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We're excited to announce the return of Wasteland Friday, April 28 & Saturday, April 29 at the NOS Events Center! This year we've expanded to 2 stages, 30 artists & US debuts!



DJ / Producer

Angerfist is the world’s leading hardcore act, underlined by the fact that he received the prestigious 37th spot in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ edition of 2014. Being the first hardcore artist ever to hit the chart.

Angerfist was founded in 2001, when he dropped his first EP on Overload Records, the former sublabel of Masters of Hardcore Records. After that EP, he has produced an impressive continuous streak of hit records on Masters of Hardcore. Danny Masseling has produced three albums: “Pissin’ Razorbladez’”, “Mutilate” and “Retaliate” were released in 2006, 2008 and 2011. The albums had a huge impact on the scene and the development of hardcore music wise, especially in the last few years: Angerfist is the only artist to have four consecutive #1 hits on the annual MOH Hardcore Top 100 with "The Voice Of Mayhem (vs Outblast & MC Tha Watcher)" in 2010, "Incoming" in 2011, "Catastrophe (vs Outblast & MC Tha Watcher)" in 2012 and the destructive "Street Fighter" slammer in 2013. Next to the Angerfist project, Danny Masseling also produces records under the monikers of Kid Morbid, Bloodcage and Menace II Society.

Besides the music, Angerfist is known for the unique live-performances dressed in hooded sweater and wearing the infamous Jason-mask while performing all over the world. Bringin the grimy beats to every continent, Angerfist is selling out virtually every venue. With an unstoppable drive to spread the hardcore virus, he is destined for a long future of destructive beats.

Three words to describe Angerfist? Retaliate and devastate!


DJ / Producer

Music has always been a monumental part in the life of Audiofreq. Better known as ‘Bioweapon’ or Sam Gonzalez, he needs no introduction to the hardstyle scene, being one of the most recognizable and infectiously passionate artists to date. Audiofreq is the culmination his drive and energy, an evolution born from Sam’s unquestionable passion to his music to higher heights.

Constantly exciting, continually surprising, and consistently excelling, Audiofreq is infectious with his passion and endless amounts of energy which burst through in each record and every performance.

His music is highly acclaimed and supported by the likes of Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, The Prophet, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Ran-D, Technoboy, Kutski to name a chosen few.

His dramatic rise to fame is a testament to the raw power of his music and explosive energy behind the decks; he has risen from Sydney’s famed underground music culture, conquering the Australia’s hard-dance scene, to signing with a European label, but not before taking over Europe with his unique sound and he is now a staple at the world’s leading Hard Dance events and festivals.

Audiofreq is guaranteed to bring the house down so be sure to check him out anywhere and everywhere! Without any doubt he will spread euphoric and banging sounds with an infectious energy!

Crime Family

DJ / Producer

Crisis Era

DJ / Producer

Just after a short time in the Hardstyle scene, Crisis Era has already become one of the top artists in Canada. With many strong productions in such a short amount of time, it did not take long for them to be recognized. As their popularity grows, so do their productions. Their enthusiasm on stage reflects their ability in the studio. Within a short amount of time, they have released numerous singles and collaborations. With much talent and a fast-rising rate of success, Crisis Era holds a promising future ahead of them. This driving duo is ready to make a statement in the international Hardstyle scene.

Da Tweekaz

DJ / Producer

Da Tweekaz, also known as Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli, are a Norwegian hardstyle duo signed to Dirty Workz.

They are down-to-earth guys with a passion for hardstyle and hard dance in general. When not behind the decks or in the studio, you can probably catch them partying in the front.

Behind the decks, their energy is unlike none other. Sunglasses on, smiles from ear to ear, and fists pumping to each beat, they’re a true spark to energize any party. From the personal settings of a club to the vast and immense setting of a festival, they bring their unique style with an undying passion.

Besides their ever-popular debut album Time 2 Shine, which scored massive hits in hard dance charts worldwide, another major step in their career was moving away from their Norwegian roots and planting them firmly in Belgium, where they now reside. This makes an accessible means for bookings in the hardstyle-dense countries surrounding Belgium. 

If you're not already entranced by this duo, make sure you check their performance when you have the chance. It's unique, it's wacky, and it's downright fun!


DJ / Producer

Darksiderz descend upon us from the far reaches of the unknown. He brings a powerful sound of exclusive hard beats that will control both your mind and your body once you step onto the dancefloor. He is a powerhouse behind the decks and in the studio with influences ranging from hard dance to industrial to death metal. He has combined different sounds to spawn a new hard EDM concept and the world will soon know the power of the darkside.

DJ Isaac

DJ / Producer

Isaac is at the forefront of harder dance music, a position he now holds for over 20 years. He is always sticking his head out for new revolutions in sound. Roel Schutrups can be considered as one of the founders of hardstyle. This background and his continuing efforts in the studio make him a regular headliner at the world’s biggest dance festivals and events like Electric Daisy Carnival (300,000 visitors), Defqon.1 Festival (40,000 visitors), Qlimax (28,000) and Decibel Outdoor (35,000). Still, Isaac’s own focus has always been an international career, which ultimately brought him everywhere in the world including the US, Colombia, Australia, Japan, Chile, Russia, Canada and South Africa. 

As a producer, it is very clear that Isaac has been influenced by many different styles of music, besides harder dance styles. Isaac has been very successful with various trance projects, including Alice Deejay. This particular project reached gold and platinum album sales all over the world, something he would later do again with hardstyle anthems “On the Edge” and “Go Insane.” The latter can be considered as the international breakthrough of this sound, igniting artists worldwide to follow and build a harder dance scene. Other renowned artists quickly found their way to his studio, and Isaac soon remixed tracks for Dash Berlin, Martin Garrix, Showtek and Yellow Claw.

Isaac hosted a resident radio show for over a year at Dutch number-one radio station 538, and currently he is responsible for a monthly show/podcast, Isaac’s Hardstyle Sessions, on Q-dance radio, iTunes, SoundCloud and Youtube. Furthermore, he is responsible for big hits like “DJ, Ease My Mind,” “B*tches,” “In the Air,” and “The Sound of the Underground,” as well as co-productions with D-Block & S-Te-Fan and Wildstylez.

Coming up this year are another world tour, exciting productions, and much more—a bright future for an artist who has created his own world.


DJ / Producer

DUCKY is a SF-bred, LA-based producer and DJ who has been playing clubs since she was 13 (via fake ID vibes). For years she’s been quietly shaping her distinct sound: a range of hypnotic warehouse and experimental club productions, stretching from soft and intimate to full-on hardcore. Moving west from New York on a whim, she quickly bubbled up in the LA and internet scenes with releases on OWSLA’s sister label NEST, Japanese tastemakers Trekkie Trax, Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs, Activia Benz, Main Course, and more, alongside her own free weekly release series known as “Rave Toolz”.

With cosigns ranging from Skrillex to NPR Music, DUCKY’s raw emotionality and expert production have earned her a space beyond any one scene. You can find her premiering a video through Pitchfork one day, and slaying a warehouse rave in Los Angeles the next. And with the rapid success of her own collective and club track outlet Club Aerobics, a grip of underground hits last year, and multiple releases on deck for 2017, her genre-free journey has just begun.


DJ / Producer

Imperium is the duo formed by Denver Hard Dance artists Deoxy and Hardphonix. Their sound consists of some of the heaviest and roughest tracks to hit the Hardstyle world. After securing their solo careers, Mitchell and Aaron moved into the studio together in order to build on their musical knowledge. After just 6 months this new duo was formed. Starting off with a variety of sounds, and now settling into the heavier sounds of Raw Hardstyle, these two bring diverse and high energy sets to any event.

Join the Imperium movement!

Jay Cosmic

DJ / Producer

Lady Faith

DJ / Producer

Lady Faith began her journey in Tehran, Iran. She grew up in a traditional household, but quickly developed a rebellious spirit, which resulted in all too frequent encounters with the Iranian Morality Police. After an almost disastrous ending to a high-speed chase, for the crime of attending a party, it became obvious that Faith was a free spirit that could not be contained and leaving Iran was the only solution. Her journey to America was complicated and took multiple attempts but she eventually made it and for the first time, she had the power to be herself and make her own decisions.

It didn’t take long for Faith to embrace EDM once she arrived in Los Angeles. The life of a DJ represented everything that was denied to her – it was the life she was finally able to choose. She got her first chance by being discovered by top EDM agent Leo Corson while spinning vinyl on the sidewalk outside of a local record store in the San Fernando Valley. She was invited to perform as the opening act for an event called Sin City Massive. It was huge and she played a Hard House / Hard Trance set to a crowd of a couple thousand eager ravers. The fans loved her energy on stage and the artist Lady Faith was born.

At the time, the North American rave scene was primarily located in warehouses, seedy clubs, in the forest or desert where the location of the event was unknown to the DJ beforehand. Faith performed at a countless number of these underground venues for many years growing with the North American scene, as we know it today. This dedication and perseverance is the reason why she performs and headlines on such high-profile events and festivals today all over North America.

As further proof of her dedication to the harder styles, Lady Faith was invited to headline the Q-Dance Stage at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2012. This was such an amazing experience for her as she had the opportunity to play on a major festival with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance. Today, Faith has performed with almost all of the top Hardstyle acts and has headlined extensively both domestically and internationally, bringing her own brand of American Hardstyle to the world. Over the years, Lady Faith has represented and supported the growing Hardstyle scene throughout the continent of North America.

Lady Faith is a DJ like no other DJ – she will rock you to the bone with her high-energy sets and fantastic skills on stage. She has a growing collection of tracks including chart toppers such as Moxie and Queen Bitch of the Universe, with many more in the works. Come see America’s number one Hardstyle producer and join her army of Faithful.


DJ / Producer

Whether you don’t give a fvck about tomorrow, your trap is going techno, or you’re just a little paranoid, there’s a great reason to get fired up about LNY TNZ.

Teaming up in their hometown, Vlaardingen, Mitchell Vreeswijk and Jan Stadhouders formed LNY TNZ with the shared passion of putting a new twist on hard hitting EDM. As they released their music online, they were quickly noticed in the Dutch music scene as a DJ tandem, known for their totally unique sound. Even then, they were trying to push the genre boundaries and gained support from other leading artists.

Over the next few years, LNY TNZ tracks appeared on numerous compilation CDs and received radio play worldwide. After mixing their second official compilation CD in 2007, LNY TNZ toured at major festivals and events around the globe. Following a string of tours, Mitchell and Jan took a break to study, travel, and work on other art forms, including film directing.

In 2012, LNY TNZ recorded several underground bootlegs, and quietly returned to the scene. After re-establishing their studio in Rotterdam, it didn’t take long for fans to notice and welcomed the duo back from hiatus. LNY TNZ kicked off some hits in succession, and in collaboration with some of top artists in the space. They’ve recently toured around the world, stopping at festivals including Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Summerfestival and Defqon to name a few.

LNY TNZ continuously pushes the boundaries of the EDM genre, famously embracing the term FVCK GENRES. Their music is proof of this, as they collaborate with rappers, vocalists, and DJs expand the sounds and reach of their music.


DJ / Producer

Markove focuses on producing and mixing hardstyle using a unique blend of raw and euphoric. Whether with an uplifting melody or a punchy bassline, David “Markove” Markov is determined to establish a rare breed of creativity. Hardstyle represents an entire world for David to explore; one full of the melodies trance taught him to love and the powerful, more defined bass he has been yearning for. Hardstyle became a day and night passion following David’s discovery of the genre in high school.

Being a native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has presented many obstacles for a genre newcomer. Hardstyle hasn’t reached the shores of the United States en masse yet, but David welcomes the challenge of helping hardstyle to spread amongst his fellow Americans.

Markove is a play on the wording of David’s last name. Many people pronounce the name wrong, which led to Markove – a “proper” pronunciation of his last name.


DJ / Producer

Kyle Jensen, better known by his stage name Mekanikal, is one of the United States' fastest rising talents in the Hard Dance genre. He began producing music when he was 14 and gravitated towards hardstyle after watching Coone's video series of the making of his album "The Challenge." After spending time developing his sound, Mekanikal got his first major break in 2013 when his remix of T.A.T.A.N.K.A Project's track "DJ's Life" was released on Zanzalabs and he had the opportunity to play at DefQon.1 and the first edition of TomorrowWorld. 

2014 saw even more success from this American talent, as his original track "Questions" was released on Q-Dance Records, he got to play at The Qontinent: Wild Wild Weekend, the Decibel Outdoor Festival, and the first edition of Mysteryland USA. He was also signed to Platinum Agency's Next in Line roster, the leading agency for Hard Dance talent. Keep an eye out for Mekanikal at future hard dance events!

Miss K8

DJ / Producer

Some people are destined to be an artist. Masters of Hardcore’s gorgeous Miss K8 was born in Kiev Ukraine and has been passionate about hard EDM since she first started to listen to music. The very first day she saw deejays play, perform and interact in the Kiev clubs she chose her path and she instantly knew the stage was her domain. As time passed she noticed that she got more and more attracted to the energetic & rough side of hard dance music.

Her drive and sonic skill got picked up by local Kiev deejays and soon Miss K8 started to perform in small underground clubs in Kiev. During this period Miss K8 evolved into the artist she is today, an artist born from true dedication to our noise. As her national career moved on Miss K8 wanted to contribute to the hardcore scene and show her passion for hardcore music to the people in her home country. The best way to infect people with hardcore was to organize hardcore events.

Her unconditional belief in hardcore music resulted in the first real hardcore events in Ukraine. Due the events she personally created, Miss K8 got in contact with Masters of Hardcore and the worlds leading artist agency Most Wanted DJ. When one of the agents witnessed a Miss K8 performance they were blown away by her skills, interaction with the crowd, knowledge of music and her stunning beauty. 3 months later Miss K8 signed an exclusive contract to Masters of Hardcore and her dream became reality.

Nowadays Miss K8 is embraced by thousands of fans and is called the ‘goddess of hardcore’ with performances on stages like Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Syndicate, Defqon.1 and many more. Her solo releases and collaborations are of the highest grade and worshiped by people all over the world.

In July 2014 Miss K8 presented her anthem for Dominator Festival during a mesmerizing show and 40.000 witnesses. Miss K8 proved that persistence, devotion, power and purity lead the way to international hardcore stardom and her #1 position as female artist.

In 2015 Miss K8 reached the historic DJMAG TOP 100 position (#94) being the first female hardcore artist to ever enter the list. In 2016 she went up 6 positions to #88!

In March 2016 Miss K8 unleashed her first solo album called "MAGNET" at Masters of Hardcore. A salvo of sublime solo tracks are complemented by raging collaborations and remixes. Miss K8 was responsible for this years official Masters of Hardcore "Raiders of Rampage" anthem!


DJ / Producer

American artist Mrotek was born to bring a whole new level of madness to dark and extreme music. Throughout his earlier years, deathcore and progressive metal held his creative focus. In 2009, he redirected his sights to Hardstyle music, drawn by it’s powerful sound and high production value. Twenty years of experience in the creation of music came to fruition when he began producing his own tracks in late 2013. Working closely with widely known artist “MC Heretik”, he aimed to combine his knowledge of music theory with his passion for Raw Hardstyle into a new progressive sound. 

He continued to refine his style into 2015 with the completion of a series of raw and sinister tracks, including Penance (with Arctus and MC Heretik), Voice of Fear (with Deimos and MC Heretik), a remix of Prime Suspects - Biblical (with Arctus, released on Spoontech records), and numerous others. His sound is already making waves in the international Hardstyle scene, having received support from the likes of MC Villain, Regain, Riiho, Caine, and many more. Expect a lot more from Mrotek in the near future, as this powerful musician shows no signs of relenting in 2017.


DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

Noisecontrollers is a hard-dance act run by Bas Oskam. For nearly a decade, Noisecontrollers has been one of the leading acts in the Hardstyle genre hitting all major stages around the world. From an intense passion for music the producer behind Noisecontrollers, Bas Oskam, produces new music at conveyer belt pace. His succes is built on his unusual talent for producing music with a creativity and passion that is uncomparable to anything else. Constantly looking for new and different sounds and styles, he pioneers in creating innovative music and this way stays on top of the scene. Bas: "I have released over 100 tracks in various genres of dance music in the last couple of years. Words can't describe how much Noisecontrollers and the process of creating music means to me, and how much it influences my life." 

How it all started
Noisecontrollers has been a Hardstyle act since the end of 2005 with Bas and Arjan. Noisecontrollers was conceived of with only one goal in mind: to bring Hardstyle to the next level. The public’s response to Noisecontrollers has been tremendeous since its very conception. Noisecontrollers are well-known for their rough pounding kicks and astonishing melodies. In 2007 they decided to introduce a special live act in response to their enormous success. This resulted in them playing all over Europe, the USA and Australia within just one year.

In the following years, Noisecontrollers released countless tracks on Fusion Records, Scantraxx Records and on their own label Digital Age. Some of their greatest hits included tracks such as Gimme Love, So High and Faster 'n Further. Additionally, Noisecontrollers created anthems for DefQon, Decibel, Iqon and In Qontrol. Solo nights followed in The Outland (Rotterdam) in 2010, and at Thrillogy in 2011. Another milestone was the release of Noisecontrollers' first album E=NC2’s in 2012. The album release occurred simultaneously with one of the most memorable events in Noisecontrollers' history: X-Qlusive Noisecontrollers in the Heineken Music Hall. The spin off was incredible and Noisecontrollers' popularity was unbeatable. Noisecontrollers #27 position in the DJ Mag in 2012 is a testament to their success. 

The Noisecontrollers' Sound
The Noisecontrollers' sound has undergone many changes in the last couple of years, and the public has been introduced to a more melodious Hardstyle sound. The Noisecontrollers' palette of sounds is very broad and consists of harder and softer sounds. It is therefore almost impossible to predict what will come next. However, Noisecontrollers' creativity does not cease with Hardstyle. For example, a number of tracks have been released in the last couple of years that include different, experimental sounds, which go far beyond the boundaries of Hardstyle. The release of Get Loose in 2012 and their remix of Hardwell's track Apollo has proven that these kind of tracks are just as successful. Noisecontrollers are eclectic and have an open mind to new and different sounds, which is their distinguishing trademark.

Noisecontrollers as a Solo Act
In 2013, after having shared many great and unique experiences, Arjan decided to follow a new path in music and announced his departure from Noisecontrollers. Bas will thus, 1st of January 2014, continue to produce the Noisecontrollers’ sound as a solo act. The break-up was announced right before Qlimax 2013, which turned out to be Arjan's unofficial goodbye performance.


DJ / Producer

Chris Steele and Ruben Avila, otherwise known as NonToxic is an American Hardstyle duo known for their innovative and exhilarating sound. Starting in early 2015, NonToxic has achieved more in the American hard dance scene in such a short period of time than a vast majority of up and coming artists. What started out as a couple of small time DJs has quickly evolved into a duo sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in hardstyle.

The support for NonToxic has sky rocketed ever since Hard Dance Nation signed their original track “Fable” in January of 2016. They now receive tremendous support from companies such as Basscon, Insomniac Events, Rave Nation, EDM Junkies, Plur Eventz, and Fresh ENT. Being booked at venues all over California such as, Exchange LA, Create Night Club, Avalon Hollywood, Florentine Gardens, DNA San Francisco, Rainbow Ballroom, The Belasco Theatre, and NOS Event Center, NonToxic continues to take America by storm playing events alongside of artists such as Coone, DJ Stephanie, Zatox, Code Black, Gammer, Wasted Penguinz, Noisecontrollers, Angerfist, Wildstylez, Lady Faith, DJ Isaac, Audiofreq, and Crisis Era. 

Day in and day out NonToxic shares their passion for music with the hard dance community in hopes of being an inspiration to other artists, while being inspired by other producers that share similar interests. NonToxic regularly plays tracks by some of the biggest names in the hardstyle industry to show their appreciation and love for their peers, while continuing to strive towards bettering their production to create the new sounds of tomorrow, and to drive their momentum even further.


DJ / Producer

Emerging from the city that never sleeps, this New York City based artist is sure to blow you out of the water. This young man has a natural "hard" mentality. Teddy G has been rocking the NYC rave scene since 2008 and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.


DJ / Producer

Passionate, dedicated, perfectionist.

As an artist Ran-D represents his crowd in more that one way: he comes from their ranks. Starting as a visitor on the same events as where he now performs in front of them. And he shares their enthusiasm, knowing exactly what they need and to go beyond that, topping everyone’s expectations. Respect for his fans is something that grows from within; a deeper understanding what hardstyle truly is about. “I share the same passion for music as my audience, that is what drives me.”

That specific emotion Ran-D gives to tracks comes from his own voice and mind. Not only does he write every single line of text, he eventually sings every word. With love for edits, small details in a track, this guy takes great care of his productions. “I set high standards for myself, so it is a challenge to improve yourself and to come up with a unique product every time, I’m really a perfectionist.” A good sound designer creates unique and original sounds, that’s what makes Ran-D’s tracks distinctive to the public. Ran-D ´s impressive list of performances is an enumeration of major hardstyle events. To name a few: Qlimax, Hard Bass, Defqon.1 Festival, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Thrillogy, Reverze, Q-BASE, X-Qlusive and The Qontinent. At the first two events, he even got involved as a partner in crime with Gunz For Hire.

Living for the moment, making dreams come true. Imagine, one of your first gigs, and you get surprised by the fact that your vinyl bag is missing. For Randy, this turned out to be a real blessing in disguise. After one telephone call for recovery, his bag appeared to be located with the Special Records label owner, which resulted in a precious gift: Ran-D’s first release. Not much later, one of his tracks reached his greatest hero: DJ Zatox. Out of Zatox’ enthusiasm, Ran-D got another release, this one even got supported by the Alpha² and the hero himself. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Ran-D got invited to release tracks at A² Records. Only two releases later we arrive at one of the finest moments in Randy’s life: a call from Q-dance with the request to perform at Qountdown. After years of home-based table turning and producing, his own room got exchanged for a loaded Heineken Music Hall: a dream came true. Music became increasingly important and a hobby evolved into a serious career, with more than a decade of experience.


DJ / Producer

Ruthless started spinning records in 1995, and shortly after, he was already making mixtapes for local radio stations like Radio Balans and Stadsradio Rotterdam. He started as a hardcore dj and became a resident dj at Kozmoz (BE) and Maddox (NL).

Since 2002 Ruthless is playing all over the world. You can find him in the biggest clubs and of course the big events like Qlimax, Defqon 1, Decibel,Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Reverze and many more! His favourite styles are Hardstyle, Jump/Tek, Oldschool and early Hardcore! When Ruthless is behind the decks, you can expect fast mixing, exclusive tracks and different harder styles in one dj set.

As you know, Ruthless is also a producer. After the release of ‘I Feel Like Dancin’ and ‘Whores In Da House’ his career really lifts off! He has mixed many compilations and  made many remixes for artists like Benny Benassi, Pulsedriver, Greg C, Technoboy, Coone, Pavo & Zany, Mark With A K, and many more!

He founded the legendary jumpstyle label Square Beats in 2004, moved to Scantraxx in 2009, and nowadays Ruthless is an official member of the Dirty Workz crew.

Together with Paul Elstak, mental Theo and Darkraver, Ruthless is also one of the 4 residents of the Pussy Lounge .

Keep an eye on his schedule and his upcoming releases!


DJ / Producer

As first generation Mexican-Americans, Skellism knows exactly what the term hard work means. With the pressure from their parents to succeed, Sergio Garcia and Francisco Romo have done nothing but used that pressure to channel their inner creative to make a name for themselves in this crazy world called the music industry. Harnessing the energy of the environment they grew up in, Skellism have channeled that into some of the hardest records to hit the scene. In 2017 they released their long awaited original with Lil Jon respectfully titled “In The Pit” on the newly re-launched Geffen Records. The mosh pit anthem went viral in its first week of release with over half a million plays and landing in the Spotify USA Viral Charts at #8 and #17 in the Viral Global Charts. Skellism’s records have been supported by some of the biggest names in dance music such as The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Carnage, and Flosstradamus truly making them one of the hardest artist to ever cross over into the pop world. Having released on some of the biggest hard dance labels such as Hard With Style & Q-Dance, and gracing the stages of some of the biggest festivals in the world such as TomorrowWorld and Defqon.1 Australia. Skellism look to continue to push their sound to new heights with every release.


DJ / Producer

Stefania Alessi aka DJ Stephanie was born in Bassano Del Grappa (Vicenza, Italy). Her passion for music started at the time she was a teenager following her father, who used to be a DJ and event manager, this way she learned the art of mixing. She started as a Techno DJ, but later on her passion for the Hardstyle sound grew as she came in contact with it during her work in important Italian clubs as a DJ and vocalist.

In 2006 she started her artistic career as an International DJ and producer working in the studio with DJ Activator and she came along with him to several gigs in Holland, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Since that time, Stephanie played in the biggest clubs all over the world and has been part of the line-up’s of various massive events like: Defqon.1 (Holland and Australia), Summer Festival, Nature One, The Qontinent, Reverze, Qlimax, Euphoria, Decibel Outdoor, Audio Shock, Q-Base, In Qontrol, Phase4, Mystery Land and many more. Stephanie signed to the Saifam Group, where she had several releases like ‘Black High Heels’ , ‘DressPunk’, ‘Knock on Wood’, ‘The Power Of Love’, ‘Drittòn ‘ , ‘Underneath ‘ and her collaboration with Tuneboy: ‘Music Is’. 

This charming lady knows how to mix and entertain; the crowd will love her when she starts spinning the first record. Book her for your event and be amazed!


DJ / Producer


DJ / Producer

Toneshifterz has become the heavy weight and true ambassador of the Australian Hard Dance scene, confirming his status on mainstages both down under (Defqon.1 Festival Australia, IQON) as all over Europe (Decibel Outdoor Festival, Hardbass).

Starting as a duo in 2009 the success came soon with hits like 'Jaydee' and 'Empire of the Sun'. Before long they were signed to the famous Fusion imprint and in 2011 the debut album 'Till Daybreak Meets' was released and Toneshifterz were responsible for the official Defqon.1 Festival anthem 'Psychedelic Wasteland'. 2013 Marked the switch to Brennan Heart's new musical platform 'We R' with the massive single release 'Last Night (feat Chris Madin)' and the follow-up 'Parachutes'.

2013 was also the year in which Elie and Olcay decided to split up as a musical duo and Elie will now continue the act alone. Based in Sydney he will continue to incorporate Australia's best' into the hardstyle scene: energy to jump higher and higher.

Wasted Penguinz

DJ / Producer

Hardstyle/Hard Dance duo from Sweden.


DJ / Producer

Some artists you recognize from afar. Musicians that have created a unique style of their own, breaking free from current trends to follow a path they paved solely on their own. Wildstylez is one of them. A DJ/producer who has always done what he wants and because of this, with no fear of the unknown, has taken Hardstyle to another level.

A simple matter of daring to be different. Born in 1983 as Joram Metekohy in the small Dutch village of Veenendaal the artist known as Wildstylez knows what hardstyle can do. When he discovered Hardstyle in the early Noughties, an energetic, fraternizing genre that can be brought in different guises. And maybe it’s the different bands he performed in, or just his preference for songs with vocals –but soon Wildstylez is there to present his own brand of Hardstyle.

With Hardstyle becoming more and more influential everywhere, including the burgeoning EDM scene in the US, Wildstylez seems like the designated artist to keep building new bridges between Hardstyle and the other genre’s of music. Nevertheless Wildstylez is an artist with both feet firmly on the ground, remaining loyal to Hardstyle itself whilst working with an open mind, conquering the world in his own special unique way.


DJ / Producer

Raoul van Grinsven, otherwise known as Zany, is the definition of a Hardstyle legend. One of the original pioneers of the style, a member of the notorious Donkey Rollers, and an ever-present force pushing the genre through evolutionary trajectories - Zany was at the start and isn’t going anywhere.

As the frontman of Fusion his back catalog of hits is as extensive as it is impressive. Supreme classics like ‘Nothing Else Matters’, ‘Pure’ and ‘Widowmaker’ have been routinely added to with modern hits, such as ‘Execute’ and his most recent track ‘Free For All’ with Ruthless. Furthermore, Zany has two studio albums to his name, the genre defining ‘The Fusion of Sound’, and the more recent ‘Planet Zany’.

For well over a decade, Zany has been performing at the top of the scene - he has played at every major Dutch festival multiple times, and at a host of massive international events. Why? Quite simply, a Zany performance is guaranteed to get the party going. A combination of on stage energy, a dj’s eye (or should that be ear?) for progression, and a classy mixing style has always been the foundation of his performing success and little has changed over the years.

Today, Zany is still busy in the studio creating the next Fusion hit, and continues to perform week in week out across the Netherlands and beyond. Never one to be limited by restrictive categorisations, he now seeks to share his love for hardstyle in a more expansive manner. That is, with a freestyle sensibility.

Hardstyle is, and always will be, about the party. It has the ability to excite, evoke euphoria, and cast bass faces upon every crowd, at every party. Approaching the genre with a freestyle mentality allows Zany to evolve the genre once again, reminding us all that Hardstyle is fun and diverse - these is no better man to spark this change.


DJ / Producer

With a spectacular desire to succeed, DJ Zatox has launched a series of hits in rapid succession since the beginning of 2009. Before he started his revolution, Zatox was already responsible for a sensational series of hit records also with the alias "Wild Motherfuckers" with DJ Tatanka. Their "Fothermucker" became an unofficial anthem for the edition of Defqon.1 Festival 2007, but it was the anthem of Hard Bass 2011 that made the duo, a trademark of quality, creativity and energy, also demonstrated by the tracks “Wildest” and “We Don’t Care (President mix)”. Two other excellent business cards for Zatox are undoubtedly his mega hit "My Life" and his own hosting at Thrillogy 2012, where we saw him star for a whole night. This led to launching his own label "Unite Records” in 2013, proof that Italian Power still rules the international hardstyle scene.

Gradually building his imperium, he reached a summit where he realized that it was the right moment to translate his talents into an album: on the 14th of November, a ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ will take over; a movement bound to change the landscape of the harder styles forever. Calling out to all revolution-minded souls to break with consumerism, disregard the media and to look forward. On ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’, ZATOX showcases the versatility that he stands for as a producer, mastering both the craft of the melody and the raw kick. Next to a number of smashing solo tracks and remixes, the two discs include a lot of fresh and unique collaborations like "Back In The Days" with Brennan Heart, "Violent" with Mad Dog and "Extreme" with Dave Revan.

Embrace the future of the hard sound.