be my Arp2600 clone, and my go-to drum machine would be the Elektron Machine Drum. One weapon I would love to add is a pair of Audeze headphones. After having used these in the past, I can’t speak more highly of a piece of studio equipment.

What should everyone just shut the fuck up about?
The hate. People going out of their way to hate on other people just blows my mind. There is nothing wrong with having opinions and staying true to who you are, but going out of your way to hate on others that have no effect on your life is just a waste of time and energy that you could invest into yourself and the people around you.

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture?
I love seeing how dance music is growing, especially here in America. When I moved to America five years ago, dance music was still very underground to the mainstream media. Now, for better or worse, it’s everywhere. I like to think that people that get into dance music because they heard David Guetta or Calvin Harris on the radio will end up digging a little deeper and finding the wealth and depth that the dance music world has to offer.

Is success physical or internal? What does it mean to you?
I believe that success, at the end of the day, has to be a measured internally. No matter what you do, if you try and measure what you are doing by the amount of money that you are earning or the fans you have or the recognition that you receive, you will ultimately be unhappy.

Do you have a secret passion?
I definitely have a passion for fitness. In past year, this extended to distance running. My running partner for some time was Louisahhh!!! We even competed in an ultra-marathon together. Whether it’s running or some other exercise that you do for one–two hours with no phone or outside distraction, it can be phenomenal help when it’s time to work. It’s almost like meditation.


Craig Williams - EDC Las Vegas 2015 Competition Entry by Craigwilliamsmusic on Mixcloud


Cut Snake

DJ / Producer

Zero f*cks given – some would argue that’s the mantra when it comes to the Cut Snake way of life. “It’s about enjoying the moment and having a great time,” Paul “Fish” Fisher explains of his group with Leigh “Sedz” Sedley. However, it’s worth noting that there are, in fact, a few fucks the guys do give when it comes to their music. Which they have no problem showing.In the studio, Sedz and Fish channel their unabashed, fuck-all attitudes into tracks like their sultry debut single “Face Down”, and the lush vocal cut “Echo”. The guys coin an atmospheric and deep-leaning sound that’s suited to no one particular environment. As Fish tells it, “you should be able to enjoy it everywhere.” Mates since childhood, Cut Snake grew up on the Gold Coast of Australia; surfing professionally and competing against each other from the time they were 12. In this time, they developed the hilarious banter and incredible dynamic that is still prevalent in interviews and on stage. The guys got into dance music while they were touring the world for surf contests and quickly grew passionate about the underground scenes from each country they visited. With plenty of time waiting for waves, they fine-tuned their production skills from beachfront bungalows, giving their music a fresh feel and their live show a vibe like no other. Outside of their wildly successful surf careers, Sedz channeled his passion and focus for the sport into his music production, and for that he’s known as the “mad scientist” of the duo. Fish is known for his web series, His wild personality and contagious laugh have made him one of the biggest personalities in the surfing industry to date. Now that Cut Snake has relocated stateside and inked a deal with Three Six Zero / Warner Bros. Records, the guys flout the seriousness of the scene in every way possible. Their crazy video antics have amassed a cult following in their home country of Australia and given the guys an edge on US turf. The edge, of course, is in teaching their American audience how to take a break from their day jobs and have a fucking beer...or seven.

Darren Porter

DJ / Producer

From the humble surroundings of the north east of England, near Newcastle, Darren Porter began his musical journey experimenting with keyboards and pianos and without the ability to read music and not one music lesson he was able to learn what made music work, from this he began to write small film scores for independent short films, but his real passion lay with electronic music.

Whilst not ready to let the world hear his music Darren held back until he was happy with what he could hear, he then entered the “Dave Pearce bedroom producer” competition which he won after Dave heard his track “termination” only hours before the show went live, “Termination” was subsequently signed to Oceanstate Recordings.

Over the last few years Darren has built a steady reputation for driving and hard euphoric uplifting remixes known to deliver huge energy, all his remixes have been supported by some of the biggest DJ’s on the planet. 2011 was a monumental year for Darren Porter – winning the title “Tough as Titanium track of the Week” for his monster chart topping release “Daytona” – Signing his collaboration track “Springs Scent” to Sean Tyas’ label Titanium Recordings which was tracklisted at ASOT500. 2012 saw Darren explode with a flurry of remixes and originals and caught the attention of big game players even earning himself a worldwide twitter trend for his track “Foundry” while been played and supported by Armin Van Buuren. Darren remixed one the biggest vocal tracks of the summer of 2012 “Sean Tyas feat. Lo-fi Sugar – The World” which caught great reviews and was played through the world during the summer festivals.

Since Darren has released top original tracks such as “Terraforming”, “Spellbound” and The “Oracle” as well as collaborations with Ferry Tayle on “Neptunes Legacy” and ReOrder on “The Void” which was released on Armada’s Who’s Afraid of 138 Label.

Darren’s dance floor destroying productions gave him the platform to perform across the globe at world renown events such as Transmission and Trancefusion in Czech Republic, Grotesque, Luminosity and Quest4Trance in The Netherlands, Digital Society and Goodgreef in UK, Techno Club and Legendary Festival in Germany and Next Universe in Switzerland.

Daun Giventi

DJ / Producer

Since emerging onto Alter Ego Records and Enhanced Recordings with his debut EP’s and single releases back in 2014-15, San Jose, California-based Daun Giventi continues to make non-stop impressions in trance & progressive music. Along with his recent and formidable remix on the highly exclusive Anjunabeats label, Daun is no stranger to breaking into the scene at full force and becoming a familiar name on the Beatport Top charts.

With every release in the Trance Top 100 so far, his latest and personal ‘Perpetual Motion/Sutra EP’ reached #2 in the Beatport Top 10 Trance Releases chart and was featured on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy for four weeks in a row. Along with the seemingly continuous support from Above & Beyond, his ear for crafting uniquely powerful tracks has also gained the attention, and often frequent radio support, from international legends Armin van Buuren, Tritonal, Myon & Shane 54, Jason Ross, Cosmic Gate and many more.

With so many plans and big releases on the horizon, Daun Giventi shows absolutely no plans of slowing down. Staying in line with his mission to bring uplifting, atmospheric, and emotion-evoking energy to dance floors around the world.



Home Town: San Jose, CA
Currently Living: Mountain View, CA
Origin Of Name: I wish that I could say that there is a super cool meaning behind my name. I think it started back in middle school with the clothing company “Matix.” The word just really stuck with me for some reason. Eventually in like 7th grade I went by “DJ Matix.” After I started producing, I didn’t really want to call myself a DJ anymore. So I threw “Pro” in front of “Matix” to stand for pro-ducer and to head in a more pro-fessional direction. Then I just took out the “I” in “Matix” just for some extra flavor and for the sake of being nifty.
Weapon of Choice: Ableton 9
Source of Power: Beat Service, Shogun, Ronski Speed, Rafael Frost, Armin Van Buuren, Audien, deadmau5 and Above & Beyond.

What’s the biggest misconception about being a DJ?
That it’s not a competition of who can play the most/best bangers. It’s supposed to be creatively telling a story with your selection of music and setting the mood. If I wanted to hear the Beatport Top 10 I would rather just tune in to a radio show.

What is your ultimate career dream?
Before I die, it would probably be to play alongside the trance artists who have changed my life and have grown up listening to.

How, if at all, does listening to music figure into your creative process?
This is actually a huge part of my creative process. My mind always just creates harmonizing melodies when I listen to other tracks. Whenever I’m listening to a mix or something I usually get inspired by a melody or a bassline in a certain track that just makes me think, “This is fucking beautiful, this is definitely my style.” Then when I get back home, I would download the song, play it on repeat, and just write out the parts that I come up with naturally. I have to say, the last track I heard that made me stop everything that I was doing and run straight to my computer was “Zodiac” by Arston.

How important is it for you to experiment and take on the risk of failure?
It’s pretty damn important. I’m scared to do it sometimes, but it’s one of those things you just have to get over and just dive in. It’s the only way to be an influence and stay relevant in a music scene of trendy music. If it’s good, people will love and respect you for your style. They’ll be able to identify you by your sound and that’s what we should all strive for. You don’t want to be remembered as that one guy who sounds like “insert generic artist here.”

What should everyone just shut the fuck up about?
Everyone should really just shut the fuck up about Molly…and finding her. You don’t look cool and nobody cares.

What gets you excited when you think about the future of electronic music and club culture?
Hearing all the new styles and subgenres that are being made. 2012-2013 has been great so far in electronic music development. People are getting more creative and thinking outside the box to revolutionize sounds.

When you look at electronic music and the surrounding culture, what worries you about the future?
Unfortunately there is a lot that worries me about the future of electronic dance music culture. I’m really worried about the shift of focus away from the music and its message to the spotlight being put on drugs. It doesn’t really sound like a big deal. But I mean c’mon you see it all the time. People reppin’ their “hey-look-at-me-I-want-attention-and-I’m-rolling t-shirts” and their “Have You Seen Molly” bro-tanks all over the place. It’s really disappointing. I can’t ever go to an electronic event or even a club these days without being pestered for pills. I’m there for the music, not to just get fucked up. It kind of breaks my heart. The focus should be on the music and its euphoric power. To tell stories, to bring usall together—regardless of background, race, nationality, or sexual orientation. It’s the universal language that we can all understand without even needing a single word in the track. It’s about acceptance, good people, good vibes and good music. And in my opinion, if you have to do a significant amount of substances to get lost in the music experience, then maybe you should try something other than attending EDM events. I know some kids who will easily spend $500+ on tickets and end up not even remembering the whole festival. Like honestly, what is the point of that? You could have done that same thing at home with your friends for like $20. It just ruins the experience for a lot of the true fans.

Is success physical or internal?
Success is definitely internal. It’s a constant battle between doubt and determination. You have to keep telling yourself that you can make it even when you or everyone around you is maybe saying otherwise. You have to want it. Success is when you can make a living off of doing what you love.

Tell me about your most memorable night out.
I will never forget the day I met one of my trance producing idols Ronski Speed at a house party in Redwood City, CA. We just sat and talked about trance and music for hours and I got to show him some of my tracks and he actually liked them. A really life changing moment for me. That was all the approval and motivation I needed to keep working hard and never to give up. Literally one of the nicest and coolest guys I’ve ever met in the music industry. We’re still pretty good friends.

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
The best advice I could give is don’t be afraid to make music that stands out. Try not to get too caught up in the popular trendy EDM sounds and styles that are going around. Be yourself and work hard. Your passion will shine through your music and it’s quality if you take the time to perfect it. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t doubt yourself and think that your submission won’t be good enough. Just take a deep breath and send it in. You never know what could happen until you try.

Links to track and Discovery Project mix:

Winning Track


Winning Mix




DC Breaks

DJ / Producer

Drum & Bass duo DC Breaks have made their way onto the widest range of playlists. Their hardcore club cuts have been rewound by the likes of DJ Friction and Andy C. On the other hand, the songwriting ability displayed on the single ‘Faithless’, featuring Bianca, has plastered them all over the radio. That’s just the tip of a very large iceberg. DC Breaks have earned their stripes in the underground but, with an album due in the Autumn and a packed festival season ahead, they’re about to explode onto the international stage in a spectacular fashion.

Since signing to Andy C’s Ram Records they’ve carved a reputation for delivering world class remixes for some of the biggest names in pop. Their work on singles by Paloma Faith, Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey, Tinie Tempah and others, and production for Example (a cut on the ‘Playing in the Shadows’ album) woke the pair up to the possibilities offered by vocalists. It was the start of the journey that led to the forthcoming album, packed with crossover cuts such as the piano-led ‘Breathe’ featuring Dave Gibson, with its contagious, urgent chorus. Or the soulful explosion of ‘No One Like You’ sung with passion by Niara Scarlett. Or the epic blast of ‘Salvation’ wherein DC Breaks take heavy duty bass sounds and tie them to uplifting, irresistible vocal hooks.

Once they graduated to Ram itself, with monster cuts such as ‘Shaman’ and last year’s battering ‘Lock-In’, they hit the drum & bass A-league. Before long it wasn’t just the drum & bass scene paying attention. DC Breaks tunes made it onto BBC Radio via Zane Lowe, Mistajam and Annie Mac.

“Chase and Status opened the door to drum & bass being accepted in the mainstream,” says Dan, “and through that door went DJ Fresh, Wilkinson, and now us.”

It certainly looks that way with appearances at multiple 2015 festivals, including UKF, NASS, SW4 and Glastonbury.

“I love the wildness of festivals,” says Dan, “Like we played on Arcadia’s outdoor stage last New Year’s Eve, in this big tower with fire blasting out of it. I was literally three or four feet directly underneath the flame-thrower in a really small box. If something goes wrong we were literally toast!”

If DC Breaks can avoid being fried by flame-throwers, the summer will be theirs. By the end of 2015, with their debut album blowing up everywhere, the year might well be too.


DJ / Producer

Rising through the ranks of the Socal Bass music scene, one duo has stood out as a force to be reckoned with. Definitive, comprised of Alfonso Lopez & Billy Marples have established their brand of bass music mayhem in 2013 and have not looked back since-Quickly gaining notoriety for releases on respected labels such as Savage Society, Prime Audio and Chronos Records. As a collective they represent a diverse range of genres including dubstep and dancefloor Drum and Bass. Proving themselves on the decks and in the studio, with the support of key players in the bass music scene such as 12th Planet, FuntCase and Cookie Monsta, Definitive continues to be an act to watch.

Des McMahon

DJ / Producer

Des McMahon signed his first record deal at the young age of 18. Now, almost seven years later, the Philadelphia-born producer has become a staple in Washington D.C.’s swelling electronic music scene. Whether composing mind-bending drum and bass, or pushing sound systems to their limit in his DJ sets, McMahon’s unique sound encapsulates both limitless range and time-tested drive.

Despite the sonic confidence throughout his music, Des is humbled to have shared the stage with fellow artists Skrillex, Nero, Spor, and Noisia in front of sold-out crowds. The backing his music has received from world renowned artists such as Diplo, Evol Intent, and Dieselboy only validates the many sleepless nights and thousands of hours that Des has committed to his vision.

In a field with little certainty, there is no doubt that Des McMahon is poised to shake-up the status quo with his unbridled experimentation and relentless pursuit of sounds to grip the soul.


DJ / Producer

At a time when headline "DJs" shamelessly play pre-programmed - even pre-recorded - sets and the masses mindlessly embrace the charade, Dieselboy - The Destroyer - stands out as a rare virtuoso of the art and craft of live DJing. His complex, high voltage, take-no-prisoners sets have created legions of loyal die-hard fans around the world. Arguably no other DJ mixes live - on four decks - with more precision, imagination, intensity, energy and finesse.

In the history of electronic dance music, no one comes even close to matching his legacy of epic dramatic mixes, each a timeless star in his signature constellation. Dieselboy - one of the world’s finest technical DJs - has, in fact, elevated the themed DJ mix to the realm of fine art.

For over two decades one of the world’s most influential ambassadors of drum and bass, Dieselboy (Damian Higgins) is America’s most iconic underground bass music curator and pioneer.

Dieselboy is also a passionate connoisseur of books, film and food. He has written about and been interviewed about his obsession with food, and since 2014 his cooking skills have been displayed in professional kitchens around the world including pop-up hamburger events at restaurants in the Netherlands. He has collaborated on an artisan beer and a gourmet hot dog, and has a cocktail published in Robert Simonson’s (New York Times cocktail writer) new book “The Old-Fashioned.”

Dieselboy was the first drum and bass artist to chart a single on Billboard’s dance chart with “Invid” in 2000, and was the first American voted into the UK-based Drum & Bass Arena Top 10 DJs online poll in 2004. He's been featured on magazine covers, interviewed for documentaries, TV and radio, heard on MTV, ESPN and action/adventure video games, and sponsored by DC Shoes and Pioneer Pro DJ.

In 2002 Dieselboy founded Human Imprint, North America’s most prolific, dynamic and innovative drum and bass label, and is co-founder of SubHuman (dubstep, electro, trap), under the umbrella of Planet Human. Planet Human is beloved by its fans for the quality of its next level high energy releases by international vanguard artists including Bare (US), Mark Instinct (Canada), Mayhem (US), Muffler (Finland), Nerd Rage (US), Nightwalker (UK), NumberNin6 (US), Pixel Fist (UK), Subshock (Spain), Zardonic (Venezuela), and Faces of Def (Dieselboy's collaboration with Mark the Beast).

Dieselboy’s legacy is also one of non-stop trailblazing dancefloor destruction on the international club circuit as well as at major global music festivals including Bassrush, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas, Mexico, New York, Puerto Rico), SXSW, Summerfest, Ultra Music Festival, US Virgin Mobile FreeFest, Weird Bass Music Festival, Motion Notion (Canada), Shambhala (Canada), Borsodi Hegyalja Fesztival (Hungary), World Bass Summit (Japan), Jisan Valley Rock Festival (Korea), PRSPCT XL (Netherlands), Creamfields (Poland), Pirate Station (Russia), Global Gathering (UK), and PHAT 09 (New Zealand). He also toured with Moby’s Area2 and played heavy metal concerts with Orgy and Disturbed.

Dieselboy’s DJ career began in northwest Pennsylvania DJing high school dances. While a student at the University of Pittsburgh he learned to beat-match vinyl live on college radio and played trance, happy hardcore and breaks at house parties. His 1994 mixtape “The Future Sound of Hardcore” led to out of town bookings and his expanding popularity and technical skills led to the honor of being the first American asked by a British drum and bass label to mix a compilation (“Drum & Bass Selection USA,” 1996).

In 1997 Dieselboy moved to Philadelphia to be drum and bass buyer and T-shirt designer for seminal rave culture/record store 611. In 1998 Dieselboy was the first American drum and bass DJ to be nominated for Best Drum & Bass DJ at the Global DJ Mix Awards and tied with LTJ Bukem. From 1998 to 2004 Dieselboy hosted North America’s premier drum and bass weekly “Platinum” at club Fluid.

In 2000, Dieselboy co-founded with fellow Stateside drum and bass warriors AK1200 and DJ Dara the Planet of the Drums super crew (with MC Messinian) - electronic dance music's longest running annual tour, now in its 16th year (2015).

Dieselboy continuously raises the bar for the DJ mix as an art form, and each of his from 1992 to his latest tour de force “Dieselboy - The Destroyer” stands the test of time. State of the art showcases of producers and graphic artists of each respective musical era, Dieselboy’s mixes have been described as “cinematic” and “intoxicating.”

Dieselboy’s goal in creating each mix is “to make the most intricate, layered, nuanced, amazing drum and bass mix ever done. Period.” His sixth sense for sublime exquisite blends - "the sound of heaven crashing into hell," as he once described it - is as transcendent as it is legendary.

In his dramatic intros (a Dieselboy trademark) his narrators [who include movie trailer voice legend Don LaFontaine, Peter Cullen (“The Transformers”' Optimus Prime), Lynanne Zager (“Lost,” “Fantastic Four”), and Corey Burton (Disney)] describe epic - from sci-fi fantasy to soul-crushing post apocalyptic to grindhouse - scenarios. (His intro to "Wake the Dead" is a thinly veiled reference to the death of the art of DJing – a theme that resonates amongst fellow technically skilled DJs, fans and dance music aficionados.)

An inspiration for generations of DJs, Dieselboy’s longevity and relevance in a mercurial industry is a tribute to his relentless drive to create “amazing” experiences for his fans in their iPods and at his infamously explosive live shows.

Dieselboy fans praise his skills as “genius.” Says The Destroyer: “I don’t fuck around.”

Dillon Nathaniel

DJ / Producer

Sonic manipulation is the cornerstone of Dillon Nathaniel’s unconventional approach to house music. In just a few short years the graduate of the revered Icon Collective and self professed gear junkie has proven himself to be a technical mastermind and modern house music connoisseur. The strength of his thick low-end grooves and quirky sound design have caught the ears of A-Track, AC Slater, Destructo, Chris Lake, Malaa and Tchami. His sound has also begun to inject itself onto the ears of mainstream audiences with plays popping up from BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM and Sirius. And with appearances on Night Bass, Confession, This Ain’t Bristol, Main Course, Audiophile and Perfect Driver it’s clear his intent to “Shake up people’s perception of what house is” is well within reach.

While it may seem like this young bass technician has seen a quick rise, his roots run deep. The former audio engineer and gear junkie found his footing in music at an early age as a vocalist and guitar player. His father hoped to impress upon him a strong emphasis in dance music exposing the budding musician to the likes of Carl Cox and Sasha on road trips from the age of 8. He eventually brought Dillon to EDC at the age of 16. It was this that provided the ultimate inspiration to pursue a career in dance music. His ability to construct a mood extends well beyond the studio into his dynamic and energetic DJ sets. He’s flexed the subs throughout the country bringing his unique sound to Avalon Hollywood, Exchange LA, Webster Hall (NYC) and Insomniac Event’s Escape Psycho Circus. There is no doubt that Dillon will continue to turn heads as he pushes forward in his effort to reshape the face of modern dance music.


DJ / Producer

Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo, is one of the most dynamic forces in music today. He is as much an international brand as he is a musician/DJ/producer. He’s proven himself to be a ubiquitous cultural figure, consistently bridging high and low, mainstream and underground, with remarkable tact and reverence.

In 2004, after throwing influential parties in South Philadelphia, Pentz cemented himself as a full fledged artist through his debut album, “Florida” which received praise within the underground community. Diplo worked with M.I.A. on her mixtape, first and second albums, eventually creating the Grammy nominated track “Paper Planes” in 2007, which hit No. 4 on the U.S. Hot 100 Chart and has sold more than 3 million copies.

In 2005, Diplo founded label/culture lab Mad Decent to serve as a platform for showcasing the myriad of fascinating sounds Pentz encounters while touring the world. Notable artists include: Dillon Francis, DJ Snake, Baauer, and Riff Raff. Coming full circle from his days of Hollertronix, Diplo has utilized the label to produce the annual and infamous Mad Decent Block Parties – a series of outdoor dance parties/concerts that now span 19 cities across North America.

After multiple Grammy nominations, including Producer of the Year, and being crowned the #1 most streamed artist on Soundcloud for 2013, Beyoncé’s “Run the World” sampled Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor” and sold over a million copies, cementing Diplo’s place in the pop world.

Fast forward to present day, Pentz has 235+ show dates under his belt in 2015 alone, and three 2016 Grammy Nominations including Producer of the Year, Best Dance Recording, and Best Dance/Electronic Album. Diplo remains the go-to producer for the who’s who of the pop music landscape.

“Lean On” the global smash hit from Major Lazer’s June 2015 release Peace Is the Mission has garnered a host of accolades including reaching #1 at Top 40 Radio, a first for any independent label, being named Spotify’s Global Song of the Summer as well as earning the crown title of most streamed track of all time, currently with 573 million plays, making it the most successful independent song of all time.


DJ / Producer

Dombresky, producer from Paris, made his name with his unique style and his finesse, which allowed him to make an official remix for A-Trak’s “We All Fall Down” and a collaboration with Tchami on the track « Freakin » released on his EP.

Dombresky keeps impressing the house scene with his track « Hardcore » fresh off his Ep « Reaching Perfection » released on the prestigious « Fool’s Gold » label in which he’s delivering us elaborated tracks and a very aesthetic music.

With his brand new single « Wait » Dombresky made the pressure rise once again and provides us a track of a cheerful melody, signed on Tchami’s label “Confession”.

Supported by artists like Diplo, DJ Snake, Anna Lunoe & many others, he highlighted a house way old school and stands out as one of the new faces of the French Electro scene.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith

DJ / Producer

Drum & Bass would not be the same without Drumsound & Bassline Smith (aka Andy Wright, Benjamin Wiggett and Simon Bassline Smith). Together the trio have body-slammed dancefloors from Derby to Durban and established themselves as three of the finest Drum & Bass tastemakers on the planet, courtesy of the blue chip label Technique Recordings – an imprint that celebrated 10 years of killer dancefloor joints in 2009.

The magic has been bubbling ever since Wright and Wiggett met Bassline Smith at one of Derby’s mentalist Technique club nights in the summer of 1998. The Drumsound pair had been crafting beats for a year, having originally started as a crew of six artists, while Bassline Smith had carved out a reputation as one of D&B’s most influential players, with a career stretching back to the early ‘80s.

Together, they enjoy an impressively diverse arsenal of music that’s ensured their place atop the D&B scene for over a decade. A peep through Wright’s background and you’ll find he’s a classically trained musician with a strong background in indie rock – an ideal platform for harnessing the energetic groove that makes Drumsound & Smith’s productions slide over the dancefloor. His Drumsound compadre Wigget has been a diehard D&B head since the womb, while also tipping his hat to his Jamaican roots. Veteran Bassline Smith has been a funk and soul connoisseur for over 25 years and knows his way around a dancefloor blindfolded.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith are also in hot demand from the most respected heads at Radio One and 1Xtra and enjoy regular flogging on the airwaves from the likes of Zane Lowe, MistaJam, Annie Nightingale and Annie Mac to name a few. Something which has led to the trio being playlisted across both BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra. The group are also one of the few artists to complete multiple mixes for the famed Radio 1, with a whisper of a request to complete a coveted Essential Mix in 2010. “We love them and have been supporting them since day one,” Mac tells.

As their popularity begins to steamroll, so do the requests and as such Drumsound & Smith have issued re-rubs of songs including VV Brown’s ‘Leave’ at the request of Warner/Universal and Fugative - Supafly for Ministry of Sound. Radio 1’s Annie Mac also personally requested the crew complete a remix of Chipmunk’s no.1 anthem ‘Oopsy Daisy’ for her Mash Hitz segment. They also achieved an unlikely feat when they made the Eastenders theme dope, completing a re-rub for the E20 Music Competition set up by the BBC. Recent notable remixes include DJ Fresh’s #1 single “Louder”, Afrojack’s “Take Over Control” and even remixes for Daft Punk and Moby.

No surprise that demand has seen the guys independently tour all corners of the globe setting the standard across America, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Iceland, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Ireland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Poland, Switzerland, Uruguay, Norway and Italy.

2011 saw two of their own singles, Freak & Close both get Radio 1 playlisted & Record Of The Week for Mistajam & Zane Lowe. In the first few months of 2012, the group entered the UK charts with Ministry Of Sound released single “What Can You Do For Me”, alongside Utah Saints.


DJ / Producer

Ekali is a Canadian instrumentalist and producer from Vancouver, BC. He started making electronic music in 2014, and since has been making big waves in the electronic community; from his visceral, captivating original work and collaborations to his thundering club remixes.

Ekali was accepted as Canada’s sole participant in the Red Bull Music Academy in 2014. Since then, he’s gone on to receive over twenty million streams, toured every corner of the world & received a writing credit on Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” His unique sound has earned him a loyal following worldwide, and cemented him as one of electronic music’s most promising artists.

In 2016, Ekali was tapped for an official remix of Flume’s “Smoke & Retribution feat. Vince Staples & Ku?ka,” and his Flux Pavilion “I Can’t Stop” remix was officially signed and released by Big Beat. Ekali was also recently featured as a new & developing artist in HITS magazine.

Over the summer of 2016, Ekali released a much-anticipated official collaborative remix with Gravez of Jack Ü’s “Mind (feat. Kai).” This was quickly followed up by an official remix on Australian label Future Classic for Ta-ku & Wafia’s “Meet In The Middle” single.

Ekali’s debut original singles are slated to be released in fall 2016.


DJ / Producer

Having established himself in the bass scene in 2012 with 2 blistering EP’s ‘Like A Boss’ and ‘Slime City’ which caused serious damage in the Beatport Dubstep charts, reaching number 1 in the releases, Eptic burst into 2013 with the promise of further world domination. Now aged 20 and signed to Never Say Die Records, the Belgian wonder kid unleashed his first EP of the year ‘Mastermind’ in May – gaining widespread critical acclaim across the board, leading to his debut 3 week tour of the US. 

He found time to remix American heavyweight Datsik on ‘8 Bit Superhero’ and clock over 5 million YouTube views. Eptic’s other passion and natural flair for illustration has seen him create all EP artwork, including his forthcoming ‘Doom’ EP. This collection is a dark exploration of Eptic’s ever-developing ideas, featuring a collaboration with label mate Must Die! and a vibey house VIP from Habstrakt. He continues to storm through 2014, gathering DJ support and increasing his global fan base – a multi-faceted artist with no signs of slowing down.

Gentlemens Club

DJ / Producer

Ever since the Gentlemens Club formed in 2013, the UK-based trio have proved unstoppable, breathing new life into the global dubstep and bass scene with edgy hip-hop and grime influenced bangers.

Respectively Coffi (Lewis Pittham), Soloman (Saul Mountford) & 50 Carrot (Amani Haskins) developed their own unique low-end heavy styles, now fused together under the household name–Gentlemens Club. Their influence spans several successful years of international tours, viral VIP’s and massive remixes. Building on the collective’s widespread appeal, they've steadily built their empire in the form of a GC imprint and sought after apparel line.

Poised to take over the world, you won’t find another more dedicated bass squad with their unforgettably swagged out live sets and heavyweight barrier breaking beats. Get a dose of pure class and make sure to catch them at an event near you. 


DJ / Producer

Born out of a passion for DJing, Gladiator was conceived in 2010 by Los Angeles natives Daniel Goodman and Ian Johnson. The duo is known for bringing an irresistible sense of fun and passion to every show with their unique genre-bending sets. After debuting with a series of self-released internet uploads and bootleg remixes, Gladiator joined the A-Trak led label Fool’s Gold and released their first official EP Assembly Line in 2014. Following this release they found the opportunity to make official remixes for the likes of Low Pros & Juvenile’s “Muscle,” Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” and Melanie Martinez’s “Soap,” as well as singles such as “Cruise Control” and “Cute” with fellow Fool’s Gold artists Sleepy Tom and Kittens. In 2016, the duo released their second EP Transit on Fool's Gold.



Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
Currently Living: Los Angeles, CA
Origin Of Name: We were watching the movie Gladiator with our friend David and he suggested we become a trio of DJs each taking names and personalities from the movie.
Weapon of Choice: Personality
Source of Power: Mila Kunis, Kobe Bryant, Goku

What do your parents think of what you are doing?
It took a minute for them to get on board. Being a professional electronic music DJ is a relatively new, unfamiliar profession. Once they saw us at Club Nokia for the first time opening for Rusko, however, their eyes were opened and now they're more supportive than ever.

What’s the strangest part of your job?
The fact that people we've never met, seen, or spoken to actually come out to see us play and enjoy our music. That still boggles our mind to this day.

What’s the biggest misconception about being a DJ?
That we get to decide where to play; we want to play in every city our fans ask us to, but it's really not up to us. Talk to your local promoter, family! Get your favorite acts by talking to the people that book them.

Tell me about your most memorable night out.
Over Ultra weekend in Miami we got back stage passes to a HARD event downtown. We were led upstairs to an “artist bar” where we were surrounded by more DJs and personal heroes than we had ever seen. We spent the rest of the night up there getting to know these guys and schmoozing very hard. Every twenty minutes we'd give each other that “is this real?” glance and continue trying to keep it together.

How does what you do for a living affect you on a day-to-day basis?
This job has given us a new perspective on our day to day. Waking up and going to “work” is going into the studio and making as much music as possible. We aim to work every day we're not playing a show and it has helped our productivity immensely.

What is your ultimate career dream?
Ian: Make a beat for Kelly Rowland and play the main stage at EDC.
Dan: Have my beard be number 1 on the sports center top 10. However that would be possible.

How important is it for you to experiment and take on the risk of failure?
I think this question is especially important for producers making the kinds of music that have been springing up/exploding quickly. We have come up and gained notoriety because of the trap game. We feel the need and responsibility to explore the entire landscape of music. We don't want to get satisfied with sounds or ideas so people don't think the genre is stagnating. Experimenting is how music moves forward, occasionally that may end in a failure but that's still progress.

What should everyone just shut the fuck up about?
Music. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is super caught up in “knowing” everything they can about music that they forget to listen to it and let it affect them. It's unimportant what kind of music something is as long as it's good and you like it. That's all it's supposed to do, make you feel good.

When you look at electronic music and the surrounding culture, what worries you about the future?
How “very cool” it's becoming. Even if the ideas of “PLUR” have been diluted by the widening interest of electronic music, it's easy to forget that we're all bound by our enjoyment of dancing and listening to music together, as a huge family. Every genre is trying so hard to split off from the umbrella of “EDM” that dubstep fans and trance fans are at arms over music that has the same BPM.

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
Do something different. Think about what makes you really want to perform, what makes your performance different from everyone else’s. How are you going to stick out amongst the throngs of people mixing the same ten songs over and over? How is your music expanding the horizons of the genre you fell in love with? Aspire to be outside the world you are familiar with and you will succeed.




Go Freek

DJ / Producer

In their short yet illustrious career, Go Freek have already cemented their place in the global dance industry.

Signing early to electronic label and global tastemaker in dance music Sweat It Out, it didn’t take long before some of the world’s biggest artists took note as Go Freek shot from label youngbloods to Sweat It Out main men.     

With multiple ARIA Club Chart top 10 entries under their belts, as well as a #1 on their most recent single, “Define,” and #3 on their single “We Can Ride,” the boys have shared similar success on digital music platforms such as Beatport and Trackitdown, with a slew of releases cracking the charts on both platforms.

With all of this success, it wasn’t long before some of the world’s highest-profile artists and labels came knocking for the gutter tech touch—with the boys being handpicked to work with icons like Crookers, Steve Aoki, Astronomar, and Bart B More, and remixes on industry juggernauts like Mad Decent, Dim Mak, and Ministry of Sound.

Having received consistent support from the likes of Christian Martin, Porter Robinson, Diplo, Claude VonStroke, and Yolanda Be Cool, to name a few, Go Freek have readily filled a gap in modern dance music with their own unique sound and an unforgettable live presence, helping the guys build their platform to transition from residency killers to a full-scale national touring act. With a new EP and a national Australian tour pending, the future looks bright for Go Freek.


DJ / Producer

Thirty push-ups and a shot of tequila each: that’s all the preparation Julio Mejia and Matt Toth need to transform laid-back, unassuming 24-year-olds into the scene-stealing DJ .and production duo GTA, throwing down killer sets across the globe.

Despite GTA’s wild, unpredictable sets, everything the duo does – both on stage and in the studio – is unified by a simple mission statement: Death To Genres. The duo’s open-minded-ness is closely tied to their Miami roots, as they were exposed to urban, electronic rock and Latin sounds in equal measure. “A lot of people argue about the kind of music they listen to, what’s cool and what’s not,” Mejia explains. “But for us, it’s just about good music.”

GTA finished their first collaboration in a single sitting, and sent it off to a few labels for feedback. Much to their surprise, Toth and Mejia heard directly from Afrojack who wanted to sign the song to his Wall Recordings imprint. “We got the email and we freaked out,” Mejia says. “That’s how GTA got started. And ever since then it’s just been constant.” Constant being an understatement, GTA has toured 5 continents headlining their own tours as well as thrilling crowds at premiere festivals such as; Coachella, Lollapalooza, Ultra Music Festival, EDC and countless more.

Promoting their genre-free ethos, Toth and Mejia have become bona fide tastemakers to fans and fellow artists alike, proving that “dance music” is best defined as whatever makes you move. GTA’s all-inclusive style is best exemplified in their new DTG Vol. 1 EP (out now on Three Six Zero Music/Warner Bros. Records). DTG Vol. 1 is seven tracks of genre-eradicating music that traverses multiple soundscapes, for the first single GTA masterfully craft the mammoth tune “Red Lips” that features the sultry vocals of Sam Bruno artistically juxtaposed with the bombastic horns and bass GTA has long championed. Also featured on the EP are the syrupy Southern vocals of rap legend & the ‘Peoples Champ’ Paul Wall, who weaves an icy flow over GTAs haunting hip-hop production on “Smokers Unite”.

For years GTA have supported numerous acts on the road and in the studio. In order to keep the karmic creativity flowing, GTA have called on talented comrades such as Valentino Khan(OWSLA), Wiwek & the master of bounce TJR. Whether you prefer to say the powerhouse duo is killing genres or creating their own, one thing is clear: GTA is on a bold musical mission, and they’re taking us along for the ride.


DJ / Producer

Music maturity came swiftly for the now seasoned-veteran Robbert van de Corput, better known as Hardwell. At the age of 25, the young Dutch titan capped off a 10 year journey when he was crowned World’s #1 DJ in the 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll cementing his position as the electronic scenes newest superstar DJ and becoming the youngest ever winner of the coveted Top 100 DJs award. In 2014 the Dutch megastar did it again - being crowned World’s #1 DJ in the 2014 edition of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Poll for a second consecutive year. Despite relinquishing his crown in 2015, though still taking the highly respectable second-place spot, it’s clear that Hardwell has already created a legacy that would put most of his counterparts to shame. This award-winning DJ, producer, musician, label owner and lover of all things music has not only helped shape the current state of EDM, but has left an everlasting imprint on it.


DJ / Producer

Hayden Kramer, better known as Herobust, is a Bass Music Producer from Atlanta, GA. Most notable releases include “Skurt Reynolds” via Mad Decent, “Sheknowshebad” via SMOG, and “Pump This (with Snails)” via Owsla. It was in Atlanta that Herobust started off making Hip – Hop inspired tunes. After climbing the ranks of the local music scene, Herobust noticed that his music slightly resembled elevator music when placed before an EDM set. As a self – proclaimed rule bender, it was this realization that triggered an overhaul of his creative process focused on integrating the filthiest sound design from Hero to date.  “I’m Aloud” is Herobust’s latest EP, released via Mad Decent.  “I’m allowed to make whatever I want, so it works in that way,” he says about the album. With the help of this release, Herobust skyrockets as a pivotal face in the bass music movement.

Armed with his arsenal of new sounds, techniques, and confidence, Herobust takes a visit back to his roots. His new releases will be inspired by Hip – Hop, with plans to include some of the hottest names in Rap music. Herobust is touring throughout the US this summer with appearances at EDC NY, Hard Summer Festival, and Imagine Festival to name a few. And recently, Herobust has been commissioned by the likes of Kill The Noise, Barely Alive, and NGHTMRE for official remixes.

Herobust was innovative on his path to get on the radar of these momentous acts. “Even if DJs love your track, they may pass on playing it if it’s difficult to mix” he explains. He started to arrange his tracks in a way that made them convenient to play out. With time, he garnered the support of Diplo, Skrillex, Bassnectar, Flosstradamus, Destructo and others. This success sent Herobust overseas for international touring and on to play showcases for Mad Decent and Buygore during Miami Music Week 2016. Herobust has been featured on BPM Sirius XM, Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV and many others. “I’m Aloud” debuted at #22 on Billboard Electronic Charts, and Herobust has recently surpassed 100,000 fans on Facebook.

On musical influences, he states – “What you’re hearing come out of me is just really an amalgamation of all the music I’m around, and because I legitimately like it, I’m going to throw it in. I couldn’t even stop it.” Through it all, Herobust cites Outkast, Skrillex, Kill The Noise, and Flosstradamus as key influences to his production.

YourEDM includes Herobust in their “Top 5 Best Trap Artists 2016” and Insomniac credits him as “one of the hottest voices in the trap-dance movement”. With accolades such as this, he vows not to disappoint with his future releases. If this much is clear, 2016 proves to be a definitive year for Herobust.


DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

There are melodic bass producers, and then there is Nick Miller. The Denver-based producer known as Illenium has been turning heads in the dance music community over the past year and for good reason. Illenium has distinguished himself from the myriad of others through an unrivaled ability to create an immersive emotional experience of highs and lows that pulls on the heart strings and leaves the listener awestruck, accomplishing in the span of just a few short minutes what takes many a full set. He has displayed an adeptness for creating aural arrangements that vary in style, yet always maintain beauty, complexity and emotional depth. Illenium gave the world a taste of what he has to offer in 2014 with standout originals “Falling In,” “So Wrong,” “Make Me Do;” remixes of Dawn Golden, Odesza, Oh Wonder; and performances at Global Dance Festival, Decadence NYE and other select dates. However, as foreshadowed by his inclusion in UKF’s “Ones to Watch: 15 for 2015,” this is poised to be Illenium’s breakout year.

Jax Jones

DJ / Producer

Johnny Darko

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Josh Billings

DJ / Producer

Josh Billings is important to house music on so many different levels. Since 2000 he has been actively involved in the West Coast House Music scene. He is the creator & founder of the long running weekly, Focus (2003) in Newport Beach California. His skills are highly respected by his peers and his growing fan base continues to show how this dj / producer / promoter's star continues to be on the rise.

Whether it's drawing from his deep house roots or picking things up with a little more funk his sets are always unique and never planned. He's shared the decks with a "who's who" amongst house music aficionados. From Kaskade, Fedde Le Grand, Mark Farina, James Zabiela, Nic Fanciulli, Miguel Migs, and the list goes on. More recently Josh has been focusing on his productions and remixes and there are plenty of releases in the pipeline to look forward to.

Josh Billings' name is synonymous with quality house music. Promoter, DJ, and producer- he is a man of many hats and continues to solidify himself as a name to keep an eye on. Being drug and alcohol free for his entire life, Josh is a rare breed. When he says "It's all about the music" it really is.


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JSTJR's music is best represented by imagery and emotion rather than derivative subgenres and labels. Walk into the most thumping nightclubs and sweaty, wall-shaking basements from Lisbon to Los Angeles to Lima and you'll understand the 24-year-old producer's global sound that has earned him official releases on dance music's top labels including Mad Decent, Fool's Gold, and SMOG.

Hailed as the US ambassador of Buraka Som Sistema's zouk bass movement in America, the New England native has forged a love for regional sounds from around the world with his inherent tendencies for hip hop and experimental electronic production. This unique, hybrid and inclusive approach to dance music in a growingly homogenous market has earned him nods from an elite group of producers including Skrillex, A-Trak, and Diplo - the last of whom JSTJR worked with directly as a credited artist on Major Lazer's Peace Is The Mission in 2015.

Kry Wolf

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DJ / Producer

Growing up in the storied streets of Israel, Leiel Hazut was sonically cultured directly at the source of the psychedelic trance circuit. It’s almost as if the music chose him first. Reared by a mother who is a dance music enthusiast herself, Leiel was exposed to the then burgeoning genre during his formative years. At the ripe age of eight, he was already attending some of the most prominent festivals in his native land. It was there he was able to tap into the insane amounts of talent by which he was surrounded —drawing influence from pioneers by the likes of Astrix, Yahel, Astral Projection and Psysex.

Currently based out of Los Angeles, the steadfast selector has never been one to shy away from his roots, which to this day continues to shape his ever-evolving sound. Heady and propulsive, Leiel’s sets are as equally unparalleled as they are transcendental. Aural stimulation is what to expect whenever he takes his reins behind the decks, and quality tunes are always in surplus. Having mesmerized heads at EDC Las Vegas, Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, and Escape: All Hallows' Eve as one half of Sweet & Low, Leiel is now bringing forth a potent mélange of old-school full-on and modern-day progressive psytrance.

Liquid Soul

DJ / Producer

Nicola Capobianco, based in switzerland, started at early age getting addicted to the magic of electronic music. He began playing progressive trance from the end of 1993. In 2001, after many years as DJ and producing in the studio, where he has played and performed at big raves and festivals, next to people like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, he decided to start a new project and Liquid Soul was born.

In 2006 he founded his own label Mikrokosmos records. Besides solo project Sleek, he also partners Martin Knecht in the deadly duo “Earsugar”.

Being behind the best selling albums on Iboga Records as Liquid Soul, „synthetic vibes“, „love in stereo“, „cocktails“ and "Revolution", countless hypnotic releases on top labels and playing worldwide over a decade, he finally won the Beatport award for the best psytrance track in 2009. 

In 2010 he achieved his biggest success by winning the price of the best Beatport artist, best Beatport track and the Dj Awards in Ibiza in psy trance categories.


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Most of you will have heard the ancient Greek phrase “The whole is more than the sum of its parts,” a sentence which has infiltrated modern literature and speech as much as anything William Shakespeare ever sprinkled into one of his plays. Loadstar is a perfect modern example of that wisdom.

Made up of Gavin Harris and Nick Hill, formerly and respectively known to the world of drum & bass as Xample and Lomax, this duo has surpassed the highest expectations in recent years by fusing their individual styles and creating a pioneering sound that imbues club dance floors, iPods and huge festival arenas with incredible energy and impeccable musical precision.

Loadstar’s individual parts met while Bristol-born Gavin was studying sociology at Liverpool University and self-admittedly spending more time concentrating on writing and promoting music than attending lectures and writing essays. It was while promoting a local D&B night with a friend that Gavin booked Holdtight, a production outfit that Nick was one-third of at the time. Not long after that initial meeting, Gavin returned home to Bristol from University and bumped into Nick, who had also just moved to town. The rest, as they say, was history.

Or, to be more precise, it was the fusing of two histories. Nick’s involvement in Holdtight was already overshadowed by his consistently brilliant solo releases under his Lomax name. With a propensity for musical and melodic drum & bass, Lomax’s productions graced many of the scene’s most respected labels, but it was his Ram Records debut ‘Artisan VIP,’ single-handedly turned into an anthem by Andy C, which really pushed him to the next level.

Xample’s solo works were also noticed by Andy C and Scott Bourne, owners of Ram Records when he sent them a few demos over instant messenger. Within 10 minutes they got back to Gavin and eventually he signed as an exclusive artist to the label, releasing a string of heavy dance floor killers.

By 2009 Xample & Lomax were sharing studio space and starting to release more and more material together. Combining Nick’s traditional training, courtesy of Goldsmiths University, London, and Gavin’s self-taught production genius, it was clear they had something special to offer the world of dance music. Tracks like 2006’s ‘The Latter’ and 2009’s ‘Contra’ were sowing the seeds of a brand new project.

Every new project needs a new name, and Xample & Lomax made the brave decision to jump headfirst into their new venture with a completely fresh face. Whilst searching for ideas to fuel their imagination and tie in their new name with their upcoming Ram release ‘Link 2 The Past’, the boys sifted through old rave tape packs and computer game cassettes. Then they came across their old Emu sampler, a relatively antiquated piece of machinery that took ages to load each sample. While loading them, the sampler displayed a spinning star, and it’s this which became the inspiration for Loadstar’s moniker.

An instant success, the duo’s incredible new musical direction coupled with the backing of Ram Records ensured that Loadstar’s path to the highest echelons of the scene was assured. And while both Gavin and Nick agree that for the moment they’re rooted in credible, underground D&B, they’re the first to admit that they’re excited about the current state of bass music and its propensity to absorb new genres, styles and tempos at a moment’s notice.

Fans of drum & bass and even bass music in general can be assured that Loadstar have everything it takes to be one of the most exciting acts in dance music today. Years of experience in crafting the highest quality music that’s as happy on your home stereo as it is in huge arenas, a worryingly busy DJ diary that sees them touring the globe with fellow Bristolian MC Texas and support from admiring nightclub-goers, club DJs and the media alike means that Loadstar are undoubtedly spearheading the bass music revolution.

Markus Schulz

DJ / Producer

Forged in the fires of Arizona’s seminal 90s rave scene, Schulz first went state, then with equal speed national and international. From the building blocks of progressive, trance & house, he crafted early anthems like ‘The New World’ and latter-day ones like ‘Destiny’. Caught between have been a half-dozen revered albums (most recently ‘Watch The World’), a convoy of club hits and thousands of transfixing performances, played out before untold millions. He’s helmed the scene-essential Coldharbour label for 11 years, chaired the Global DJ Broadcast radio show for 15 and remixed everyone from Moroder to Madonna.

His floor-bound adventures have met with equal acclaim. Through his effortless audience affinity, flawless mixing, instinctive tune selection and now famous, stylistically vast open-till-close sets, he has wowed crowds in every major city on Earth. Markus has scaled the upper reaches of the world’s DJ rankings and charts; is a two-time winner of DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ crown and has drawn acclaim from every electronic music portal & press outlet on the planet. A regular fixture at the world’s biggest & most famous clubs, arenas and festival stages, weekly, he lays down his inimitable musical vision. In Europe, he’s floored audiences at events like Transmission, Electronic Family, Nature One and Dance Valley. He’s creamed Creamfields; gridlocked Global Gatherings and hosted his own stage at Tomorrowland. Stateside, EDC, Ultra, Nocturnal and numerous others have similarly all felt Schulz pressure. His legendary open-till-close sets, at spots like Space, Miami, LA’s Avalon, Stereo, Montreal, Amnesia, Ibiza and his International Residency at Ministry Of Sound have become rites of passage for music lovers around the world.

His most recent album ‘Watch The World’ (his sixth) included the Beatport #1 hit ‘Destiny’ and ‘Facedown’, his boundary-breaking team-up with Romanian quartet Soundland. Both stylistically and artistically, the album was a significant departure for Schulz. With more of a radio edge, it saw Markus take a lead role in its song writing process for the first time. A commercial and critical hit, ‘WTW’ reached the #1 position on iTunes’ international dance chart. The UK’s DJ Mag described it as “ambitious”, “expeditionary”, and “content-wise, for someone from his ‘bloc’, without precedent”. Giving it their Album of the Month accolade, MIXMAG called it “a work of art”. Dancing Astronaut saluted ‘Watch The World’s “meaningful lyrics played out with live instruments”, “that captured his (Markus’) authenticity as an artist”. Hailing its “impressive vocalists”, summed it up simply as “a monumental release”.

Martin Solveig

DJ / Producer

Martin Solveig continues to reinvent himself. Be it through his new music, on point fashion and inventive styling he creates for himself, the world of Solveig is an ever-changing environment that is instilled with fun and vitality.

Always ahead of the curve he is currently steering a new wave of mainstream electronic music – namely the future house sound and his latest endeavour - a product of a decades long career for the producer, DJ, filmmaker and creative Frenchman, which has spanned over four studio albums.

The latter; Smash was released in 2011 and launched the Parisian into superstardom. With lead single Hello, featuring Dragonette selling over 5 million copies, the Queen of Pop herself - Madonna, asked Martin to co-produce six tracks for her album MDNA and accompany her on a blockbusting worldwide tour in 2012.

While releasing summer anthems Hey Now with the Cataracs and Blow with Laidback Luke in 2013, the Frenchman also maintained a residency at the legendary Pacha in Ibiza, whilst touring the world’s grandest festivals.

January 2015 saw the next step in the French maestro’s trailblazing career – showcasing his pioneering future house sound with Intoxicated, a collaboration with Miami duo GTA. The foot stomping anthem hit both the Hype Machine and Beatport #1 within days of release and went on to be one of the most talked about tracks of the summer as it took position on BBC Radio 1’s A-List Playlist in August.

Solveig then proved his ever-infallible ability to remain perfectly in tune with public demand, releasing +1 in June, a funked up future house classic with vocals from Sam White. With the latter already gaining incredible global support and an exclusive 19-date residency at Pacha underway with his new project ‘My House,’ Martin continues to build on his already stellar reputation as a truly multi-faceted artist.

Maximus Carnivorous

DJ / Producer

Maximus Carnivorous has been dedicated to the LA underground electronic music movement since 1990 as a dancer, promoter, music lover and Disc Jockey. He is the host of his own pirate radio show called TRUESKOOL BEAT SHOW on and has hosted special DJ guests from the Los Angeles underground scene. Maximus Carnivorous' passion can be felt through his unpredictable and high energy sets when he takes the dancers on a musical journey of sound. His funky uplifting psychedelic sets include genres ranging from Techno, House, Soul, Disco and always with a taste of the oldskool sounds.

Devoted to his music, he produces and edits his own tracks which he performs in his sets. Listen, take a journey and feel his vibe.

MC Dino

Vocalist / MC

Colorado junglists know him as MC Dino, the infamous 8-year resident of Breakdown Thursdays at the Snake Pit, the nation's #1 Drum and Bass club night. The rock star emcee most notorious for his poetic genius with a microphone has commanded crowds at such well known and respected events as Cyberfest, Bassrush, Electric Daisy Carnival and countless other raves and festivals across the United States. Recognized for his high-energy lyrical prowess on the microphone, MC Dino is a crowd favorite on the mic and is an asset to any DJ he rhymes alongside.

Although Dino is not his given name, it is his preference and insists that the other is irrelevant. Though born in a small farming community in Northern Colorado, Dino spent time growing up in Mexico and various parts of California before returning to Colorado well over a decade ago. In high school he spent more time writing lyrics, songs, and practicing with bands in backyards than on his schoolwork. He began going to raves when he was 14, a time when raves were new and entirely underground. This exposure had great influence on him; electronic music provided a new medium and mode of tampering with instrumental sound. In this scene he also discovered jungle music and emceeing. Besides the obvious electronic movement that so dramatically shaped his personal musical efforts, Dino's other prominent influences include Prince, Roni Size and Santana. Exposure to these along with an upbringing encouraging all music is especially evident in his individual work, emceeing, and collaborations with Urban Aboriginee.

In 1997 he set out as an emcee and, inspired by the aggressive new sound jungle provided, used it as an outlet for the poetry streaming through his head. By this time he had already taught himself to dj and moved between rhyming and spinning, while continuing to write his own music. 1998 proved a year of reckoning and direction. He started performing regularly at the Snake Pit on a night then called Plastic Thursdays that offered techno one half of the night and jungle the other. During this period Dino gathered his musically-inclined cohorts and formed a solid group called Urban Aboriginee. The idea behind Urban Aboriginee was to promote the various but sometimes neglected talents (emceeing, DJing, producing, etc) of his intimate circle. The name alludes to modern day tribesmen surviving the streets of a concrete jungle (the city). Urban Aboriginee was recognized throughout Denver for its dedication to Jungle music. For five years, UA sponsored Kombat Battle, a party that allows young deejays and MC's to showcase their talent and provided an opportunity for up-and-comers to perform live in an actual party atmosphere. 

In 2004 Dino was introduced to Divine Elements through the drum n bass scene when he moved to Los Angeles. Fast forward 6 years of non stop MCing for some of the biggest names in the business and the biggest festivals and night clubs across the United States and we find Dino falling into the front man position with D.E. He ended up filling the void Divine Elements had long been waiting to fulfill with a front man MC. Dino was a fluid fit in the dynamic super group. He now is a consistent, positive force in an already solid musical group, touring and writing music with them all the time . 

During the for mentioned 6 year fast forward between 2004 and 2010, MC Dino has emceed for the greatest names in Drum and Bass, and Dubstep including Andy C, Shimon, Pendulum, Nero, Skrillex, Diesel Boy, AK1200, Dara, Bad Company, Mampi Swift, Teach Itch, and Craze, to name a few. Of course, he performs weekly and nationally as well as being featured on tracks produced by the likes of DJ Icee, Gridlok, Breakdown, Reidspeed, Divine Elements, and DJ Swamp. Other such accomplishments include co-creating Urban Aboriginee Records with his Partner Casey Bonse. Current works include on going production and live performance with Divine Elements, solo projects and audio engineering for various artists in the music community.


DJ / Producer

MK is responsible for creating some of the defining sounds and biggest tracks of early house. He has worked with the biggest international artists from Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z to Rihanna and Beyonce, but has also retained near unprecedented levels of credibility within the underground dance music scene, with records such as ‘Burning’, ‘4 You’ or ‘Push The Feeling On’ remaining staples in the wallets and boxes of house DJs the world over. Through his timeless productions, MK has influenced a new generation of producer, with the result that his sound is more relevant today than it ever has been.

Revered producer, remixer and DJ, MK’s storied background is one of long-term creative development. His roots are pure Detroit, but his early cues come from electronic leaning UK bands like Depeche Mode, New Order and The Cure. If you dig a little deeper, you will find that MK’s own musical path is a series seamless transitions from house to techno and hip-hop to R&B, with a complete turnaround back to house in the last six years. Currently, MK is finalizing his long awaited artist album. The project includes collaborations with vocalists Becky Hill, Milly Pye, Anabel Englund, and a host of other friends and collaborators yet to be revealed.

With his sights set on the imminent album release, MK recently re-launched his iconic label and event brand Area10. He is currently on tour this summer with his Area10 Warm Up Sessions, including live stages at Creamfields, We Are FSTVL, dates at Together at Amnesia, V Festivals, Parklife as well as an Area10 takeover at Pacha Ibiza this summer.


DJ / Producer

Makin' asses hit the dance floor!


DJ / Producer

Joshua Vela, known on stage as MSCLS, was created in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Born out of a passion for quality music, MSCLS is constantly developing his sound. The project was debuted in 2014 at SXSW in Austin, TX with 10 shows total, and the start of his new annual “MSCLS & Friends” party. He gained early attention from some of the industry’s biggest, being put on remix duty for Mad Decent(Zed’s Dead) and Black Butter Records(Tazer & Tink).

In 2016 it was all about the music for MSCLS, releasing an arsenal of tunes on Australian imprint “Club Sweat”, Of Leisure, Fool’s Gold Records, and Toolroom. His ‘Paradise EP’ on Club Sweat crashed into the Top 10 on Beatport with DJ’s and radio stations all over the globe supporting it. He dominated the ARIA charts not once, but twice on two separate back to back releases landing in the Top 10(#4 & #7) - one of which stayed in Top 50 for 12 weeks. After transplanting to LA in January of 2017, MSCLS hit the ground running, churning out stunning remixes for Anna Lunoe and Death Ray Shake. Then getting straight to work on a studio mix for Power 106, followed by an guest mix. Vela spends most days honing his craft in the studio surrounded by his gear, the most recent project being ‘The Weekly Workout’ where fans can catch a short "workout" performed on his various equipment.

2017 is proving to be a breakout year for MSCLS with festival appearances at Splash House, Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland, their inaugural Middlelands Festival, and EDC Las Vegas. With a run of club & festival dates planned later this year, be sure to keep an eye out for MSCLS in a city near you! 

Must Die!

DJ / Producer

Pushing boundaries since 2011, the astounding versatility and unique production style of MUST DIE!, (otherwise known as Lee Bates), has gained him global popularity. Widely viewed as an artist playing an undeniable part in the future of electronic music, the US producer and DJ has released vast amounts of reputable material spanning several labels such as Ultra, Dim Mak, Play Me, Mad Decent and Atlantic Records, but truly found his stride when signing to the UK-based powerhouse Never Say Die.

With 2014 seeing the release of his hotly anticipated ‘Death & Magic’ LP on Skrillex’s OWSLA Records, Beatport chart domination instantly followed, with ‘Gem Shards’ holding the top spot for four weeks.

Having already racked up shows at EDC Orlando, Wobbleland and TomorrowWorld with Australian and European tours lined up for spring 2015, this year is undoubtedly going to be massive for MUST DIE!

Neon Black

DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

NETSKY’s rise up the ranks has been a sight to behold. He first made his name with Hospital Records in 2009 with a series of blistering releases including single ‘Memory Lane’ and his infamous self-titled debut album ‘Netsky’ propelling the talented young producer from Antwerp into the premiere league. Starting out with an underground drum ‘n’ bass label like Chase & Status did before him, Hospital Records ended up being the perfect springboard for Boris Daenen to get to where he is today.

Hailing from Antwerp Belgium, in a few short years, Netsky has built a reputation for consistently delivering hard-hitting drum & bass anthems. As comfortable onstage at festivals and club shows as he is behind the studio mixing desk, (Netsky’s live show, unveiled in 2012 at London’s Brixton Academy, was also something of a game-changer), he effortlessly blurs the lines between artist and superstar DJ/producer, with a slew of A-list artist remixes under his belt, including Swedish House Mafia ‘One’, Rusko’s ‘Everyday’, and more recently he lent his magical touch to remixes for Madeon, Ed Sheeran and Jack U. Fans, of course, have heard these tracks at some of the world’s biggest festivals: from Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Coachella to Future Music Festival in Australia and Wireless in London, not to mention more rock-focused festivals like Reading & Leeds and Pukkelpop. And at every show, the reaction is the same: complete carnage. Netksy is a bona fide superstar and the reaction to his shows has been akin to legendary rock concerts of days gone by. So far, so good.

Having signed to Epic Records for his first major release, ‘Rio’ is the first taste of the forthcoming new album from Netsky in 2015. We assume you’ve been to Rio at some point? ““I went to Sao Paolo a couple of months ago but I’ve never visited actually!” he laughs. “What happened was I was working with Digital Farm Animals and the whole track had a sunny samba vibe and the vocals were about having relationships but not settling. Not thinking about tomorrow, thinking about today. It’s about traveling and having fun and staying young.”

Of course, Netsky himself is doing a lot of these things already. In person, he is super-chilled, calm and collected, with his forthcoming and third artist album now in the finishing touches stage. So is the rest of the album like ‘Rio’ in spirit? “Production-wise, it’s much more about songs and much less about production - every song regardless of whether it was a ‘pop’ song or drum ‘n’ bass, we would write on piano. ‘Thunder’ is a track with Emili Sandé which we just performed at Wireless together - she wrote the song and I produced it but it was quite organic in the end as we wrote the verses in the studio together.” Sandé is a big deal in the Netsky household, “For me, it’s a big deal,” he nods. “Emeli is the first big UK singer that I’ve worked with and she just happens to be my number 1 new singer of the past 5 years! I introduced her to the band and she was amazing.”

As well as Beth Ditto and Emeli, the album also features one track called ‘TNT’ (“it’s called ‘TNT’ because it’s a very explosive funk pop song!”) with US funk-soul brothers Chromeo which has an 80s Prince vibe and sees Netsky “going back to my roots before I knew electronic music.” He reckons the album will ultimately be ten songs and also “…quite diverse. It’s a much more live sounding album. There are lots of strings and live guitars and it’s an organic album, not one made with 10 producers and engineers. A lot of it is just me in my studio at home.” With additional strings by the Brussells Philharmonic, for the record.

He’s especially aware that some artist albums are weighed down with too many guest collaborations.  “I didn’t want to go that way at all but I enjoyed working with Digital Farm Animals and we wrote a lot from scratch. There will be a few songs on the album together. It felt alright doing it that way rather than getting massive vocalists at the start. I would love to sing myself but I cant sing and that’s not what people want to hear!”

The final piece of the puzzle is performing the new music live. “Saturday at Wireless was fantastic. We’ve already been touring for two-and-a-half years. We just did a 40 date tour in the US which was incredible and now is the beginning of Version 2.0. I’m thinking of having cartoon imagery onstage - the ‘Rio’ video is made up of some very cool animation so I’m trying to incorporate more visuals as well as more instruments onstage! ‘Rio’ is starting to do well in America so I may get a second base in LA soon. America has been inspirational, one of the best tours I’ve done in my life. “And finally, are there any other surprises you can tell us about? “I want to focus on all the different cities in Europe as well as the UK and Belgium. We’re thinking about doing a show for each city in Europe. With the new single ‘Rio’ showing a more unusual side to Netsky’s musical palette, it’s clear that he’s only just getting started. For the record, the name Netsky is based on a particularly icky computer virus: clearly, resistance to this Belgian superstar DJ/producer is futile.


DJ / Producer

NGHTMRE’s (aka Tyler Marenyi) rise to the top has been a dream to say the least. Some would say he arrived the day Skrillex made his ID the only unknown record in his 2015 Ultra set, a record that would go on to be arguably the biggest Trap song that summer. After playing his first headline gigs the week after, Tyler went on to hit almost every major festival in North America, including Lollapalooza, EDC Las Vegas, TomorrowWorld, Snow Globe, Freak Night, OMFG NYE, Moonrise, Contact Music Festival, and LifeInColor Festival. Only three months in as a touring DJ, he headlined six cities throughout Australia at legendary clubs such as Chinese Laundry and Ambar. After Australia, he went on to headline almost every major market in North America, hitting marquee venues such as Webster Hall, Avalon, The Mid, Beta, and Elektricity. He's known for his various Mad Decent smashes, including the trap song of the summer “Street” and his collaboration with Flosstradamus entitled “Lighters Up.” His Nuclear Bonds EP with long time friends, Slander, was one of the premiere EP releases from Diplo’s imprint.

From the writers online to the industry's top producers, it's ubiquitous: NGHTMRE is dance music’s next multi-genre prodigy. His tracks have charted #1 on Hype Machine multiple times and he was dubbed “Skrillex 2.0” by At the same time, he's gained support from the top dogs such as Skrillex, Diplo, Bassnectar, Flux Pavilion, Porter Robinson, RL Grime, Yellow Claw, Bro Safari, and Snails. In fact, the list of people he has been tapped to do official remixes for reads like a massive hipster festival: The Prodigy, Theophilus London, Keys N Krates, Flux Pavilion, The Griswalds, and Elliphant. If you want to hear something you’ve never heard before, make sure you always listen to Tyler’s most recent track, whatever it may be.


DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

One of the most impressive young leaders of the American trap scene, California-based Ookay (pronounced “okay”) exploded onto the scene when both his freshman and sophomore releases on Ultra Records charted in the top 10 on Beatport. Since then, he’s shown no sign of slowing down, working with some of the greatest producers in electronic music while developing a signature style that weaves across genres, reflecting influences as varied as Borgore, Diplo, DJ Snake, Showtek, Deorro, TJR, Boaz Van de Beatz, Valentino Kahn, Waveracer, Cashmere Cat, Lindsay Lowend, Skrillex, Lido, and Wiwek while always returning to a hard-hitting trap beat.

The producer and DJ has racked up credits and quickly made a name for himself with remixes of tracks like Congrorock’s “Bless Di Nation Ft. Sean Paul” and Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo’s “Boneless.” Ookay teamed up with iconic producer Diplo to remix Avicii’s “You Make Me,” and his recent remix of “Kanye” by the Chainsmokers on Republic/Dim Mak Records layers his signature mix of dance music and hip-hop over fluttering pop vocals. His side project Coaster serves as an outlet for his love of alternative dance and house music, proving Ookay to be no one-trick trap pony.

His much-anticipated spring single "Bouncer," produced with the venerable Dutch duo Showtek, hit the top 3 Beatport overall chart after its March 2014 release and was a staple on summer festival stages across the country. Ookay has also quickly become known as a charismatic performer both on and off stage, appearing at venues like EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo, Red Rocks, and TomorrowWorld. His live shows are known for sleek transitions, sensitive song selections, and entertaining MC’ing from the booth. He’s also no slouch on Twitter, commenting on everything from the struggle to Shazam an unknown song to LA’s Korean BBQ scene.

It’s no surprise that Ghost, out November 10 on Dim Mak Records, is one of the most exciting dance music releases of the fall. Promised to be “a blend of listening tracks as well as club bangers,” it fulfills that goal. Ghost is one of the too-rare records that will bring you from your morning commute, with the meditative “Ghost” and “Matters,” to 4 AM on the dance floor losing it to “Egg Drop Soup.”

The Ghost Tour this fall and winter is sure to blow up dance floors across America, and truly solidify Ookay’s status as one of America’s premier young electronic artists. With support from such icons as Showtek and Diplo as well as Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Major Lazer, Borgore, Nervo, David Guetta, DJ Snake, Deorro, TJR, Krewella and more, it seems certain that Ookay’s star will only continue to rise.


DJ / Producer

Oscar Gamboa II (OSCURE) has been one of the integral pioneers of the Los Angeles Underground Dance music scene, djing, producing and remixing music. He's a well established Los Angeles dj/producer, and has licensed and released on his own label LABA Recordings as well as local indie labels such as Off World Music, Phunkedup Records, DMT3 Traxx, Fifth Gear, Red Bull Academy, Ball of Wx and F.G.P. Music (Funky Ghetto Phonics). Collaborations in the studio include talented musicians like Run DMC, Sula, Medusa & the Feline Science, ILL Knob (Wu-Tang), Stacy Brandt, Eastern Sun, John Kelley and many more. Stay tuned for some new music coming soon.


DJ / Producer

P0gman is a Dubstep/Bass producer hailing from Wolverhampton UK. He has set himself strongly into the scene with his unique heavy yet wobbly style. Owner of IAMAudio he also pushes and supports music he enjoys himself from other artists by releasing it. Constantly on tour he is always set to impress with his energy and pure passion for his performances.

Party Favor

DJ / Producer

Few acts have the innovative color and diverse repertoire of Party Favor, one of the fastest rising names in Dance Music. His edgy style helped pioneer the festival trap & twerk genre, exhilarating audiences and turning heads across the globe. Party Favor, AKA Dylan Ragland, has created chart topping original records such as “Bap U” (Mad Decent), “Booty Loose” (Mad Decent) and his most recent release "Caskets" (Mad Decent).

Party Favor's highly anticipated Party and Destroy EP released the summer of 2016 and included collaborations with Dillon Francis, Gucci Mane, Sean Kingston, Rich The Kid, Gent & Jawns and Georgia Ku. The EP received raving reviews in the industry debuting at #2 on iTunes Dance album charts. The EP's lead single "Give It To Me Twice" has garnished over 6 million plays on Spotify while the follow up “In My Head” hit #1 on US Dance Radio, #7 on Billboard's dance radio airplay charts and was the #1 most requested song for 5 weeks in a row on BPM (Sirius XM).

Party Favor has already racked up a total of over 35 million streams on Spotify and 27 million plays on Soundcloud and the numbers are continuously growing. His infectious music has created massive demand across the globe, leading to consistent headlining tours around the world at some of the best and most iconic venues. His success in the states and abroad has lead to licensing deals with major companies such as; T-mobile, Mountain Dew, Truth Anti Smoking Campaign, Samsung and more. His music has also been featured in blockbuster movies such as Vacation, How To Be Single, Neighbors 2 and hit televisions shows Ballers, Silicon Valley, NCIS Los Angeles, and NBC's Superstore.

Party Favor won't slow down anytime soon, as he is embarking on his first world tour in 2017 and has multiple collaborations in the works with some of the most exciting names in music.

Paul van Dyk

DJ / Producer

The story of Grammy-nominated DJ, producer and scene-starter Paul van Dyk doesn't begin in the 1991 techno incubator of Tresor, the 1995 Twilo-era Manhattan or the 1997 superclubs in Ibiza or London... It begins in 1985 and in his mom's kitchen. It was there in Communist East Berlin that Paul van Dyk first caught the sounds of synthesised music broadcast over the West's radio waves. It was among the most auspicious of meetings and its effect is difficult to overstate, having shaped the course of electronic music's history for more than twenty years.

From the earliest ignition points of 'For An Angel', 'Perfect Day' and his 'Age Of Love' & 'Love Stimulation' remixes to 2015's singles 'Guardian' & 'Louder', PvD's gone from trance music's standard-bearer to its most abiding & respected influence. He's been deemed a 'musical pioneer' throughout his career with designations ranging from 'originator' to 'icon' and descriptions including 'humanitarian', 'pacifist' and 'altruist'.

Onstage: A performer with a natural and instinctive stage touch, Paul circles the globe 16 times a year, entertaining club and festivalgoers numbered in the millions. On Rio de Janeiro's Barra Beach during the 2008 New Year's celebrations, he performed to an unprecedented (and then record-setting) audience totalling nearly 1.5 million people. Over the last five years, Paul has moved away from being a conventional 'mixing-two-tracks' DJ towards creating a hybridized live-on-stage, concert-like approach to his shows.

2016 marks the 17th year for PvD's shows at Cream Amnesia in Ibiza, constituting one of club history's longest-standing residencies. In 2010, van Dyk commemorated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and staged the We Are One event at the O2 World Berlin Arena which drew a 17,000-strong crowd and featured Armin van Buuren, The Blueman Group and Underworld on the bill. van Dyk has since hosted We Are One day-long outdoor festivals in 2013 and 2014 at the city's historic Zitadelle Spandau. The 2015 edition featured a sunset-to-sunrise concept at Rummelsburg, a unique beach location in Berlin.

The Musician: As a music producer, Paul's achieved comparable success to that of his onstage career. In 1994, he produced 'For An Angel', a track hailed by Mixmag as the 8th Greatest Dance Track of All Time two decades after it was recorded. In 1997, he remixed 'Age of Love' - a record that also regularly tops electronic music's greatest-ever lists. The UK's DJ Mag described PvD's 'Guardian' release as "a surprising, listen-without-prejudice milestone", rating it 9.5/10. 'Come With Me' - the anthem for 2014's We Are One Festival (recorded alongside Ummet Ozcan) met similar praise from Mixmag. The electronic music bible said the track had "natural note arrangements", featured "straight-to-the-heart-pianos" and (giving it 9/10) a "lightning strike of a riff".

Remixer: Paul has also continued to build upon one of electronic music's most-outstanding remixographies. His highly recognisable hallmark sound has been used to club-interpret mainstream music superstars like Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. He's also remixed releases from acts like metal rockers Rammstein; timeless bands including U2, Depeche Mode and New Order; and cult electronic music artists like Deep Dish, BT, Faithless and Underworld. van Dyk has been - and continues to be - a regular film- and game-score contributor, resulting in numerous notable OST credits including his rework of Hans Zimmer's 'A Poor Choice of Words' for The Dark Knight and 'Still Alive' for EA's ground-breaking game Mirror's Edge. 

Album Releases: van Dyk has a career-long history of releasing acclaimed albums. 1994 met his debut 45 RPM, followed by Seven Ways in 1996 and Out There And Back in 2000. The 2003 release of Reflections granted him the first-ever Grammy nomination to an artist in the then-new Best Dance/Electronic Music category. In Between followed in 2007 and 2012's EVOLUTION saw PvD personally recategorize his studio work to the stylistically more-inclusive "electronic music", achieving significant critical and commercial success. EVOLUTION was rated 6/6 by Raveline, the magazine commenting, "this evolution seems to be almost perfect". Mixmag scored the release 9/10, observing that van Dyk had "achieved evolution in both name and nature", while DJ Mag called it "impressive" and "multidimensional". His albums have collectively sold in excess of 3 million copies.

In 2015, Paul van Dyk released his seventh full-length album The Politics Of Dancing 3 - a self-described 'heritage' album which "closes the first Politics loop" (started by the release of the first Politics of Dancing mix-compilation in 2001) and is "collaboration-centric" in nature. van Dyk has long been politically active in many fields and clarified during a 2006 interview that the Politics referred to in his album titles were "the politics of diplomacy". He had previously observed at his shows "Palestinians dancing with Israelis, Lebanese people dancing with Israelis - without war, without anything in their minds other than treating each other respectfully. To me, only dance music has this power to reconcile the historic divisions of the planet like this". 

Early History: van Dyk was brought up in East Germany - an experience that left a profound impression on him... "Behind the Iron Curtain, I felt that everything that I had to be strive to achieve in difficult circumstances - I value that much more now. That's nevermore the case than it is with music. Growing up, I listened to radio stations transmitting from West Berlin. It became the only way to connect with the outside world and a freer society. As such, music had, and continues to have, the greatest possible resonance for me, and on my life."

After a brief residence in Hamburg, van Dyk returned to Berlin at the start of 1991. He made his first behind-decks appearance in March that year during the opening month of the soon-to-be-illustrious Tresor. From there, Paul began to build an onstage and studio career which, by 1997, saw him reach dance music's highest echelon. As the twin phenomena of superclubs and the DJ-as-a-Rock-Star arrived, he found himself not only synonymous with them, but he was elevated as a figurehead for the trance scene at large. van Dyk has since held sway over floors in every dance music-speaking country in the world. He holds the record for the longest unbroken run inside the ranks of the world's Top 100 DJs chart; has twice reached the no.1 position and in 2013 was aggregated, vote-for-vote, year-for-year as the poll's single most successful and enduring DJ.

Label Owner: As the owner of VANDIT Records, the last 15 years have seen Paul use his label dais to break the productions of those musically akin. In its early years, VANDIT released music by Armin van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Agnelli & Nelson, Thrillseekers, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Nu-NRG and others. It's lately focused on breaking newer talent, with acts like Chris Bekker, Las Salinas and Ben Nicky on its A&R roster.

PvD Radio Shows: A child of the radio generation, Paul was one of the first DJs to recognise and fully harness the medium to spread his sound. His long-running VONYC Sessions show is now broadcast on over 90 terrestrial and digital stations around the world, including iHeartRadio's Evolution channel.

Awards: Throughout his career, van Dyk has garnered in excess of 60 international awards for a myriad of activities. Among those are the illustrious Landesverdienstorden (Berlin's Medal of Honour, given in recognition of his work towards social justice), a string of IDMA awards and Mixmag's Man of the Year accolade. In 2014, he received MTV's prestigious Chiuku award, previously received by such artists as Shakira, Nelly Furtado, Eva Longoria and Morrissey. In 2015, PvD won Mexico's Lunas del Auditorio award for Best Electronic Music Live Artist.

Political & Social Concerns: van Dyk dedicates considerable effort to several philanthropic endeavours. Among them are his Berlin-based Rückenwind (Tailwind) charity, which seeks to maintain a thirst for knowledge in underprivileged children, the Indian-based Akanksha Foundation, the FEED project and the Peace One Day movement. He is also well known for his longstanding political involvements, specifically for his dedication to anti-war movements and organizations like Rock The Vote.


DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

Redlight is a British DJ and Dance Music Producer brought up around 90’s warehouse rave culture in Bristol. His music has spanned over a decade, having spent 12 years grafting on the underground, popping up for air in 2012 with a couple of Top 10 UK hits in the national charts. He’s since then released his debut solo album entitled 'X Colour' and mixtape 'Templates Volume 1' Summer 2016, which is the first in a series of mixtape's that is all about club music. He has collaborated with artists such as Mobb Deep, Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), remixed acts including Mary J Blige and Tink, defining genres, remaining one of the UK’s most consistent and exciting producers of recent years. “I’ve just aimed to be true to myself and make the most if it. Creating music, art and friendships has been central to everything – for me it’s always been about street culture, independence and productivity.” His label ‘Lobster Boy’ embraces a love for House, Techno, Hip Hop and vocal-lead dance music, whilst channelling the knowledge and inspiration from Jungle, DnB and bass music. It is a whole new genre-free ‘cross-cultured dance music’ label.

Rell The Soundbender

DJ / Producer

Rell The Soundbender has a passion for infusing different sounds into his music. The producer started his career securing placements for notable Hip-Hop talent including Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones, and Flo-Rida. With a passion for blending the unexpected, Rell’s radical production process soon led him to aligning genres that typically remain separate. His Panamanian background led him to embrace Moombahton, which resulted in his track with David Heartbreak “Killa” being placed on the Moombahton Forever compilation on T&A Records. This compilation featured work from Munchi, GTA, Dillon Francis, Craze, Nick Thayer and more. 

He has also produced bonafide Trap hits in “Grimey Thirsty” & "Angels X Demons" which have made many appearances on Diplo's BBC Radio 1Xtra mixes. His official remixes, meanwhile, have included Bro Safari’s “Scumbag” and Snoop Lion’s “Lighters Up.” The latter was the official remix of the first single from the musical icon’s Reincarnated album. Rell also released his first EP “Gambozoo” on Skrillex’s imprint NEST in 2014.

Rell has taken to describing his sound as a battle “where lasers and drums fight to the death,” and has also become notorious to trap aficionados through live appearances at events such as Miami’s Winter Music Conference; and for sharing stages with the likes of DJ Craze, DJ Sliink, gLAdiator and more. With his profile rapidly rising, Rell will continue to push sonic boundaries by “Soundbending” Hip-Hop, Trap, Moombahton, House and wherever else the music takes him.


DJ / Producer

Tibor Tomecko, aka ReOrder, is undoubtedly one of the most promising trance producers in our scene today. He regularly performs alongside the world’s DJ elite, his productions are widely supported and he is no stranger to fans of ASOT: “I’m sorry for singing on air, but this track has been stuck in my head for so long” commented Armin Van Buuren while playing ‘Folding The Universe’ on A State Of Trance. It was no surprise that this track later hit the number 1 spot on Beatport and was tipped for ‘Tune of the Year’ by Armin himself.

ReOrder smashed all expectations at ASOT 650 in Utrecht, delivering tune after tune to a packed out arena. No wonder, then, that he brought some "Disorder" to the major festivals throughout 2014 like Luminosity, FSOE350 or legendary Ibiza. His latest works were picked for the 2014 compilations like 'Trance Nation (Ministry Of Sound)', 'In Trance We Trust' or "In Search Of Sunrise'. With his newest remixes for Andy Moor's "Fade To Light' or Max Graham's "Lekker" and releases on Armin's Who's Afraid Of 138 label, ReOrder is unstoppable.

Hailing from Martin, Slovakia, Tibor has been crafting his sound since the age of 14. By 2006, he found his sound in trance and released his first single on Bonzai Music. His uplifting and progressive style later landed him on the number 1 spot on Czech Dance Radio with the release of ‘White Sands of Ibiza’, which remained in the top 10 for over 13 weeks.


DJ / Producer

REZZ is a DJ/Producer based out of Niagara Falls, Canada. At only 20 years old, her unique spin on underground Techno has caught the ears of Deadmau5 & Skrillex, and made her a hot topic on music blogs & publications around the world often hailing her as “Girlsaffelstein”. Having built a following through a series of free releases on SoundCloud, REZZ’s debut label release ’Serenity’ came out June 2015 by request of Mau5trap records boss Deadmau5. Her penchant for dark, eerie atmospheric tracks that exhibit maturity far beyond her young age is what caught the ear of Skrillex and led to her follow up 3 track ‘Insurrection EP’ on his NEST imprint. REZZ’s ever-evolving and idiosyncratic electro sound is only getting bigger as proven with her most recent EP release on Mau5trap “The Silence is Deafening”.

After joining the roster at AM Only, REZZ has secured herself a spot on major festivals including Tomorrowland, HARD Day of the Dead, Something Wicked, Sunset Music Festival, Ever After, Mysteryland, and HolyShip! among others. Her sound is as unique as her live show experience, where she is gaining a cult like following with every passing show. Having already garnered so much attention so quickly, the stage is set for REZZ to explode around the world.

Roy Wilkins

DJ / Producer

Ruben de Ronde

DJ / Producer

Synthesizing the landscape surrounding him, Statement! Music!’s Ruben De Ronde keeps his progressive, trance and chilled out mind set in overdrive- striking a signature musical balance. Owning a tune in all he surpasses, the celebrated Dutchman takes his studio to the crowds from his Armada residency to festivals, and A State Of Trance tours with Armin Van Buuren around the globe. DJ, producer and label owner, Ruben has all bases covered, taking his genre spectrum to the next level- always.

In the studio, he is no victim to the genre black hole, breaking the mold across the prolific trance and progressive domes while taking the chilled out tips for a ride. His global recognition has tainted dance floors of the ASOT world that he embarks on with solo efforts, while collaborating with acclaimed artists like Tenishia and singers like Shannon Hurley, Nanje Nowack, Victoria Ray and Aelyn. Following with remixes for Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate and Above & Beyond, his studio barely rests. A milestone in itself, the soundscape album ‘From Sao Paulo To Sofia’ has gone from the ASOT600/650/700/750 tour to the hands of Hardwell where it’s been featured in the I Am Hardwell AND United We Are World tours while shining in the fellow Dutchman’s documentary also. In tune, Ruben’s track ‘Stoer’ walked into the hands of Joris Voorn’s Rejected Records where it saw the tech driven artist embrace its entrance. The highlight of 2015 was, without a doubt, creating the official anthem song for the world largest outdoor trance festival, Amsterdam’s ‘Electronic Family Festival’.

Stepping outside the studio and Ruben De Ronde unleashes in the clubs and upon the stage, dominating bill spots across Ultra Music Festival (Miami), Dance valley, Nature One’s main stage, Kazantip, A State of Trance live events and gracing half a million people welcoming in Hanoi’s new year. As DJ Mag’s trance reviewer in Holland and crowned boss of ‘Sound of Holland’ weekly radio sessions on Afterhours FM and Sirius XM, Ruben hits a nerve within the electronic music industry, also taking a firm stand as host on ‘Tomorrowland Radio’ and ‘Armada Night Radio’.

A new album is coming in the beginning of 2016, so keep your eyes and ears out for that one!

Ruff Hauser

DJ / Producer

Tim ‘Ruff’ Hauser has been mixing for 16 years and producing for 10. He has definitely lived up to his name with his Ruff and rugged production. Tim has developed a style of his own by fusing elements of house, drum and bass, and 2-step, into one beautifully orchestrated arsenal of dance floor bangers.

Ruffs production is very bass heavy yet melodic and he seems to find that sweet spot whether he is delivering a deep or bass house Set. His live sets stay consistent with this genre breeding mentality using drum machines, fx processors, and digital sound manipulators creating a unique blend of audio art. From dj set to live performance, Ruff covers all bases leading his audience on a lesson through genres.

Well-respected in the LA underground community, Ruff Hauser has played many of the West Coast’s most inspiring music festivals, including Coachella, Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man. Ruff has several Dubstep and glitch releases but he has just recently changed his direction of production being heavily influenced by the UK bass house sound.  He just recently released his first house and booty tech EP called the “Paul Bunyun EP” with SF based Worthy’s Label Anabatic. Ruff Hauser is definitely a leader in innovative Productions and pushing the sound of bass music and Ruff House forward into the future.

Sage Armstrong

DJ / Producer

Sage Armstrong began making waves in the house music scene with his debut Dirtybird release, ‘What’s Yo Tempetcha?’. Grown in the south, he has been influenced by a multitude of different genres that continue to inspire his creative flow in the studio and on stage. He has created his own style by adding unique elements that give off a vibe of bouncy underground beats with original vocals. Sage continues making music with no creative boundaries after receiving support from some of his favorite Dirtybird artists like Justin Martin and the boss man himself, Claude VonStroke. With an exciting release schedule and show dates piling up, the future is looking bright for this rising star.

Sander van Doorn

DJ / Producer

As a generation-defining artist that reshapes our perception of what dance music can be, Sander van Doorn is without a doubt one of the world’s most essential, influential and popular DJ/Producers in dance music today. Sander van Doorn got in touch with the musical scene in the year of 1995, the Dutchman was sixteen at the time. His brother’s latest gadget, a real "Groovebox", caught his attention. He was astounded when he first experienced the amount of creativity that could be put into creating music. Time and time again, Sander would borrow his brother’s Groovebox and his nephew’s vinyl records and he played the life out of those records. Since then, Sander’s heart belonged to music and it still does today. When talking about Sander van Doorn, you must be talking about his music, Sander has created his own typical sound and style. Sander is a producer at heart, and started DJ’ing to create exposure for his productions. It’s basically impossible to put appoint one specific genre to Sander van Doorn’s style, his music gets influenced by a very broad spectrum of factors. Sander lets himself get inspired by in many different ways en supports talent with a love for the music as big as his. Today in 2015, Sander has performed thousands of times in every corner of the world and released several records himself, yet Sander is still part of a group of innovative and progressive artists. Sander’s creative process exists of re-inventing musical styles, taking risks in regards to the sound he creates and most importantly staying ahead of the masses. With two full-length albums, numerous hit-singles, remixes of the worlds biggest artists, sold out gigs in all major venues and festivals worldwide, his own successful record label, Doorn Records, and a weekly radio show named Identity, Sander van Doorn continues to beat a path into the heart of fans around the world.

Sean Tyas

DJ / Producer

New York’s Sean Tyas burst onto the scene in 2006 after releasing his debut single “Lift” on Discover Records, which immediately hit #1 on Beatport—a great start and a sign of things to come shortly after Sander van Doorn selected him as the winner of the “Punk’d” remix contest. Around the same time, Mixmag & Beatport named Sean “Best New DJ” and “One to Watch,” marking the beginning of a rapid rise to fame within the cooler ranks of the trance fraternity. 

What followed was a consistent flow of #1 hit records (including his unforgettable remix of Dash Berlin and Emma Hewitt’s “Waiting,” and his groundbreaking single “Seven Weeks,” which spent an astounding 12 weeks at #1 on Beatport), an Essential Mix on the legendary BBC Radio 1, multiple compilations and a diary racked with sell-out shows around the world. 

Having remixed for the likes of Tiësto, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin and Gareth Emery—as well as co-produced with Armin van Buuren, Simon Patterson and many more of the scene’s elite—Sean’s discography is a testament to his abilities in the studio, where he is renowned for turning great tracks into monster hits. 

Several recent high rankings within the highly coveted DJ Mag Top 100 poll also give an indication of his reach and respect on the DJ circuit, where his energetic and dynamic sets have seen him play the majority of the world’s best clubs and festivals, including Tomorrowland, A State of Trance, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound, Zouk Singapore, Beyond Wonderland, Pacha NYC, Avalon Hollywood, Exchange LA, Privilege Ibiza, and many more. 

Google Sean Tyas, and you will see an ejaculation of recent high-profile press coverage from Mixmag, VIBE, EARMILK, LessThan3, and the IDMA-nominated Elektro Magazine, to name but a few. 

Shiba San

DJ / Producer

There's much more to Shiba San than what meets the first listen. Leaving behind a 15-year long career of production experience in the French hip-hop scene, the Parisian producer became fascinated with the sounds of Chicago house and was inspired to create his own productions, infusing his hip-hop influence with the soul of house music.

Then came 'Okay,' the track that "changed the way we listened to music" (Dancing Astronaut) and became the anthem of 2014. It claimed the No. 1 position on Beatport's House chart for 82 days, remained in the House Chart's Top 10 for over 180 days, was put on rotation by radio tastemakers like Pete Tong, Annie Mac and Danny Howard and received support from the likes of Claude VonStroke, Eats Everything, Green Velvet and nearly every major DJ under the sun. Upon its release, Rolling Stone deemed 'Okay' a "global club sensation in waiting," a prophetic description that couldn't have rung more true as it remains a commanding moment in DJ sets even to this day.

But Shiba San is far from a one-hit wonder, following up "Okay" with the award-winning track "Burn Like Fire" (Best Underground Track 2015 IDMA/WMC). With releases out on labels known and loved for their irresistible tunes like Dirtybird and Suara, as well as his own imprint Basement Leak, he's since seen his career launch off far and beyond the city limits of Paris.

Staying quiet on the public front, Shiba San remains a curious enigma to his international fan base, allowing the music to do the talking for him. In between releases and time spent concocting in the studio, the Miami-based producer remains a mainstay on the nightlife circuit, hitting iconic festivals including Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, Movement Detroit, The BPM Festival in Mexico, The Warehouse Project, Stereosonic, Spring Awakening as well as milestone venues like Output in New York, Ministry of Sound in London, Sankeys in Ibiza, Exchange in Los Angeles and The Mid in Chicago.

Ending last year with two impressive Dirtybird releases 'Up & Down' and 'You Know What?,' Shiba San began 2017 with a hearty compilation release on his own Basement Leak label featuring his standout tune 'Drop It' before embarking on a North American co-headlining tour with the esteemed MK. Later this spring, expect to hear a collaboration with Will Clarke on Dirtybird as well as a summer release on Lee Foss' Repopulate Mars. It's set to be another cardinal year for Shiba San and it's guaranteed to be an exhilarating ride... just the way he likes it.


DJ / Producer

When he’s not controlling crowds in some of the biggest clubs across the globe, Sikdope spends his days in the studio coming up with new ways to revolutionize the scene. This Polish producer started at a young age. Attending one of the top music schools in Poland for more than 9 years has allowed Sikdope to become one of the most versatile producers in the game. From Bass, House to Trap, this DJ/Producer has helped pioneer the sound of electronic dance music today. Sikdope has gained support and recognition from the biggest names in the Industry: Afrojack, Blasterjaxx, Borgore, Carnage, Calvin Harris, Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Dillon Francis, DVBBS, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, DJ Snake, Laidback Luke, Nervo, Nicky Romero, R3HAB, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Tiesto to name a few. Sikdope will be coming to a town near you!

Simon Patterson

DJ / Producer

Master craftsman of melancholic melody and the purveyor of razor sharp edges – he is Simon Patterson.

Famed for 15 consecutive #1’s on Beatport (including 4 in 2013 and 1 already this year) as well as all other reputable stores with tracks like‘The One’, ‘Shadows’ (with Astrix), ‘Brush Strokes’, ‘Northern Lights’, ‘Here and Now’, ‘Latika’, ‘Thump’, ‘Smack’, ‘F-16’, ‘Bulldozer’ and ‘Mood Swing’, Simon Patterson’s production back catalogue is an astonishing list of hit after hit record.

Hit records, from an illustrious decade long career, that retain absolute credibility in both the underground as well as the overground.

After scores of international live shows and over 50 weekly radio broadcasts Simon’s Open Up brand was firmly established in 2013 as the main destination for quality underground trance and techno.

With his own Residency show on BBC Radio 1 about to begin – which is a continuation from his series of In New DJs we Trust broadcasts in 2013 - Simon’s current popularity and position in the UK market is as important and relevant as it is worldwide.

Headlining festivals and clubs all over the world as well as guest appearances at ASOT (400, 450, 600, 650), Creamfields, Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Mayday, Beyond Wonderland, Global Gathering etc Simon Patterson is pioneering a new sound and new clubbing experience that incorporates a fusion of cutting edge audio and visual experience.

Touring extensively in the US every month as well as holding residencies in Los Angeles (Avalon) and New York (Esscala) Simon’s sound is deeply rooted in the US – attracting the masses of kids who now appear to be growing out of the EDM monotony and instead craving something with more depth and soul.

Ladies & gentlemen - each new dawn brings new sounds and new vision…

Psymon says - Open Up – it wants to meet you.


DJ / Producer

DJ, Producer, Remixer, label boss... For a decade now Graeme ‘Sinden’ has stealthily established himself as one of the leaders of dance music as we know it. Well documented and support collaborations with an array of scene leaders demonstrate the level at which he operates at.

The past few years have seen a busy release schedule for Sinden, collaborative EPs & remixes with AC Slater on his Night Bass label, a 2 track EP with LO’99 for Tchami’s Confessions imprint alongside an album for leading Japanese house label Sushi Records are just a few of many highlights. 

On the remix front his production touches are in high demand – his recent reworks for Cause & Affect, David Zowie, Bobby Brackins, Paces and Alison Wonderland to name a few are all still firmly on the USBs of the main DJ players. 

Sinden has also partnered with some great brands in the last 12 months further showcasing those production tricks and DJ skills,topping a very busy year off by delivering a performance video for Serato which cemented his status as one of the Electronic Music scenes leading Serato artists.  

A full Summer of Touring kicks off in May taking in all the Key US cities with highlights being – Middlelands, Electric Forest & EDC.

Sinden is also helming an exciting new project with Insomniac Records entitled 'House Line' which he has carefully curated and visualized. Taking inspiration from the spirit of no ego ‘music focused’ raves and the enterprising bass bent House and Garage music he pioneered, this compilation kickstarts a new and exciting chapter in an already colorful music career. 


DJ / Producer

Snails is a Montreal-based producer and DJ who pushes a forward-thinking brand of dance music combining trap rhythms, dirty bass lines and off-kilter sound design. His first tracks appeared online in 2012 on Kannibalen Records. Since then he has amassed a burgeoning fanbase of snail-heads and bass- lovers. Recent releases like “Dirty Raxxx”, “RBBR” and “SLUGZ” blend hypnotic melodies, huge drops and mind-bending sample manipulation into a tight, dance- floor friendly package. Snails’ latest track “Wild”, co-produced with Antiserum and released on Skrillex’s Owsla Records, was one of the standout tracks at the 2014 edition of Ultra Music Festival. Having recently signed with Circle Talent, Snails looks primed to bring his unique take on dance music to the mainstream.


DJ / Producer

Having spent the better part of the past decade chasing basslines in dank clubs and warehouses all across the United States, the Southern-bred drum & bass artist known as Soothslayer has finally come into her own with her own addictive take on the genre. Known to her friends as Caroline Miller, this die hard junglista originally found her way to the 174 bpm mark via downtempo and trip hop, with well received compositions and productions that fuelled a love for epic atmospheres and wall-trembling basslines.

Having relocated in 2008 from North Carolina to Los Angeles, Soothslayer quickly became a name to be reckoned with as the West Coast scene welcomed her with open arms and she fell in with a like-minded crew of bass lovers. Having represented for some of SoCal's finest, Soothslayer has flexed her skills on the decks for Timeless Drum and Bass, Splat Media's Big Booty Bass, Camp Trip, Outerbass, and Insomniac's own Bassrush crew. Dropping jaws and working the crowd into a frenzy at her first festival debut in 2016 at Nocturnal Wonderland, there's no doubting that Soothslayer has found her calling and is here to slay!


DJ / Producer

Shrouded by the shadows cast from the skyscrapers of Downtown Los Angeles, the elusive producer known as Stranger gears his music for nightfall. Elements ofhouse and breaks from the old school are fused with cutting edge sounds of bassline, garage, and booty bass, resulting in low end-leaning productions all tinged with a shadowy, mysterious vibe.

While the project was only just established in the summer of 2015, Stranger's output thus far has been prolific. Official remixes out of the gate for OWSLA and Party Like Us have acted as rocket fuel for the faceless producer whose growing catalog of original productions has been supported by a spectrum of tastemakers from Jauz to Tiesto to Night Bass label boss, AC Slater, who tapped Stranger for an original EP titled the "House Party EP," released on Dec 18, 2015.

Tantrum Desire

DJ / Producer

Jay Faleye otherwise known as Tantrum Desire, is an electronic producer/DJ from London, UK. His love and passion for Drum & Bass music escalated since the early 2000s and has remained strong ever since.

In late 2006, Tantrum Desire released tracks such as “Dreamscape” on Heavyweight Records. His music attracted many peers which followed onto DJ’ing at residential clubs in London, also receiving air time support from BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra. By late 2007, he was then picked up by Drumsound & Basslinesmith and signed to their very own Technique Recordings.

Since then, the Londoner has had many releases leading up to his successful worldwide anthem "Reach" in 2011. An explosive single hitting over a million views on YouTube, holding the Number #1 spot on Beatport for over a month and being one of the most rotated singles in the Drum & Bass scene. This received great support from Radio presenters and DJs such as Zane Lowe, Fearne Cotton, Fabio & Grooverider, Annie Mac, Pendulum, Andy C, Benga & Skream, Sub Focus plus more.

Dividing his studio time, Tantrum Desire has been busy with his live shows throughout the years, touring in many cities across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. In addition to this he has affiliated with labels such as Universal Island Records, Ministry of Sound, 3beat, with also building a history in high demand remixes for likes of The Wanted, Laidback Luke, Rusko, Matrix & Futurebound, Wideboys, Utah Saints, the list goes on.

In early 2015, Tantrum Desire released his single "Oblivion" featuring vocals from Solah, selected as one of UKF’s Top tracks of the year, taken from his debut album “Diversified” which was then released in the summer on 2015. The LP went in the Top 10 release charts on Beatport and was nominated Best Album at the Bass Music Awards sponsored by Sony. He supported the album with international tours, performing at clubs and festivals such as Ministry Of Sound, Avalon in Hollywood and Shambhala Festival in Canada.

The future is bright for the fact that Tantrum Desire has become one of the most exciting production outfits to date, with the fire to innovate and take things to the next level.

Tommy Trash

DJ / Producer

Head banging, unmistakable locks at large and fist in the air, Tommy Trash is not your stereotypical dance music icon. Armed with an arsenal of his own carefully created anthems, he has rejected the clean-shaven no-nonsense image of many a peer. Tommy’s work hard play hard antics have carved him a unique position in a scene in desperate need of rebels. Outside his party-hard stage presence, the Grammy and VMA nominated producer’s approach to mind-blowing music remains as heartfelt as they come. With Platinum records around the world, singles on labels ranging from Axtone to Fool’s Gold, from Refune to Mau5trap, and from Spinnin’ to Owsla and Boys Noize, every new installment of his diverse, floor-filling productions lay testament to the pride the Aussie takes in his blazing, musical legacy. It’s no wonder that the likes of Rolling Stone and MTV have marked him out as ‘One To Watch’.

From the most prestigious nightspots around the globe and the ever-expanding global festivals that he so seamlessly conquers to the grimiest warehouse parties, there’s no stage too grand or miniscule for him to tailor his adrenaline-fueled sets to. In line with his successive industry triumphs, the road ahead looks set to comfortably accommodate the rare energy and characteristics that Tommy continues to bring to dance music.


DJ / Producer

Trouble is a drum & bass and bass house DJ from Los Angeles, California, and is a member of Cats and Boots Records.

Truth x Lies

DJ / Producer

DJ/Producer Duo from New York City.


Hometown: Largo, FL (Ryan) / Westchester, NY (Ian)
Currently living: Manhattan, NY (both)
Origin of name: We wanted to choose a name that had some duality to it, as we have different backgrounds and different approaches to creating music.
Weapon of choice: Ableton Live, Grubhub.
Source of power: Memes, yakamein soup, terry crews.           

What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering the Discovery Project competition?
Ryan: Don’t give up. We’ve submitted music in the past, and when we look back, there was a good reason why we didn’t win (track was boring, wasn’t mixed well, etc.). Learn to be ultra critical of your music, like how an outsider would. Focus on the music and not the genre. Ask for feedback from your peers.
Ian: The dance music scene has progressed to a point where being different is good. I think that the best thing you can do is try to develop your own style and bring that to the competition. Insomniac has chosen artists across a huge variety of genres; strive to be unique and different!

Blurb Yourself:
Ian: I grew up in a very musical household and was exposed to a huge variety of music at a young age. In a lot of ways, I think this enabled me to find inspiration in many places. One rule my parents gave me was that I HAD to play an instrument from preschool until I graduated high school. It wasn’t until college, when I started producing and DJing, that I discovered all of my various musical interests could be combined into one passion. Music is my outlet, and I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than seeing people vibe to our creations.
Ryan: I started writing music when I was 15, way before I had any interest in dance music. When I moved to New York in 2009, dance music became a huge interest, and that’s when I started thinking about doing something like what we’re doing as Truth x Lies now. I just love making music, sharing it with everyone, and inspiring others in any way possible.
Both: We started Truth x Lies back in fall 2014, and we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. We both had musical backgrounds, but it was a long learning process to get where we are. For the first two years, we just told ourselves to keep making music until we found our “sound.” We listened to a lot of music and spent hours and hours in the studio practicing and discussing techniques.

Are there any dots to connect where/how you grew up to your musical output?
Ryan: I got to experience Hurricane Katrina firsthand in college, and seeing the people in New Orleans come together around music was super inspiring. My mom was very supportive [and encouraged] me to do music, which I’m very appreciative of, because I wouldn’t be who I am today without music.
Ian: As a kid, music was mostly a hobby for me. I remember having a moment maybe six months after I began DJing, where I was standing outside the party after my first “big” show and realizing that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. After that, I dove into the DJ culture in NYC and eventually picked up producing. Studying at Icon Collective was an incredible learning experience for me, as well; that place is really doing amazing things.

How, if at all, does listening to music figure into your creative process? What’s the last song you heard that made you drop what you were doing and go into the studio?
Ryan: We always send each other cool tracks we find on Spotify or SoundCloud throughout the day. We also both DJed a ton before we met, so we are used to digging for tracks. Hearing Zhu’s GenerationWhy was really inspiring when it came out.
Ian: Ryan and I are definitely very inspired by the music we hear and listen to on a daily basis. We spend a lot of time sharing and analyzing music, and you can definitely hear our varied inspirations reflected in our tunes.

What should everyone just shut the fuck up about?
Both: Saying “EDM is dead/dying.” It’s time to stop thinking about it as EDM and just as MUSIC. When something is labeled, oftentimes a stigma is attached to it. This is why artists like Zhu, the Chainsmokers, Diplo and Skrillex have such staying power; they are constantly pushing the envelope. This is why we believe so fervently that creating your own niche in the scene is so important. Let’s not forget that these guys are winning Grammys.

What do you remember about your first DJ gig?
Ryan: I used to be a resident DJ at this really terrible bar in Harlem when I was in grad school. It had blown speakers, people were spilling beer all over the place; it was the exact definition of reckless. At the time, I was DJing with some friends, and my friend Alex Seaver (from Mako) was bartending. I’m glad we graduated to bigger and better things, but looking back, it was the place that got me thinking about writing electronic music.
Ian: My first show was at a fraternity party in upstate New York, circa 2010. I remember vividly realizing how much influence over the crowd and the vibe of the party you have as a DJ. It made me realize that our job as artists is to create an experience for the night that people will remember.

What’s the hardest professional lesson you’ve learned thus far? How did it make your life easier—or more difficult?
Ian: I wouldn’t say hardest, but I think the most valuable lesson we’ve learned so far is that creating personal relationships is all-important in this scene. Instead of seeing people as an opportunity for advancement, try to view meeting people as a possibility to make new friends and create something special together. Also, WEAR EARPLUGS.
Ryan: I wouldn’t say this is a hard lesson, but having a positive attitude and thick skin goes a long way. I used to find myself getting burned out because I cared too much about things that don’t really matter. Once I started focusing on the music and really just enjoying the process, everything started to shift in a positive way.

Two Fresh

DJ / Producer

Twin brothers and production duo from Nashville, TN, Two Fresh, announce their new Torch EP set to drop October 27 via Mad Decent. The project features explosive collaborations with Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, Curtis Williams and Jace of Atlanta’s Two-9, Mac Miller’s signee, singer Njomza and more. Their most accessible work to date, the EP showcases their undeniable ability to blend dance music and rap effortlessly.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Two Fresh now represents one of LA’s creative beat collectives, Team Supreme. Alongside the Team Supreme imprint, Two Fresh actively showcases their ability to produce dance music, hip hop, as well as experimental music. They have already produced for Mac Miller, Vic Mensa, Towkio, Joey Purp, Cherub, The Underachievers and many more.

Vini Vici

DJ / Producer

Vini Vici is the brand new project of Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh, both well known & experienced electronic music producers for over a decade. The concept of 'Vini Vici' was formed as an attempt by the boys to express their love for the old school sound paired with their progressive ideas.

'Iboga Records' and 'FM Bookings’, widely considered to be the biggest psy trance label and booking agency, was the first to see the potential of the project and invite them to be part of their well respected family alongside such names as: Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Ticon, Captain Hook, Atmos, and the like.

After the huge success of their premier EP 'Divine Mode' and their followup ‘Back Underground’, ‘Expender’, ‘Anything & Everything’, and ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ tracks (All top sellers on ‘Beatport’ and ‘Iboga Records’ charts), produced while massively touring the world non stop - Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland, Finland, France, India, Denmark, Germany, Unites State, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Australia, Israel… - it's no surprise ‘Beatport’ places them as the #3 Top Artist of 2014 while legendary ‘Infected Mushroom’ named them as one of the best psy trance upcoming artists at the moment, joining the huge wave of supporting dj’s worldwide. 

Wondering what is the buzz all about? It’s time to tune in and find out.


DJ / Producer

With the an artistic drive to create music encoded into his DNA, the half Brazilian, half Portuguese Fernando Seca has become a revolutionary electronic musician. After learning to play the violin at the age of six, he hungered for something more; and at the age of thirteen he discovered electronic music.

At seventeen years of age, he decided his sound was ready for the global scene. From this point forward he has been performing at the best parties and music festivals all around the world, along side the most respected pioneers of the psychedelic music scene.

His mature style, and "outside of the box" approach to psychedelic trance music production has gathered him a great deal of praise in the scene; being recognized as a prodigy of electronic music by many artists and labels alike. 'Waio' has become synonymous with high quality, professional studio standard, music production; and has collaborated with many of today's leading psychedelic musicians.

Many of his latest releases including his EP 'Symbolika,' and his single 'How To Psytrance' have reached the top of Beatport music sales charts, and continue to do so today with every new release.

Each live set is created using his own unique software called 'WAIO CONTROL,' based on the Reaktor platform, and made exclusively to enhance his live performances; allowing him to craft each show into a unique, intelligent, psychedelic experience!

Will Clarke

DJ / Producer

Similar to many artists Will Clarke’s sonic palette comes his experiences and influences from home and afar. The roots of his sound stem from both his home town of Bristol, and his seasonal home in Ibiza, which have forged Will’s style; a style that fuses the best of Bristol’s bass elements with the upfront house music sensibilities of the white isle.

Having started on his path of 4/4 discovery at a young age Will’s early career defining moment was gaining a residency at Kanya in Ibiza, where he was able to hone his skills day and night in front of the Ibiza crowd, and his DJ peers, gaining fanbase and respect along the way. Will explains “Playing in Ibiza felt natural straight away. I get on and work well there, it fits, it’s my second home.”

Cutting into the DJ circuit is no mean feat, but the cream rises to the top, so whilst Will is busy DJing at an ever growing list of clubs he’s also getting prestigious gigs at clubs like Space and MOS. Along side these gigs Will has also be building his own club brand Cut a Rug. Holding regular parties at Motion in Bristol Cut A Rug have hosted the likes of Visionquest, Carl Cox, Boys Noize, Zombie Disco Squad and Hauswerks, with whom Will has been able to support on the decks, a job which is natural to him. Outside of the UK Will has been booked for his debut Australian tour towards the end of the summer. Along with trips back and fourth to NYC and not forgetting Ibiza during this summer.

Yet whilst DJing and promotion have been building well for Will, his real strengths lie in the studio. Having been committed to his studio for many years he also undertook a music production course that have seen him made rapid progress in a short time with releases on labels such as Anabatic, Exploited, Southern Fried, No Brainer along with the launch of his new label Cut A Rug. Some of Will’s recent releases has had support from the likes of Jamie Jones, Mista Jam, Hannah Wants with plays on Radio 1 and Radio 1 Xtra. 

Talking of his approach to productions Will says “I make music for clobbers, not DJs. I sample a lot of old school rave tracks from the 90s, with 21st Century production techniques.” Then add those little influences from Bristol and Ibiza and you will understand why Will’s music holds such a broad appeal and is often supported by fellow DJ’s such as Justin Martin, Seth Troxler, Ardlander, J.Philip, Worthy, T.Williams, Waifs & Strays, Pezzner and Miguel Migs. 

Will Clarke is a talented, skilled, young producer who is making strides in the dance music business with his own sound and now his own label / events. He has an impressive list of quality productions and remixes that is growing month by month and a great track record
at his residencies and guest gigs. You know you can trust him to come up with the goods.


DJ / Producer

Wiwek, famous for his animal-jungle inspired sounds, has blown up after his first OWSLA EP. The EP release was bundled with the huge premier of the short movie “Still in the Cage” at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles which was received with great acclaim. He has done multiple Solo tours in Asia, America and Europe this year and played most major clubs and festivals.

Wiwek is following up on his very successful year with a new EP on OWSLA at the end of Q1 and two singles releasing on February 1 st . 2017 is sure to be a promising year for Wiwek, releasing his EP and expanding his repertoire to other music genres as well. The Jungle terror brand has been growing steadily over the years with the originator Wiwek on top pushing its boundaries ever further!

Living in the small town IJsselstein in the Netherlands, Wiwek is known for fusing electronic elements with tropical rhythms to create a distinctive and refreshing sound, which he likes to call “Jungle Terror”. The jungle terror style, created by himself, got inspired by his own Indian roots in combination with the love for Tribal House and Hip-Hop music.

After releasing the highly anticipated tracks “Angry Birdz” and “On Your Mark”, two tracks that were among the most played tunes at Miami Music Week 2014, the Jungle Terror sound left its mark on the rapidly changing electronic music scene.

Teaming up with multiple artists including the likes of Hardwell, Yellow Claw and GTA in 2015 was a great step forward. Meanwhile reaching millions of fans globally with his highly energetic DJ sets, surprising releases and entertaining social media updates.

One of biggest influencers on the current dance scene, Skrillex, did not leave this unnoticed and signed Wiwek for an EP on his OWSLA label in 2016. The EP called “The Free and Rebellious” was released mid 2016 on OWSLA and includes collaborations with Skrillex and Yellow Claw amongst others. Besides the massive support from the scene and fans it was the soundtrack and main point of focus for the impressive short movie “Still In The Cage” directed by the very talented Jodeb.

“Me as a person is exactly this, when everybody goes left, I take a look, observe and decide myself if I take the road left, right, straight or in between. This can be heard in my music, my socials, my life choices and this will develop even more over time, with new music, crazy stuff for socials, visuals and merchandise. Creating a cool unique brand!”


DJ / Producer

Wizard (also known as Wizard Schroder) is an emerging sought-after DJ and Producer based in the City of Angels. Hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, his passion for music began during his early childhood. By the age of 15, Wizard was dabbling in the art of DJing. Soon after moving to Los Angeles to pursue his love of music, Wizard made DJing his full-time gig. Before he knew it, he was expanding his horizons and taking up producing.

For over a decade, Wizard has been refining his spinning talents and continues to grow as an electronic-inspired artist. He is also an Honors Sound Engineering Graduate of Musicians Institute of Los Angeles.

Throughout his creative career, Wizard has had the opportunity to DJ at prominent venues like Hyde, Corona Electric Beach and Branded Arts. He has also performed at a multitude of celebrity parties. To date, Wizard has taken his music to New York, Miami, and countless other cities countrywide.

When it comes to his influences, Although he has been known to work around artists such as Dj Snake, Steve Angello, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Dada Life, A-Trak, and Kaskade. Wizard has been shaped by more of a deep tech bass vibe similar to his fellow artists Claude Von Stroke, Disclosure, Justin Martin, Billy Kenny, and Eats Everyting. A great deal of his Major influences are from labels such as Dirtybirds, This Ain't Bristol, & Perfect Driver.

Widely known for his one-of-a-kind deep house/techno style and bass-fueled originals, Wizard strives to utilize distinct up-tempo sounds to take his audience on a musical journey that they won’t soon forget. Both driven and equally as dedicated, he is on a mission to spread the universal language of music to as many people as possible across the globe. Currently, Wizard is working on his brand new EP, which features tracks like "I Remember."

Wizard’s personal motto:
"I don’t have problems, only solutions."


DJ / Producer

Paid by Beyonce… & Azealia Banks. Not a bad couple names to have on your official remix wrap sheet.

Wongo is the sort of cat that makes certified house records, club jams, party starters, panty droppers, wig out weapons… you know the sort of stuff that gets the d-floor sweating, shaking, hands up – heads down vibes.

Where do you go to find such records? Main Course, Sweat It Out, Dim Mak, Etcetc would be a good place to start. Along with remixing 2 of Hip Hops leading ladies, Wongo has also turned out his jacked up interpretations for Spank Rock, Herve, What So Not, & Yolanda Be Cool.

Support, slaps on backs, big ups and general high-fiving consistently comes his way from peers, including the likes of Claude VonStroke, Switch, Craze, Sinden, Chris Lake, Round Table Knights, Tommy Trash, Astronomar, Bot, Anna Lunoe, Worthy, Motez, CRNKN, Sam Devine, His Majesty Andre, Tough Love, Treasure Fingers, Nick Catchdubs, Frany Rizardo, Sirus Hood, Christian Martin.

Yellow Claw

DJ / Producer

At first it was two DJs having more fun playing shows together rather than separately. That turned into an Amsterdam club night, after which Yellow Claw took their show on the road—in the Netherlands and across the world. Their first songs came out in 2012, Blood For Mercy became a mantra and Barong Family was established as a record label. With a huge, loyal fanbase crowding their gigs from Las Vegas to Seoul and everywhere in between, Yellow motherfucking Claw’s is one of the most electrifying shows you’ll come across.

As much as their music is about energy release by any means necessary, Yellow Claw’s whole approach is highly conceptual and deliberate: from the numbered mixtapes to the branded merchandise (from parkas to bathing suits), the slick (music) videos and collaborations with artists as diverse as Diplo and Ty Dolla $ign, Tiësto and Pusha T. Launched in 2014, Barong Family has become a home to upcoming, likeminded artists like Cesqeaux, LNY TNZ, Moksi, Mightyfools, Mike Cervello and more.

Over the years, Yellow Claw has performed at the main stages of EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival, Jack Ü’s New Year’s Eve party, Spring Awakening and Coachella in the United States, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Mysteryland, Kingsday Festival, The Flying Dutch and Sensation in the Netherlands and Future Music Festival in Australia, has held a residency at the Wynn Las Vegas and played numerous headline shows in North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe and all along East Asia.

In November of 2015 Yellow Claw finally delivered its full-length debut album Blood For Mercy on Mad Decent, followed by a massive US tour. Featuring many big name features, it went straight to #1 on Billboard’s Heatseeker Albums as well as Top Dance/Electronic Albums charts and also reached #1 on Beatport.

In 2016, Blood For Mercy won the Edison award (Dutch equivalent of the Grammys) for dance music in the Netherlands. The single “In My Room”, made in partnership with DJ Mustard and featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga has so far clocked almost 7 million views on YouTube and over 72 million streams on Spotify (not counting remixes).

Currently working on their second album, Yellow Claw is continually keeping the pressure on with their record label Barong Family, with releases scheduled from new as well as more established family members.